Top 5 Draft Picks By Position

February 14th, 2011

As Joe explained earlier, Joe’s all-encompassing draft coverage starts today and rolls every day through April 28. Draft guru Justin Pawlowski, aka The Commish of WDAE-AM 620, kicks it off with his top-5 players by position. …Don’t forget to e-mail your draft questions to Pawlowski,, and he’ll answer the somewhat intelligent ones in his Wednesday mailbag. And don’t forget to hit up Pawlowski’s daily draft rumors at

1. Cam Newton – Auburn
2. Blaine Gabbert – Missouri
3. Ryan Mallett – Arkansas
4. Christian Ponder – FSU
5. Jake Locker – Washington
5. Colin Kaepernick – Nevada

-Gabbert might be the better “quarterback”, but Cam Newton has unlimited talent. I wish people would stop comparing Newton to JaMarcus Russell.  Newton’s work ethic has never come into question when that was Russell’s downfall.  Mallett’s off-the-field issues could drop him a ways.  Ponder and Kaepernick are seeing their stock rise. Ponder’s a good fit for a west-coast offense with his accuracy. Kaepernick is a unique athlete with unbelievable size and speed.

Running Backs
1. Mark Ingram – Alabama
2. Mikel Leshoure – Illinois
3. Daniel Thomas – Kansas St.
4. Ryan Williams – Va. Tech
5. Shane Vereen – Cal.

-Ingram is the cream of the crop this year.  Many have already compared him to Emmitt Smith with more speed. I’d hold off on that, but some people have said Ingram could run a 4.29 at the combine. We’ll see.  Leshoure and Thomas are big backs with great vision and power. Williams could be the most talented running back in this draft, but hamstring issues might drop him.

Wide Receivers
1. AJ Green – Georgia
2. Julio Jones – Alabama
3. Jonathon Baldwin – Pitt.
4. Titus Young – Boise St.
5. Torrey Smith – Maryland

I like the one-two punch of Green and Jones atop this list.  Green takes my top spot with his unbelievable hands and body control. Jones physical presence will have teams in the top 15 drooling. Baldwin’s size and speed will be intriguing to most. Titus Young has been compared to Desean Jackson both on and off the field.  Young is a dynamic playmaker.

Tight Ends
1. Kyle Rudolph – Notre Dame
2. Luke Stocker – Tennessee
3. Lance Kendricks – Wisconsin
4. DJ Williams – Arkansas
5. Virgil Green – Nevada

-I don’t see any elite players in the tight ends this year. Rudolph has a chance to crack the first round with his soft hands and body control. Stocker and Kendricks are well balanced tight ends. Williams is a receiving threat at the tight end position with the ability to stretch the middle of the field.

Offensive Tackles
1. Tyron Smith – USC
2. Gabe Carimi – Wisconsin
3. Nate Solder – Colorado
4. Derek Sherrod – Miss. St.
5. Anthony Castonzo – Boston College
5. Marcus Cannon – TCU (OG)

-There isn’t an elite tackle in this class this year, but we could see a late surge of offensive linemen go in the latter half of the first round.  Smith might have the most potential while Castonzo might have the best skills for left tackle in the group.  Solder and Carimi had nice weeks at the senior bowl and could start right away. Cannon might be one of the biggest freaks in the draft.

Offensive Guards/Centers
1. Mike Pouncey – Florida
2. Danny Watkins – Baylor
3. Rodney Hudson – FSU
4. Stefan Wisniewski – Penn St.
5. Clint Boling – Georgia

-With the success of Maurkice Pouncey, Mike will definitely get some looks as a guars in the first round.  Watkins is a bit older at 27 years old, but has the ability to step in and play well right away. Hudson and Wisniewski have the versatility to play either guard or center, and play at a high level.

Defensive Ends
1. Da’Quan Bowers – Clemson
2. Robert Quinn – North Carolina
3. Cameron Jordan – Cal.
4. Aldon Smith – Missouri
5. JJ Watt – Wisconsin
5. Ryan Kerrigan – Purdue

-Quinn might close the gap with his pass rush ability, but Bowers is the complete package. He was all over the field all season, especially against USF in the bowl game. Jordan had an outstanding week at the pro-bowl and, like JJ Watt, has the ability to play end in either a 4-3 or a 3-4 defense.  Aldon Smith is an extremely raw pass rusher, but has unbelievable potential in getting to the quarterback.  Rounding it out is a player who probably worked harder and had more production than most players in 2010, Ryan Kerrigan.

