“I Think He’s Tired Of The Debate”

July 12th, 2011

Think you’re burned out by the endless legal and labor chatter surrounding the asinine lockout?

Well, Barrett Ruud is getting worn out, too, so says Rick Stroud of the St. Pete Times. But Ruud’s fatigue is over the love-him-or-hang-him attitude buzzing everywhere about his play, Stroud said today.

“I think he’s tired of the debate. … He wants to be wanted,” Stroud said about Ruud during an interview on the Fabulous Sports Babe Show on 1040AM.

Stroud went on to call Ruud underrated and said Ruud is a goner from the Bucs “if he gets $1 more or the same” offer from another team.

If one were to have just heard Stroud’s interview and didn’t know much about Ruud, one might think Ruud was disgruntled, whiney and ready to cry at a moment’s notice, like an unstable 20-year-old hottie getting kicked off a reality show.

While Ruud staged a minicamp holdout a couple of years ago and made it clear he wanted a new contract, Joe doesn’t see Ruud as a guy holding a grudge or wanting to jump ship for an extra cup of coffee. Ruud obviously has the respect of his teammates and coaches, and Joe knows Ruud’s smart enough to realize the peripheral pressure from fans and media would be at least as tough if he went to the Giants, who some speculate are interested in his services.

Most intriguing to Joe was Stroud claiming “Raheem doesn’t want to play without him.”

Will the Coach of the Year get his way?

56 Responses to ““I Think He’s Tired Of The Debate””

  1. BucFan941 Says:

    i say keep him..one less hole to fill…

  2. Tim Says:

    He is an open hole in the run game, 6 yd average.

  3. FLBoyInDallas Says:

    Cue the dimwits who think they know better than Raheem in 3….2….1

  4. Chris FWC :) Says:

    I agree. We currently don’t have anyone better to play the MLB position better than Ruud.

    Our MLB isn’t the weak spot. LDE was the worst without question.

    I’m getting away from using Cover-2 or Tampa 2 in my lingo. The D, last year, was so varied and changed things up that why call it a Tampa 2 anymore? I say the better pass cover LB play the TE and let the MLB stop the run.

    Slide Ruud to Eugene’s spot, Foster to MLB. That won’t work either. I’m not excited about our LBer corps. 🙁

  5. Nick2 Says:

    Oh lord, please I have last years Redskin game on my DVR that we won by a botched extra point. The first half sickens me. 158 YARDS BY RYAN TORAIN!!! RIGHT UP THE GUT. The comentators talked all during the game about the HUGE holes where nobody had containment and we have this convenient laps of memory that we could not stop the running game last year. Barrett is the “quarterback” of the defense and we could not stop the run last year. 158 YARDS in one half to Ryan Torain???? Please I am sorry but Middle Linebacker has alot to do with run defense people and if you watch the game you could have driven 4 greyhound busses through those holes. If we lose him we might have a bad run defense. If we keep him we definitely will have a bad run defense.

  6. FLBoyInDallas Says:

    If we can add one top-shelf LB through free agency then I will be excited about this LB corps. They are one guy away (assuming Foster pans out which I believe he will) from being very good. The problem is there’s only potentially one guy who might make it to free agency who is a guaranteed upgrade over Ruud, and that guy is Stephen Tulloch. I’ll bang the drum for that guy until it’s no longer possible because he could transform this LB corps overnight.

  7. Vic Says:

    Raheem wants Ruud back … … if he can’t get anyone better. And there’s a lot better out there.

  8. Bucnjim Says:

    FL Boy,

    If you’re going to state your case to keep Ruud; you might want to back it up with stats or facts instead of calling people dimwits. Most fans can sit back and watch a game then draw a reasonable conclusion from what they’re seeing and not rely on what other people are pushing. My conclusion is: Ruud was playing not to get hurt during his contract year. He avoided physical contact like the plague and was out hustled by a seventh round rookie saftey. Another fact: the Bucs have been last in rushing defense for two years and 4 games.

  9. Chris FWC :) Says:

    @ Bucnjim

    “Ruud was playing not to get hurt during his contract year.”
    If that’s true, that scares me.

    I don’t think he played like that. He played like a man that was overwhelmed. He had too much on his plate. His cohorts blew donkey n*tts! Ruud is a B+ player. Eugene and Black are D- types.

