Aqib Talib’s Incidents Growing Worse

March 28th, 2011

With the news of Aqib Talib’s failed attempt to play Sonny Corleone, the immediate concerns of the Bucs secondary came to Joe’s mind.

No, Joe still is against going after a mega-free agent cornerback. Too costly when there are other much greater areas of needs for the Bucs (linebacker, defensive end, offensive line spring to mind). Besides, the Bucs secondary is solid, as documented by

But with the very real chance Talib may miss games, Joe wonders if this changes Bucs rock star general manager Mark Dominik’s draft plans? Or more precise, what to do with Talib?

Per, Talib signed a five-year, $14 million contract in July 2008 that includes $8.2 million guaranteed. 2011: $1,653,750, 2012: $1,852,500, 2013: Free agent.

With Ronde Barber retiring after the 2011 season, would the Bucs see fit to let Talib loose too, thereby creating at least one hole in the secondary?

Surely the Bucs are tired of dealing with all of Talib’s violent antics and to be frank, they have escalated. First, throwing down at a rookie symposium. Then, wielding a helmet at teammates which could have put someone in a hospital, or worse. That was followed up by slugging a cabbie while flying down the highway at 55 mph (or more). In between he had a cursing tirade at his head coach in a hotel lobby in England and got a little crazy with NFL officials after a close loss at Baltimore. Now, an assault and gunfight.

The next incident, well, Joe doesn’t want to think about it.

Dominik will surely wash his hands of Talib after the 2012 season, letting him walk and be someone else’s headache.

If Talib makes it that far.

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  1. Sander Says:

    Maybe we should wait to see what, exactly, the outcome of the legal process is before we start declaring that Dominik will “surely” not want Talib in the future.

  2. tj Says:

    Trade could be a possibility could get a 2 round pick. Cause it is obvious that talib has anger issues. Raheem has proven he can coach somebody up in the secondary

  3. Joe Says:

    Trade could be a possibility could get a 2 round pick.

    Just who is going to give up a second round pick for this guy? Dave Wannstedt is no longer a head coach in the NFL.

    Look, the Steelers could only get a fifth round pick for stud receiver whose only problem was he couldn’t put the bong down. Talib very well could be behind bars.

  4. Gary Says:

    Wow from lockdown corner and franchise cornerstone to getting kicked to the curb when the time is right in a few hours.

    Even if he gets off totally scott free, which we all know wont happen; when his contract is up he will want a huge payday and thats too risky for the org.

    Seems like he is destined to leave either way. I wish I could go back to yesterday.

  5. eric Says:

    This guy is through.

    Texas likely has some mandatory prison time for this type of behavior, even if he wasn’t shooting at the guy. If they can prove he was he could be in for a lonnnnnng stretch.

    Unless he plays on the mean machine, forget football Talib, you moron.

  6. Architek Says:

    I agree with your stance for not wanting to pay for a high dollar CB in free agency but at the same time how else do you feel we can get the hole filled this season. The top two Cb’s will be gone by the time we pick and Jimmy Smith also another wanna be thug that has character issues. I would at least consider paying for a young cornerstone player that doesn’t have the same character issues.

  7. Thomas 2.2 Says:

    Wow! In one year: T Jax gets busted again, J. Stevans gets busted, M. Will for speeding after drinking (but not over the limit), Geno Taze – gets well tazed for being disorderly, now we have the defensive back of the year in SERIOUS legal trouble. If what we are hearing is true, his NFL career is most certainly over.

    I guess we are in need of a corner after all Joe.

    Is there any coincidence that secondary, the guys our HC is in charge of, and who are pro bowl level players seem to be the worst and most frequent offenders? I think this buddy-buddy thing that Rah Rah has with many of these players sends completely the wrong message to them and the team. They think that they are invincible and subject to no discipline from the team.

    Talib is done, probably a good thing as he was a ticking time bomb. Based on history we have other players ticking – tick -tick -tick! Just a matter of time until some others (that the bucs stole for a value b/c other teams stayed away from the risk that the bomb would explode on their watch) detonate.

    More of the same from the new bucs. Now wonder the community hasn’t rallied behind this team enough to sellout the place. Misfits can be good and cheap football players, but you just can’t count on them.

  8. Joe Says:


    The Bucs did OK without Talib last year. As documented by FootballOutsiders, E.J. Biggers grades out as exceptional.

    No need to go crazy and break the bank on an area not of need. OK, go get a veteran like Sean Jones who is a decent starter if need be.

    Joe’s OK if — which really doesn’t fit Dominik’s history or profile — the Bucs splurge on a linebacker or defensive end or an offensive lineman.

