Grimm Has At Least A “Messed Up” MCL

September 26th, 2011

Joe wrote about Cody Grimm’s injury last night, but the latest update today from Raheem Morris sounds ominous.

“We don’t know the extent of that yet,” Morris said, referring to Grimm tearing his ACL and being out for the season. “He’s definitely getting an MRI. I know his MCL is messed up, and he’s got some other stuff that we’re checking on right now. So it may not be for the year. We’re not sure of that yet.”

Regardless, this is a huge loss for the Bucs, especially in the revived run defense. Raheem said he was the “lead dog down in the box” yesterday.

“It’ll be a battle this week” between Larry Asante and Corey Lynch to start at free safety,” Raheem said. The head coach explained that Asante has been inactive because of the special teams prowess of Devin Holland.

So it’ll be next man up for the Bucs. Joe’s counting his blessings that the next man up isn’t a safety currently playing for the Chiefs.

21 Responses to “Grimm Has At Least A “Messed Up” MCL”

  1. Lunch Bag Al Says:


  2. big007hed Says:

    Bring back TJax… I know it isnt up to the Bucs but I am sorry Lynch, Asante, and Holland dont exactly bring much confidence for me

  3. Nano107 Says:

    Mr Jackson waiting for God-del to give verdict!!

  4. Capt.Tim Says:

    Sucks! Grimm is such a damn instictivesafety, and plays the run so well. If the poor guy could get a season in, he’d stand a shot at the ProBowl. Figures it was Hayes that rolled into his knee! Our least productive player( since Quincy Jane is on the bench) taking out one of our most productive. Its enough to piss you off! I’m gonna review the film, to make sure that Hayes wasn’t napping down there!

    Only good news is that both Lynch and Asante are good safeties. Our safeties have played well this year, hopefully those two can keep it up.

    I heard Tenerd had to take a drug test to get reinstated- guess we better cross our fingers – he’s failed everyone the NFL has given him, since the combine. If he failed this one, Joe, how long will this suspension be? Hope it’s short- he’s our best player! He’s ELITE! Lmao!

  5. Tommy Boy Says:

    Damn, I love Grimm but this is two injuries in two years. Bucs will draft a safety high next year.

  6. Dave Says:

    Actually, I think it might be good. The D-Line and LBs are stepping up against the run in my opinion. The only bad time they had against the run was the first half against the Vikings and that was all-world AP.

    The way Grimm has played, which has not been very good, average at best, I would much rather see Lynch in there. He is better at covering and a ball hawk.

  7. Dave Says:

    Capt. Tim:

    Speaking of TJax – “If he failed this one, Joe, how long will this suspension be?”

    If he fails this one he is done… approximately forever, give or take a decade.

    Personally, I hope A. Black is healthy and on the practice squad and ready to rise up next year if not late this year. But I have faith in Lynch because he is good in coverage and a ballhawk.

  8. Capt.Tim Says:

    This is strange, but both an article in the” Times” and”Sporting News claim that the league is going to suspend Eight players- including Talib! They said earlier that he wouldn’t be suspended!! That would screw us.

  9. Dan Says:

    so in reference to his acl, raheem said grimm ‘messed up’ his mcl? which is it?

  10. Capt.Tim Says:

    Dave- gotta admit, I’ve always liked Lynch. He just seems to have a nose for the ball. And I’ve campaigned for Asante, Also. I think we are good, and if Black is the player we hoped, we might be better.

    The article on Talib has me worried! We can’t afford to lose Talib,Biggers, Or Barber. We would be in trouble.

  11. Dave Says:

    Interesting about Talib. As far as I knew, there would be nothing until AFTER the trial date (March)… we’ll see.

    Asante is, I believe, more of a run stuffer like Grimm, but I like him too. I just think right now, I think they need more of a ballhawk like Lynch back there.

    As far as Grimm, I don’t think it is a huge loss other than depth because we don’t know how good he actually is. He was good against the run in a few games last year and has been average this year. His INT last year was great but it was also due to Raheem putting him in the right spot.

    Regardless, hate to se anyone gone for the year and I hope this opens the door for Black. I am being a homer with the Gator product but that guy has a nose for the ball and is a smart player in positioning himself.

    I would also like to see Gaitor get some chances at nickel because he looked like he could be the real deal to me in pre-season.

  12. mikeck Says:

    grimm out is bad. good new is our run defense seemed to have new life anyway since Quincy was out.

  13. Jrock Says:

    Tim, the article you’re reading is old news that is resurfacing. The old news is that the NFLPA agreed with the NFL during the lockout negotiation process that Goodell would be able to suspend 8 players. At the time of the original news, they only obtained like 3 of the players names. Now they have a signed letter or some such with all 8 of the players names, signed by DeMo himself, which is why it is new “old” news.

    As for Talib, his case has already been settled for now with Roger. The commish said he would take no action until Talib’s trial, and that is how it’s going down. No worries

  14. Meh Says:

    Two words: Tanard Jackson.

    Come on Goodell, Don’t hate, reinstate!

  15. macabee Says:

    Capt. Tim, The article that you read is referring to an ufair labor practice charge that Cedric Benson has filed against the NFLPA. He is charging that the NFLPA violated it’s trust to act on the player’s behalf when they agreed to and signed a side letter to allow Goddell to fine and/or suspend 8 named players for their actions during the lockout while agreeing to give amnesty to 20 other players. Talib was one of the eight along Kenny Britt, Pac Man, Haynesworth and 2 others. Talib has already met with Goddell and the decision was to delay any action until after his trial in March 2012. You may want to watch what happens with Benson’s legal action. The NFL may be legally estopped from taking any action on any player in the abscence of an agreement.

  16. FIRE GREG OLSON! Says:

    People that are chanting for T-Jax are mistaking the NFL for Madden 2011…

  17. Captain Stagger Says:

    Why are people so quick to pull out the madden BS…..a safety went down, we have a safety due to be reinstated… if he said trade for Ed Reed ……then you might be right.

  18. grasshopp427er Says:

    dont hate reinstate! dont hate reinstate!

  19. tony2cents Says:

    Tanard has had an entire year to toke – er, focus, on a comeback. He paid his dues, give the man his shot.

    If he screws up the reinstatement process, ie. fails his drug test, then forget him – let him go…. But if he’s been in compliance with all policies, get that motherf’n ball rolling and suit him up! Football shape or not, we’ve got 65% players causin mayhem out here so how bad can he be?!

  20. FIRE GREG OLSON! Says:

    Captain Stagger Says:
    September 26th, 2011 at 8:10 pm

    Why are people so quick to pull out the madden BS…..a safety went down, we have a safety due to be reinstated… if he said trade for Ed Reed ……then you might be right.


    Um, cause you don’t go from a full year out of football to straight into the starting spot.

  21. Joe Says:


    If he screws up the reinstatement process, ie. fails his drug test, then forget him – let him go

    LOL If this happens he’s banned for life from the NFL.