    If Ruud is in GB he’s a standout. Same goes if he signs with the Giants.

  10. Hawaiian Buc Says:

    Ruud isn’t the only one tired of this debate, Hawaiian Buc is too.

  11. FLBoyInDallas Says:

    Bucnjim…I think you missed my point entirely. That’s the very thing I WANT TO AVOID. It’s all the stating of “cases” that’s the most annoying aspect of all this. My point is that I’m not stating a case! Neither for nor against keeping Ruud. I’m going to let Dominik & Morris states their case via their actions and then I’m going to defer to their judgment on this particular issue.

  12. Garv Says:

    I think if the Bucs want him and given his experience in a year with absolutely NO off season workouts and organized mini camps, he’ll be signed.

    Not typing long term, just common sense deal for the team. A year from now we’ll know a lot more about Foster and other options that might be available.

  13. Macabee Says:

    OK, I’m no longer on the fence regarding Ruud. The statement – “If he gets 1 dollar more than the Bucs offer, he will take it” says the guy doesn’t want to play here. From this point the relationship will never work. So, I applaud what Ruud did when he wanted to play here, but now I am not in favor of even making an offer to him. In fact, the minute the lockout is over, he would be my first call to say thanks but no thanks and move on. This guy has a problem on and off the field!

  14. CalicoJack Says:

    Macabee? Based on what Rick Stroud said? Really?

  15. Architek Says:

    The film don’t lie.

  16. Dan Says:

    facepalm. literrally you guys are stupid. watch weeks one and two when we had veterans at safety. you bring up a game where mccoy tore his bicep? come on man. if no one slows down the lineman on the way to the mike… then yes he WILL be blocked. every time. even beason.

  17. McBuc Says:

    I guess you cats are better at reading the film than countless pros. Really?

  18. gotbbucs Says:

    the second the bucs put a restricted tag on ruud two years ago he shut it down. he’s played mediocre football since that holdout offseason. bottom line, ruud isn’t worth a mega contract, so if that’s what he’s after he can walk.

  19. McBuc Says:

    Gotbbucs…Kirwin, Steve White, Brooks, Morris, and countless other pros disagree with you…then again, plenty of fans disagree with them. I am going to go with their opinions over the fans. No offense, I am sure your knowledge of the game is great, but these guys have played or coached at the pro level and say he is doing his job well.

  20. Hawaiian Buc Says:


    You may very well be right. My only argument to that is that very rarely does a player or coach (especially one within the same organization) say ANYTHING but great things about a player when asked. In fact, the last time I can think of any player doing such a thing was Tiki Barber towards Eli Manning (or TO every year). How did that work out for Tiki? Unless I hear #55 go on a tirade after we don’t sign Ruud, I take their (public) opinions with a grain of salt. Again, I’m not saying Ruud isn’t a good player, and maybe they truly are saying exactly how the feel, but I’m just not going to get too caught up in it. Trust me, if the Bucs (Morris specifically) think Ruud is the player they hype him up to be, then they will do everything in their power to sign him. If they don’t, shouldn’t that tell you something? Only time will tell, but there really is no disputing that fact, unless you want to make the ridiculously silly argument that a MLB is not important in our defense. In which case, I’ll be taking a flight to Tampa to try out for the MLB spot.

  21. Bucnjim Says:

    If you think “plays well” is a good description for someone who is the captain and leader of this defense then you have accepted average. The rest of us would like our MLB described as: Beast, Physical, Super Star, Play Maker, Vocal Leader, Game Changer etc…….

  22. Dan Says:

    what blows me away as i rewatch the season (im on the first saints game now) is how many tackles at the line of scrimmage or running playes broken up behind the LOS (*forced change in direction in the backfield even if didnt get a tackle, something a decent DLINE should be able to take advantage of)… idk where all these people are complaining about his tackles down the field, most of his tackles down field are either after being in coverage or blitzing the opposite side of the line, then catching up and making the tackle… great pursuit maybe too much patience.

  23. BigMacAttack Says:

    This debate is such a drag………….
    as in dragged for another 10 yds.
    I can’t wait until this is over and the question is answered.

