New York Times Blasts LeGarrette Blount

August 6th, 2011

Joe didn’t realize Jayson Blair was back employed at the New York Times under the name Andy Benoit. What a freakin’ joke.

This Benoit character penned 2,000+ words breaking down the Bucs in a season preview story today. Joe stopped reading after the paragraphs below, when Benoit painted a picture of LeGarrette Blount getting 1,000 yards with smoke and mirrors.

And yet, put on the tape and it’s easy to see why Blount went undrafted (no, character concerns were not the primary reason – they almost never are in the N.F.L.). A roundly built 247-pounder, Blount is far from fast. More damning is he’s not powerful. Blount can’t seem able to lower his shoulder and deliver a great blow. At times, he even stops his feet and braces for contract. His timing and vision are unrefined, and his blocking and receiving skills are poor.

Still, Blount is able to produce, mainly as a lumbering runner who’s difficult to bring down in the open field (think of a bear that’s been just shot with a tranquilizing dart). But this kind of style makes for an inconsistent rushing attack. Blount might put up yardage, but defenses have no reason to fear him. And it’s still to be determined whether such a punishing style can be sustained for an entire 16-game slate (Blount played in 13 games last season, starting seven).

This has Joe steamed, not that Joe expects anything less from the New York Times. In one breath the guy writes that Blount is “not powerful” and can’t “deliver a great blow.” Then he goes on to say Blount might not last a whole season with his punishing style. Which is it, pal?

Joe has long believed that Blount’s arrival revolutionized and revitalized the Bucs offense, and the guy got 1,000 yards old school, in 14 games or less, yet he’s not revered as a superstar around these parts and surely not around the NFL.

Imagine if he cranked off a season like that in New York. Blount would be the second coming.  

Thankfully, the Bucs have stuck Blount’s image on the side of the C.I.T.S. this week. Rightfully so. And if you want to do a good deed, email your thoughts to this Benoit character, who also works for He can be found at .

27 Responses to “New York Times Blasts LeGarrette Blount”

  1. DailyRich Says:

    I like how he attributes Blount only playing in 13 games last season to his “punishing style” not being able to be maintained when it was actually because he didn’t join the team until Week 4. Way to twist the facts to fit your theory.

  2. Mr. Lucky Says:

    I surely hope that the Bears, Saints, Falcons, Panthers, Packers, etc., read this guys’ article and believe it – right before LeGarrett runs right over their players.

    Joe I hope you forward a hard copy of that yahoo’s article to One Buc Place, attention Blount. It’s good motivation for the locker room. The Bucs never get any national media attention and when they do it like this crap.

    Good keep throwing this garbage out there. Come on Raheem, get the boys motivated.

  3. Garv Says:

    Shocking, just SHOCKING that the NY Times of all papers would permit this article to be printed. They are known for their unbiased reporting in all areas and especially for their sports reporting…………right?

    Or left…..

  4. Bucbeliever Says:

    Nice Garv…

  5. simeon Says:

    Joe, just noticed our bit of national love starts early this year. I live in cali, was looking for the tv schedule for preseason games, KC game is on FOX on friday night. score.

  6. Tommy Boy Says:

    I emailed this wanna be ball boy. What a tool…

  7. MTM Says:

    Another ill prepared article from the NY rag. Yes LGB just lucked into the 1000yds season in 13 games. It happens all the time. Benoit needs to go back to the Giants locker and finish his jock sniffing.

  8. FLBoyInDallas Says:

    I thought it was April Fools Day when I read that. Are they serious? Put on the tape, as they say, and you see a big, powerful, fast runner with shifty moves. What the hell kind of tape are they watching, anyway?

  9. SteveK Says:

    This guy is just butt hurt that Blount is better than Jacobs. Blout is built like Jacobs, but is on 6’0” to Jacobs’ 6’4”, thus giving Blount a lower center of gravity and a little harder to bring down.

    He is also upset bc the Bucs picked the right “Barber brother”.

  10. Dan Says:

    i would say look at blounts first run from scrimmage, and id say that paints a picture of his style… dragging Polomolo 10 yards down the field after a head on blow through.

  11. sfintampa Says:

    Seriously? Then how come TN is kicking themselves all the way to last season when they put LGB on their practice squad and we picked him up? Not to mention the single season school record 17 touchdowns he scored for the Ducks when he was in college. Last time I checked the Pac-10 wasn’t a cake walk either. What a freakin’ joke. This dude should go crawl back under his rock. Keep his email addy handy folks so we can follow up w/ him after the season is over. Can’t wait to see what LGB will do w/ a full season.

