Cody Grimm Will Be Ready To Go

May 13th, 2011

One of the best stories and saddest stories of the Bucs improbable 10-win season was the story of Cody Grimm.

When Tanard Jackson got popped (again) for a banned substance and was suspended for a year, Grimm, a rookie seventh-round draft pick, was thrust into Jackson’s starting position (thankfully, it wasn’t Sabby the Goat) and outside of getting twisted around by the Steelers, looked and played like anything but a rookie seventh-round draft pick.

But then against Baltimore, the saddest part of the Grimm story happened when he broke his left fibula.

(Shortly thereafter, Sabby the Goat was inserted into the lineup and was burnt to a crisp by Todd Heap and before you know it, Bucs rock star general manager Mark Dominik put Sabby the Goat out to pasture and out of the misery of Bucs fans both sober and smashed. Sabby the Goat did more for alcohol sales in the Tampa Bay area than the good people of Anheuser-Busch and Dewars could ever have imagined.)

Video star Anwar Richardson of the Tampa Tribune caught up with Grimm to talk about his rehab and Grimm believes he’s about 85 percent healed. He went into cringe-inducing detail about what doctors did to his leg.

“They pretty much put a plate and some screws in there and reattached the fibula,” Grimm said. “I had to stay off of it for nine weeks. Then they went in and took out one of the screws that holds my fibula and tibia close together so the cartilage can grow back together and get strong in between there.

“Once that happens, the fibula is good to go. Then it’s all about getting the strength back and the motion back. That’s the key. The bone is not the issue. Once the plate is in there, it’s stronger than before.”

This is just great news. Joe doesn’t believe Grimm will be one of the question marks for the Bucs this season.

Provide NFL warden commissioner Roger Goodell allows a season to happen.

39 Responses to “Cody Grimm Will Be Ready To Go”

  1. Fear The Glow Says:

    I really hope they give him a shot to start. It was pretty clear that he made an impact when he was in the game.

  2. Hector Says:

    best run defender the bucs had outside of GMC. run game suffered when those two guys where injured.

  3. thomas 2.2 Says:


    Apparently you werent able to watch the bucs games last year/ Mccoy finished his 13 games with 22 tackles and 3 sacks. The people at football outsiders ranked each position of the bucs D Line (including McCoy) ranks against the league versus the run, here it is:

    (30th Run Defense) TB: They concluded that our defensive tackles were worse (compared against the other 32 teams) against the run than our ends. THe bucs Right and Left Tackles (mostly Miller and McCoy) were ranked 31st and 24th against the run respectively, while our defensive ends were ranked 24th (left side) and 17th (right side). Yes, our D Tackle position was THAT bad last year.

    FO’s stats are much broader than tackles and penetrations, it includes average yardage gained when the play was intended for specific gaps.

    The only person in the front 7 that you could argue that McCoy is better than against the run is Roy Miller – nobody else per the statistics. McCoy went 3 entire games ( Atl and 2 back to back Pitt and Cin) without even recording a stat despite playing the entire game – unheard of. He had 1 tackle in the Washington game where a record for first half rush yardage was broken by the skins – McCoy got hurt and the Run D played better – anectdotal evidence? Being that he only played in 12.5 games and 4 he was a ZERO factor, it is hard to say that he had even a marginal year excluding the injury (he had a 5 tackle game and a 2 sack game – which were productive games, arguably one other) . That leaves 75% of his games where he was a liability.

    Cody is GRimm was great – I agree. That kid is born to play the run-stopping safety position but I have concerns about him in pass coverage. He is smart, tough and a hard worker = great recipe.

  4. RahWillBringBackRuud Says:

    Seriously, if they did all that then the guy may never start again in his life in the NFL.

  5. thomas 2.2 Says:

    Deserving to start and starting because you were drafted high, paid a lot of money and bc your bosses have little choice are very different propositions.

    I hope McCoy uses this offseason to get stronger (he was embarrassingly weak for a NFL 300lber at the combine), more committed, better at his technique and develops a nasty streak – if he does he will be okay. If not, well see 2010.

  6. Matthew levanduski Says:

    bwahahaha sabby the goat did lead to many hungover mondays

  7. Mauha Deeb Says:

    Great news. Grimm is a staple. If T-Jack comes back, Grimm will be the Starting SS. If T-Jack gets jacked, Grimm may start FS unless Lynch is to take that spot in which Grimm would start SS. Either way we don’t lose. Lynch and Grimm are a better tandem than Jones and Grimm.

  8. Hector Says:

    Thomas, I watched the redskins game, and their running game didn’t start to come alive until after GMC and Quincy Black had left the game due to injury. I wish I could get you some game tape so that you could review it and see that. However I am going to assume (yes I know about assuming) your distaste for GMC will cloud your judgment. If I am correct GMC didn’t play more than 6 snaps on defense that game. If you can show me otherwise please do.

  9. marcus Says:

    hey thomas im not one to bash you in any way and everybody is entitled to their opinion. Honestly though what does this team have to do to get any approval from you? I’m not asking you this question to set you up or anything im just wondering.

