Talib Showing Dedication At Freeman’s Workouts

May 27th, 2011

Unlike a certain center and team captain, Aqib Talib has not turned down Josh Freeman’s invitation to work out with his teammates in Tampa.

NFC South blogger Pat Yasinskas, of the BSPN syndicate, reports that the former helmet-wielding, cabbie-slugging Talib is a regular. The recently indicted cornerback is working on both sides of the ball.

Teammates said Talib has been coming out to players-only workouts run by quarterback Josh Freeman on a fairly regular basis this offseason. The workouts have been mostly for offensive players, but the teammates said Talib has gone through workouts in the weight room and worked as a wide receiver on the field. The teammates said Talib sometimes will line up at cornerback and shadow receivers on their routes, but no contact is allowed and he’s been one of the few defensive players to show up.

Kudos to Talib, who played some receiver during his college days at Kansas. Hopefully, none of the Bucs there decides to tease him with a mother joke.

In all seriousness, Talib’s attendance illustrates what a tough call Mark Dominik and Raheem Morris likely will have to make on Talib’s future, assuming he cuts a deal on his pending felony assault charge in Texas and stays out of prison.

Obviously, Talib’s attendance shows he has the support of his teammates.

27 Responses to “Talib Showing Dedication At Freeman’s Workouts”

  1. thomas 2.2 Says:

    He is doing this on the advice of counsel. Good behavior and work ethic help with pre-trial release conditions and with the judge when it comes to sentence-time. I expect that the judge will allow Talib to leave the state to work but I also think that the state will oppose that.

    Joe you keep saying that you expect this charge to be pled down to a misdemeanor, I find that possibility remote. If the lesser included offense of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon is felony assault or aggravated assault (I do not know the Texas Criminal Code) which are both felonies, then the state would have to drop the charge more than 1 level to misdemeanor assault – I think that is highly unlikely, especially in a high-profile case. Unless of course, in discovery (depositions etc) something dramatic happens. The state was methodical with conducting the Grand Jury proceeding which, not always, but usually means that they were waiting on some physical evidence that needed scientific analysis.
    I would expect that the State will make no plea offers that do not include a plea to a felony (even if it is the lesser included felony charge) which will likely mean at least 1 year of jail time.

    The good news: it appears to me that Talib is getting proper legal counsel which always maximizes his chance at the best possible outcome. For him to avoid jail, he will need acquittal by a jury – IMO. That is a HUGE risk when, if you are found guilty by the jury, the judge ihas the discretion to impose a maximum sentence of 20 years!!

  2. Bucfan66 Says:

    I want Talib to remain on this team.

    By all accounts, he has been a model citizen and teammate who really trying to keep his nose clean up until this latest incident. The guy made an emotional, albeit serious, mistake and will at some point pay for his actions. But it’s not like he got into a gunfight at a club or something.

    Again, there’s still no condoning what he did but I can at least understand that emotions can get the better of us especially when family is involved. If his teammates can stick by him then so can I.

  3. thomas 2.2 Says:

    BUcfan66: He tried to kill Penn with his helmet and instead horribly gashed Torrie Cox. He got into a fight with Corey Boyd at the rookie symposium before that. Of course he fell in the draft due to positive drug tests at KU. Then, he punched the cabbie and missed the first game of 2010 due to suspension, then he had to be restrained from attacking a ref against the Ravens, now this. The guy is a constant problem.

  4. Bucfan66 Says:

    Thomas 2.2:

    It’s hard to disagree with that and, for the most part, trouble seems to follow this guy around regardless of what he does. It’s the circumstances of this particular incident that bother me. His sister was involved and he gets some sympathy from me because of it.

    Tough call for Rah and Dom. If he gets off with no jail time then I think they should keep him around.

  5. Dew Says:

    This whole thing sucks. But I keep mentally coming back to he was protecting his sister. How did he know his sister’s boyfriend didn’t have a gun. I would have brought mine also. If he gets off this may be what gets him “scared straight”. Hope so.

  6. Espo Says:

    Bucfan you just completely contradicted yourself in between posts. Don’t let Thomas get to you.

    I don’t care about those training camp fights. They happen. They get over it. Don’t doubt for a second Talib wouldn’t jump to the aid of any teammate if there was an issue elsewhere. I just hope he doesn’t pull out that n9ne and start poppin shots….

  7. Chris FWC :) Says:


    Flush this turd. I’m over him.