Defensive Tackles
1. Nick Fairley – Auburn
2. Marcell Dareus – Alabama
3. Corey Liuget – Illinois
4. Muhammed Wilkerson – Temple
5. Phil Taylor – Baylor

After Fairley dominated Oregon in the National Title Game, I was convinced and sold on him.  He’s got an excellent shot at the number 1 pick and might be the best player in this draft.  Dareus is mostly viewed as an end in a 3-4 defense, but could be a nice fit at tackle in a 4-3.  I’m very intrigued with Wilkerson. He’s 6’5’’ and 305 lbs with room to grow. Taylor rounds out the top 5 as the drafts top nose tackle.

Outside Linebackers
1. Von Miller – Texas A&M
2. Justin Houston – Georgia
3. Akeem Ayers – UCLA
4. Bruce Carter – North Carolina
5. Dontay Moch – Nevada

Miller is up there with Robert Quinn in getting to the quarterback.  Miller is the premier 3-4 outside linebacker in this draft. Houston and Ayers are also nice fits in a 3-4 defense as edge rushers.  Ayers has the better ability to also play in a 4-3 defense.  Bruce Carter is dealing with an injury that might make him slip, but the talent is there.  Moch could put on an absolute show at the combine.  He’s listed at 6’1’’ and 240 lbs, but there’s a rumor that he’s been clocked under 4.3 in the 40 yard dash.

Inside Linebackers
1. Martez Wilson – Illinois
2. Quan Sturdivant – North Carolina
3. Nate Irving – NC St.
4. Greg Jones – Michigan St.
5. Kelvin Sheppard – LSU

-There are no elite middle linebackers in this year’s draft, but some decent tacklers can be had.  Wilson has the best blend of size and speed. He might end up as a more productive player in the pros than he was in college. Irving’s nickname is “The Predator” …That’s enough for me from my middle linebacker.  Greg Jones was a tackling machine at Michigan St., but being 5’11’’ will drop him a bit.

1. Patrick Peterson – LSU
2. Prince Amukamara – Nebraska
3. Brandon Harris – Miami
4. Jimmy Smith – Colorado
5. Aaron Williams – Texas

-Patrick Peterson has a special blend of size and speed. The Prince has a nice skill set and is very good in man coverage.  The next 3 CBs could all be tied for 3rd.  Harris is better in man coverage and could fit a team that likes to blitz a lot.  Jimmy Smith has very good size which allows him to really match up well with bigger receivers.

1. Rahim Moore – UCLA
2. Quinton Carter – Oklahoma
3. DeAndre McDaniel – Clemson
4. Ahmad Black – Florida
5. Robert Sands – West Virginia

-I am not a fan of the safety class this year. I’m not sure there’s a 1st round pick here, and there might only be one 2nd round pick.  Moore has decent skills, but sometimes reads plays too late. McDaniel has a ton of talent, but off-the-field issues might haunt him. If we could give Black’s skill set to Sands’ size, we might have the ideal safety.  Unfortunately, we can’t do that.

66 Responses to “Top 5 Draft Picks By Position”

  1. CharlieB Says:

    What happened to Locker? I remember he was all the rage not too long ago. Did he choke at some point in particular?

  2. gitarlvr Says:

    Your right Justin, people shouldn’t compare Cam Newton to Jamarcus Russell. Russell was just a little bit lazy. Cam Newton is a straight up scumbag laptop thief. I can’t imagine how stupid an NFL team has to be to draft a freaking thief to be the leader of their team.

  3. Blake Says:

    No real argument with your rankings, but a couple points…
    1. Bowers was shutdown by USF in the bowl game (a surprising feat to say the least)
    2. What does one Pouncey’s success have to do with another’s? While I think Mike will make a very good guard, I fail to see the correlation between Maurkice’s rookie success and Mike’s draft stock. I think he stands strong on his own two feet (as long as he’s not snapping).

  4. gitarlvr Says:

    Justin neglects to mention that Justin Houston is also capable of playing in a 4-3 as a defensive end. Playing end is actually what he does best. He was a 4-3 defensive end until Georgia changed their scheme this year but still played much of his time this year in a 3 point stance and got most of his sacks that way. I would replace J.J. Watt with Justin Houston in the defensive end rankings.

  5. Guest#27 Says:

    I want Akeem Ayers baby!

    Would be cool if they drafted the best OLB at 20 and then the best ILB in round 2.

  6. Guest#27 Says:

    I bet Raheem Morris is a big fan of Rahim Moore.

  7. Guest#27 Says:

    4. Ryan Williams – Va. Tech
    at number 4 in the HB cat?

    “Williams could be the most talented running back in this draft, but hamstring issues might drop him.”

    There are MANY who have him rated higher.

  8. Philip Says:

    Locker is WAY better than Ponder. Seriously?

  9. admin Says:

    Joe here,

    Joe may have accidently deleted a few comments in this thread. Apologies all around.

  10. Hunter Says:

    @CharlieB: At the Senior Bowl. Ponder made him look like a high school QB…

  11. bucfanjeff Says:

    @Blake – agreed on your #1 point. I watched that game and frankly, Bowers was not impressive in any part of that game. I’m glad he’ll go early so some of the better ones may drop.