  9. Pete Dutcher Says:

    The whole story isn’t even out yet. For all we know, the Billings guy was beating Talibs sister.

    Also, the Texas laws use to state that you can shoot someone tresspassing on your property…not sure if that is true, but if Billings did so and had voilent intent, then the shooting is justified by law.

    Either way, if Talib had done anything illegal, he would have been arrested on the spot. Instead, the supposed victim was, proving that there is more to this than has thus far been revealed.

    The sad thing is, Raheem cannot call Talib to hear his side.

  10. Pete Dutcher Says:

    To add to my comments, anyone there would be a person of interest until the case is closed.

  11. Travis Says:

    Is this overreaction Monday?
    Settle down folks, this will all play out and things will blow over, hell Donte Stallworth killed someone and player 1 year later. Lenoard Little Killed someone and didnt miss a game, same with Ray Lewis.

    Talib “is accused” of firing a shot, no details are known yet, go drink a Bud light and take a breather.

  12. Theodore Says:

    Yes, settle down all. Ray Lewis killed two people at one Super Bowl party and won Super Bowl MVP the next year. Talib didn’t even connect with his shots, let alone kill the guy.

    Just another reason why video games are ruining today’s youth. They have no accuracy.

  13. Amar Says:

    Very nicely said Travis…You just may have helped put some of us at ease.

  14. toolman Says:

    Street mentality is to take the law into your own hands. With his money, Talib should hire a body guard…one that has enough sense to just intimidate the perp and keep Talib and family safe and out of trouble.

  15. Fishdaddy217 Says:

    Joe, I understand that EJ grades out well but why wouldn’t you at least entertain the idea of Asomugha? Reports are that our payroll # after the Barber deal is only $63 mill, even if we gave him $14 mill a year our payroll # would only be $77 mill. The Salary cap floor when it returns probably would be no lower than 100mill, leaving plenty of room for re-signing Joseph, Trueblood, Hayward, etc. I know theres gonna be people on both sides of this but I just think its a no-brainer to get Aso after these events.

  16. Gavster Says:

    I wouldnt let him walk just like that. We’ll see what happens from here. This case seems more justified than the past ones. He sure is stupid though. But I wont say anything about them letting him go or not until this is resolved.

  17. Gavster Says:

    I also agree with toolman. a body guard would be a SPLENDID idea for someone like talib. but yeah if talib is gone we definitely need to draft a corner or pay for one. Especially with ronde having 1 yr left.

  18. Jerrjenn2 Says:

    Who was arrested? Billings, the sisters exboyfriend. Why? Because he either had a restraining order against him from 2 previous incidents, or had warrants from 2 previous incidents. Either way I doubt Talib will be charged at all. This current incident happened a week ago…

  19. Pete Dutcher Says:

    I was about to mention the time frame. It happened a week ago and if Talib had done anything wrong, he would have been charged by now.

    Either way, we’re not likely to hear much since the Bucs canot talk to him.

  20. oar Says:

    I think he can’t afford the saltines and anchovies, and is looking for a place that has free room and meals!
    Seriously, were not sure what exactly went down? But, if he did anything illegal, sister beating or not, well then……

  21. BamBamBuc Says:

    Ok, so no need to panic. But considering it may be some time before we actually get to free agency with the lockout, and more information will likely be available by then, I think it’s safe to say that if there’s even a chance of jail time or suspension from the league, the Bucs should get a free agent CB, not draft one. We’re not gonna get Patrick Peterson or Prince Amukamura, and they’re the only ones even close in ability to Talib. We have tens of millions of dollars we’ll have to spend to reach the salary floor. Why would Asomugha be out of the equation? It’s not like we can’t afford him and still have tons of money to sign some of our own guys as well. We’d still have enough left over to sign a DE free agent or LB. If not Asomugha, what about Jonathon Joseph of the Bengals, or Chris Carr or Josh Wilson of the Ravens? Not exactly the same level as Talib, but an instant fix without wasting a draft choice that is better suited for DE, LB, or OL.

  22. gitarlvr Says:

    Don’t forget the Mike Williams case. Very easy to rush to judgement here. The boyfriend admitted he took Tailb’s gun?? He was already wanted on multiple domestic violence charges against the sister and probably violated a restraining order in being there? This could very easily end up being dismissed as self defense by Aqib and his mom.

    On a side note- Aqib’s mom is packing heat???? LOL. That’s one hardcore mom.

  23. eric Says:

    Ray Lewsi had a trial in Atlanta.

    This stuff is going down in Garland, Texas.

    Huge difference.

