Peter King Says 8 Or 9 Wins

September 6th, 2011

Popcorn-shoveling, oatmeal-guzzling Peter King, of Sports Illustrated fame, is back on the record again with his trademark season predictions.

Last year, he drew the wrath of nearly everyone associated with the Bucs by saying they’d win two games in 2010. Nostradamus he is not. In this video, King explains gives his impressions of the Bucs’ chances.

  • If you missed Joe’s exclusive interview with King at One Buc Palace, check it out here.

  • 15 Responses to “Peter King Says 8 Or 9 Wins”

    1. Garv Says:

      It’s his guess. I’m hoping he’s off by a couple of wins……on our positive side of course.
      Tough schedule, tough division and a lot of youth. Anything is possible but the future is on our side whether it be right away or in the next year or so. Either way, good time are here and have been since Josh Freeman was drafted.

    2. Freeman4President Says:

      Honestly it doesn’t take much to make the differance between an 8 win team and a 10 win team, the young bucs are somewhere in that range. Count me among those who thinks we can take a step back in the win column, but still have a successful season.

      If this team wins 8 or 9 games, but plays everyone tight, stops the run, beats the teams they are supposed to, and shows progress going into next year I will be happy…this team is not yet on par with the Packers, Patriots, Steelers, or Jets….but they are getting closer and in a year or two will be in the conversation.

    3. Architek Says:

      Very accurate assessment. I totally agree with King for a change except Atlanta is not criticized enough for its porous defense. I think Atlanta is the Dallas Cowboys of our division because the results on the field do not match the hype. I think the success or failure of this team will rest on the trenches and if they can get some consistency.

    4. aldo Says:

      heres the deal, always u make a prediction, its all about last season, im thinking right now we grown up about last season, and dont care about our rivals, im thinking about in the 11-13 W Range

    5. the_buc_realist Says:

      unfortunately, King is off. The Bucs will Take a step back and are playing a much harder schedule. I predict a 6-7 win season, The good thing is that we will miss a lot of the losses due to the black outs.

    6. Freeman4President Says:

      Realist, what kind of fan wants to miss games, you sound more like a hater than a realist. I watch every minute of every game in a 3 win season or a 12 win season, what makes a real fan is support in good times or bad…you can bitch, but if you don’t pay attention you have no right to complain.

    7. Capt.Tim Says:

      I was cussing him last year. This year, he’s probably close to the mark. And while I don’t think 8 or 9 wins is a failure, I do think it was preventable. But you never know! Freeman is the main factor- and he’s capable of winning 12 games on his talent alone!! But think that stupid lockout held his progression back also!!

    8. Joke Says:

      There’s nothing to support the idea that this year’s schedule is “much harder”.

      I posted this before, but I’ll post it again:

      Last year, our opponents won 47.7% of their regular season games. Our opponents for this year won 49.6% of their regular season games last year. That’s really not much difference.

    9. FLBoyInDallas Says:

      We’ll only know how difficult the schedule was for this year after it’s over, not before it’s started. Trying to make that determination based on performances from a year ago is fruitless. It’s like trying to predict this year’s weather based on last year’s. It changes so much from year to year it’s impossible. Many teams on our schedule will surprise us by being much better or much worse than they were last year. Just the way it goes.

    10. FLBoyInDallas Says:

      You have to analyze teams right here, right now. For example:

      – vs. Lions: starting RB’s Leshoure & Best out; Fairley out; for the Bucs Joseph healthy against Suh, Talib healthy against Megatron

      – vs. Vikings: new coaching staff, new QB, new system, talent level not improved from last year

      – vs. Falcons: same team as last year minus starter Dahl on o-line but added Julio Jones; Bucs played extremely close both games last year and have a year of experience under their belt and the knowledge they can hang with the Falcons

      – vs. Colts: Peyton Manning likely to be out of this game with Kerry Collins starting at QB; without Manning this team is below average in talent; enough said

      – vs. 49ers: new coach, new system, sorry ass QB’s; we beat them soundly last season

      – vs. Saints: massive confidence built in beating this team at the end of the season; they played starters well into 3rd quarter and were trying their best to win up to that point; a solid well deserved win; these young Bucs are now very familiar with how to play the Saints and how to win; they are beatable and we’ve done it

      Anyone who looks at our schedule and thinks, “man that’s difficult”, isn’t looking at teams for who they are right here, right now

    11. Capt.Tim Says:

      Not basing my opinions on the other teams. I’m basing it on this team. I don’t think most people realize how much experience walked out of One Buc Place this year. We all know about Caddy and Ruud. What about the John Gilmores? Maurice Stovall. Not saying this guys talent will be greatly missed, but there is getting to be very few Vets around to offer guidance and experience to all these kids running around. With this young of a team, you need a few vets. We are getting really short on Guys that have played teams multiple times.

    12. Brandon Says:

      King said 2 wins last season, I said 10 and guaranteed we wouldn’t lose double digits. I say 11 or 12 this season and I can guarantee at least 9 wins.

      I puzzles me why somebody that doesn’t like a team will waste their time reading about them. I could care less about baseball and I hate basketball… one would think a realist would have enough of a life to read and then comment on something that they could care less about or hate.

    13. McBuc Says:

      I think the SOS was 24 laqst year, and it is 18 this year. Not that big of a deal. Also, the hear and now argument is great, I agree 100%

    14. Espo Says:

      Freeman4President Says:
      September 6th, 2011 at 10:29 am
      “Realist, what kind of fan wants to miss games, you sound more like a hater than a realist. I watch every minute of every game in a 3 win season or a 12 win season, what makes a real fan is support in good times or bad…you can bitch, but if you don’t pay attention you have no right to complain.”

      I love this guy!! Well said!

    15. Tampa2 Says:

      Why can’t you be a fan, yet be unhappy with the direction the owners took or the way the team is coached? I have been a fan of the Bucs since the year before they hit to field. I remained a fan when Culverhouse kept us a loser by his cheapness. Speaking of which, maybe one or two of the old fans remember when Culverhouse died there were thousands of comments in the old “Hey Tom” section. And of thouse thousands 3/4 of them said Great!, now maybe we can have a winning team!. Since old Malcom’s demise we have reverted back to the Culverhouse way. And I still remain a fan of the team, just can’t wait for someone that loves Football to take over the team. A good football team, like a good business, starts with the head man. And that head man has to be a professional, not the mail room clerk promoted to CEO without any training.