Blount Blasted For “Dancing Around A Little”

September 20th, 2011

It seems the Bucs coaching staff felt compelled to light a blowtorch under the ass of LeGarrette Blount during the Bucs’ heinous first half against Minnesota.

Word of blasting Blount for his early performance was delivered by Raheem Morris during The Raheem Morris Show on WDAE-AM 620 yesterday. A caller named Zito asked Raheem whether a halftime adjustment was made to get Blount to not be “skittish in the backfield,” as the caller perceived him to be in the first half.

Here’s Raheem’s verbatim response:

“That’s funny, Zito. We actually talked about it before we got to halftime. [Blount] was in the backfield and he was dancing around a little bit, didn’t hit the hole. You’re absolutely correct,” Raheem said.

“My running back coach Steve Logan grabbed a picture and grabbed LeGarrette Blount and he went through a nice dissertation using all proper language on how he should hit the hole. And I think Blount got the message as he called over his coordinator Greg Olson. And you seen the response yesterday in that game, and how he was supposed to do it and how we want him to do it every single time. And if we got to do that every three snaps, we will.

“Blount’s a guy that can absolutely change games. He’s definitely one of the guys we got to lean on in order to able to do what we want to do on offense. And once he got going, the offense got going. And once he got going, the defense got going because we were on the sidelines drinking Gatorade watching him run.”

Joe loves how candid Raheem can be. He might be the most candid coach in the league.

Sometimes it gets lost that Blount is still a young player who was hardly a polished superstar coming out of college. The player Blount is now, and his enormous growth potential, should have every Bucs fan excited.

32 Responses to “Blount Blasted For “Dancing Around A Little””

  1. Stevek Says:

    Maybe Blount wouldn’t have to dance in the backfield if he were getting more carries? Lol Blount could be more direct to the hole, but that’s what makes Blount, Blount.

    You guys see the first couple runs after his first TD? Blount hurdled a guy and it was awesome.

    Keep it up LGB, and tellem to fee you that rock earlier and more often.

  2. Mauha Deeb Says:

    Its funny that Raheem says “we” when talking about the defense.

  3. Capt.Tim Says:

    Blount is an amazing talent- can’t wait to watch him develop even more the next few years.

    I disagree with our esteemed coach on a couple items. I watched the first half again( yuck ). Meybe once Blount had a hole he could have hit. The other times, he was “dancing because there were defenders in the Backfield. And there wasn’t a hole to hit.

    I think demoting Black at halftime woke the team up. The entire line played much better in the second half.

    Hopefully, next week at halftime, he’ ll demote Hayes, so we can beat the Falcons!!!

  4. McBuc Says:

    He is the DC…

  5. mikeck Says:

    I think we also need to remember that LgB was cast away from other NFL teams for a reason. Whatever that reason is, there is something there that alerted them to a problem. We need to be patient with him and understand that he hasnt been coached-up as other teams did not see the point in investing. You dont have alot of time in this league to come around, but look at what he has done since last year: on several 3rd and 1 plays (preseason), he blasted the line and pushed for the yardage instead of bouncing it out like he tried last year. He’s getting there.

  6. Capt.Tim Says:

    I think Blount has proven he knows how to run the ball. He ran for a thousand yards last year in basically 10 games.

    The question they SHOULD be asking is – what’s different this year from last year. Why is he struggling this year, when last year he dominated!

    I can tell you! The same reason all of our backs struggled the first half of last year. Blount is running behind 3 different linemen this year than last. When Blount was crushing defenses, Faine, Joseph, and Trueblood weren’t playing. They were on IR. THAT is the difference. Blount didn’t suddenly forget how to run. None of our backs could get any yardage the first half of last year. Same problem!

    Having said that- Joseph and Trueblood looked really good in the second half last week. The best I’ve ever seen them play! Faine was playing decent also. They were so bad in the first half- it was unbelievable the difference in play in the second half! I’m really happy to see it! If they lay like that the rest of the season, we will have great year! And I’ ll never criticize the line again –gladly !!