  12. jvato24 Says:

    I think it is a good basis to start at .. Although I feel Aldon Smith is a bit finesse and too much of a “Potential” pick for a team that needs Production.

    Aldon Smith will most likely be a 3/4 rush end anyways.

    JJ Watt is a monster .. Go to youtube .. Watch him .. a 290 LB DE that moves like a 260 LBer

    Good Work!

  13. Hunter Says:

    At CB, Jimmy Smith could easily end up being in the top 2 as far as best CBs from this draft in the NFL, but Amukamara will get drafted before him.

  14. Teddy Says:

    Interesting that we don’t see Adrian Clayborn’s name on the list, considering how much he’s been discussed on these pages.

  15. bucfanjeff Says:

    Cam Newton is all the craze because Dilfer talked him up in an orchestrated throwing session. Yes he’s a big strong guy, but on tape he isn’t all that accurate and would run in a heartbeat. It’s going to take him time to develop..lots of time.

  16. bucfanjeff Says:

    I’m hoping Kerrigan falls.

  17. Hunter Says:

    Also, Mike Pouncey is highly overrated, if not for his brother’s name, he would never be a first round pick…

  18. gitarlvr Says:

    What I want to know is which running backs can pass protect worth a damn. I must have read scouting reports on 3/4 of the running backs likely to be drafted this year and almost every damn one of them has pass protection as a negative. If the Bucs are going to draft a legitimate complementary back to replace Cadillac, the guy HAS to be able to pass protect.

  19. feel Says:

    I call BS on that Bowers comment. He was practically non-existent against USF

  20. jvato24 Says:

    Bowers is the top DE rated by almsot all gurus. He will be gone by the time we draft .. I personally like Kerrigan, Watt, with Houston and Jordan as tier 2 guys.

    I just like players with all day motors and Heart like Bull!

  21. Macabee Says:

    Cam Newton is going to get a lot more buzz in this draft than you think. And it’s all because of one JOSH FREEMAN! Every Coach that has a quarterback need must now stop and think – Could this be another….Maybe?

  22. bucnoleguy22 Says:

    good in depth analysis…though i think to not have Claiborne in the top 5 defense ends is wrong..i see some of the issues and lack of production his final yr but from everything iv heard and read he works hard off the field and was pretty damn productive the other yrs..knows how to play w his hands has multiple moves not just one…think maybe the Commish is overreacting to this one..we see

  23. gitarlvr Says:

    They will also have to stop and think- How long until this dishonest thief gets himself arrested for something really bad and pisses my teams future away. I think too many people are unaware just how serious the character red flags are with this guy. He didn’t just get a DUI or get suspended or violate NCAA rules or something. He’s a downright burglar and thief. I can’t imagine Newton gets through this whole predraft process without that coming to the fore and dropping his stock way down again. What GM in their right mind would draft a person of such poor character and pay him millions to lead an NFL team?

  24. BigMacAttack Says:

    Cam Newton is no Josh Freeman, not even close. Josh is very intelligent and articulate. Cam is not. He unintentionally butchers the English Language and skipped most of his grammar classes in school. I’m not a Brain Surgeon either, but Freeman has 100 times more upstairs than Cam. There is not a Josh Freeman in this draft class and it may be years before another one comes along. Newton has athletic ability to rival most QB’s but not the brains. Is there really 32 first round picks in this class. The cupboard looks pretty bare and this could be another year of 4’th & 7’th round Dominick steels. Maybe Kerrigan or Aldon Smith in the first and take a chance on Bruce Carter in the second.

    Dear Commish, please enlighten me in the coming weeks.

  25. CreamsiclePasties Says:

    Really love LaShore out of Illinois but all in all seems like a pretty good well thought out board for the time being

  26. Guest#27 Says:

    “Cam Newton is no Josh Freeman, not even close.”


    Cam IS the reason they won the National Championship, beat Alabama… et al.

    To me, I think Cam is much better than Vince Young was coming out of college. And compared to Freeman coming out of college, both were better than Freeman.

    You can’t compare him to Freeman, who has never won anything. I like Freeman, but he hasn’t won anything yet. Freeman can very easily have had his best year of his career so far. I hope not, but when he has to play better defenses, he may never pan out.

    I think Cam really has a lot of upside, the guy was Auburn.

    Cam has.

  27. gitarlvr Says:

    Guest#27- Please are you actually trying to say Cam Newton has a shot of being better than Josh Freeman? You’ve officially made your way into the moron society with Thomas and Eric. Newton is the one who hasn’t won anything. He’s never set foot on an NFL field. That national championship doesn’t mean a damn thing. We could sit here and go through a list a mile long on national champion college QB’s that never did a damn thing in the NFL. Josh won 10 games this year…in big boy football. Cam Newton is just another bum spread offense QB who will never learn to execute a pro style offense or how to read pro defenses. Being the next Vince Young type failure is his best case scenario. At worst the laptop thief in him gets real stupid with all that money and fame and does something to land himself in prison.