  24. Architek Says:

    Travis, you are right but its not about the over reaction but the actions of our star on defense. we are supposed to be building around him and this is incident # what again? I’m sorry, there is nothing you can tell me to convince me that Tampa needs to plan for life after Aqib. He’s not guilty but he is a negative reflection of the team. I feel like we are watching the show,” The Game.” (starring Aqib Talib)

  25. Architek Says:

    Eric actually Garland Tx is a suburd with their own laws and regulations. In other words, Garland police is commensurate of Tampa police…(hint hint) You get the point?

  26. gitarlvr Says:

    Also I don’t really care whether Aqib gets in trouble with the law utlimately or not. I don’t blame him at all for defending his sister by any means necessary. How do we know this @**wipe wasn’t threatening to kill Aqib’s sister? That’s a pretty common thing for these woman beaters to do. How many of us wouldn’t take extreme action if they were actually in fear for their sisters life? I know I would. Consequences be damned. If you are legitimately in fear for the life of a family member you do what you have to do. This guy had multiple recent charges against the sister pending against him and now he was back AGAIN.

  27. Joe Says:


    Joe, I understand that EJ grades out well but why wouldn’t you at least entertain the idea of Asomugha?

    Sigh. Joe’s been pretty clear as to why. No need to repeat it for the 800th time. 🙁

  28. tj Says:

    Sorry Joe if I remember we got a 2 round pick for gaines Adams.

  29. Joe Says:


    Gaines Adams didn’t have near the baggage Aqib Talib has. Actually, Adams had no baggage.

    No need to apologize man. 🙂 Just though that was crazytalk. 🙂

    If Talib had no baggage, yeah, he’s likely at least a second round pick. But if he had no baggage, this discussion wouldn’t be happening.

  30. Hunter Says:

    We should put Talib in an anger management program, not get rid of him. If we have any chance of going to the Super Bowl it has to be with Talib.

  31. Joe Says:


    We should put Talib in an anger management program

    He’s already in one. As you can see, it’s quite effective. 🙁

  32. gitarlvr Says:

    Joe- Your insane to think CB isn’t a need if Talib is gone. Remember the Detroit game? Yeah im sorry but the Bucs won’t be shutting down opposing teams #1 recievers on a regular basis with E.J. Biggers and a 36 year old Ronde Barber. Your insane if you don’t realize that corner becomes a huge need without Talib. E.J. Biggers would be the guy having to cover the other teams #1 most of the time. Let’s see how highly football outsiders ranks him after next year if that happens. I would be comfortable with the guy as a second starter after Ronde retires but neither he nor Ronde at this point are legitimate #1 corners. If you disagree with that you are delirious. Its also funny how people ignore the fact that Ronde could hit the wall physically at any moment. Thats how it happens. Your still a star one moment, old and washed up the next. See the difference in Brett Favre between 2009/2010. Without Talib and if Ronde loses another step during this offseason you could be looking at Biggers and Myron Lewis as your starters next year. That would not be a good thing.

  33. Joe Says:

    Your insane to think CB isn’t a need if Talib is gone.

    Call Joe “insane.”

    If Pat Kirwan is correct and Barrett Ruud is gone, the linebacker corps is far more devoid of players than the secondary. If Talib is gone, the secondary is still the Bucs second strongest unit.

    In fact, Kirwan is of the belief losing Ruud will hurt the Bucs much more than Talib being gone.

  34. Hunter Says:

    Damn. I forgot he already was…….not good.

  35. gitarlvr Says:

    Joe- Enjoy living in your little la la land where the Bucs still have a good secondary without their best defensive back. Since you put so much stock in sites like football outsiders and profootball focus(I put some stock in them also) You should know that Quincy Black was on Pro football focus all NFC South team at outside linebacker. He just edged out Geno Hayes for the honor. They also say Barrett Ruud rated absolutely horrendous for the 2010 season. I like Pat Kirwan too but his word is not gospel.

  36. gitarlvr Says:

    There’s the link on Q. Black.

    There is the link on Ruud where they call him “arguably the weak spot on the Bucs defense”.

  37. Joe Says:


    Since you put so much stock in sites like football outsiders and profootball focus(I put some stock in them also)

    Joe does not put that much stock into those sites. Joe’s not a stat geek.

    However, in grading out Biggers, explained in great detail why they came to their conclusions, how they judged each element and — the best piece of information in Joe’s eyes — this was all done from monitoring tape of each of Bigger’s plays.

    As Mark Dominik is fond of saying, “The eye in the sky doesn’t lie.”

    It was a compelling, well-researched and rather clear explanation as to why Biggers was rated so high.