  10. thomas 2.2 Says:

    Make the playoffs and be competitive.

  11. MichiganBucsFan Says:

    Joe, what IS the latest on T Jack? He was one of my favorite players and I remember hearing that after he was suspended he went to rehab. Also, you recently penned a column about Raheem Morris being from the “Dungy Tree” and was taught to guide young men into being better people. If all that is true, is it possible we will have him back when or “if” there is a season? I would LOVE a T Jack FS and Cody Grimm SS lineup

  12. kyle Says:

    Thomas you do realize that McCoy isn’t a run stopper right? He was drafted to get to the QB not to stop the run. Give him another year or two before you start crapping your pants

  13. marcus Says:


    hey man i agree all this “potential” is good and all but we need to make the playoffs, wern’t we pretty competitive last year though…10-6??

  14. Jimmy Says:

    >>> Thomas you do realize that McCoy isn’t a run stopper right? He was drafted to get to the QB not to stop the run. Give him another year or two before you start crapping your pants <<<

    LOL What Sean Hannity is to liberals, what George Soros is to conservatives, GMC is to Thomas. Dude wakes up in the middle of the night with acid reflux thinking of GMC.

    The only person that comes close to Thomas' world of hate is Raheem.

  15. Joe Says:


    TJack is toast. He’s on double-secret probation. His next slip-up he’s banned from the NFL. He will be a free agent once his contract is up after suspension, a handful of games.

  16. Atrain WD40 Says:

    I’m a little disturbed that Joe continues to take the stance against Goodell that he does “Provide NFL warden commissioner Roger Goodell allows a season to happen.”

    We need this collective bargaining agreement more than most. We are not a large market like New York, Cali, Chicago, Miami etc. Without an agreement those franchises would run wild and we would have the crap that baseball does with a few clubs overpricing players so regular teams can’t afford them.

  17. Hire Greg Olson! Says:

    Wow I can’t believe I have to do this but, Hector you’re c

  18. Hire Greg Olson! Says:

    Wow I can’t believe I have to do this but, Hector you’re completely wrong and Thomas is correct.

    The skins had over 100 yards rushing in the first quarter against the skins. GMC was very much in the game when they were killing us on the ground.

  19. Hire Greg Olson! Says:

    Oh and every DT is expected to stop the run. Those of you saying GMC was only drafted to get to the QB, you’re sadly misinformed.

  20. Mr. Lucky Says:

    Wow, HGO AGREES with Thomas?

    Guess what they’re BOTh right.

    Of all the news getting Cody Grimm back and healthy is the most encouraging news of all – even more so than GMC or Price. The Bucs need more players ike Grimm in their backfield.

    If Cody stays healthy all season long and plays like last season he would lead the team in tackles.

  21. Atrain WD40 Says:

    Mr. Lucky Says: If Cody stays healthy all season long and plays like last season he would lead the team in tackles.

    Having a safety lead the team in tackles would be catastrphic for our team!!!!

  22. BigMacAttack Says:

    Does anyone remember how Mario Williams did in his first year? Second? Third? GMC will have some new supporting cast members this season, and they should help each other. I am excited to see how Millard does with all these young defense men. I am more optimistic than some of you about where this may lead.

    I would hope that with a broken leg, Cody still spent time lifting weights and working on his upper body strength.

    I swore that TJax suspension left him next year as a Restricted Free Agent and not 100% Free Agent.

  23. Atrain WD40 Says:

    BigMacAttack Is right almost..

    He is under contract this year and not a restricted free agent but I believe his supension goes into the fourth game of this year, feel free to correct me if i’m wrong.

  24. Thomas 2.2 Says:

    Thanks to those who supported me.

    All i really have argued is: i love cody grimm bc he earned it on the field. Gmc was not as billed in year 1(and i dont think he will ever be).

    I agree: he is not yet a bust. I am not saying he will be kyle moore either, he will end up being better than that. However, I dont think he will ever be 3 overall material. I hope im wrong.

  25. marcus Says:

    look everybody:

    Hey goes to show if you approach aomeone the right way it doesnt have to be a bashing contest like it always is on this site sometimes. Look i’m more of a optimist myself and always look at the positive side of things and sometimes i get to far ahead of myself. Having someone with a more ” realistic ” view kinda brings me back to earth a little bit. This is not a bad thing though. I do belive that we are building somthing special here and based on our drafts we can have a great team ahead. Having 8 solid starters with the other 3 on the field being stars is a good enough recipe for a championship.

  26. HIRE GREG OLSON! Says:

    *100 yards against US. Sorry, early morning mistake.


    When you’re right, you’re right and I have no problem saying it.

    Everyone thought that Jacksonville was crazy for taking Alualu so early and he dominated. Although, with the addition of Bowers and Clayborn, I think GMC will blossom next season (God willing we see next season)

  27. marcus Says:

    yea our DE’s were terrible last year…holy s@%t !! according to F.O.’s G.M.C. actually had a lot of pressures if you look at on the field %. thats with less then steller talent on the outside and if our two ends ever be even just ” good ” then he can shine.