  28. Capt.Tim Says:

    Wow, Justin! That’s some work to be proud of! Good stuff, and you can make a good argument for every rating! Appreciate it! If you listed 4-3 DE’s, where would Clayborn land? I think 4. In pure guards, do you like John Moffit? I’ve seen him linked to the Bucs. Again, good work- thanks to you and Joe both! Can’t wait to see more!

  29. jvato24 Says:

    Cam Newton has potential .. But has the Ego and questionable ethics to go with it. If his head is on straight he could be legit .. If not he is Randy Moss at QB

  30. Pete Dutcher Says:

    (Man, it is so good to be fully back!)

    I believe the quarterback class is very weak this year…thankfully, we got our guy already. I think one or two of those guys might become good backups or long term projects, but I think the top two will be busts.

    On the Bucs First Pick
    I don’t think it’s carved in stone, but I do believe there is a very good chance that the Bucs will surprise everyone and take an Offensive Line player with their first pick.

    I know, we are all hoping for a Defensive End or two, and that is certainly a strong area of need, but throughout interviews since the season ended, Raheem has commented that their main concern is protecting their franchise quarterback in the off season.

    It’s possible he was just sewing a little misdirection, but it sure did not seem so. And, when we think about it, the offensive Line has been weaker than it was expected to be in the past 2 years. Faine is injury prone…heck, most of the line has been getting injured.

    I could see Offensive Line being a large concern with the first pick for the Bucs, unless a stud DE falls to them.

  31. Tuggz Says:

    Da’Quan Bowers tearing up USF? He was sackless and shut down, hard.

  32. Blake Says:

    Cam Newton may have an ego, but I think most of the people that are extremely down on his pro prospects are letting their opinions of the MSU situation cloud their view of Cam the player. He is a more athletic version of Vince Young that actually has shown leadership and a desire to play (things that VY is lacking and are causing him to phase out of the game). As long as he doesn’t land in the disaster that is Washington, I think he’ll be successful.

  33. gotbbucs Says:

    i think you may be absolutely right pete. i think the best value at pick 20 may very well be an offensive tackle. we are very shallow at that position. like i said before, i think this draft is very deep with 2nd tier de’s, i dont see any elite 5 stars.

  34. jvato24 Says:

    Any pick in the trenches is good .. But if you look at Available OL BPA 6-10 it will be alot better than DL BPA 6-10 ..

    This is a Top Heavy deep DE class .. The 2nd round options and beyond may be projects and backups .. The Bucs got a potential starting LG that was a 6th round pick.

    But look at DE .. Much harder to find an impact later on in the draft …

    If this team does not find an edge rusher .. The Defense WILL NOT Improve

  35. Pete Dutcher Says:

    Another name to watch out for where the Bucs are concerned, either in the late, late rounds, or as an undrafted FA is Weslye Saunders.

    Saunders stock is way down because he took money and did not play last year, but he is just the kind of project Dominick and Morris like to try out. Remember, Winslow’s knees are doing badly. They will need to explore TEs in camp to find someone they can plug in as a backup to Winslow eventually, maybe even replace him down the road.

    I love Winslow, but his knee’s scare me. Each year I think we risk losing him.

  36. bucsfan4life Says:

    We need to draft 2 DE’S and 2 LB’S

  37. Macabee Says:

    @Pete D. Weslye Saunders is not eligible for the April Draft because he did not submit his paperwork in time. He will have to file for the supplemental draft later in the year.

  38. gotbbucs Says:

    overall i just think this is a really weak draft class. no elite left tackles, no elite qb, no truely elite pass rushers, and no elite lb’s. there sure isnt 32 players with 1st round grades imo.

  39. BigMacAttack Says:

    I don’t think Dom will surprise us. I think by 20 his best available will be a DE or an OLB.

  40. Capt.Tim Says:

    I wish Luke stocker could catch the damn ball! He’d be a great tight end if it wasn’t for his hands of stone!

    Mark dominik has already said, that reason we didn’t draft a DE last year in the 2nd round, is because of the depth in this years class. We will get or DE in the first round this year, even if we have to trade up. We shouldn’t have to. There are a lot of good ones. Remember, we are looking for a very specific beast. We don’t need a run stopping LDE. We don’t need a 3-4 De. We are looking for a 4-3, pass rushing DE only. When you make that very specific list, you get a much clearer picture of who we want.

