Bucs (Still) Interested In Facestomper?

June 16th, 2011

Before he was a rock star, current Bucs general manager Mark Dominik was a mere rookie learning the ropes as an NFL team’s top executive short of ownership.

Perhaps looking to make a splash or trying to find someone more suited for the heinous Jim Bates Experiment, Dominik made a run for malcontent defensive tackle Facestomper Haynesworth.

Reportedly, Dominik offered Facestomper more cash than any other team, but Facestomper passed on the Bucs and signed with Washington.

Since, Facestomper has been a colossal bust and a gargantuan waste of millions of dollars from Danny Snyder. Rather than sacking quarterbacks or stuffing the run, Haynesworth is more interested in pouting and reportedly tanking practices and games and whining how he would have to play in a 34 defense despite being paid more money than most humans will ever see in their lifetimes.

In short, Dominik’s whiff on acquiring Facestomper is among the greatest keys in molding his image as a rockstar.But, if good guy Maoist Michael Silver is correct, Dominik still hasn’t lost his infatuation with Facestomper.

While Allen sounds as though he hasn’t given up on Haynesworth – “When the Redskins signed him he was a dominant football player in this league, and there’s no reason to believe he can’t be again” – trading or even releasing the disgruntled defensive tackle may prove to be the team’s best option. During last season, Tennessee made a run at reacquiring Haynesworth but was rebuffed after offering only a fourth-round draft choice. It’s believed that the Titans, Detroit Lions, Tampa Bay Buccaneers and Eagles would be the teams most interested in Haynesworth.

Joe just cannot believe this is accurate, unless Silver is on to something no one else outside of One Buc Palace is aware of. With all of Dominik’s drafts the past three years on the defensive line, why on earth would he want Facestomper unless Dominik can get Facestomper for next to nothing? Perhaps Dominik and the Bucs are not all that sold that Brian Price will recover from his messed up pelvis injury.

Still, as much of a malcontent Facestomper is, it’s difficult for Joe to believe he will be wearing a Bucs uniform this season.

If there is a season.

9 Responses to “Bucs (Still) Interested In Facestomper?”

  1. Gary Says:

    The good guy maoist is just associating the bucs with albert because we made a run at him before. It would be totally counterproductive to get him now after our investments in the d-line. It would also go against everything the org has done so far and said they would like to do.

  2. Bucnjim Says:

    He’ll be 30 and comes with a bad attitude! I think they were lucky enough to learn from someone else’s mistake. This team needs leaders on the defensive side of the ball and he’s not one of them.

  3. Runciter Says:

    ahahah, yeah, the Lions, definately.
    I hate this stupid, blind, random crapshoot so much.
    Especially in the middle of this lockout, ridiculous rumors like this are extremely tiresome.

  4. BKNYfootballhead Says:

    I was in Jacksonville for a wedding over the weekend and saw Fat Albert destroy multiple plates of breakfast buffet at the Hyatt this past Saturday. He looked in amazing shape, believe it or not. I can only wonder if the Jags are talking with him.

  5. Greg Says:

    I thought listing the Lions was even more funny than the Bucs…they have Suh AND Fairley and they’re gonna pick up Haynesworth? Lol. This guy is clueless.

  6. Big Marlon B Says:

    Greg, not only do they have Suh and Fairley….they traded for Corey Williams last year as well. He had a pretty solid season for them. I know talented players are good to have, but that’s just ridiculous. I think he’s just going mainly on the Jim Schwartz connection. Some of these “reporters” are really clueless.

  7. Dave Says:

    Just say NO!

    I think mcCoy, Miller, Okam, Price will do just fine.

    While reading this, the first thing that popped into my head was what Joe mentioned: Are they leary of Price playing again at the caliber they anticipated because no player has ever had the surgery he has had before?

  8. Patrick Says:

    No thanks, we don’t need Fat Albert!

    The only way I’d possibly consider bringing this guy in is if he was MUCH cheaper! He has to know that no one will want to throw big bucks at him after his disastrous 2 years in Washington so it’s possible some team could get him for a reasonable price. Who knows…. a change of scenery might be what it takes to turn his career around. He did have some solid years in Tennessee. He has talent. Plus we have some great leaders who could straighten him out (Barber, Freeman, Winslow, etc). Also, I think he’d like playing for Raheem, like most players do. The situation at One Buc Place is a lot better than the one in Washington.

    This is just a thought. I really don’t think DT is a pressing need. We already have McCoy,Miller and Price so I don’t know where Haynesworth would fit in. If we’re gonna dig into free agency, throw money towards the linebackers and a cornerback (if Talib isn’t back).

  9. Matt Says:

    Haynsworth would be a cancer in the locker room just like Randy Moss and hes not the kinda guy we want leading this great young group of DT’s. I truly believe that Price is going to prove every one wrong and hes going to come out strong (hes more aggressive than GMC ). I also think that Roy Miller is going to have a break out season cause teams will not be able to double team him now with all the talent we have on the line and with better coaching. If we put out that kind of money than it should be on a CB (to replace Talib if he cant play) or another LB if we are not able to retain Ruud (I think Ruud will stay cause we need him and he likes it here).