Who Does Bisaccia Really Want?

June 21st, 2011

All this buzz of the lockout’s potential demise has Joe cracking a cold beer a little early today. Sure, nothing is close to a done deal, but Joe doesn’t need much to draw him to a frosty beverage.

As Joe touched on earlier, the end of the lockout means free agency is imminent, with apparently four-year vets and older players getting into the free-agency game.

That got Joe thinking of departed Bucs special teams coach Rich Bisaccia’s words to eye-RAH Kaufman of The Tampa Tribune back in January, when Bisaccia parted ways with the Bucs to head to San Diego. He mentioned three current Bucs — all soon-to-be free agents — by name.

“I’m proud of our body of work in Tampa over the years,” Bisaccia said. “I will definitely miss the players, guys like Maurice Stovall, Adam Hayward and Micheal Spurlock. To me, coaching is based on relationships and I’m proud of the relationships we built in Tampa Bay. Looking back, I’ve been touched by a lot of people in Tampa and the fans here have been great.”

Now the Chargers heinous special teams cost them a Super Bowl run last year. Bisaccia was brought in to fix that, and it’s safe to assume the team will give him some latitude to bring in at least a player or two he thinks will get the job done.

So who does he want from the Bucs?

Joe sure hopes it’s Stovall, who the Bucs have little use for anyway and whose special teams screwup all but cost the Bucs the December home game against Atlanta.

Spurlock, as Joe has written previously, would be a tough loss for the Bucs. He’s one of the better kick returner in the league and has shown a knack for catching huge passes.

Spurlock ranked seventh in the NFL among kickoff returners with more than 20 opportunities, and he was one of 16 guys in the NFL to return a kick for a touchdown. He also caught 17 balls (14.7 yards per catch) and two touchdowns.

If Bisaccia quickly snags Hayward, perhaps that makes Barrett Ruud more desirable to the Bucs?

Oh, the excitement of free agency. Joe can’t wait.

8 Responses to “Who Does Bisaccia Really Want?”

  1. Leighroy Says:

    Bisaccia can have all 3 of ’em.

    The charger’s have a hole on their team for a “phantom tackler” ever since “Cro!” left town.

    Hayward has been a nice special teams player, but his spot is probably ripe for a rookie or a Mark Dominik practice squad steal to step up into at this point.

    Spurlock, I will miss, but we have Straughter, Briscoe and Parker as backups who all deserve to see more playing time, and you don’t lose too much by going to any of those 3 on the field, compared to Spurlock. And while he did produce as a KR, (“Run Michael Run” will live on immortally as long as the Bucs are a franchise) at least one of those 3 could easily take a shot at that job as well.

  2. Macabee Says:

    Not a problem. We will pay them (Chargers) to take Stovall. Spurlock is not eligible under the proposed CBA ( see Steven Holder’s comments). I read that they are interested in Quincy Black, not Adam Hayward – I’m pretty sure not both. I don’t think either would go if they got comparable offers from the Bucs.

  3. Mauha Deeb Says:

    I’m with Leighroy. Though, I’m a bit iffy about taking a chance with another KR.

  4. Bucbeliever Says:

    I’d like to keep Spurlock…he always seems to allude our NFC South foes. Hayward was showing some good stuff last year and think he’s an injury or two away from becoming another Buc thrust into that D. With a reduced off season (should this lockout go on longer) I wouldn’t give up any defensive players who are familiar w/ the system.


    Stovall – yes
    Spurlock – no
    Hayward – no

    GO BUCS!

  5. Espo Says:

    Stovall is a very good special teams player, aside from ONE play. With that being said, I can’t make a very strong argument for him taking up a WR slot on our depth chart.

    Spurlock is a keeper. He is warping his game to that of a legitimate receiving threat, and is one of the better return men in the game.

    If Benn is healthy and Parker and Briscoe pan out, I think Stroughter might be the odd man out. With 3 or 4 TEs on our roster along with that hybrid Lorig, I don’t see Stroughter or Stovall (who I’d keep between the two) making the team this year.

  6. BigMacAttack Says:

    It is what it is. I hope the Bucs sign Nnamdi. I hope they can keep Hayward but these players should beware of “greener pastures” that aren’t always that. Bisaccia is not a head coach and doesn’t have that much pull. It may not even work out for him there. He could get into it with the GM(ahole) and get run off, or leave in a year. Never follow your boss to another gig unless he truly is the Boss, because you may end up alone on the street. I would wait a year if at all possible.

  7. wade Says:

    Norv Turner is boring as #$@#

  8. Dave Says:

    I think Spurlock stays, he adds value as a WR. Stovall does not, Briscoe has taken his role (or will take it)

    Williams, Benn, Stroughter, Briscoe, Spurlock
    If they keep 5 it may be Preston, not sure if they think his quickness and speed will equate to anything.
    If they go sign someone else, that tells me Preston is gone too