All-Around Back, LeGarrette Blount

August 12th, 2011

It was a beautiful moment late in the first quarter with LeGarrette Blount catching pass for six yards after a play-action fake to him. Yes, Blount catching a pass! Then he powered three yards up the gut to set up third down and a long yard.

Blount took the third down handoff in the backfield and lowered his head — no dancing, no hesitiation — to grab three yards up the middle for a first down.

Blount came running off the field to his head coach going bonkers and slapping him in celebration.

Frankly, this is the Blount the Bucs need to win a playoff game this season. The guy is too talented to be a first- and second-down back that never catches the ball and can’t convert on short yardage — at 250 pounds.  That was fine last year when he was a rookie thrown into a new system and churned out 1,000+ yards and five yards a carry. 

Blount showed tonight that he’s evolving. Joe’s giddy at the thought of what this guy can do in 16 games with more touches behind a very high-priced offensive line.

9 Responses to “All-Around Back, LeGarrette Blount”

  1. FreemanBomb5 Says:

    I’m giddy about the team in general but agree with you that Blount needs to stay on the field. Lumpkin didn’t exactly impress me; he has an uphill battle to win my support because of my admiration for Caddy and he’s rocking Warrick Dunn’s number. Anytime Lumpkin is in means that Blount isn’t so hopefully he makes me a believer soon. Armando Allen looked much quicker and in my opinion is a better change of pace behind the massive Blount/Bradford combo

  2. MikeBucFan Says:

    See Joe, Preseason games CAN be exciting when you’ve got a bunch of young guys like we do! Can’t remember last preseason game I was this excited after.
    Am I the only one who noticed how outstanding the O line was in pass protection? Freeman had days! Beautiful, absolutely beautiful. If you give him time he’ll either find an open man or take off for a 10 yard gain.
    And I thought Clayborn played pretty awesome too, he sealed up that right side of the line completely and was in the backfield a few times.
    Dekoda Watson was pretty impressive too.

  3. Patrick Says:

    Blount was a beast tonight, I agree!

    @FreemanBomb5…….. I agree, he wasn’t impressive. He made two decent runs but that was about it. If Lumpkin doesn’t work out, I’ll be kind of pissed because we let Caddy go for him. We need to move Graham back to RB, or the position could be a real weakness during the season if Blount got injured or had to miss a game or two. At least Tiki Barber is still out there if we need him. Idk, I hope Lumpkin gets better still.

  4. Picked_Off Says:

    Saw one play, early in the first, where Blount did a little dance, but with the short camp, I won’t hold it against him. He looked good and the team chemistry looked awesome. Hoping it will stay that high when the going gets tough. That’s when a team is really made.

    Also, I’m a huge Armando Allen fan (Go Irish). He kept moving forward and not side to side. I hope he sticks. This team could really use that kind of change of pace guy. Keep an eye on him. If not with the Bucs (hopefully it will be), it will be with another team out there.

  5. Mauha Deeb Says:

    A very high priced offensive line that should up BIG in the passing game. I was impressed.

  6. Espo Says:

    He looked great. He’ll be an any down we want him back.

    I’d like to see Rendrick Taylor get a carry or two. It’ll give someone a hernia, if nothing else.

  7. Bucked up Says:

    The most impressive play he had for me was the third down pick up. Straight ahead, pads at ground level, knocking some heads, pulling everyone and the chains forward. That right there will win us some games. So far so good. Coach him up Greg, we just might have something there!

  8. CharlieB Says:

    It worries me when I’m more negative than Patrick…

    But he looked slower to me last night. The thing that made him special was his ability to cut. It looked like he was consciously not trying to do that and that slowed him down. When he did run outside, he looked a lot slower than he did last season. I’m glad to see him getting passing reps. I hope that it becomes more natural to him though before week 1.

  9. Patrick Says:

    “I agree, he wasn’t impressive. He made two decent runs but that was about it.”

    Oh wow, that’s such a negative statement! Am I allowed to have my own opinion or not? Lumpkin was NOT that impressive. Ok? It’s not an attack on him. And yes, I think I should be disappointed if he doesn’t pan out (which is rather likely since he’s a scrap heap player) because we let Cadillac walk for him. And plus, we’d be in trouble at RB due to the lack of depth we would have. Do I hope he does? Hell yes of course I want him to play well! I just won’t be surprised if he doesn’t. At least I’m not like Thomas and just say the same “3rd place, no playoffs” crap over and over again.