Mason Foster Hard At Work

July 18th, 2011

Joe knows there are loads of Bucs fans who would be happy to turn over the keys to the Bucs defense to rookie linebacker Mason Foster. Anything’s better than Barrett Ruud, so they would say.

While nobody’s seen Foster perform as a professional, it’s at least clear from an extensive interview that he won’t be outworked.

In the second of a two-part conversation with Jenna Laine, Foster details his offseason preparation. Here’s a nugget outlining his eagerness to learn:

Foster: “Yeah it’s something I’ve done ever since high school. Really, [safety] Nate Webber is one of my best friends, and at the same time I’m working with him [at Washington]. It’s just something you can do -– you can do safety drills and linebacker drills easy. So I try to do a little bit of both -– back pedaling, working on my breaks, everything.

I did the same thing with the D-line when I was in college. I was trying to work on my pass rush moves so I went out there with them and tried to get some extra work in with them. But I feel like with safety drills, it’s a lot more running than at the linebacker [position] so it gets me in good shape, it helps me with my breaks, and in reading coverages. It’s something I’ve always done since high school. Just a little extra work.”

Joe suggests you soak in the entire interview. Foster explains he’s training in two-a-day sessions every weekday at the University of Washington, among other things.

Joe’s hardly advocating the Bucs stick Foster in the starting lineup, though Joe wouldn’t be stunned if Quincy Black moves on and Foster gets tossed into the fire on the strong side.

19 Responses to “Mason Foster Hard At Work”

  1. Mauha Deeb Says:

    I’m very much a fan of Foster playing OLB. Not sure why so many want him at MLB.

  2. Capt.Tim Says:

    Mauha Deeb- that’s what I’ve been saying all along. Foster can be a monster at the sam spot. It plays to all in his strengths- run stopping, big hits, fighting thru tackles. The MlB in our scheme is exactly what he doesn’t do well- pass coverage, zone defense- back pedaling AWAY from the line. This is a guy we want on the line, not away. No one Doubts Quincy’s atheletism or strength, but lots of guys have the stats. Black hasn’t shown anything on the field but potential so far. Last year the defense was built to showcase Quincy, and he disappeared. I think Foster was drafted to take his spot.

  3. m.wesley Says:

    You are right he probaly wont be a mlb, that will be Mckenzie,the thing im wondering is why did Dom put a tender on Black and Joseph and not our mlb,I think thats the reason everybody thinks he will be a mlb.

  4. Captain Stagger Says:

    What…..3 posts in a row that agree?????

    It agrivates the hell out of me when arm chair coaches around here talk about Foster taking over for Ruud. Mackenzie is next in line for that spot. I also think you might see a LB taken first in next years draft. Te’o is my choice.

  5. Dave Says:

    Foster at Strong Side wi what I think will happen.

    Although I think Ruud ends up walking because someone else will offer him more money over a longer period. McKenzie will be in the MLB spot.

    Hopefully they do not lose Ruud & Black though

  6. Jrock Says:

    Man, did you guys read the interview?

    One of the things Foster works on 4 days a week are safety drills. Backpedaling, making sure his footwork allows for quick breaks to the ball in coverage, reading routes and coverage.

    Now he’s a big dude and may be able to blow things up in the run game at Sam, but I haven’t heard a darn thing about Mckenzie being good or even decent in coverage. Just my 2 cents

  7. m.wesley Says:

    One thing if for sure whatever happens we will sign whoever we want because we have the money to do it ,saying that nobody can outbid us if we truly want a player.Forcing us to soend money may present a problem because someone told me that we cant do anything to a rookie contract until its played out ,I hope this is wrong because we will have backups making more than starters

  8. Patrick Says:

    He needs to get down to the Tampa area where it’s hot and humid.

  9. Captain Stagger Says:

    The knock on foster has always been coverage, but at this point it’s more about knowing the scheme. I think by 2012 Black and Hayes are back ups if they are still here, not sure if I have seen enough of Watson.

  10. Capt.Tim Says:

    Capt.Stagger- I concur with your assessment. Atheletism(Quincy) and speed( Gino) are tangibles you can put numbers to. But to be a great LB, you need heart, courage, desire, and Passion. Afraid our two OLBers seem to be lacking in all of those departments. Lb takes a special mindset, along with special physical skills. You spend the entire game fighting thru people who are bigger and stronger than you, to try and catch guys who are faster and more agile than you! It’s a tough job! Dint think Quincy and Gino are gonna make it.

    JRock- I hear ya, and it’s a great idea for Foster to work on speed drills with the D-Backs. Buuut, that’s not who he is. Think he’ll have al the skills he needs for what we want- a big hitting run stopper at Strong side Lb!

  11. m.wesley Says:

    a special mindset and physical skills that Hayes and Black dont have,and fighting through blocks heart courage and desire ,okay Capt. Im not touching that one.

  12. BigMacAttack Says:

    This is good news and I can’t wait to see what this young man can do, but he needs to get to Tampa and get acclimated to this sweltering heat. I’ve never seen him play, only a little YouTube highlights. Having said that, Dominick knows how to pick them. Let’s get it on!!!

  13. Captain Stagger Says:

    Well, with Black I think it’s an instincts issue, not sure if it’s heart and desire, but more football smarts. Hayes might be a size and strength issue, although I remember a few blown assignments there too. After looking at next years crop I’m wondering if we stick with Mckenzie in the middle and find a will, or if you move Tyrone to the Will and grab a Mike? So well planned by Dom, great job building the D from the inside out. 2 DT’s in a DT strong year, DE’s in DE year, and now a really heavy LB class. Kuechly, Brown, Bufict, Lewis, Upshaw, and my Fave Te’o. If we got two of these guys 1 and 2 I’d be a happy man, and one of them will slide, still a season to play though…….

  14. m.wesley Says:

    Capt Stagger,you can say that 3 more times!!!

  15. Dan Says:

    we have two players we REALLy like at strong side black and Hayward. if he comes in and plays it will be at will, unless of course we lose both black and hayward…. i would not be a fan of that though i want both to stay

    (black and hayward are both free agent possible losses

  16. Big Marlon B Says:

    Capt Stagger, don’t forget about Dont’a Hightower from Alabama. he most likely would’ve been a 1st rounder this year had he come out early, certainly no later than 2nd round. with a solid season he might be a lock to be a top 15-20 pick (hopefully we wont be picking there lol) but if ur mentioning the solid LB class, u cant exclude his name.

  17. Captain Stagger Says:

    Thanks Marlon….I knew I was leaving someone out, but when you are working from an iPhone research can be a pain. I see allot of draft analyst pegging us for a corner, and there will be some good ones. Kirkpatrick, Gilmore, and Harris to name a few. But I would be happier with a pair of stud LB’s

  18. Big Marlon B Says:

    lol yea i hear u. i sometimes use my Android phone (with a shattered screen) to check this site and it can be quite interesting/frustrating haha.

    i think i would be happier with one LB and one CB in the early rounds next year. i think depending on who gets resigned, there is some decent depth at LB with the potential for some solid players to emerge. of course this could all change during the course of the season depending on how everyone develops (i’ll also throw OL in as an early round draft possibility).

    i think this year and last year DL was such a glaring need, double dipping was fine. i think next year the needs wont be as great at particular positions, but perhaps more spread out as far as depth across the board.

  19. Captain Stagger Says:

    I guess I think Biggers and Lewis are better at their position than Black and Hayes…..however if Te’o slides to the 2nd I’d be cool with Gilmore or Harris in the first. I like Harris for special teams too.