Davin Joseph And Barrett Ruud Unrestricted?

June 21st, 2011

Joe is bracing with all his will not to get excited. But the word from multiple sources out of Chicago where NFL owners are meeting suggest the free world may be on the verge of ending this asinine NFL lockout.

Without going into the boring details only an accountant would love, Don Banks of SI.com Twittered there was “no significant dissent” upon owners to proceed on the latest proposal to the NFLPA.

Adam Schefter also Twittered that under the new proposal, all players with at least four years service in the NFL whose contract has expired would become unrestricted free agents.

That, my friends, would include both Bucs offensive tackle Davin Joseph and Bucs middle linebacker Barrett Ruud.

In other words, both players would be free to go wherever they so wish.

So if this deal goes through (if there is a God), we will soon learn if Ruud truly is as PO’ed at Bucs management as some believe he is for not reupping his contract previously.

Update: Per Stephen Holder of the St. Petersburg Times, he Twittered that if this deal goes through, the Bucs would have 11 unrestricted free agents including Quincy Black, Jeremy Trueblood, Stylez White and Cadillac Williams.

4 Responses to “Davin Joseph And Barrett Ruud Unrestricted?”

  1. dan Says:

    considering we have to dedicate 40mil to the salary to meet the most likely salary FLOOR (least ammount each team MUST spend) i dont see either of those being a problem (barring hard feelings by the players)

  2. Gary Says:

    YES!!! FINALLY!! Now I can start planning my trip back home to FL and buy the tickets for opening day. This damn lockout was holding everything up.

    We are going to destroy the Lions, and I will be there to watch.

  3. Chris FWC :) Says:

    2 words…college football.

  4. flmike Says:

    I need to see what the financial rules will be as they pertain to the salary cap, if we have to spend 90% of the cap as a floor, then Ruud is safe, if not Bye-Buh, Mason will replace him and Barber will become the QB of the D, which he does a lot of any way if you watch him during the games.