  28. Architek Says:

    Marcus if you’re the only person engaging Thomas what does that tell you?

  29. marcus Says:


    Still kinda new to the site so i havent seen all the banter coming around here yet. But having read some of everyone’s arguements though I am the believer that Gruden had to go and that Raheem and M.D. have done an awsome job. If you can get a starter out of a 7th round pick then thats just plain good coaching and drafting. Hence good ” coaching ” as in raheem and his staff. When was the last time you heard of a 7th rounder contibuting in an Allen / Guden draft? If anyone can find one that plz. let me know. We have Stroughter/ Biggers/ Grimm/ and maby eventually Dekota Watson. Don’t get it twisted, im more of an omptimist then Thomas will ever be but I respect a man’s word if thats their opinion but im not goin to bash anyone on an internet site.

  30. MOBucs Says:

    Grimm is going to be great for the team. I watched some highlights of Ahmad Black the other day and see the same type of player. Neither one may have the physical attributes or combine stats, but both have incredible instincts and a knack for being around the football. They could turn into one hell of a dynamic duo!

  31. HIRE GREG OLSON! Says:

    MOBucs +1

    My thought exactly. Two scrappy instinctual safeties who play way above their measureables…

  32. McBuc Says:

    Thomas…Sapp had combine numbers that were pretty close to GMC…Sapp also said “D Linemen do not bench press at the line…”or something along those lines. Oh, Sapp also had the same type numbers his rookie year. Go post on the Lion’s site, so you can show your love to Suh.

  33. McBuc Says:

    You also posted earlier that Sapp fell in the draft due to size, this is not true…he fell because of rumors of drug use.

  34. marcus Says:

    Give me a defensive linemen with good technique and proper leverage and use of hands and i’ll take that guy over pure strentgh any day. A lot of last years highlights of G.M.C. was him coming a fraction of a second late but it was enough pressure to cause an errant throw and thats still a good thing. I watched a lot of college football and G.M.C. lived in the backfield of opposing offenses.

  35. Architek Says:

    Welcome to the site and you definitely will enjoy the constant flow of information and interaction with other Buc fans. I wasn’t trying to disencourage you from hearing Thomas argument but at first glance you seem like a sensible fan and it would be a shame for you to get tagged with the Thomas label. We all have an opinion, thanks to the constitution, but there is something unwise about yelling “bomb” on a plane…that’s what discussing with Thomas is like.

    On to the topic at hand, Grimm represents what this new Bucs generation is about. Blue collar, smart, and a leader that can just make plays regardless of his measurables. I loved him at VA Tech and I love the addition of Black. I’m not going to speculate or debate McCoy rookie season because he was a rookie playing in the most violent positions on the field. I know Suh was nasty and we all saw that but DET Dline was more talented overall. However, did you notice how ineffective their Dline was against Freeman? So the point is we have what it takes to win in this league. The dynamic qb. All else important but make no mistake we go as Freeman goes.

  36. thomas 2.2 Says:

    Marcus sounds like a very reasonable man, good to have your participation.

    McBuc: I don’t ever believe I said that Sapp fell due to size, I know why he fell – Weed. He may have been the #1 overall if it werent for the THC. Sapp was incredibly strong – I recall him winning the bench press competitions or coming very close when they use to have the NFL skills competitions after the seasons.

    @HireGReg: You are correct. I didnt like the AluAlu pick by the Jags either but he made the all-rookie team at DT with Suh. I would sure be happier with Alualu than McCoy now.

    To dismiss the myth: the defensive ends actually graded higher in the run game than our tackles (I know they did not apply much pass rush pressure) but surprisingly the bucs RE (mostly styles) grades out 17th in the NFL against the run. It was our tackles who graded out horribly against the run last year – one reason why Ruud had to make so many stops after the first level.

  37. thomas 2.2 Says:

    FYI_ the draft junkies web site put out its biggest BUST list from the last 10 drafts – guess who they pegged for 2010: that is right:

    No. 10: 2010 — Gerald McCoy, defensive tackle, Oklahoma
    -Selected No. 3 overall by Tampa Bay (they did qualify it by saying that it is too early to call him a bust but based on being picked #3 he should have made more of an impact)

    That is all I have been saying which freaks some of you sheep out.

  38. Mr. Lucky Says:


    being a ‘fan’ doesn’t mean you have to drink the team’s Kool-Aid. Sure the Bucs look to have a lot of potential on their D-line but I’m more partial to being from Missouri; the show me state.

    Cody Grimm showed heart and hustle last year. He left it on the field for all to see. No hype, not a 1st round pick, just hard work – my kinda player.

  39. BigMacAttack Says:

    One more player that should be mentioned as a bust turned awesome, is Jason Babin. It took a long time for this guy to figure it out, but in the right scheme with the right coaching he has flourished.