    Lastly, Joe didn’t notice the secondary crumble and the defense wilt when Talib was out with an injury. Seems as though they did OK against Matty Ice and Drew Brees. The Bucs loss to the Dixie Chicks wasn’t because Talib was on the sidelines.

  38. tj Says:

    you are right Joe not as much baggage but he does have the production. Raiders losing #21 Al Davis hires coach s like pimps change pimp hats . Jerry Jones thinks he can save Jesus ,so anything is possiable espically with Domminick cause God Bless his soul Gaines Adams was a bust, Talib is a top 10 corner

  39. Joe Says:


    Baggage scares teams away more than lack of production.

    Short of Dave Wannstedt getting a job as a GM somewhere, there just is no way any team is going to cough up a second round pick for Talib. If there was, Talib would be gone before the ink is dry on the new CBA. Dominik wouldn’t be able to consummate the deal quick enough.

    Again, a guy who has proven himself much better than Talib, Santonio Holmes, the Steelers couldn’t get more than a late-fifth round pick for him and all he did was not put down the bong. Well, come to think of it, there was a domestic dispute some years ago for Holmes.

    Holmes’ bad mistakes don’t even come close to what Talib has done.

  40. Jo Mama Says:

    How to Restructure Aqib Talib’s Contract and Keep Him

    Aqib Talib signed a 14 million dollar contract with $8.2 million in guaranteed money.

    I am sure his contract has a Morals Clause.

    Use this Morals Clause to get him back in line and keep him in line until his contract expires.

    I would use this Morals Clause to make it so he is paid the League minimum for the rest of his contract and hold the remaining money due to him in Escrow.

    If he fininishes the remainder of his contract without any more incidents of being a THUG…he gets all the money.

    Additionally I would the have the Glazers fight the NFL from imposing any fines or suspensions. Seeing how this was done with no CBA he should not be able to be punished.

    This way:

    We get to keep him
    We get to keep him in line with a real consequences
    We can show him that we are willing to go to bat for him in front of the NFL

    If he fails to be a good boy scout and gets into trouble again…the money which he is not paid, I would use to purchase Bucs tickets and give them away to needed people.

    He is too good of a player to let go….but he is too much of a risk not to impose heavy consequences before he comes back.

  41. gitarlvr Says:

    Yeah but the reason they couldn’t stop Megatron from having one of his best days ever was because they didnt have their big prototype physical #1 corner who could possibly matchup against him.

    “The reason the Bucs lost to the Dixie Chicks wasn’t because Talib was on the sideline”

    Really? I seem to remember Matt Ryan throwing his way down the field on the Falcons final drive for the game winning score. The type of situation where Talib excels and does things like come up with game sealing plays(Arizona, Cincinnati).

    The kick return vs. Atlanta was a fluky play and not why they lost(Bucs still had the lead after that). The Falcons final drive is what gave them the lead and what happens when you lose your best corner. The nightmare against Calvin Johnson is what happens when you lose your best corner.

  42. tj Says:

    Joe I hear you there is no bigger bucs fan then you but I live 30 minutes from pittsburgh 1 0 minuates from where galloway is from. The steelers were going to cut Holmes they were not asking for much. I think it can happen . Something I do agree with you on is our secondary is good without talib who loves to bite on short routes but with him are secondary can be great

  43. Joe Says:


    Really? I seem to remember Matt Ryan throwing his way down the field on the Falcons final drive for the game winning score.

    Joe seems to remember Mo Stovall whiffing on a tackle on a kickoff that enabled the Dixie Chicks to get back in the game.

  44. jvato24 Says:

    I can understand opening fire if you are fighting with someone who has beaten your sister then in the scuffle grabs your gun .. Who the hell knows what he will do with it .. Plus this guy was on her property ..

    If someone was on my property threatening my sister after he had already beaten her .. I would fire some shots too .. Just hit him before he gets to the street and off the property

  45. D-Rome Says:

    Is this what they call “keepin it real”?

  46. Joe Says:


    Did you watch the Pittsburgh game?

    Joe suspects E.J. Biggers could volleyball touchdown passes to the Steelers equally as well as Talib.

  47. scholty Says:

    I don’t understand what all the fuzz is about.

    Let’s see what the ‘facts’ are.

    Talib is at either his sister or mom’s house.

    Billings, a guy with 2 charges for violence against Talib’s sister is at the house and causes a commotion. Talib shows a weapon but does NOT fire.

    They wrestle over the gun at which point Billings takes Talib’s gun and high tails it. Talib’s MOTHER fires three rounds after which point Talib takes the gun from her and ALLEGEDLY fires 2 more shots in Billings direction. Billings at THAT point STILL has Talibs gun (There is no way for them to know if he got rid of the weapon before or after the shots were fired).

