Milk Flowing For Glazer Soccer Cash Cow

May 27th, 2011

If you can tolerate the often wacky use of the English language by the British, The Guardian has penned an interesting article on how shrewd Team Glazer has turned around the finances at Manchester United and is building a manbeast of a cash cow.

The team is again the toast of England and much of the world, and it can take its investment over the top by the winning the European Championship on Saturday. That game will grace or pollute  — depending on your perspective — the American FOX Sports airwaves at 2 p.m.

Barely a week goes by without a new sale being rung up by the growing commercial operation that operates out of the heart of upmarket offices 206 miles away from Old Trafford. On Wednesday it was a deal with Honda to sell Manchester United branded scooters in Thailand.

The future vision is for a gaggle of pre-match reporters on the pitch at Old Trafford, delivering bespoke content in different languages that will then be distributed via “triple-play deals” with mobile phone, internet and TV companies and into which can be inserted locally targeted digital ads on advertising hoardings. The Glazers have sensibly left the Manchester “football” operation, overseen by David Gill and Ferguson, to largely run itself.Therefore the mythology and romance that fuels the marketing operation has endured even as it is ruthlessly sliced, diced and exploited around the world.

Insiders insist much of this strategic vision is down to the Glazers, who are far more hands on in the business side of the club than they are given credit for and are enthusiastic and passionate owners. Given their secretive business practices and refusal to speak to the media, we’ll never know.

Joe’s glad for Team Glazer, which has even all but silenced the mobs of haters they first encountered in England.

And perhaps there’s some comfort for Bucs fans knowing that the Glazers are building on their extraordinary success in the sports world, especially those who buy that the two teams’ finances are connected.

Though Joe doubts those One Buc Palace employees losing cash next week will share that sentiment.

3 Responses to “Milk Flowing For Glazer Soccer Cash Cow”

  1. Chris FWC :) Says:

    You got soccer in my Football!

  2. LakelandJack Says:

    Say what you want, the Glazers are geniuses. Imagine if they had decent PR all these years, there would be statues of them in Tampa and Manchester.

  3. Thomas 2.2 Says:

    I dont know what selling manu brand honda scooters proves. It is an overstatement to say that the british glazer critics are silenced.