You Make The Call

September 5th, 2011

5 Responses to “You Make The Call”

  1. Max Says:

    It’s time to find out if we really are on the rise (we are, but how much) or if we had a super soft schedule last year (we did)

  2. Tye Says:

    This year, for me, is the defining Season… Either the Bucs step up and prove that they are as up and coming as so many are saying (whether they are trying to convince me or themselves who knows) or they just had 1 good year which had many factors in their favor.

    Personally, I have no confidence in the coach and feel with the talent the Bucs do have, they would be better off if they got a more experienced and proven Leader as HC to lead this team to more definite wins rather than just barely scrapping by when they do happen to win.

    7-9 season / 8-8 if they beat the Lions

  3. FLBoyInDallas Says:

    Option 3 is for cowards.

  4. Karl Says:

    Tye…… There’s no such thing as a bad win or more difinate win.A win is a win….PERIOD!
    Thank God the team believes in there Coach,they dont need you to believe,they just need you to show up to the games.Blows my mind that you dont believe in Raheem.I think you will believe after this year,than again maybe you just see the glass half empty,only you know that.
    GO BUCS!!!

  5. BamBamBuc Says:

    I’m so sick of all the excuses as to why we AREN’T as good as the 10-6 record last year. I thought this was a fan site, but with so many finding reasons as to why we aren’t as good as 10-6 last year just blows my mind and makes me wonder if this isn’t just a place for people to vent and bash the team rather than support and cheer for their team.

    Some of the common excuses: We didn’t beat anyone with a winning record. First off, that’s false, we beat the Saints but most will discount that because the Saints supposedly didn’t have anything to play for and pulled their starters (in the 4th quarter, down 10). Second, we were competitive in ALL our games except two (Steelers and 1st Saints game). Even then, if you watch the Steelers game, we were competitive for most of the first half until Talib tipped the ball for the second TD to Wallace. And don’t bring up the Ravens game, we were competitive there too, until Grimm broke his leg and Sabby came in to hand Heap a TD on a Silver Platter. I’m just surprised Sabby wasn’t blocking downfield for Heap too.

    Second excuse: We played all backup QBs. Not in our control (well, not entirely). I believe we knocked at least one starter out last year. Beyond that, we simply played the teams on the schedule in the order pre-determined by the NFL. It’s a part of the game, and every team deals with it. Some even have success (Rams when Warner first started, Patriots when Cassell came in). Back up QBs are expected to win just as much as starters. There are no “gimmie” games in the NFL, even with backup QBs in the game.

    And the worst excuse I hear: We didn’t dominate teams we should have, or we had to come from behind to beat the “easy” teams. What a crock that is. We won those games, doesn’t mater if by 1 or 31. If a close game is not really a win, then close losses (Faclons twice [and they had a winning record]) should show we’re better than our record. If we wanna look at close games as games that could have gone either way… we could have had a 6-10 record OR a 14-2 record. Of course, that’s probably the case EVERY year. If you win close games, you’ll probably have a winning record, you lose them and you’ll probably have a losing record. We were about 50/50 and just missed the playoffs.

    So, WILL the Bucs make the playoffs? I have no idea, depends on how the season plays out this year. CAN they? Absolutely, they have the talent. If they don’t, the excuses from fans will surface for why we lost. If they do (make the playoffs), I’m sure there will be excuses as to why we shouldn’t have been there from the “followers” of the team, we all know they’re not fans. Who would make excuses for your team not being as good as their record? Yep, followers, not fans.