    I hear what Kirwan and the others are saying, but I have never seen them back it up with Film clips, diagrams or anything other than hot air. Raheem loves everybody as long as they are on his roster. When Ruud leaves Tampa, Raheem will never mention him again, except when they play the Ginats the next time and he says he’s going to pound Blount right down their throats. Ruud won’t be a starter for any team in 2012. Why? Because he doesn’t care. He thinks he is entitled to what he has already earned, and he won’t do a shred of extra work until he gets it.

    This is the same GM/Coaching tandem that cut Derrick Brooks. I bet Brooks can still play better than Ruud now, and probably for another 10 yrs. For the sake of completing the Build, kick his A$$ to the curb with his big money, and his spaghetti arms.

    So Ruud is the QB of the Defense. The last time we a QB as good as Ruud on offense, his name was Trent Dilfer. Don’t believe me, just ask him.

  24. CalicoJack Says:

    Tim Brown still being proved correct…

  25. Dan Says:

    the funny thing is even if there were posted examples ‘tape’ to show his ability to both play agrresive and disruptive at and behind the line of scrimmage the argument would be ‘so he can’, why doesnt he do more? if you agree that he can, then either he doesnt want to display his ability before shopping the market, OR its the play calls/defensive schemes.

  26. Architek Says:

    The fact people like Hawaiian Buc and others have to defend a “irreplacable” player is very questionable. Name one irreplacable player that has this much criticism and the fans even want him gone. Say what you want, yes the DTs are young and were pushed around sometimes but that’s not every play. Remember the obvious plays when Ruud had the balls to fill a gap? Oh yes he was served immediately and as a matter of fact Grimm played better in the box. So the argument exist, he drops back and covers. I have seen Ruud get left flat footed by slower backs and who needs to pass when ur averaging 6 yards a carry?

  27. gotbbucs Says:

    dan, it’s funny that you bring up bad play calls/ defensive schemes as an excuse for him since im sure the “qb” of our defense has the green light to audible into whatever he thinks is best on any given play.

  28. Dan Says:

    im not saying bad play calls… im saying he is where he supposed to be, the d-coordinator values interceptions and wins more than under 100 yard rushing games. the failure is the line’s

  29. BigMacAttack Says:

    I believe this is pretty close to a 50-50 argument, which says a lot for Ruud. And if that many fans support him, what the hell is he whining about? How do you think Donovan McNabb feels? I would love to see Ruud go to Phili. He wouldn’t last 5 minutes with that crowd. The smallest amount of criticism gets hurled his way and he gets offended, cries, complains and skips any voluntary activities. Why is it when you see all the Bucs in the Community you never see Ruud? Because he doesn’t consider this to be his community. If you don’t embrace the fans and the town you play in, how do you expect them to embrace you? Duh…..

    Where is he now? last week? last month?

    Same place, His Home, Nebraska. What the heck does Nebraska have that Florida doesn’t?

    If half of the critics say you aren’t doing a good job, isn’t it logical to work harder? Then again many people would just whine about it, and I guess Ruud falls into that group.

  30. m.wesley Says:

    none of the pros voted him to top 100 even though he had over100 tackles or a pro bowl not even an alternate so what are they saying with that?

  31. MTM Says:

    The Bucs have nothing to loose by letting Puud go. What is the run defense going to suffer? Not. It suffered under the hands or lack of from Puud’s piss porous tackling, bad angles. You don’t have to be ex-football player to see that. The Giants can have our Puud. ” he’s our quarterback on defense” . Did Puud ‘s agent coin that phrase. The lockout can’t end fast enough. So long Puud.

  32. Architek Says:

    M. Wesley, that’s a great point. All of the 100 plus tackle MLB that are QBs of the defense and “irreplacable” made their peer list. Did Ruud even get any consideration for this soft run defense that was carved up by Torrain? Or Ivory? Or Bush? How about Steven Jackson 110? How about umm Mike Goodson 100? Ouch…Now blame all of that on the DTs if you want but the fact is that when the leader of the defense needed to step up and say “enough, we can’t people run through us.” All I saw was 5-8 yards down the field a #51 peeling himself up and playing like he’s not trying to get hurt. It’s funny because I remember seeing him in Dallas 3 years ago and he was thumping on the field. When Marion Barber was running hard, Ruud smacked him and they pulled Barber from the game. Seems so long ago that a young player would lose that drive or violence in a violent profession. That tells me that the inclination is not there. Period. I never questioned his ability. I question his heart and passion. He is skilled but does not have the it that I want to lead a young defense. Also we would have to agree that the BUcs have made their intentions clear. They like him but at the right price. End of discussion.

