Lockout Terrible Timing For Bucs

May 27th, 2011

Despite the spin the suits will spew, nothing good can come of this asinine lockout, choreographed by NFL strongman Roger Goodell. Joe could smell this miles away.

Even Tom Jones of the St. Petersburg Times realizes this. In a chat he had at his newspaper’s site yesterday, Jones pointed toward the depressing union-first Jeff Faine fiasco as Exhibit-A of how the asinine lockout is hurting the Bucs.

Comment From LeoInCanada
Hey Tom, thanks for hosting today. What’s your take on Faine avoiding Bucs player workouts while praising the Saints for theirs?

Tom Jones
I don’t know all of the details of the Faine situation, but it was unfortunate to hear about it. I think this was one of the fears about a lockout mess this offseason for the Bucs. They were coming off such a solid season, a foundation-building season and, suddenly, everything is up in the air. The Bucs are still so young that they really needed the structure of a routine offseason. I’ve felt all along that an offseason full of uncertainly won’t hurt veteran teams out there, but could stunt the growth of a young team such as the Bucs.

Popular sports radio personality Adam Schein spoke of this as well with Josh Freeman earlier this week heard exclusively on SiriusXM NFL Radio: That the Bucs had major momentum built during the 2010 season to carry over into the offseason and it has been blown up thanks to the asinine lockout.

Now, instead of building upon that in the offseason and in OTAs, a team captain (in title only) like Faine is more concerned with ironing slacks than bonding and pumping weights with his teammates.

3 Responses to “Lockout Terrible Timing For Bucs”

  1. LakelandJack Says:

    We’ll find out when they step on the field. Glad we’re opening with Detroit. They’re pretty damn young too. So it should be a wash for us. Then we got to Minnesota with a new quarterback. The post-lockout schedule should be kind. I think the playing field should be pretty even around the league by week 3 except for the teams with new head coaches and coordinators.

  2. Pete Dutcher Says:

    lol…boy, Joe, when you get a bone, you naw at it nonstop! hehe

    I will say it again as well…I think this is a poor decision (for Faine) as a chosen leader of the team, but if this were not a lockout he would not be there either…he never attends voluntary workouts.

    It amazes me that the overall local media never mentions this. Guess it isn’t suitable to their stories.

  3. Pete Dutcher Says:

    Hey…I just had a thought. If the season starts late this year, but they still have a full season, that would mean a shorter off-season next year!

    (Glass half full…)