Raheem References Ruud’s “Lack Of Physicality”

May 4th, 2011

America’s harshest critic of Barrett Ruud is no doubt former Bucs offensive lineman Ian Beckles, co-host of The Ron and Ian Show on WDAE-AM 620.

Numerous times on the air Beckles has gone wild on Ruud and challenged readers to sit down with him and watch film of Ruud and prove that he’s a good linebacker. In short, Beckles thinks Ruud is softer than a black banana.

Beckles isn’t shy, so it’s no surprise he confronted Raheem Morris about Ruud’s play during an interview today. The head coach was ready — with a backhanded compliment of Ruud.

“I know you’re one of Barrett Ruud’s biggest critics, but he just brings so much more to the table than the lack of physicality,” Raheem said, not challenging Beckles’ claims that Ruud is too soft.

Raheem explained that Ruud is so valuable in coverage and in leadership, among other areas.

And Raheem gave yet another indicator that the Bucs place a high value on Ruud. Raheem told Beckles that the Bucs might need to lean on Ruud and other free agents if the lockout drags on. 

Shortented time to prepare rookies and young players “increases the importance of free agents, your guy [Ruud] so to speak,” Raheem said.

Joe will have more from Raheem’s interview later.

13 Responses to “Raheem References Ruud’s “Lack Of Physicality””

  1. Matt Says:

    I’m of the opinion that this lockout won’t end until July.

    If that’s the case, we almost HAVE to re-sign Ruud or the first few games are going to be a rough transition.

  2. Steve From Oregon Says:

    Raheem is no dummy, he knows exactly what he was saying. That was brutal!

  3. Chris FWC :) Says:

    Ian also stated before the draft that the Bucs should stay away from Clayborn because he’s not built like a DE or DT.

    Was Sapp built like a DT?

    Maybe if the Dline slowed the run a little, Ruud wouldn’t be left one-on-one with a RB coming at him full speed. The Dline did nothing to help the LBs this year.

  4. Jimmie D Says:

    @ Chris FCW :)…..Spot On!

  5. DieHard_Bob Says:

    Hey Buc Fans, Who are you going to believe, your GM and Head Coach (who also happens to be our D-coordinator) or a washed up, has-been former player flapping his gums on a local sports radio show who gets paid to stir things up? Where do you think our team would be right now if we left personnel decisions up to the local sports writers and radio talk show hosts? I think I’ll put my trust in the GM and Coach.

  6. Bucnjim Says:

    Do you think that Green Bay’s Linebackers were concerned whether the D line slowed them down or not? These guys tear up everything in front of them and oh yeah they can cover as well!

  7. CharlieB Says:

    Maybe we can trade our next four first round picks for Patrick Willis. /sarcasm

    The number of ILBs that have the coverage skills to play our defense and still be an elite run stuffer is small. I hated watching Ruud get trucked by Chris Ivory, but he is still a very solid MLB for our defense. Mason Foster got run over several times in one game by our sixth round pick. Ray Rice ate Tyrone McKenzie’s lunch several times in clever too. We aren’t going to reliably find a Ray Lewis, instead let’s build around what Ruud does well.

  8. RahWillBringBackRuud Says:

    Whatever Rah says goes. If he cant bring back his vets then he will be crippled on the defense. Rah can not afford any setbacks.

    Think about it, if money is not an issue, then why does anyone give a rats ass about bringing back Ruud??? What does it hurt? Why would you want to hate on a player so hard when we dont even have a replacement for him?

    Raheem is beating himself over the head with this issue solely created and fueled by the media. Raheem knows he needs Ruud in the short term in order for his defense to grow and be successful. If Raheem wants Ruud back, and money is not an issue, then why does it even matter if the Bucs bring him back?

    Fan stupidity at its best to let Ruud, Black or even Joeseph walk… plain and simple.

    The coach wants his experienced vets back. This the least the Glazers can do.

  9. Chris FWC :) Says:

    @BucnJim I dunno if GB’s LB’s cared. I do know one thing, that D swarmed the ball carrier. When you have Matthews, Hawk and Barnett

    GB 2010 D Stats:
    15.0 (2nd) YDS 309.1 (5th) PASS YDS 194.2 (5th) RUSH YDS 114.9(18th)

    TB 2010 D Stats:
    PTS 19.9 (9th) YDS 332.7 (17th) PASS YDS 201.0 (7th) RUSH YDS 131.7 (28th)

    18th vs. 28TH! They run a 3-4 too!

    Their LBs are Pro Bowlers. Ours are not.

  10. Bucnjim Says:

    Their LB’s are animals and refuse to be blocked by anyone! Ruud with his experience does have some value, but he NEEDS to be surrounded by VIOLENT players. The problem with Ruud being team captain and leader is the D takes on his finesse style of play. When Raheem first took over as HC he promise a physical & violent style of play out of HIS defense. Football is a violent sport and I think you need the players who fit that description.

  11. Nick2 Says:

    To me the most physical players on the field the ones who run up and pop you with their physical play should be fullback and middle linebacker. I have never heard of a team or a defensive philosophy that says “we don’t need our middle linebacker to be physical.” Please tell me after watching Ryan Torain or whoever that was that gashed us for almost 200 first half yards against Washington that Barret Ruud is an effective middle linebacker. Now that we have a decent D Line Ruud will no longer be able to hide behind the statement that our D line stinks and so Barrett is at a disadvantage. I have never seen a softer middle linebacker in my life and I don’t care what kind of leadership, intangibles or whatever else he is smoking if the opposing offense knows we have a softy at middle linebacker then get ready to watch them run up the middle ALL DAY against our defense. Come on Raheem wake up on this one!!!!

  12. Ian_620 Says:

    if anything Raheem backed up everything I’ve said about Ruud, when you can prove me wrong I’ll be the first to eat crow

  13. gitarlvr Says:

    The Green Bay linebackers are 3-4 linebackers. Big shocker that some 255lb. 3-4 outside linebacker like Clay Matthews is a thumper compared to the Bucs 240 lb. Cover 2 linebackers. The inside and outside linebackers in that scheme all have easier pass coverage responsibilities than any of the Bucs three linebacker positions. Mason Foster is hopefully the best case scenario for the Bucs. A guy who can play the run more like a bigger 3-4 linebacker but also won’t embarass himself in pass coverage. Hopefully.