  8. Patrick Says:

    Look, I hope Talib comes back but I want this thing to be concluded before free agency starts so Asomougha doesn’t slip away from us if we need to sign him.

  9. FuNkYxMuNkEy Says:

    Just another thing that shows the teams wants him there. Freeman would not allow him to attend these workouts if he didn’t feel there was a valid reason. *cough cough* they still want him

  10. Pete Dutcher Says:

    thomas 2.2 Says:
    May 27th, 2011 at 4:17 pm
    BUcfan66: He tried to kill Penn with his helmet

  11. BigMacAttack Says:

    Joe’s right, no way Talib gets nailed to the cross on this. If he was white, they would have dropped it already. Not racism, just truism. It is what it is, misdemeanor, disorderly conduct. 40 hrs community service, anger mgmnt, and a $500 fine.

  12. dan Says:

    Penn is saying he will attend future workouts


  13. dan Says:

    he sounds kinda ticked at you Joe haha im glad you pressured him though, its good to see him passionate, even if it is all defensiveness

  14. Joe Says:

    Thank you Dan!

  15. Capt.Tim, the Humbled Says:

    Well, this does slightly improve my opinion of him. Hope it’s comradere, not just doing it because his lawyer advised him

  16. MOBucs Says:

    I gotta agree with Thomas. Talib is getting good advise from his attorney. He’s on thin ice and at the very least needs to show that he is still dedicated to the team. He is a talented guy but has been nothing but trouble since he was drafted. If he is convicted of a felony, that’s it! He’s done. Seems like the evidence against him is rather weak, so I would be surprised if that is the outcome. I think regardless of the outcome in court, Talib is suspended for at least 4 games. It certainly will be a tough decision for Dom.

  17. Bucfan66 Says:

    Espo Says:
    May 27th, 2011 at 4:54 pm
    Bucfan you just completely contradicted yourself in between posts. Don’t let Thomas get to you.

    Not contradicting myself, just acknowledging that there are two sides to the argument. I’ll be the first to admit that Talib ain’t no choir boy, but I think he should get another chance regardless.

  18. dan Says:

    according to http://www.tampabay.com/blogs/bucs/content/talibs-mother-admits-investigators-it-couldve-been-aqib-who-shot-his-sisters-boyfriend…. Okolo threw her own son under the bus. my hope of him getting off lightly just went down alot.

  19. admin Says:

    Joe here,

    @Dan — Don’t put too much stock at all in these statements or how the Times is presenting them. Joe will write more about this next week.

  20. dan Says:


  21. BuccoBill Says:

    As much as I hate to say this, I kind of hope he gets convicted and sentenced to the minimum. First off it would make the decision for the Bucs and secondly it may be just what he needs to get his head out of his ass. After he serves his time, Tony Dungee can mediate his triumphant return to Tampa and a successful career in the NFL.

  22. MVPFreeman Says:


  23. alan Says:

    I read all this Talib hate . But i just wanna say not one person on here would say get rid of Freeman if he was to do the same thing. NO im not saying Free would do this. yaya u guys wanna bring up everything else Talib has done before this, but everything he did before never got him cut. besides its all over now im just saying i want him back with the team next season and i think if they keep him they’ll also bring back TANARD JACKSON, Witch im hoping will happen ..

    *JOE anyway u can find an update on TJACK i cant find anything??

  24. Joe Says:


    There isn’t — and there won’t be — any “update” on Tanard Jackson until his suspension is lifted. That hasn’t and won’t change.

  25. alan Says:

    *JOE Well I think u told me he was checking his self in rehab didn’t ever here if he did. Also was wondering if he did and he is out of rehab could he be working out with josh and the rest of the guys in Tampa?

  26. Joe Says:


    Tanard Jackson checked himself into rehab a couple of days after he got popped. It’s not that Joe doesn’t want to update anyone on Jackson, just that his situation is the same as it was after he got busted the last time.

    The Bucs got burned by the guy twice. Joe would be stunned if Dominik gives Jackson the opportunity to burn his teammates a third time.

    How sad, and Joe really means that. Jackson could have been the best safety in the game. He just couldn’t put the bong down (allegedly). Joe hopes the buzz he got the last time which resulted in a positive test was worth it because it literally cost Jackson millions of dollars.

    Joe’s not even sure a night with Rachel Watson is worth that much!

  27. alan Says:

    lol – Joe’s not even sure a night with Rachel Watson is worth that much!

    * JOE well thank for for that