“A Lot Of Money In My Emotional Bank Account”

May 4th, 2011

Ruud holds a place in Raheem's heart

If Joe’s favorite Vegas sportsbook took odds on free agent signings, the line on the Bucs re-signing Barrett Ruud would have gone down yesterday.

Raheem Morris all but told J.P. Peterson on WQYK-AM 1010 to read between the lines when it comes to the head coach’s desire to bring back his leading tackler and most notable free agent on defense.

Raheem Morris: Those guys you just mentioned, Davin Joseph, Barrett Ruud, Quincy Black all the guys potentially free agents, all the guys that may be free agents, or whatever the case may be. The only thing you can say about those guys is they’ve got a lot of money in my emotional bank account. Those guys have made plays for us. Those guys have gone out every day and sweat. They’ve gone out every day and led. They’ve done it the right way, and hopefully things will work out for Tampa, and we don’t lose good players. And we get a chance to re-sign our guys like we always talked about. You know, everybody’s always talking about free agency in Tampa, but we want to go out and draft guys, bring them here, let them play well and then re-sign them. And that’s how our free agency kind of goes because we want to keep the guys on our team that we feel like can help us win championships.

Joe doesn’t doubt the Bucs’ interest in Ruud. The real question is what the Bucs think he’s worth — and what Ruud thinks he’s worth. Hopefully, the damn lockout is kicked to the curb this week and Bucs fans can get a quick answer.

8 Responses to ““A Lot Of Money In My Emotional Bank Account””

  1. sunrisejeff Says:

    Agree 100% Joe. Think the Bucs do want him back just not at the “reportedly” top 5 MLB money he is looking for.

  2. WeNeedDefense Says:

    Raheem is 1,000% right on this one. He isn’t exaggerating.

    “They’ve done it the right way, and hopefully things will work out for Tampa, and we don’t lose good players. And we get a chance to re-sign our guys like we always talked about.”


    “…and then re-sign them.”

    He is right when he says “…re-sign our guys like we always talked about.”

    AMEN Raheem.

    You need to fight this one tooth and nail Raheem. This is what will make the Bucs winners. Don’t lose your young vets to the penny pinchers. Re-sign those f—- guys!!!

  3. Chris FWC :) Says:

    RAH RAH sis boom bah!

    He’s a good one. You can’t have that much emotion, knowledge, and passion and suck. He will produce a Championship team here in Tampa when it’s all said and done.

  4. Bucnjim Says:

    This Defense is in deperate need of LEADERSHIP! It is not a coincidence that this D started to slide after Lynch and Sapp were no longer with the team. Brooks led by example and was a leader on the field, but seldom was he a vocal leader of the D. It was a combination of Brook’s play and Sapp’s vocal leadership that took this team to elite status. This is one of the main reasons the Bucs have gone out in the draft and looked for team captains. Although Ruud and Black may be decent players; they lack the leadership role that this team really needs. Let’s hope that Clayborne, McCoy, Bowers, Price, and Foster can be the new leaders that take this Defense back to the top where they should be.

  5. WeNeedDefense Says:

    What Rah is saying is, you don’t let guys go that will help make this team better. Ruud and Black help make the team better. By letting them go, the team LOSES veteran players that are capable of starting.

  6. Chris FWC :) Says:

    What football skills QBlack lacks I believe Mason Foster has. Watch some of Fosters college tape. He’s attacking and engaging the ball carrier. He’s knifing through blockers. He’s fast and a supreme tackler. If he plays Will I think he could start right away.

    Attack! attack! attack! Never give up space on the outside. Use the out-of-bounds line as an extra tackler/teammate. Cut off space and suffacate.

    QBlack let things come to him. Took bad angles. Blockers swallowed him whole and pushed him out of the play.

  7. Funky Munkey Says:

    Until we have a better option at MLB, we need to resign this dude. As long as he isn’t asking for a kings ransom. He may not be a vocal leader but dude produces and he is the best Mike we have. I hope we can find a way to resign him to a contract he deserves but not overpay. Ruud has busted his ass for years for this team during the good and the bad. He deserves better treatment from the fans IMO.

  8. Pete Dutcher Says:

    Hopefully, the damn lockout is kicked to the curb this week and Bucs fans can get a quick answer.

    Joe, I don’t think that can happen. From what I’ve read, I was given the impression that both sides go in front of the judges on June 3rd, present their cases, and then the judges take however long they wish to make a decision.

    I am pretty sure that’s what I read, but not 100% sure.

    As to Ruud…
    I think the Bucs are going to offer him a contract. I think they really do not have a choice…no rookie MLB can come in and be ready to start. Shoot, Ruud took years to be prepared.

    And even if they bring in a vet, there is still a learning curve (for the new scheme and language)…and a chemistry hurdle as well, seeing as the MLB runs the defense.

    So, I think they will offer Ruud a 3 year deal and be satisfied if he takes it, or forced to find/play someone if he doesn’t.

    Geno Hayes once voiced during a radio interview that he would like to play MLB…don’t know if he’d be a good fit or not there.