  33. Macabee Says:

    Architek, just having a little fun with you but irresistable forces, immovable objects, irreplacable players, umm……. no such thing!

  34. Fear The Glow Says:

    Derrick Brooks has always spoke highly of Ruud but Rudd has stunk since Brooks left. I really don’t know what to think about the guy at this point.

    What I do know is that it is infuriating to watch him sit 5 yards behind the line of scrimmage and wait for the runner to come to him and then get dragged for 5 more yards while making the tackle. Its not like that happens every run play but it does happen and it drives me nuts!

  35. Dan Says:

    on a good defense the mlb waits for the whole to develope and meets the rb there. the problem is there is either all wholes (or the wholes the Dlinemen are supposed to make arent there, it happens both ways) so what i see while rewatching the games is him having to guess (and catch back up with the guy,) or wait for him to show up out of the scrum. now i HAVE seen him hit guys behind the line, break up plays with great pressure, and him breaking out of coverage to make plays. bottom line your blaming ruud for the d linemans failures. and id get sick of it too. if i were him.

    and for the record only like 18% of players voted on the top 100 and each player could only name 20. and ill say this ruud is great, but noone on our defense (besides maybe barber) is going to be on ANY players top 20 right now. so saying ‘they didnt put him on anyones top 100’ is a load.

  36. Capt.Tim Says:

    Losing Ruud, especially with a yu
    Ouch defense, would be like the offense losing Freeman. Raheem knows it to. I’ve already said it, but if Ruud leaves, we are an 8-8 team. If he stays, we win 11-12 games. I’m not gonna argue his value to the blind anymore. Just remember when you are all crying in December!

  37. Bucnjim Says:

    I’ll be crying tears of joy! Captain; we’ve been last in run defense since the day Brooks left. How much worse can it be than that? In the past 36 games (2 1/4 seasons) the Bucs are DEAD last in run D. Some people will argue he goes back in coverage like a safety, but the fact is he had a whopping 4 passes defensed and was beaten badly by the TE’s just in our division. In a previous post I compared tackles between the Bucs D lineman and the rest of the teams in our division (Minus Charles Johnson). If you eliminate Sacks; the Bucs D lineman have very similar stats in stopping the run. So I don’t buy people saying it’s the lineman’s fault when they are making the same number of tackles as the other three teams in our own division.

  38. Architek Says:

    Capt. Tim and Dan,
    Would you stop defending a well paid athlete. How about even if the DTs are out of their gaps or missing tackles, Ruud is still going head up and was monstered. I don’t like bashing him hell I’m a Buc fan and he has been a Buc for some years but two straight seasons enduring this culture on defense. Ruud can play better and you all know it.

  39. Dan Says:

    difference is the rest of the d-linemen in our division arent known for being bad against the run, so teams arent running 80%(exaggeration to illustrate a point) of the time against them. THey have as many tackles but we are run against MUCH more.

  40. Dan Says:

    im just saying what im seeing while watching the games. im watching them, have all of them. and am watching ruud both hit at and behind the line of scrimmage, AND drop back in coverage, and blitz one side, be wrong and still be the first to tackle the runner. SOOoooo i dont understand all the hate.

  41. Bucnjim Says:


    It’s not hate; it’s perception vs. reality. The perception being that Ruud is this great MLB that is going to be the new leader & savior in charge of bringing the Bucs defense back to the promise land. Both Ruud and the Bucs have tried to shove this down the throats of the fans, but it has back fired. The Bucs realize that they can’t hang their hat on Ruud like they can with Freeman & Williams. If you want to be paid like a Superstar; then you better perform like a Superstar. Last season was his time to shine and show the world what he could do in his contract year. If that’s the best he has to offer then it’s time to move on.

  42. MTM Says:

    if Puud is the QB on the defense. Then he is out of place a lot, moving away from the play, taking bad angles. You name it. Puud doesn’t possess the strength to play the position every down. He looks over matched a lot. Maybe the Giants can use him on 3rd down schemes. The Bucs need a every down linebacker. The film doesn’t lie.