  7. bucswin Says:

    Joe, what happened to the links to all of the Bucs highlights from the game with Gene’s calls included?

  8. Apple Roof Cleaning Says:

    Not sure Blount was not “cast off” from several NFL Teams. Tennessee did cut him,
    but it is my understanding did so because they have Chris Johnson. Plus, I am sure hitting a team mate had a little to do with it. Regardless, even Jeff Fisher, the Tennessee coach at that time, admitted he made a serious mistake letting Blount get away. It was their loss, and Tampa’s gain.

  9. gotbbucs Says:

    this is the exact reason why i want to see this offense use alot more i-formations with lorig in the lead. lorig does not hesitate and buries his nose in there and it forces blount to hit the hole harder.

  10. Joe Says:


    Joe, what happened to the links to all of the Bucs highlights from the game with Gene’s calls included?

    The Joes decided that the time it took to put those together compared to the limited/zero comments those posts received were not worth the time.

    The links all came from’s Bucs video page.

  11. flmike Says:

    What I have noticed about LGB is he tries to avoid contact at the line, I assume the coaches saw that as in the 1st half he really did a lot of dancing behind the line before hitting the hole. Once he’s out in space and has a full head of steam there isn’t a LB or DB in the league that wants to try and get in front of him. He just needs to keep hitting that line hard, hole or not until something gives and it will, he’s to big and to strong to stop all game, and as with any D-line, keep hitting it long enough and hard enough and it will wear down, just look at what we did Sunday, between him and our O-line that Minn D-line collapsed, Allen and Robison were non-factors in the 2nd half. Just keep pounding the rock, if you don’t get any yardage it doesn’t matter, just keep pounding it, the D will give it always does.

  12. admin Says:

    “Other Joe” here,

    @BucsWin — Those highlights are typically at Click on the Buccaneers page. Joe just hasn’t felt like posting them. .. And you’ve got nerve asking considering how you’ve blasted Joe in the past in these comments, misrepresented Joe, etc.

  13. Dew Says:

    Rah makes me laugh everytime I hear him. He’s really a witty and funny guy. I can understand why the players love him so much.

    As for Blount, just give him the damn ball and let him do his thing. He will get better the more carries he gets.

  14. BamBamBuc Says:

    Most underrated, outstanding performance of the game goes to Erik Lorig. If you watch, every time he’s in he seals the lane for Blount. Several times he stopped early to catch an edge rusher, other times he carried through the hole to hit the second level. All the talk about the O-line and Blount dancing around and everything else, but Lorig quietly had a VERY good game and should be the full-time FB. He even picked up the blitz on a pass play when Blount was back there with him. If he can pick up the blitz, he and Blount can both stay in the game for some passing situations. No more Graham at FB.

  15. mikeck Says:

    By “cast off” I am referring to the fact that he was an undrafted free agent who was then cut by the Titans. Teams dont pass on bruising 250 lb backs and /or cut them without reasons. We just have to see if those reasons were wrong. One season isnt enough. I think he is a great talent, but hell, even Michael Clayton looked like an all star after his rookie year.

  16. cspann Says:


    I think you are on to something. I really thing Lorig makes the difference in the run game for blount. If you look at last years highlights, you will see Lorig in when LBG breaks off thoughs long runs.

  17. gracelivin Says:

    @mikeck, LGB was undrafted because he didn’t play his senior yr, and if I’m not mistaken he wasn’t cut by the Titans until the last cut, they didn’t need him seeing their already capable backfield. Though he does at times hesitate at the LOS, instead of just plowing ahead when no hole is there, he has the power to gain a couple of yds if he didn’t stop and dance when a hole is not evident. We need to just keep feeding him the rock…

  18. Capt.Tim Says:

    BambamBuc- you are absolutely right, and you are the first one to mention it. Lorig was blowing poeple up Sunday, and was doing the smart things too- like Blitz pickup and blocking. He was a TE, he should be able to do some damage in the passing game, also! This guy may turn out to have been a real find! Be was impressive!

