Breaking Down Bucs Win Sunday

September 26th, 2011

Brian Weber, Willie McGinest and Erik Kramer of discuss the Bucs win over the Dixie Chicks Sunday.

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5 Responses to “Breaking Down Bucs Win Sunday”

  1. Derek 'OldSchool' Fournier Says:

    I love it. After beating the Falcons, they still rank the Bucs behind them and the Saints.

  2. stimpy Says:

    Arent we tied with the Aint’s?

    Free was abit off yesterday.

  3. Oahubuc Says:

    Can’t wait for this to all come together. I’m enjoying watching the d-line for the first time in years- mauling guys to get to the quarterback just like old times- swarming the ball.

    Come on Free, we need you!

  4. lovethepewter Says:

    No freakin respect!!!! “Atlanta is gonna hit its stride and Tampa is gonna struggle to get it in?” Never fails to amaze me.

  5. tony2cents Says:


    what they should have realized is that FREEMAN has yet to hit his stride, and that we still pulled out a W with him struggling. but analysts only study paper, thats what they do. can’t wait for Freeman’s midseason awakening. cause you know its coming.