Penn’s Got A “Totally Different” Test Coming

September 20th, 2011

Looking at the 2011 schedule, Donald Penn couldn’t afford to start slow. His assignments the first four weeks? Kyle Vanden Bosch, Jared Allen, John Abraham and Dwight Freeney.

That’s a lot of Pro Bowls.

Speaking last night on Total Access on WDAE-AM 620, Penn said he’s been working hard in the classroom to prepare and this week’s challenge against Atlanta is nothing like what he faced in Minnesota.

“I had good luck with [Abraham] last year. … He’s a totally different player than Jared Allen,” Penn said. “Jared Allen is nowhere near as fast or gets off the ball as quick as John Abraham.

“Jared Allen doesn’t have the explosiveness of John Abraham. Jared Allen is a great defensive end with using his hands and outsmarting an offensive tackle and using his inside moves and stuff like that. It’s a totally different guy. I’ve got to worry more about the power move and more about the spin and his speed. It’s totally different, but I’ll be ready for it.”

Joe thinks Penn, as usual, has fared pretty darn well through his first two tests of the 2011 season. He wasn’t going to pitch a shutout against those four guys, and Allen’s sack on the opening play Sunday was because Josh Freeman held the ball too long.

The last thing Joe’s worried about for Sunday against Atlanta is the Bucs’ offensive line. It’s the defensive line that gives Joe night sweats. Those guys are going to have win a greater share of 1-0n-1 battles. The first sack of the season from one of those guys would be nice, too.

7 Responses to “Penn’s Got A “Totally Different” Test Coming”

  1. Capt.Tim Says:

    Penn is the Man. And last week, Zuttah looked real good lined up next to him. That’s a huge relief, as LG seems to have been a problem since we lost Sears. Larsen played well last year, but his ankle wasn’t helping this year- plus I believe he is our answer at his natural position of Center, not Guard.

    I dunno, I watched the games again. I think our D-line is really starting to hold their own. They aren’t getting manhandled or shoved around- and McCoy is spending alot of time in the offensive backfield. I’ve almost stopped “the night sweats” worring about them. Almost.

    Did everyone see how well the Defense played after Black got yanked outta there? Told ya so:)

    I’m still sweating the Center and Right side of the line. I can’t stop with the 5 carries for 4 yards Blount had in the first half. And Raheem trying to Blame Blount is BS. Blount is a Thousand yard rusher, and a dynamic playmaker. He didn’t forget how to run over the summer. Suggesting that was just stupid. It’s the line. They played much better in the second half, but I can’t help but wonder why? How could they be that damn bad in the first half, and then suddenly play great( for the first time in years) in the second half? Is it motivation? I’ve always thought they played hard, but were foot slow. Yesterday, it looked like they weren’t trying in the first half, and suddenly decided to in the second half! Just strange!

  2. Buc Neckid Says:

    As for your Defensive line concerns…
    Wouldn’t it be great if they were playing with a lead for once?
    That last series of the Viking game after Blounts last Touchdown,
    they were pretty scary when all they did was pin their ears back and rush the passer.

  3. Jonny Says:

    John Abraham is one of the most underrated DEs in football. He is every bit as good as Julius Peppers and better than Allen as overall player considering how he does against the run, but thanks to the hype machine (media), Abraham is often ignored and Allen gets all the attention.

  4. BamBamBuc Says:

    How many sacks Penn has allowed is a lie anyway. He may not be the one “allowing the sack”, but he seems to be the one that always lets his DE get pressure, forcing Free to step up into someone else’s sack. I didn’t actually sit there and count how many times, but Allen was in Freeman’s face all day, and got his hands on him more than a few times. Penn is not as good in pass protection as many think he is, and he’s really not great in run blocking either. He’ll do for now, we have no one better on the team and have other more pressing holes to fill when the time comes, but at some point, we’re gonna need a better LT.

  5. Mauha Deeb Says:

    I’m wondering who was calling the audibles and coverages after Black left the game. Barber?

  6. Capt.Tim Says:

    Minnesota papers are saying Allen was ” shutdown and frustrated” during the game, and his personal foul for roughing Josh was a frustration foul.

    Oh, yeah.Penn is that talented. He is dominate at his posistion. The second or third most talented Buc on the team, by most accounts.

    Thus, the ProBowl.

  7. McBuc Says:

    Jonny, you are kidding right? JA is not underrated, everyone knows he is a stud. Even Penn said so earlier this week. Who is saying that JA is not a great klkinemen? I think you may have missed the last few seasons to make such a statement.