  19. Capt.Tim Says:

    Jeff Fischer stated clearly last year. He had no intention of cutting Blount. He was trying to sneak him onto their practice squad, and it backfired. He later said it may have been one of his worst mistakes as a Coach. He screwed up, and we got lucky. At no point was Blount gonna be” cut loose”.

  20. lowlife Says:

    Blount isn’t some perfect running back. Never really been a guy to break tackles in the backfield. Takes him a few steps to build up the steam because of his size, height, lack of short area quickness, and how high he runs. He hesitates when any sort of penetration happens because of this. That’s why he had such an issue with short yardage last season.

    Once he does get through the line though, he’s pretty much an LB/DBs nightmare

  21. Capt.Tim Says:

    You guys Critiquing Blount- whaaa!! Have you guys took shots to the head, or what? Loooong ago( Last season), Blount averaged 5.5 yards a carry- Gained over a thousand yards in 10 Games- and was our most feared offensive player. Last Season. Without any training camp. Without an offseason with the coaches- nothing. 5.5 yds, 1000 yards. Remember??

    What, you think he forgot how? That’s some of the dumbest nonsense I’ve heard in years- And Raheem should be called put for it! Do you think Barry Sanders had to be retrained every year on how to run? Walter Payton? Chris Johnson has to take How to run101?

    Ridiculous!! The only thing that changed are the people blocking for him. You have 3 diffent lineman than last year! And until the second half of Sunday’s game- they weren’t getting the job done AT ALL!. But I guess management would rather try to convince us that Blount forgot how to run, than admit they resigned some bad linemen to big contracts( tsee the Derrick Ward, Michael Clayton, and Quincy Black files.

    To blame Blounis an insult to our intelligence

    If Faine, Joseph, and Trueblood play like they did in the second half, the rest of the year, this won’t be an issue. If not, then like last year, our running game will suck- but it won’t be Blounts fault.

    I’m sure Blount still has a lot to learn, but running the ball isn’t one of them. Think about how dumb of a thing that was to suggest for a minute. Wow! I still can’t believe they think we’re that dumb.

  22. SRQBucFan Says:

    With his big frame and strength, you would think he would hit the Run Head first like wrecking ball.

    Time and time again i see him afraid to hit someone. Which actually is kind of ironic given what everyone jokes about..

    I see A LOT of smaller backs actually HIT people.. when a defender is in the way. They lower their shoulder and try to run OVER someone instead of jumping over or running around them.

    If LGB can even get a little bit of that. He will be a superstar. I see a big man who tries to be elusive instead of pounding the rock more times then not.

  23. McBuc Says:

    Capt…I think you are overreacting a bit. No one said he forgot how to run, they said he was hesitating and dancing around…just like Freeman was. If your RB hesistates it does not matter who the OL is…if your QB holds on to the ball too long, it does not matter who youir line is. I know you have a thing for getting a new line and all, but you cannot possibly believe last years back ups that played great proved they can do it again during preseason. The team needs some tweaking to get passed this slow start for sure, but the o line looked fine in the second half and handled the Lions d line pretty well. The Lions loss does not lie at their feet, and the first half of Sundays game does not either. I love Freeman and Blount, infact I was an early believer in Freeman after talking to an NFL scout on a plane right after we drafted him. I also was writing on these boards that we should draft Blount, he was a beast in college. Both of those guys started slow on Sunday, which in turn stalled the entire offense. Also, some key drops from our WR group did not help.

  24. McBuc Says:

    SRQ, he runs over people all the time, he jumps when they are going low for his legs. If he just ran into someone and went down, I am sure you guys would wonder why he did not try to go around or guke them. I think people forget that Blount ihas not played an entire season, he is young, and he has never had an entire off season with his team. He is amazing once you consider these facts. He does hesitate at time, but that is more a vision thing than a scared of hitting thing. He is looking for the right hole, but may be overthinking becasue of it.

