BSPN Gushing Over Olson, Freeman, Raheem

March 28th, 2011

As loyal readers know, Joe often needs a barf bag when exposed to most things ESPN. But still, Joe is always sniffing out all things Bucs from all sources, including those of the Disney cartel.

In this BSPN video allegedly about the draft, Trent Dilfer, Chris Mortensen and some draft expert with motionless hair team up to make a bunch of love to the Bucs, among other tidbits. …Prepare to laugh out loud when Dilfer says no offensive coordinator in the league is better than Greg Olson.

  • 13 Responses to “BSPN Gushing Over Olson, Freeman, Raheem”

    1. Dave Says:

      Good to hear some love, especially after all the Talib stuff the last day.

    2. Mike Says:

      I is always nice to see the Bucs getting some love from BSPN

    3. Fear The Glo Says:

      Am I the only one that CAN’T STAND Trent Dilfer?

      Even when he is complimenting the Bucs I still don’t like the guy.

    4. derek Says:

      why try to stir the pot? dilfer didnt say olsen was the best he said he was among the best

    5. dimitrios Says:

      love the praise we’re receiving.. although i must say, yes the offense was explosive and unlike anything us bucs fans have ever seen in tampa lol i dont quite understand the deep throws on 3rd and 1s other then that we’re great.. and i dont understand everyone sweating this talib situation??? he hasnt been arrested and im sure the dude did something to disrespect his sister ie talib and momma talib snapping… guys this is football i dont care what these athletes do off the field just deliver on the pitch!

    6. Rican Says:

      “Greg Olsen is as good as any out there” is what Trent truly said. I think ; )

    7. Joe Says:

      Am I the only one that CAN’T STAND Trent Dilfer?

      Feat The Glo:

      Join the club. Dilfer is on the take (see: McCoy, Colt).

    8. Snook Says:

      Josh Freeman is a superstar. Period.

      Glad to see others outside the Bucs agree.

    9. Gavster Says:

      I dont think i have ever seen dilfer not say “We all know this is a quarterback driven league” He is also a huge sanchez supporter which is why Mort had to clarify to him over and over that freeman “AS OF NOW” is the better qb in that class. lol.

    10. Tuggz Says:

      These talking heads can kiss my ass to be honest. “HOW SURPRISED WERE YOU WHEN THE BUCS GOT 10 WINS?! LOL” “WHEN HE SAID 10 IN THE PRESEASON, I LAUGHED SO HARD *GUFFAW*”

      Paraphrased of course, but that’s what I hear when these suits talk.

      PS Mel Kiper has to be a motorhead. Has to be.

    11. Hunter Says:

      What are you guys talking about that it’s great that we are receiving attention. ESPN is doing one of these videos with ALL the teams…

    12. admin Says:

      Joe here,

      @Derek – You might want to re-watch the video.

    13. Rican Says:

      “As good as any offensive coordinator in the league”- Trent’s exact words