    All Talib has to say is that he FEARED for his life on HIS property and the case is closed.

    If he were such a thug, he would have SHOT Billings in the beginning and NOT give him the opportunity to wrestle over HIS gun.

    The fact that the cops arrested BILLINGS shows that Talib is not necessary the BAD guy everyone makes him out to be.

    Discharging a firearm within city limits is AGAINST the law, EXCEPT when you are protecting yourself. Therefore, the case gets investigated, goes in front of the prosecutor, then grand jury and then….

    In Texas you have the right to shoot someone as long as they are on YOUR property and you FEARED for your life because of the other person threatening you. OH, just thought of this… if someone STEALS or is in possession of your property, you are justified in shooting as well… forgot about that.

    Long story short…. just wait how all of this plays out… All I’m hearing so far, was that he was PROTECTING his sister, from some thug!

  48. scholty Says:

    To add:

    On March 27, 2007, Governor Rick Perry signed Senate Bill 378 into law, making Texas a “Castle Doctrine” state which came into effect September 1, 2007.[290] Residents lawfully occupying a dwelling may shoot a person who “unlawfully, and with force, enters or attempts to enter the dwelling”, or who removes or attempts to remove someone from that dwelling, or who commits or attempts to commit a “qualifying” felony such as burglary, arson, rape, aggravated assault, robbery or murder. In addition, a shooter who has a legal right to be wherever he/she is at the time of a defensive shooting has no “duty to retreat” before being justified in shooting; the “trier of fact” may not consider whether the person retreated when deciding whether the person was justified in shooting.

  49. jvato24 Says:

    Good job scholty .. When it comes to family and someone on your property they are asking to see The Big guy in the sky .. Wrong or Right .. It is a good way to end up there

  50. m.wesley Says:

    Being stupid in other situations makes people look at him the way that they do,if not for the other incidents we would all be praising him for the protecting his sister.It is his fault that he is looked at this way but how many of us would have watched someone beat their sister?And I bet that guy did most of his beatings when Talib was in Tampa,that might be the reason that moms carry a gun?

  51. RastaMon Says:

    His name will NEVER be spoken again !……

  52. Joe Says:


    Per the police report, Billings, the scumbag that Talib was alleged to have pistol whipped and shot at, was running away from the scene when Talib shot at him.

    Even under the dictates of Texas law, going to be a trick to prove Talib — if charged — was acting in self defense firing a weapon at a guy fleeing from the scene of the crime.

    Remember there are witnesses that have corroborated Billings’ testimony.

  53. scholty Says:

    Joe, Depends on the situation. If he was still in possession of Talib’s gun it doesn’t matter. He acted in self defense. Remember the ‘no duty to retreat’ part. If I remember right, if you steal my car and drive off, I can DEFEND my property (the car) and fire my weapon. Same situation ‘should’ apply to Talib’s gun.

    Now, if he ‘hits him in the back’ and he dies – things would get a LOT dicier. However, in Texas at least, those things are a bit more liberal when acting in self defense and you FEARED for your life.

    All depends on the prosecutor and what Talib said to the cops etc. but the fact that they did not arrest him, tends to look positive for Talib.

    However, I’m not a lawyer nor do I play one on TV.

  54. BigMacAttack Says:

    Everybody in Texas owns a gun, so they may downplay this a little bit. Didn’t hit anything, no harm, no foul. At least he wasn’t in New York. If you’re going to shoot someone, Texas is probably the best place.

  55. Joe Says:

    Depends on the situation. If he was still in possession of Talib’s gun it doesn’t matter.


  56. RastaMon Says:

    Hey….lets not fool each other with “lets play a Lawyer”….
    the guy is a DUMB PHUCK loser….
    too STUPID….
    He belongs in prison…

  57. Architek Says:

    If you discharge a gun in city limits without rightful cause in Texas, thats a misdemeanor sir.

    Why not just kick the guy’s ass with a bat or something less lethal? Or here’s a thought, he’s a football player why not just kick his ass like you do on Sundays?

  58. JDeezy Says:

    Joe’s right. The money has to be spent on the pass rush. The good thing is an improved pass rush allows a little less talent in the defensive backfield. In other words, improving the pass rush will alleve or possibly negate the problem of not having Talib.

  59. scholty Says:


    Well, considering Billings was IN possession of Talib’s gun and he FEARED for his life and the people around him, it was self defense. Castle doctrine.

    And I believe he tried to kick his ass in the beginning when he tried to pistol whip him. Only when that went sideways did his MOTHER open fire first and then Talib.

    Also, in the police report Saran (his sister) called him and her mother for help.

