Quick Note Of Thanks

August 1st, 2011

Joe would love to buy all his readers a cold, frosty adult beverage in thanks for their support, but Joe doesn’t have that kind of money and likely never will.

You see, Joe set a record in July with JoeBucsFan.com enjoying a whopping 279,869 actual visits, a 110 percent increase over last July. And readers averaged 8+minutes a pop when they showed up. Wow! Joe is humbled.

About 55,000 unique visitors made all those trips here. That’s not a record for Joe, but still 45 percent ahead of last July.

Though impossible, Joe would like to thank everyone. Joe’s glad to be here for the fans. And, of course, Joe shamelessly shares these numbers in hopes of luring intelligent business owners who want to reach an engaged audience and pay about 90 percent less per head than anywhere else online. (Joe can be reached at joe@joebucsfan.com).

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