Raheem Is Now A Fan Favorite

September 6th, 2011

A lot has changed in the past two years for the Bucs, and specifically Bucs fans. When the Bucs were stumbling over themselves to a three-win season, Bucs fans were no less than outraged, and Joe understood the venom.

Watching teams run up and down the field at will against the heinous Jim Bates Experience, Joe’s neck hurt so bad he had to seek the aid of a chiropractor.

Bucs fans were livid and the target of their ire was then rookie head coach Raheem Morris. The common rant was that Team Glazer was (allegedly) broke thanks to that damned English kickball team, and as a result, Morris was one of the few men the team could have afforded. Otherwise, unemployed Bill Cowher would have been hired as Bucs coach, so the naysayers said.

When Team Glazer came out and gave Morris a vote of confidence after the season, Joe was confident pitchforks at local Home Depots were out of stock.

After a few months, and Josh Freeman leading the Bucs to a near-playoff bid, losing a tiebreaker with the eventual Super Bowl champion Packers, fans have chilled out. So much so, that Morris is now perceived to be a fan favorite, so writes Anwar Richardson of the Tampa Tribune.

Most fans were ready to close the book on Morris after the team finished 3-13. They wanted him to be fired after one season and replaced by former Steelers coach Bill Cowher.

So many people called for Morris’ to be fired, the Glazers, who rarely speak publicly, issued a news release stating they remained committed to Morris and the rebuilding plan in place.

Morris just laughed.

Joe loves the fact Bucs players are eating out of Morris’ hand. That’s great. Joe loves Morris’ energy and enthusiasm, too.

But let’s not forget we are not speaking of college or high school football here. The NFL is not a popularity contest. As former NFL coach Jerry Glanville once famously stated, “the NFL stands for ‘Not For Long.'” If the Bucs do not make the playoffs this year, that will make three playoff-less seasons for Morris.

That likely would mean Morris’ fourth season will be critical. Joe is not suggesting anything here, other than the fact the NFL is an unforgiving business.

Always remember and never forget that the previous two Bucs coaches were both very popular men, and Team Glazer had no qualms in removing them despite both coaches having far, far, far more pelts on the wall than Morris has.

Being popular with players and fans is a great thing. At the end of the day, popularity doesn’t mean squat without playoff appearances.

That’s just how the NFL rolls.

19 Responses to “Raheem Is Now A Fan Favorite”

  1. the_buc_realist Says:

    If i fired everyone at work then hired all interns straight out of School i would have loyalty as well. I would be able to mold them. The down side is that they won’t be productive.

  2. Bucnjim Says:

    Raheem has done well because he is an excellent motivator. The old school tactics of coaching by intimidation are long over. Grown men no longer tolerate being screamed at by some short fat guy with a Napolean complex. Even high school’s and colleges have gotten away from the red faced tyrants that stomp up and down the sidelines. Raheem has found a way to get these players to play hard for him and that is half the battle. Now that the Bucs have experienced coaches on both sides of the ball; Morris can concentrate on being the head coach and getting these guys up and prepared every week.

  3. Freeman4President Says:

    Acctually, they won’t be as productive initially, but as they develop a skill set that is appropriate to the job/work environment they will be as productive, possibly more so if the job requires physical prowess to complete.

    Show me who was released from this roster in year 1 or 2 that would still be a big factor now…I love Brooks, but his time had come as was evident in the fact that he played where after being released?

    Now without those vets on the roster year 1 and 2 look at the young players who saw meaningful reps in games.

  4. Thomas 2.2 Says:

    First of all, players always like the coach who is easiest on them, lets them get away with the most and who expects the least hard work and discipline.

    There is a reason why you dont let your kids select their babysitter and nfl owners dont tske player votes to select coaches.

    These players do not play more or less hard for specific coaches, that was dismissed by Brooks, the players play hard for money and the tape that follows them. It is impossible to gauge maximum effort by watching them play.

    Finally, if Rah misses the playoffs again, that will be a shocking failure since the league is set up for quick turnarounds. If they miss the playoffs again, he must be fired.

    Rah’s popularity is inextricably tied to the butts in the seats or lack thereof. No other coach has ever presided over a blackout, this one is headed for 16 in a row.

    I believe that we have the least qualified and capable head coach and defensive coordinator in the league in a long time, only playoff success can prove that belief incorrect.

  5. Freeman4President Says:

    Thomas, again you show you know nothing about football. Some of the toughest coaches and trainers I had are my favorite, because they hold you to a higher standard of performance than you hold yourself…maybe you and your “I live in my mom’s basement mentality” wants less work and less discipline, but most athletes want that.

    What they don’t want much like the rest of us, is someone who is disrespectful to them, someone who doesn’t relate to them as a person (meaning attempt to treat them as something other than a commodity), or someone they lack confidence in.

    Rah has the respect of those who understand the sport…which explains why he doesn’t have yours.

    Again, I ask you to show me some type of football knowledge in your posts, what makes Morris unqualified or uncapable. Other than the fact that you say so? A losing record in his first year?