    Now, if he just for the ‘fun’ of it – fires at the mailbox across the street – I’d agree with you on the discharge of firearm charge.

  60. Hawaiian Buc Says:

    It is always amazing to me how some people are so quick to immediately assume guilt, especially after the Mike Williams incident. I guess all of you were there, so you know exactly what happened. I guess you people believe everything you read, huh?

    One thing Joe didn’t mention (or if he did I somehow missed it), is that the “victim” was arrested after the incident. Why was he arrested? Because he was involved in two offenses involving him and Talib’s sister. I don’t know about you, but if someone is abusing my sister repeatedly, I’m scared to think of what I would do. I am not condoning what he did (if he even did anything), but you are not a real man if you don’t defend your family.

  61. Architek Says:

    Yes you’re but the big picture here is we have a top 5-7 CB who is a social misfit. No he is not hood’ nor should he think he is but there are ways to make people like Billings stop beating his sister. Talib decision making is the big issue. I have had to kick someone ass for my sister before and guess what I took my gun but didnt pull it out because I was taught you pull it and you use it, don’t pull and not use because you never know when you see that person again.

    Basicaly what I am saying here is we have to plan for him not to be a long term part of our team. Joe says No to paying a big time FA but I disagree somewhat because an elite CB can work like an elite limeman also. Asomugha played on BAD teams and still erased one side of the field. If we have to spend to meet the minimum why not invest in a young dominant player just entering his prime?

  62. Tom Says:

    Dear Hawaiian Buc,

    How did it feel to defend Talib as though he was a choir boy, what, a week ago? Then read this article. I certainly wouldn’t want Talib to go to jail or lose his NFL gig just to prove you wrong, but damn. Yes, he is a troublemaker, he is a huge risk, and NO you DON’T rely on a guy like this. You are an idiot if you think otherwise.

    Joe, so CB still isn’t a need because we had a 7th round pick play well in parts of his first season of NFL action and have a 36 year old returning to start on the other side? How’s your Derrick Ward withdrawal going? Still missing him?

  63. Weneeddefense Says:

    Sign the CB from the Raiders ASA the free agency hits. Anyone who disagrees is blind.

  64. eric Says:

    This aint no courtroom, so rampant speculation is allowed, if not encouraged.

    But I just can’t see wrestling over a gun and then firing it at a guy can be a justifiable thing. Call 911 if sis is in danger and they will haul the guy to jail. Then get a restraining order.

    Plus the guy had the gun for awhile! And Talib is an animal and could easily kick the guys ass without a gun.

    Whatever the legalities, just plain stupid, which we all know can’t be fixed.

    Move on Rah, your better than this.

  65. Capt.Tim Says:

    I said a month ago that we should sign Nnamadi, or another top Corner, Because Talib is too ” Emotionally turbulent” to count on. Unfortunately, I am dead on again. Talib just isn’t smart enough to stay out of trouble. Remember his idiotic fight with the refs in the tunnel last year? He is yet another horriblly bad pick by the worst talent appraiser alive- lIl Chucky!. He drafted so few that made the team , that it was unbelievable! Then the few that did, we lose due to stupidity or illness! I swear Al Davis payed them to do it to us!!

    For those arguing with me last month , about the solid secondary- WRONG!! Talib just isn’t smart enough to build around. Now that “Great Secondary” is Ronde at age 38, Biggers with limited playing experience, and Lewis with almost none! Better hope Ronde doesn’t finally lose that step this year!’

    Yeah, great! Bring on Brees and Ryan! I forgot our secret weapon Elbert Mack! We’ll dominate!! Good luck with that

    Now my idea on signing Nnamadi looks pretty smart, huh? I have a tough job here. Being right all the time is a terrible burden!

  66. Hawaiian Buc Says:


    I never said he was a choir boy. I simply said that it was false that he would be suspended for the season with one more incident, unless that one incident was so bad anyone would be suspended for the season. I suggest you go look that up before you misquote me. It makes you look less stupid.

    And yes, he probably is someone we can no longer count long term due to his temper. However, let all the details come out before you condemn the man. I have a strong feeling we don’t know all the details, so I try not to draw conclusions until I know the facts (imagine that!).

    I do find the details that have come out so far very strange. First of all, the “victim” got the gun and then threw it in the trash. So not only is he a woman beater, he is an idiot. Why would you not hold on to it; you know, so the guy with the gun can’t retrieve it and try to shoot you with it? It just doesn’t make sense, which leads me to believe that all the facts are not correct. However, it is very possible that the facts could be wrong in a way that makes Talib look worse, but we just don’t know.