    I still think we draft DE,OLB,OLB,DE. In the 4th round, I’ve mentioned Greg Romeus- good risk/reward factor. I also am starting to like Ryan Winterwyk out of Boise St. Good measureables, and shows some skills. Our new coach, keith Millard

  41. Capt.Tim Says:

    Sorry! Our new coaches, Keith Millard and Grady Stretz, could do wonders with that guy. Dying to see who Justin projects as our first round pick. I still think it’s Adrian Clayborn. He is uniquely skilled as a pass rushing RDE, and brings some nice intangibles- along with some question marks. But he seems passionate for the game. If they trade up, the dark horse is Cameron Jordan.
    Just what im thinking. Long way to go to draft!

  42. gitarlvr Says:

    gotbbucs- But luckily the one position that seems to have the most legitimate first round talent is defensive end and that just happens to be the Bucs biggest need. It seems like barring an insane run on the position the Bucs will get to choose from a couple of first round caliber defensive ends at 20. Im not quite sure what you mean by no truly elite pass rusher. Bowers, Quinn, Von Miller, Aldon Smith, Justin Houston, Kerrigan- all those guys have the potential to be star pass rushers while Clayborn, Jordan, Watt and Bailey all look like they could be big bad run stuffers with some decent pass rush ability. I agree there’s no real elite first round 4-3 linebackers but so what? There will be no need to reach on a linebacker when AT LEAST one of the d-lineman the Bucs covet will still be there at #20(I count Houston as a DE for the Bucs purposes). I trust Rahdom will be able to get sufficient value when they draft a linebacker somewhere in rds. 2-3. And the Bucs don’t exactly have a need to draft a LT in the 1st round so that doesn’t affect them. I have never been so excited about a Bucs draft even considering the relatively low spot they are drafting from. This draft class combined with last year is going to put the Bucs over the top a couple years from now. I can just feel it. I’ve NEVER been as excited about the future of this team as I am right now.

  43. gotbbucs Says:

    Sorry Capt., most of that post was to be directed at gitarlvr.

  44. Macabee Says:

    OOPS!! ProfootballWeekly is reporting at 3:16PM, Feb. 14, 2011 that Weslye Saunders has been declared eligible for the 2011 draft. If you wish, you may read at

  45. Capt.Tim Says:

    No problem, GotBucs. I’m really torn on this draft also. While I believe there are a lot of great DEs in this draft, part of me wants to keep feeding that offense! I think Josh will be dominant. So keep giving him weapons. Draft a Huge guard or tackle in the first round,get a RB in the 2nd! Let’s SE- meybe Magee,Crowder, and Bennett can tighten up this year! Let’s just build that offense, and watch it roll! Not really, but tempted!!
    Pete- welcome back buddy!

  46. gotbbucs Says:

    I keep going back and fourth on the DE’s in this class. One time a watch them and don’t think they look all that impresive and then the next time I see all kinds of potential. Judging guys based on potential scares the living sh!t out of me, especially when it comes to DE’s, but a couple of these guys that I was kind of sweeping under the rug before are kind of jumping out at me now. It’s a shame that there isn’t more tape on Aldon Smith because there’s something there. He should probably be on the radar at 20 if he’s still there.

  47. Jo_mama Says:

    Just like Lemmings and the people of Saipan “You” (the collective sheeple) will follow the crowd or any leader right off the cliff with only monotone thought to lead you.

    You have been force fed that we need help on Defense and using a 1st round draft pick is the only way to fix our problems on defense and make our team “MUCH” better.

    Let me lay out the top 6 drafts by positions from the 2010 Draft and you tell me who had the most immediate impact on the teams they played for.