  43. OAR Says:

    Interesting! So, Raheem wants Ruud, but some fans don’t? I thought, you guys believed in Raheem and his decisions?

  44. Nick2 Says:

    Our D-Line was subpar last year but please lets not say that Barrett Ruud did all he could. I agree with MTM the guy is always taking glancing blow tackles and rarely stands a guy up coming up the gut. How many times last year did Barrett stick a running back and make him think twice about dancing up the middle. When you have a great linebacker with a subpar line thats what they do. They make the back think “Ok I may get past the line but then I have to deal with that Middle Linebacker.” Trust me no back in the NFL had that thought about the bucs last year. The the other half of the time Ruud is miserably out of position and then chasing a defender from behind. Seeing as he is the “quarterback” I am assuming if he is in the wrong coverage its his own fault. Anyone who thinks our run game would have been the same with Ray Lewis or Derrick Brooks or almost half of the middle linebackers now starting behind that D Line is just not correct. Take your paycheck Barrett and go.

  45. Dan Says:

    well my ‘perception’ is from watching the games. AGAIN. and only watching him. you can live in your reality.

  46. Architek Says:

    Oh gosh, you do not have to side with us but for pete’s sake acknowledge that this player is not dynamic at any one thing and the few things that define the MLB position he is subpar at, which is tackling, shedding, and he is slow.

  47. Capt.Tim Says:

    Architect- first of all, don’t need you to tell me what to do. Second- tired of listening to guys- who despite every expert / professional opinion in the damn world, think they ate somehow gifted with a better understanding of an NFL defense- are are are better suited to dissect a defense, and individually judge players. If that’s you- obviously, you are delusional, and need counciling.

    We were 10-6 last year. All of the mis-informed Ruud haters cry about how “bad we are against the run”( cue the sobbing, gnashing of teeth, blind cursing). Its a horrible, horrible crime against football( again woman like crying)

    So hey geniuses- if that’s such a horrible thing, then why did we play over 50% of our Defensive plays in a 3-3-5 DEFENSE????? You think that’s a good run defense – oh mighty gurus of football??? Let me explain this Futher. A 3-3-5 defense is a defense designed to STOP THE PASS, AND GIVE UP THE RUN!!! Now, are you really confused, oh Einsteins of the game??? Yeah, I bet. So we played a base defense, that by design, is weak against the run? Oh, now the beer encrusted brains of the opinionated run for a defense- its Ruuds fault we play a 3-3-5!! or Meybe Raheem is crazy!!

    Actually. Neither. Despite whatever B.s. Some of you are gonna post, trying to stil look correct or intelligent on this issue( to late, for people who really understand football, by the way). We won 10 games with the youngest, most rookie filled team in modern NFL history!! Why??

    That’s easy. Coach Mortis issmart enough to know that a rookie filled D-Line would struggle against the run. Sooo – let’em run! This isn’t 1979! Teams aren’t built to sustain a running attack to beat you. Most aren’t capable of beating you by running the ball alone. Meybe the Steelers and Ravens, but that’s it. Raheem planned early to commit to stopping the pass, and give up the run.

    And it worked! It got us a great season, and nearly in the playoffs! Unbelievable!

    As the D-line improves, we’ll start focusing on the run defense. But 98% of NFL teams live by the pass. It isn’t like the old days. All the new rules are intended to make it a QB driven, pass happy league. If- like the Bucs last year- you take away the passing game, most teams self destruct, and can’t compete!

    Soo- if the defense was designed to give up the run, then how is it Ruid’s fault?? It’s not. That’s what we are trying, over and over again to tell you. He very much was an architect of the new Defense. He set the Pass defense, and played safety for any runs that went thru. He alone was INTENDED to be the last line of defense when a running back broke thru. And he did it perfectly. Nobody jukes him one on one, and scored. He tracked them down and tackled them. I believe Ruud is the ONLY MLB who could be trusted enough to do that- not even the big hitters you claim to worship have the speed and tackling ability to chase down NFL backs in the open field time after time, and win the matchup- everytime. It was a heroic effort