  67. Hawaiian Buc Says:

    But as a result of all this, I am starting to agree with you Capt. Tim, maybe we should seriously consider Nnamdi.

  68. gotbbucs Says:

    Capt. Tim,
    You just fell several more notches in my book. With a post like that, patting yourself on the back because something bad happened to the team, you are now hovering just above Thomas and Eric.
    Our only true superstar on defense is at risk of getting a huge suspension from the league and you’re gloating about it? I see you still haven’t taken the time to learn how to spell your favorite player’s name yet either.

  69. Joe Says:

    Now my idea on signing Nnamadi looks pretty smart, huh?

    Nope. Silly to be honest.

  70. Achetti813 Says:

    Joe, I’ve been reading for a couple months and i enjoy what you have to say, but on this youve gone off the deap end. Saying with the present situation of Talib (and this situation could get worse) that entertaining the idea of signing a big time CB FA is silly then you really need to dig a little deeper in your brain for ideas to write about. Without Talib Calvin Johnson single handedly beat us. We went from a top 5 nfl team in int to almost non-existent. And the more times you reference the shut down stats that website came up with about Biggers the more i find them irrelevant. We are few puzzle pieces towards making a playoff push and without Talib CB becomes our biggest need on defense. Think about if talib gets suspended, when he and Tenard get back our defense gets immensely better but if Talib looks to serve jail time We need to look for a top CB FA.

  71. Achetti813 Says:

    And Joe i could understand before why we wouldnt sign Nnamadi but after this to still say looking at him as a potential replacement is dumb seems to be more hard headed than intelligent.

  72. Joe Says:


    Last time Joe will comment on this subject:

    Even without Aqib Talib, the Bucs secondary is better than its linebacker corps and offensive line.

    Barrett Ruud — per a very good source — is gone and if you believe the correct people, the Bucs defense will crumble without him calling assignments due to so many young, inexperienced players on the defense. Joe just doesn’t see how anyone can justify spending a Brinks truck on a player at a position where the team has much bigger, much more significant holes and needs to fill.

    That’s like saying you have a hole in your roof and your driveway is cracked, so with the limited amount of cash you have in your checking account, you’re going to spend a fortune to repave your driveway and ignore the hole in the roof despite the Florida rains.

    Joe can totally understand going after modest, average to above-average cornerbacks in free agency that don’t break the bank. Joe’s on board with that.

    The passion and desire for Nnamdi Asomugha, Joe just doesn’t get. If the only weak link on the Bucs was secondary, Joe would be all for this guy. But that’s simply not the case with the Bucs.

    Maybe this hunger for Asomugha is some fantasy football philosophy that’s lost on Joe?

    (Joe doesn’t play fantasy football.)

  73. Mr. Lucky Says:

    Hey I notice that the Super Bowl bound Bucs talk has ceased…..

  74. jesse j Says:

    Capt, Can you sign autographs while patting yourself on the back and pounding your chest?

  75. Fishdaddy217 Says:

    Joe Says:

    “March 28th, 2011 at 4:12 pm

    Joe, I understand that EJ grades out well but why wouldn’t you at least entertain the idea of Asomugha?

    Sigh. Joe’s been pretty clear as to why. No need to repeat it for the 800th time. ”

    Right…sigh… and the previous 799 times were before Talibs latest transgression, when that point of view made sense. Myron Lewis may end up great but he’s unproven, EJ showed flashes but also got burnt against Detroit, Ronde is more than likely in his last year. Signing Aso would NOT hurt our ability to lock up Free, Blount, and MW down the road, especially since now they won’t be paying Aqib the 7 or 8 mill a year that he would have likely gotten after this year or next. Thanks.

  76. Capt.Tim Says:

    GotBucs- “our only true Superstar on Defense is at risk of getting a huge suspension . .” Damn, Dude, wasn’t that my damn point for for the last few months!!! The guys is mentally a few steps up from a cod fish! Remember he was busted for smoking Pot right before the combine- where he KNEW he would be tested! Fighting with fellow rookie Cory Byrd at the rookie seminar at Canton. The Cabbie.Attacking Penn.Fighting with Referees in the tunnel last year. You have your head in the sand, GotBucs? This guy isn’t gonna make it. He just isn’t smart enough, and will end up in prison sooner than later. That was my point months ago, and he just keeps reaffirming it. He is Tanard Jackson with a different problem, same result. You want a SuperBowl contender? Then you don’t try to build your secondary with players who won’t be there for you. Especially in the secondary, with today’s pass happy 3 and 4 reciever sets.