    Tight Ends Class of 2010

    Draft Rank Team Rec Yds Tds

    Jermaine Gresham 21 Cincy 52 471 4

    Rob Gronkowski 42 Pats 42 546 10

    Ed Dickson 70 Ravens 11 152 1

    Tony Moeaki 93 KC 47 556 3

    Jimmy Graham 95 NO 30 356 5

    Aaron Hernandez 113 Pats 45 563 6

    Total 227 2,744 29

    Wide Receiver Class 2010

    Draft Rank Team Rec Yds Tds

    Demaryius Thomas 22 Dvr 22 283 2

    Dez Bryant 24 Dal 45 561 3

    Arrelious Benn 39 Tampa 25 395 2

    Golden Tate 60 Sea 21 227 0

    Damian Williams 77 Ten 16 219 0

    Total 129 1,685 7

    Inside Line Backer Class 2010

    Draft Rank Team Tkls Sck int

    Rolando McClain 8 Oak 85 1 1

    Sean Lee 55 Dal 32 0 2

    Brandon Spikes 62 Pats 61 0 1

    Patrick Angerer 63 Indy 89 1 0

    Donald Butler 79 SD 0 0 0

    Darryl Sharpton 102 Hou 34 1 0

    Outside Line Backer Class 2010

    Draft Rank Team Tkls Scks Ints

    Brandon Graham 13 Phl 13 3 0

    Sean Weatherspoon 19 Atl 42 1 0

    Jerry Hughes 31 Indy 6 0 0

    Koa Misi 40 Mia 41 5 0

    Sergio Kindle 43 Bal 0 0 0

    Daryl Washington 47 Ari 78 1 1

    Running Back Class of 2010

    Draft Rank Team
    CJ Spiller 9th Buf 283 Yards 0 Tds

    Ryan Mathews 12 SD 678 Yards 7tds

    Jahvid Best 30 Det 555 Yards 4 Tds

    Dexter McCluster 36 KC 209 Yards 1 TD

    Toby Gerhart 51 Min 322 Yards 1 Td

    Ben Tate 58 Hou 0 Yards 0 Tds

    __________________________________________________ ____________
    Total 2,047 Yards 13 Tds

    It seems to me that the Tight End Class of 2010 Kicked some Serious A$$.

    Does that mean that the tight end class of 2011 will do the same – maybe not. But I would guess that the Top Tight End of 2011 should produce about the same results as the Top 2 Tight Ends from the 2010 class.

    Take a look at the defensive output from the ILB and OLB positions. Do any of these results compare to that of the collective output of the Tight End Class. NO.

    Take a look at the Wide Receiver Stats, do any of these compare to the Tight End Class. No way.

    Here is another stat, every tight end since 2001 who was drafted in the first round has been a major impact player and an every down threat on offense, starting with Todd Heap in 2001.

    For the last 10 years the Top Tight End Prospect has paid off as the most reliable and productive member of the team. Each one still play TODAY

    1st Tight Ends picked per Draft Year
    Todd Heap 2001 5,492 Yards 41 Tds 3 Fumbles
    Jeremy Shockey 2002 5,688 Yards 33 Tds 7 Fumbles
    Dallas Clark 2003 4,535 Yards 44 Tds 2 Fumbles
    Kellen Winslow 2004 4,073 Yards 21 Tds 2 Fumbles
    Heath Miller 2005 3,323 Yards 29 Tds 2 Fumbles
    Vernon Davis 2006 3,011 Yards 29 Tds 3 Fumbles
    Greg Olsen 2007 1,981 Yards 20 Tds 3 Fumbles
    Dustin Keller 2008 1,744 Yards 10 Tds 1 Fumble
    Brandon Pettigrew 2009 1,068 Yards 6 Tds 0 fumbles
    Jermaine Gresham 2010 471 Yards 4 Tds 1 Fumble
    __________________________________________________ ____
    Totals 31,386 237 Tds 24 Fumbles

    Compare this to the Wide Receivers

    1st Wide Receivers picked per Draft Year

    David Terrell WR 2001 1,602 yards 2 TD’s out of Football
    Donte’ Stallworth 2002 4,465 yards 32 Tds 3 Fumbles
    Charles Rogers 2003 444 Yards 4 Tds Out of Football
    Larry Fitzgerald 2004 8,204 Yards 60 Tds 3 Fumbles
    Braylon Edwards 2005 5,142 Yards 39 Tds 4 Fumbles
    Santonio Holmes 2006 4,581 Yards 26 Tds 3 Fumbles
    Calvin Johnson 2007 4,191 Yards 33 Tds 4 Fumbles
    Donnie Avery 2008 1,263 Yards 8 Tds 1 Fumble
    Darrius Heyward-Bey 2009 490 Yards 2 Tds 1 Fumble
    Demaryius Thomas 2010 283 Yards 2 Tds 1 Fumble
    __________________________________________________ ________
    Totals 30,665 208 Tds 20 Fumbles

    Again Tight Ends Kick A$$.

    So what is all this Data saying:

    1. We have a need to fill on Offense – Current and Future – we have no one other than Winslow with any kind of History which says that we are able to score TDs. (One year does not make history aka Michael Clayton)

    2. Since we have a late first round pick, history says the best offensive threat is going to be a Tight End.

    3. The First Tight End taken of each draft for the last 10 years has been a mainstay of each teams offense for years to come.

    4. The tight ends chosen have had an immediate impact on the team. We have offensive momentum which we need to continue, especially to put A$$es in the seats.

    5. The First Wide Receiver taken has been a bust 5 out of the last 10 years.

    6. Defensive Players have been hit or miss the last couple of years, McCoy Price are prime examples.

    7. We have no HISTORY on Offense, everyone who was anyone was gone long before they were someone, especially for our receiver core. We have a chance for a Fresh New QB to be matched up with a Powerhouse of a Tight End for Years to Come.

    That Tight End is KYLE Rudolph.

