Talib Fight On Multiple Fronts

June 16th, 2011

Aqib Talib’s legal team is back in court this morning in Dallas County in what seems like the next step in setting up a plea deal for the allegedly gun-toting, trigger-happy cornerback accused of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon in March.

Joe expects a deal to come at some point — not necessarily today —  but only if Talib doesn’t have to admit to any kind of gun possession. There’s flimsy evidence that he used a gun, and admitting to gun play surely won’t go over well with Roger Goodell when it comes down to a possible league suspension.

As for that suspension, Talib’s got his fellow players apparently fighting hard to ensure all crimes committed during the lockout don’t count toward the league’s discipline code.

Roy Cummings, of The Tampa Tribune, noted comments at NationalFootballPost.com explaining that players are taking the issue very seriously.

In a breakdown of the top 10 issues being negotiated, nationalfootballpost.com founder and ESPN NFL business analyst Andrew Brandt says the players are fighting for a clause that calls for no discipline for lockout conduct errors.

 “Players feel (Commissioner Roger) Goodell has jumped the shark with overzealous discipline in a Policy not collectively bargained. They want an independent arbitrator for appeals and with no governing CBA, no discipline for lockout conduct,’’ Brandt wrote in his NFP column.

It’s interesting. Even if the asinine lockout leader Goodell gets his way and the league will discipline players for lockout funny business, one might think Goodell won’t use a heavy hand on any incident during the lockout as a nod to the fresh, new agreement with the players.

After all, he won’t come out with any disclipline until football returns, which means a new era of peace and harmony is in place. Hammering down on Talib would seem like a bizarre step out of the gate.

6 Responses to “Talib Fight On Multiple Fronts”

  1. MOBucs Says:

    Unless he is acquitted of the charges, I think Goodell will try hard to punish Talib, regardless.

  2. Matthew Levanduski Says:

    Any update on anything that happened in the meeting? Just wondering if any plea deals were offered, and/or if Talib’s defense feels like he’s going to win or not..

  3. Irwin Scheister Says:

    Lets hope all goes well for Aqib. After reading about Freeman, Kellen, and Ronde in particular going to bat for him, I really hope we bring him back. If this scared some sense into him and made him realize that all he has is football, than he could develop into the BEST corner in the league. Yeah I said it!!

  4. Matthew Levanduski Says:

    @ Irwin

    I agree completely. The way his tackling improved last season showed that he can press, cover, tackle, and make plays on the ball. His vertical, long arms, and size (6’1″ 205) make him a freak. If he’s mentally in tune to the game he could become the BEST in the league. Maybe Freeman can rub off on him at the workouts.

  5. Dave Says:

    IF he is acquitted, he should go light on him (2-4 games). If he is guilty…. it will probably be the end of him in TB anyway.

  6. Joe Says:


    Joe would be stunned if Talib’s high-priced lawyers wouldn’t try to work a plea.