    And I wasn’t “gloating”. Joe and I had a a long discussion over this topic. He loves our secondary, and thinks it’s great even without Talib. I think our secondary is a major weakness- even with Talib due to his mental instability.I love Ronde- but he’s gonna lose a step sooner than later. Meybe this year, in camp. I said Talib would do something like this in my January discussion with Joe. That leaves Biggers( great potential- limited playing time- ready to start??), Lewis( same as Bigger), Elbert Mack( ah, no thank you), and ??? Ready to defend Brees and Ryan’s 4 recieve sets. As I said to Joe- good luck with that! They’ll be dying to play us 2 times each a year. Joe thinks the secondary is a strength. I still would like him to list our 4 starters if Talib is lost- as I said he probably would be. I saidthen I hoped Aqib had grown up, but he hasn’t ever shown any signs of being anything but an idiot. This shouldn’t have been a surprise to any of you.

    I do agree with Joe that LB is a bigger disaster. I think Ruud will get more money elsewhere, and will leave. No big deal either way. But as all the experts are saying, and everyone here is starting to realize- we need to replace both outside LBs. Their play was terrible last year against the run. Have to upgrade both spots.

    And Of course, we need a pass rushing DE desperately. No CB will be sucessful with pressure on the QB. I feel we will be fine on the DLine with a good First round DE. I have more faith in Crowder, Bennett, and Magee than most.

    To say I’m “a step above Thomas and Eric” – geez, you got your head in your butt today, GotBucs?? Nobody as defended the team, coaches, and owners more than I. To the point that some less informed fans have implied I am a homer. I’m not. I believe in this team. But not blindly. Talib, Jaxkson, Stevens,Sears, and Adams( among others) are all players no longer with this team due to Non- football related issues. 2 due to illness, 3 due to chronic character flaws. Considering how few players Lil Chucky actually sadder to the team, it’s amazing how many we lost. Especially young draft picks, where he was the worst in the league at drafting players who made the team!

    Our secondary needs a CB we can count On. It also needs another Safety, as Jones was average at best. Grimm, like Biggers and Lewis, shows real potential. But potential means ya haven’t done nothing yet! I believe in those young guys. But even if they suceed, we still need a dependable shutdown corner. And it isn’t the mentally unstable Talib. Anymore than Jackson is dependable at Safety . This secondary isn’t a strenght. It’s a train wreck with the potential to improve. Just because our OLBs are horrible, doent mean we ignore our secondary. Fortunately Dominck is running the Bucs, not Joe or us. I am sure he was already aware of Talib’s mental deficiencies, and has been planning to jettison yet another of Gruden’s many failures. Almost exorcised them all from the team. Just a few more!!

  77. tj Says:

    Joe branding Marshall was traded for s 2 round pick he was no angel you can apologize later lol

  78. WeNeedDefense Says:


    “Remember he was busted for smoking Pot right before the combine”

    LMAO… I mean, that right there is better than ANY test that a player can be put through. Major FAIL on sooooo many levels.

  79. Tom Says:

    Hawaiian Buc,

    Let me quote you here “Besides, that cab punching incident happened nearly 2 years ago – let it go.”

    I was bothered by that line since apparently you weren’t aware or willing to admit the many other times Talib got in trouble which made him a huge risk so I found a nice article going through the list, then thought better of it. Bottom line you felt “that our secondary is the last thing that we need to address .”

    Timing is everything, and yours appears to suck. But sure, make it out to be that your only argument was about the 1 game to season suspension, which coincidentally could very well happen. Bottom line is this team has great talent and it has holes and weaknesses. If you are a fan that wants your team to be SUCCESSFUL then you want your owners to use their resources (including the almighty dollar) to address those holes rather than going through a BS line about “building through the draft” while simultaneously avoiding free agency like it’s the plague. Yes, even great teams use both successfully and the team is so far underneath what the cap would be that they could get a top flight CB, DE, LB and have spare change left over for an assortment of other vets to give the young players competition.

    But on second thought, let’s rely on our 7th round “top 10” corner to be the leader of our secondary. Right Joe?

  80. Hawaiian Buc Says:


    Was my statement incorrect? Was it nearly 2 years ago? Then why does it bother you? He didnt have any other issues since then, unless you count him yelling at a referee, which is ridiculous. This is a new issue, and yes my timing is bad. Again, I choose to reserve judgement until the facts are all in. I will concede that it doesn’t look good, and now is probably the time to start looking for alternatives.

    As for us using our resources, of course I do. However, that doesn’t mean we go out and go free agent crazy. If you haven’t noticed, the teams that do that have not been successful. What we have been doing has been working, so I see no need to deviate too much.

  81. Karen Jones Says:

    Maybe you should use good journalism & get the real story