    What else is all this data saying:

    It’s saying, I do my own Dam Homework and don’t bother cheating over someone else’s shoulder to see what they have for a Dam Answer.

    Can this be possible saying even more???

    You will find none of this anywhere on the internet. Which means I am the smartest one in the room.

    And I will bet you some hack sports reporter will pick up on this little gem of insight somewhere on the interent and then run with it as their own. But you heard it here first.

  48. Jo_mama Says:

    Why bother formating if its going to look like Sh!t when it’s submitted

  49. Capt.Tim Says:

    Damn Jo Momma- that was a lot of work’ and you bring up some excellent points. The Bucs would definately be in trouble if Winslow was out for any length of time. He is a big part of our offense! I personally think they are planning on a FA , as opposed to a draft pick this year. The reason being is that there is supposedly a bumper crop of DEs this class. And you seldom squire a great pass rusher in FA. It happens( julius Peppers/Jared Allen), but fails to work as often as not. But I could easily be wrong on this one. I think they are looking at 25 year old Zach Miller of Oakland. Also looking at 27 Year old Owen Daniels of Houston. Both are great recieving threats. Would be absolutely deadly with Kellen Winslow. Good part is we can afford them! But you proved the Value of the TE. Very impressive- thanks!

  50. Jo_mama Says:

    Capt. The bucs are in trouble now.

    They have no one with any real history of catching the ball.

    And no one who was drafted on offense with a high degree of confidence who is going to be a star.

  51. jvato24 Says:

    I agree there should be atleast a few good DE’s at 20 .. But one thing to seriously consider. The Bucs may be one of the clearest cut needs at #20 and any team coveting a DE (Example No and ATL) may be very tempted to trade with NYG and jump in front of us to get a DE.

    I look for the Bucs to trade up even if its only 2 or 3 spots much like they did for Freeman in 2009 and Benn in 2010.

  52. Capt.Tim Says:

    Jo momma – the Bucs” have no one with a real history of catching the ball”
    Huh? You’re a year late with that post. Kellen Winslow has been an established premere pass catching TE for years. That’s why we payed out the wazoo for him! Mike Williams established himself into rookie of the year contention. Another year like last year, he’ll be working toward pro bowl recognition.
    Despite the injury, it’s obvious to all the NFL people that Arrelious Benn proved that he can play in this league. And possibly be a depth threat we need.
    While Dezmon Briscoe and Preston Parker didn’t establish themselves, they showed real promise, in real games, against real good CBs.
    I feel good about WR. But you can always be better. We need a TE that can strech the field- like Winslow. Either Zach Miller or Owen Daniels can( and has!!) done that in this league
    Now DE, we need one one of those, and there aren’t any great ones in Free agency!

  53. Bob Fox Says:

    Depending on the board and who might be available, J.J. Watt would be a great pick for the Bucs at #20. As Justin says, he can play DE either in the 3-4 or the 4-3. Watt has great size at 6-6, 290. J.J. is also very athletic, as he started his collegiate career as a TE at Central Michigan before transferring to Wisconsin. Watt had a monster year in 2010. He had 21 tackles for losses and had 7 sacks. He also forced 3 fumbles and recovered 2 more. Watt also picked off a pass and batting down 9 pass attempts. He also is adept at blocking kicks. He has a great motor and always pursues the ball. Bottom line, I think Watt would be a great pick for the Bucs if he is available.

  54. gitarlvr Says:

    thats what im talking about gotbbucs- Aldon Smith could be an absolute superstar. He can edge rush, has nice inside moves and even lines up and rushes from the interior. He is also so fast and agile that he can easily stand up and play in 3 man fronts too. I agree that these guys only have potential, but it seems to be that way every year with DE’s.

  55. The White Tiger Says:

    I’m with gitarlvr and gotbbucs on this one – my preference at this point (and before the combine) is Aldon Smith. The guy is a leader AND tough. He broke his leg early but came back to finish the season.

    I also have Akeem Ayers on my list – and even though he currently carries a higher ranking – Ayers seems a bit raw in regards to pass defending. He was voted by teammates as a team captain, and an honor student (He also played on the same line as Brian Price).

    Both have similar measurables – both are singled out for being explosive – which contributes to “excellent” ratings from some scouts for pass rushing skills.

    Ayers was a stud for UCLA, but was an OLB in a 4-3 system.

    Aldon Smith was a DE in a Dungy-inspired 4-3/cover-2 system at Missouri…which is a Big 12 school where Raheem Morris coached for about a year.

    The deeper I dig – the more arrows point to Aldon Smith….(fingers crossed)!

  56. gitarlvr Says:

    Bob Fox- “Depending on the board and who might be available, J.J. Watt would be a great pick for the Bucs at #20. As Justin says, he can play DE either in the 3-4 or the 4-3. Watt has great size at 6-6, 290.”