  25. mikeck Says:

    I’m not saying he sux Capt, I’m just saying he is still developing. As a developing player, we will see more things that he does well, and more things that he doesnt do well. At some point we need to know if he is missing blocks or dancing b/c he is developing, or because that is who he is. We’ll see. In the meantime, I enjoy watching him.

  26. RastaMon Says:


  27. Capt.Tim Says:

    Oh, I agree. He- like all young players, has things to work on.
    But in the first half, I’ve reedy he’d the game twice. Once- Meybe- he missed a hole. The other 4 runs- there was no hole to run thru. Blount knows how to run. But nobody can run thru a wall.

  28. Stevek Says:

    Things go well when cheeseburger Blount gets fed early. He has all the reason in the world to keep throwing up monster chunks of yardage. He’s getting paid the rookie minimum, ran for 1K yards last yr in 10 games, and he didn’t hold out for a new contract.

    I respect Blount, and who knows what the hick @ Boise state said to him to get him pnched in the mouth. Also, the DE in practice w/ the titans ripped blount’s helmet off two consecutive plays and it got him punched. Amen to that. I’m proud to be a Blount fan lol, he is every thing that is “American”.

    With that being said, Talib, put down the funds and ask Blount for some “punching for idiots” lessons.

  29. Hawaiian Buc Says:

    With Blount, you have to accept the fact that he is going to have a lot of short or no gain type carries. It’s just the way he runs, and of course in the first half our OL couldn’t block me, which doesn’t help Blount’s cause. However, he will bust one if he keeps getting the ball. He does it every single game (when they actually you know, give him the ball). He is only effective when he gets the ball and runs straight. Once he gets a full head of steam, he’s as good as anyone in the league, with the possible exception of AP. However, when he tries to make a cut, he becomes very slow and lacks power.

    I would love to see us have one series in the first half where we give him the ball 3 straight times. I don’t care if we go 3 and out (hell, we do damn near every drive anyway). I just want to send a message to the Birds that we are going to pound them with Blount all day, so they better deal with it. The way we’ve been playing in the first half, what’s the difference? Eventually, the defense will break.

  30. SRQBucFan Says:

    I semi agree with you. But, watch how AP runs. Granted he is consider the best in the league. But he runs with demand. He is going to try and hit YOU harder then you can hit him. He wants you to feel his power and force. Add that with his amazing quickness and juke ability and you can see exactly why he the best.

    Now look at LGB, He finishes a run just like AP fighting for those extra yards. The problem i see is he needs to learn to start a run more like AP. Just straight up hitting the hole weather it’s there or not. Intimidation is a HUGE factor in Football. You want people to not only think they need to contain him. But if he is running at you and you are trying to tackle him. He is going to hit you harder then you hit him. I see him avoiding those kind of hits. Or even trying to lower a shoulder when he knows he is going to get tackled, just to make that defender think twice about it next time.

    Personally i would not fear hitting LGB. My only concern would be to contain him from breaking into the open field and building that steam.

    Now i am NOT comparing LGB with AP. I am simply comparing a specific aspect of their game. ALSO I would like to add. In no way shape or form am i hating on LGB. I personally love him and was prolly the first to wish the Bucs would have drafted him. I am only giving constructive criticism. He learns to play mean and he will be one of the best in the league. but i guess i could say that for most of this team right now.

    I wish the bucs wouldn’t be so happy go lucky, and learn to get a mean streak.

  31. SRQBucFan Says:

    Let me make it Clear i am a huge fan of this team, and have been a die hard Bucs fan for since i can honestly remember. I am not one of those “hater ” fans. I just like to be realistic and speak about things with out a bias or clouded judgement. I love everything about this team and will cheer for them no matter what. Just pointing out my opinion on something 🙂

  32. Hawaiian Buc Says:

    I couldn’t agree more SRQBucFan. Except I would fear hitting LBJ. Then again, I would fear hitting Reggie Bush, so maybe I’m not the one to ask, lol.