Holy S(p)it! A Pass Rush!

August 12th, 2011

Now Joe admits he had an adult beverage or two watching the game — no more than two — and Joe was at home as to not be distracted by Courtney the Bartender.

But for a moment, Joe thought he had his Fat Cat beers — a solid choice, Joe has to add — spiked.

Joe actually saw a pass rush. Really! From guys wearing Bucs jerseys. Imagine!

Friends, a good defense starts up front. And the Bucs were getting pressure, getting disturbance in the backfield, making Chiefs quarterbacks sweat. And this was without Gerald McCoy, this was without Brian Price.

Kyle Moore — Kyle Moore! — even had a good night. Up until tonight, Joe thought Moore was a ghost, always talked about but never seen.

Moore said his success was because of his teammates on the defensive line, so he told the Bucs radio network.

“Man it felt good,” Moore said. “We worked together, it was great. As a defensive end, I would never get in the backfield without pressure from the middle. As a defensive line, we showed a few people we can rush.”

Moore all but called out former Bucs defensive line coach Todd Wash in lauding his new defensive line coaches, specifically Keith Millard.

“We are playing better, we are growing as a defensive line, we are starting to gel, we are feeling each other,” Moore said. “We actually have a coach that was a player and knows how to pass rush. He knows the mentality to get to the quarterback. All we can do now is improve.

“We are learning our new rules and our new schemes and developing a new attitude. If we continue, we will get a lot of sacks and a lot of pressure on the quarterback.”

Man, how refreshing is that to hear… and to see? Damn, Joe is just geeked to know the Bucs put this much heat on quarterbacks and got into the backfield often despite missing so many defensive linemen.

9 Responses to “Holy S(p)it! A Pass Rush!”

  1. Pete Dutcher Says:

    The first and second team defenses were super fast tonight. It was like watching the old defense…had to record so I could slow things down later, lol.

  2. Joe Says:

    had to record so I could slow things down later, lol.

    No kidding!!!

    There were a few plays that Joe wishes he DVR’ed so he could go back and watch because FOX didn’t do a decent job with replays.

  3. FreemanBomb5 Says:

    Quincy Black and Mason Foster both looked exceptional in my opinion. I really believe that our defense is going to be sick not just in the future, but in the near future! Can’t wait for GMC, Talib, Rejus, K2, and TJack to come back… so much better watching Foster “make mistakes 100 mph” than the smartest yet least physical linebacker to ever play the game Barrett Ruud.

  4. Picked_Off Says:

    Really like what I saw out of #94 and #91. Explosive off the ball and moving up field. Going to make #92 and #93’s jobs much easier. Anyone else notice that the d-line starting week one could be 91, 92, 93 and 94…like it was meant to be, ha.

    I know it’s just preseason, but they looked good. Go Bucs.

  5. FreemanBomb5 Says:

    I didn’t see a whole lot of Bowers but noticed Clayborn in the backfield a few times. Nice observation about the 91-94, tough call which jersey I buy this year. Last year was Freeman and Talib but I have to decide between Blount, Williams, Benn, Winslow, Bowers, Foster, and Clayborn… This is after I’ve ruled out customizing a Quincy Black, Davin Joseph, or Donald Penn jersey… As a Buc fan I really don’t remember a time where there were this many young studs that I want to support enough to drop $100 over on top of my tickets

  6. Mauha Deeb Says:

    First things first, FOX had to have hired bums off the street to film and direct tonight’s game. It was atrocious! I was livid the entire night at the lack of quality footage. If I wasn’t staring at a players back or the inside of a player’s facial pores all the way to the snap, I had to stare at the ugly out of shape commentators(is it me, or did they change outfits at halftime?). It seemed like they wanted to prohibit the TV viewers from knowing who was on the field. AND DURING A PRESEASON GAME WHEN FANS ARE TRYING TO LEARN WHO THE FUDGE THEIR NEW PLAYERS ARE!!!!

    Second, our offensive line gave Freeman days to throw the ball. Fantastic.

    Third, and most certainly not least, Frank Okam destroyed damn near every play he was in. That dude was in the back field consistently regardless if it were a run or pass.

    Fourth, Keith Millard…… PAY THAT MAN!!!

    Bucs looked great, even though it was clear they were not in midseason form. This game shines a big ‘ol light on RahDom. Hopefully this rolls through the regular season.

  7. tj Says:

    Claybourne was every where too he looks and plays like he is pissed

  8. MOBucs Says:

    A-Clay really impressed me with good QB pressure and solid run defense. Bowers had one solid pass rush but was less impressive than I was expecting. Granted, he was on the field much less than Clay. There is a reason Bennett won the starting job. He looked great! Very disruptive and topped it off with a safety! Can’t wait to see McCoy in there with the rest of this youngry d-line!

  9. JakeBucsFan Says:

    you don’t really drink fat cat do you?