    Well thats the point man. At 6-6 290 J.J. Watt projects to be more of a run stuffing left end in a 4-3 defense. You better be Reggie freaking White if your going to be 290 lbs. and be a dynamic pass rushing left end in a 4-3 defense. J.J. Watt should only hold first round value for 3-4 teams who want him as a 5 tech. You don’t spend a first round pick on a DE who is destined to be your LE. The Bucs already have guys who can play LE on their defense- Bennett, Moore, Magee- one of those guys will shake out as a decent left end if they put someone dynamic at right end and McCoy\Price continue progressing. If the Bucs could get a J.J. Watt type guy in round 2, I wouldn’t have a problem with it but you have to get a dynamic edge rushing right end with the first round pick.

  57. gitarlvr Says:

    The more I look at him I hope to god Aldon Smith lasts to #20. He is the guy I think will be the star pass rusher out of this draft class. I doubt it happens though. Right now his stock isn’t as high as some guys because of his inexperience but he will probably put on a show at the combine and put himself out of the Bucs reach.

  58. Camby Says:

    Since Bowers played with a torn meniscus, how was he all over the field?

    I didnt watch the game with a magnifying glass on Bowers the entire time, I just peeked up his way occasionally and otherwise listened for his name, which I didnt hear often. Jake Sims, a guy I saw get abused at times last year, seemed to handle him quite well (albeit with help at times)

    Perhaps I came off a bit too snarky but I get a bit snappy about blanket statements I hear often about USF. Perhaps you paid a little more attention than I gave you credit for. I’ll agree to disagree about Bowers impact in that game, but there’s no doubt he’s off the board early in the draft.

  59. BigMacAttack Says:

    I agree with you totally and believe Dominick will trade up to get his man. I think much will depend on how it unfolds. I doubt he will go higher than 12 or 15, but if there is an early run on DE’s, I think he’ll make a move. I still like Mark Ingram and wouldn’t mind seeing him in the backfield with blount. But we need some DE help.

  60. Camby Says:

    So if Aldon Smith falls, would he be on the Bucs radar or does he go against the Bucs theory of showing it on the field 1st?

    How much does anyone think the potental lockout affects their picking this year?

    Forgot to say outside of my initial complaint (that you have set me straight on) that this is a fun topic to revisit with this work stoppage looming- thanks

  61. Joe Says:


    How much does anyone think the potental lockout affects their picking this year?


  62. Jo_mama Says:


    That is why I said history. One year does not make a history.

    And quite frankly if you look at Wisnlow’s numbers compared to the rest of the tight ends drafted number 1, he is at the low end of actually producing.

    If you look at our recent history. Michael Clayton comes to mind

    Also Cadilac Williams comes to mind. Was his sures in the NFL Hall of fame after his first 4 games? I think that is the closest he will ever get to the HOF.

    I have a strong belief that the Glazers are going to go out and get a big name pass rusher, or run stoper.

    The upside for drafting the top tight end in the class far exceeds the guess work at drafting a defensive pick.

    Who had a better year last year Cody Grimm or Gerald McCoy?

    We finished near the back of the pack in stopping the rush but near the top of the pack with defending the pass. (without a pass rush)

  63. The D Says:

    Jo_mama thats a bad comparison. Grimm had tons of help next to him in Barber, Talib, and Jones and Biggers. McCoy had an inconsistant Miller and White. No comparison.

  64. gitarlvr Says:

    Jo mama- Please tell me you aren’t going to be on every one of Justin’s posts between now and the draft banging the drum for the Bucs to take Kyle freaking Rudolph with their first round pick. If thats the case just shoot me now. 🙂 Seriously though, if Kyle Rudolph projected to be a truly elite tight end your argument might hold some water, but he doesn’t. Just because defensive end is more of a gamble than tight end doesn’t mean the Bucs can neglect their most glaring need in favor of a position where they already have a top 5 guy and you have no reason to believe they are going to sign a big time free agent pass rusher. The regime has already made plenty of statements that point to them not signing any big name free agents this offseason.

  65. Jo_mama Says:


    Maybe not every post.

    No one trusts the owners. Which is exactly why they are going to go out and get a big name. Because no one expects them to do it.

    The economy is coming around, I am sure they have money which is being freed up.

    And the biggest reason is the payoff. We were so close to the playoffs last year, with a Sh!tty team (and a weak schedule). A little investment right now will pay off huge in september. Especially if we can take a top notch free agent from another NFC team.

    No Black outs, The Bucs now known for the offensive fire power, and playoff contenders every year, will bring us back to our hey day a few years back.

  66. Jo_mama Says:

    The D,

    You can’t have Michael Jordan playing at every single position.

    Your team is your team, just like your schedule is your schedule.

    You can’t blame his lack of production on his supporting cast. You either produce or you dont.