  12. Posey99 Says:

    Funny part is he sounds like he’s describing the NEW YORK giant running back Brandon Jacobs.

  13. This Guy Says:

    He says in the article that our wide receivers coach is Tim Berbenich. He clearly did not do basic research on the Bucs or he would know that our wide receivers coach is Eric Yarber and Tim Berbenich is the assistant WR coach. That’s just sloppy, lazy writing.

    I’m sure if Blount played to the Jets, he would be the nastiest RB ever seen in da league according to this guy.

  14. Vic Says:

    Just sent my first hate mail, Joe. Very healing. I feel invigorated. Anyone got Rick Scott’s email, Duemig?

  15. Shayne Says:


  16. Ramtek55 Says:

    I think we may have found our next “THE PESSIMIST” article writer in Benoit. Talk about a debby downer…

  17. Moe Says:

    Haha this guy is a joke I wish he would put on pads and let LGB come at him he probably would trash this article in a second and resign, LGB is 240 of muscle and is still fast enough to keep goin after hits WOW resign now

  18. Danny Says:

    What made me laugh the most was when he said,”defenses have no
    reason to fear him”. LOL

  19. Architek Says:

    I am going to personally write him but I just want to say something to Joe and some of you bloggers. This is the perfect example of freedom of speech and reckless journalism. It’s uninformed and very personal. If I were Blount I would contract Talib’s sister boyfriend out on this guy. In all seriousness, I see no difference in this writer reckless approach and Kirwan’s many ignorant articles. According to Kirwan, we were untalented, unprepared, and out-gunned throughout the season. Joe, i am calling you on this because this guy upset you and Kirwan did that to us all year and this off-season. Yet, you seemed not to question him. As I stated, I despise this type of journalism because there is no accountability and integrity to this article. The Commish is better and more accurate then the puppet Kirwan. That’s who I trust but this guy is wrong and so are others.

  20. Fish Says:

    The guy’s a pessimistic ass. The whole article is directed at underestimating the entire Bucs’ team. I will say that he makes some decent points about the the team’s odds this year – It’s going to be tough.

  21. @eric Says:

    Typical Douche Bag New York reporter, probably the same guy that carries Mark Sanchez jock and says that Freeman isnt going to pan out, News flash for you D Bag…sit back and watch these young Bucs go nuts the next 6 to 7 years with an elite QB, WR and Defense that is out to prove everyone wrong. These Bucs are going to be special.

  22. BucsnBeer Says:

    While I disagree with his conclusion, he does point out a couple of flaws in blount’s game. He definitely does have an issue when he gets hit at the line, he doesn’t have that leg pumping style that allows him power when he’s not going fast. That is definitely something he needs to work on. The speed thing is fine, he is fast enough for what he does. He’s not a scat back, so what.

  23. bucsalltheway Says:

    He needs to go write about why brandon Jacobs had a slump season last year and his lack of stability blount played way better for a first year guy…

  24. barton1017 Says:

    lets look at this as a positive thing, hear me out. do we really want NY reporters praising our young studs? look what happens to “their” guys when they rave about’em. i love that the NY reporters dont think highley of us, they trash what they fear. look how they report about their division rivals in ALL sports. NY is so stuck up its own ass, their media runs people outa town all the time. so im glad they opened their pompus fat mouths. i love LGB and my Bucs. BUC IT IM OUT!!!!!!!!

  25. Thomas "the Truth" 2.2 Says:

    I would not agree with all of what the Times reporter wrote. However, blount has real flaws re: short yardage hesitation, fumbling and pass pro. He is very good though once into the secondary. I like blount although i am not convinced about him being a star like Williams and Free.

  26. D-Rome Says:

    Why is it the New York press hate all things Tampa?

  27. ATLBucsfan Says:

    “They were 2-5 against playoff teams, with those two victories coming in Weeks 16 and 17 against the Seahawks and Saints, neither of whom had anything to play for at the time.” ????? Correct me if im wrong but didnt the seahawks beat the rams and clinch the division in week 17? which would of course explain why the seahawks had nothing to play for in tampa right? and I’ll give him the saints on this with some exception. The siants were locked in the playoffs and couldnt get a higher berth ( again if my memory serves me correctly) but Brees played 4 complete quarters. if you arent trying to win you dont play your franchise qb for 4 quarters. the bucs were flat out on fire when the season ended. period. idiot