    And for you that keep crying about Ruud- I’m gonna say this as politely as I can- you don’t have a clue what you were looking at, or what you’re talking about. Ruud will leave, and we will scramble tonreplace him for years. It will cost us a year of progress, while the defense loses to teams the offense will beat. It doesn’t matter what anyone says at this point. Unless Raheem us allowed to throw mire money than Dominick ever dreamed of at Ruud, you guys will get your wish

    And you’re gonna regret it for years. And I’ll remind you. Over and over. Because Ruud never deserved the abuse piled on him, just because fans didn’t have a clue how our defense worked! And that’s sad

  48. Architek Says:

    No Capt. Tim, I will not tell you what to do. I was lightly engaging Dan in a friendly response but I have no problem correcting your long draft. Ok let me get something in the open with you. I DO NOT CARE ABOUT RUUD. I DO NOT CARE IF HE STAYS OR GOES. OK. Go back and read my posts. Ok I have made it a personal issue to call Joe on every Ruud post I see because of this foolery. Ruud is a decent player. He actually not worth all of this moot argument that we are having because not even Coach Morris has the final say, it’s the Rock Star. So, you shove it.

    I tell what I am also not going to do. I am not going to argue with a tree, you finish the rest. (you know the saying) I’m out on this stupid Ruud crap. If it’s not Thomas with his ignorance, or Joe calling Kirwan a genius for predicting the Bucs to win 3 games, to this crap. It pays to go with quality discussion and this definitely is not it. Good luck arguing by yourself.

  49. Dan Says:

    Capt Tim, that was what i was trying to convey earlier thank you for your articulation, i can name plays were ive seen ruud display the ability to

    A. HIT in the backfield
    B.TACKLE AT or behind the line of scrimmage

    they say he didnt do that enough, obviously he CAN… so that leaves either-

    he didnt want to display the most of his ability the season before testing the market (idiotic)


  50. Dan Says:

    and yes im referring to plays this season.

  51. Capt.Tim Says:

    Dan. That is correct, and always has been the basic tenant of the the Tampa 2- in any version! And your take on Ruud also pots you in line with all the expert opinions. That means you can look at a tape, and actualy analysis what a player does on each play! Wish more people here could that! Then there wouldn’t be so many delusional opinions about Ruud and Talib

  52. Bucnjim Says:

    If the Bucs resign him to a decent contract then I’ll come back to tell you that you were right. There is no way they’ll let him go if his value to the team is as much as you both say it is. On the other hand; if the let him walk then we’ll know that his value is no where near the value Dan & Captain have placed on him. As far as the 3-3-5 defense is concerned; it is more valnerable to the run. That’s not what everyone’s point is! When he’s in position and the it’s his responsibility; Just Make the Hit! Stop someone cold! Like someone else said previously; football is not that complicated. Tackle the guy coming at you and drive him back. Starts at Pee Wee and goes all the way to the Pro’s.

  53. Nick2 Says:

    Capt Tim stop with the diatribes. Coaches and players are paid to defend their brethren. We never had these arguments about Derrick Brooks, Hardy Nickerson or even Shelton Quarles. Why???? Because Barrett Ruud is soft plain and simple. You can prefer a soft good cover middle linebacker thats fine thats your preference but I want a run stopper an intimidator in the middle of the field like Ray Lewis not some dancer and prancer and glancing blow taker. Please Capt Tim put down the koolaid and step away from the table.

  54. Nick2 Says:

    One more thing Capt Tim no defense in the nfl is designed to give up the run. I think even Raheem would have to laugh at that one. In the playoffs defenses toughen up. If you can’t stop the run you are done. But we never made it that far so your theory is useless.

  55. Pwnasaurus Says:

    Again when was the last time a current coach, former coach, current player, former player, current teammate, or former teammate said anything BAD about another player outside of it being personal??? NEVER IDIOTS!!! Ruud sucks and will be replaced. Even he knows he sucks. Deal with it timmy and the rest of you holding out hope because of some empty non backed up praise that is expected 100% of the time. Someone ask Sapp about Ruud. He will give you a real answer that he wouldnt let Ruud be his MLB and play the way he does.

  56. BigMacAttack Says:

    I am a Genius, my IQ is 42, and 37 higher than Thomas.

    It doesn’t take a genius to see that Ruud is history and his performance has been lacking the last couple of seasons. His best friend is Oil of Olay.