  6. Tampa2 Says:

    Fan Favorite? I think the silent majority has spoken loud and clear about that! The Bucs went from an every game sell-out to a full season of Black-outs. And the Glazers are using every trick in the book to try and get even one sell out game. Sure the players love him. He is one of them! But at the end of the day Morris cannot teach what he doesn’t know. And that is why the defense will give up the “bates like” yardage again this year. Morris is nothing more than an amateur playing at HC. And before you kool-aiders bring up last year, Morris may have got the credit, But Olsen and Freeman are the ones that got the wins last year.

  7. Thomas 2.2 Says:

    Rah was not qualified because:

    He had no nfl coordinating experience; he had no head coaching experience; he had limited head position coach experience.

    He hired 2 coordinators that he fired within weeks; he gave the qb job to Lefty when Mccown beat him out; he waited too long to play freeman; he called for a total change in the
    defensive philosophy then switched back; he tried to make a safety his starting Will backer; he has proven to make horrible in game decisions ie Atlanta last year; his team has not planned correctly which is why they always start out behind; he doesnt use challenge flags and timeouts prudently.

    He has refused to firmly discipline players which causes repeat offenses ie Talib; he has mistakenly blurred the line between head coach and player by hanging out with themmat bars, clubs etc; he named himself the defensive coordinator which is typically a mistake ( dungy knew better gruden didnt); his practices with the rap music and jovial and loose atmosphere lead to lack of discipline; his appearance ie clothes choice for games is too casual and makes him appear too immature and informal which influences perceptions; I cant understand much of what he says – I often have to try and interpret his true intention because he cant make it clear.
    Off the top of my head without any effort.

    On the positive side, he is energetic and he cares. 2 more years as a d backs coach, a 4 year trial at D coordinator which he has failed so
    far, then he may be ready.

    Unfortunately we have had to endure 13-19 while he learns on the job. Anyone could have done that.

  8. McBuc Says:

    Anyone like Jimmy Johnson?

  9. Thomas 2.2 Says:

    Joe’s headline: rah is now “a fan” favorite. I assume this fan is outside of his immediate family. At this pace, in a few years the fan base will consist of “a fan.”

  10. Lucas Jackson Says:

    What a shock! An article about Morris brings out Thomas and Tampa2. Stupidity on parade.

  11. jlynch Says:

    ceiling fans like him too

  12. Hawaiian Buc Says:

    How many NFL teams have you led to a 10-6 record? How much experience do you have in the NFL or college at any level? If the answer is none (which we ALL know it is), then how exactly are you qualified to his coaching ability?

    It is one thing to not like him, but another entirely to make false accusations. You are full of it to say he hangs out at clubs with them. You can say you heard it all you want, but we all know it’s not true. Show me some evidence. You don’t think if it was true someone in this world may have snapped it on a phone? Really? Just like you saw him with his pants down his butt too right? Funny, I’ve met him twice and he wasn’t dressed like that. I DO have pictures to prove it.

    For the record, he didn’t hire those coordinators. They were both hired by the Glazers. That is a fact. But regardless, he fixed the problem. You always say Olsen is the reason we won last year, aren’t you glad we don’t have Jagz? He couldn’t even make it in the UFL.

    You’ve got a thing for men’s clothing don’t you? So I would assume you would like him to dress up, kind of like Bellicheat? If you can’t understand him, then you have problems, because I, and everyone else, understands him just fine. Can’t help you with that one, guess Raheem should learn to speak stupid so you can understand.

  13. Hawaiian Buc Says:

    John Madden had no NFL coordinating experience either.

  14. Hawaiian Buc Says:

    Guess what Bill Bellicheat’s record was after 2 years? Yep, 13-19. It was 39-44 after 5 years. How many division titles in his first 6 years? Zero.

  15. Tampa2 Says:

    The NFL is a billion dollar business that requires professionals. A CEO “learning on the job” does not constitute Professional! You kool-aiders can argue all you want. The silent Majority speaks loud and clear by not purchasing tickets to see rookies and Coaches learning on the job.

  16. Hawaiian Buc Says:

    Nice argument Tampa 2. Who needs facts when you can just talk out of your arse, right?

  17. Freeman4President Says:

    Really Tampa 2 Steve Jobs never had CEO experiance prior to running Apple…he was but a lowley programmer who learned as he went to start and build a buisness and was one of the most successful CEO’s of the last 50 years…nice try though

  18. Freeman4President Says:

    Thomas, in your coaching experiance what did you see from Freeman that indicated that they waited too long to start him…one could argue that his early success is due in part to the fact that he was able to sit and learn the nfl game prior to starting.

    Oh by the way, how do you know what personal interaction Rah has with players, you don’t….you know what came off the top of your head, inaccuracy, oppinion, and Tampa 2’s …never mind fool, go back to mommies basement….

  19. M.WESLEY Says:

    By some of the comments I really think this is just a something to do for those of you waiting for favorite coach to get another job.Why would anyone argue about a team giving a young man a chance and by the way he is growing with each game,he learns about as fast as his players none of them are through growing so sit back and enjoy.