Bucs Need To Jump Start Offense

February 15th, 2011

Last year the Bucs got to a great start, a start few saw coming, which is one reason the Bucs rumbled to 10 wins and a near-playoff berth.

But this coming season (all together now: if there is a season) the Bucs may not be as fortunate. Not because the Bucs will have a slightly stronger schedule, it’s that the Bucs need to unleash the offense sooner, quicker.

On the Bucs TBO Twitter feed, eye-RAH! Kaufman of the Tampa Tribune explains how early in the season the Bucs offense took a while to get into gear.

The Bucs have to work on quicker starts next season. They scored only four first-quarter touchdowns last year while giving up 10.

Joe can’t argue with a whiff of what Kaufman wrote. Now part of this may have been Bucs offensive coordinator Greg Olson still having the training wheels on Bucs quarterback Josh Freeman. Remember he only had a handful of starts under his belt when the season began.

It’s a good bet that those training wheels have been put into storage.

39 Responses to “Bucs Need To Jump Start Offense”

  1. Brad Says:

    Who cares what Ira says. Let him go write about the Patriots fast start and how great Belacheat is..

  2. Guest#27 Says:

    I bet you are gonna get the Greg Olsen bashers on this one Joe.

    Which makes no sense, considerig he and Freeman is what MADE the Bucs 10-6 this year. Raheem had zero part in that record. Raheem’s defense actually prevented the Bucs from making the playoffs. You want to talk about slow starters for the Bucs? Look at Rah’s poor first halves… 14 of 16 games.

  3. gotbbucs Says:

    you’re right guest27, raheem had nothing to do with his teams success. can you sense the sarcasm?

  4. eric Says:

    Not sure they rumbled to the record but they did achieve it.

    The offense did look horrific in some first halfs this year, the Rams and Skins games come to mind. Never could figure out why, did not appear that they were making huge adjustments during the game, but simply took a long time to “get going” as TD used to say.

    Be interesting to see if they can fix that.

  5. Capt.Tim Says:

    I thought They fired Ira, and he relocated to New England also! What’s a Patriot Fan doing here, talking about the Bucs? We don’t wanna hear frOm the “I love Tom Brady” crowd. If we did, we’d watch the BSPN Fan club!!

  6. Capt.Tim Says:

    Guest #27- Raheem engineered one of the biggest turn arounds in NFL history. He did it with the youngest team in NFL history. And you mention Blame? Blame? If BSPN didn’t have the entire country blinded with their Mancrushes for a few players, he would have won Coach of the year for his unprecedented work here. Blame?

    YOu know, I’ll bet Ira has an extra seat in the Car, when the paper decides to start selling papers again and dumps him. The Patriots have a perfect Coach, Qb, and Team- just watch BSPN! And they’d love ta have ya! And ya don’t have to blame anyone. It’s perfect!

  7. eric Says:

    The big turnaround, as impressive as it was, would be even more so had Rah not been at least partially responsible for the abyss from which we turned around from.

    Now, were running with the big boys, no more varsity team ball. Degree of difficulty goes up, so stuff like sucking in the first half offensively needs to improve.

  8. Gruss222 Says:

    Guest #27 seams awful familiar in the writing mannerisms and complaints. I do believe the guest is no guest at all, just a familiar someone trying to lend more support to his/her normal post.

  9. Jo_mama Says:

    Let’s take the blinders off.

    If Raheem beat Detroit he would have been coach of the year.

    He earned the spot he got.

    Nothing wrong with silver.

  10. Capt.Tim Says:

    Gruss222- he does seem familiar , doesn’t he. Lol ! It’s him again. Sad
    Eric-oh, I thought we played in the NFL last year, where there are no easy schedules. Did we play college team’s last year? And how is Raheem responsible for the Mess. Do you believe he’s really that li damn Gruden Midget in disquise?? Wow- that’s out there, even for some of the stuff you try to float around here! Lol

    Jo momma- we won 10 games with the youngest winning team in History. Bellacheat won some games with his long entrenched all pro QB. That should have been an easy one! Silver is fine- unless you earned the gold!

  11. Guest#27 Says:

    The defense was the weakest link on the team hands down. Look at all the shat QBs we played this year? Every game almost.

    Passing CP/AT YDS TD INT
    Jake Delhomme 20/37 227 1 2

    Passing CP/AT YDS TD INT
    Matt Moore 6/16 125 1 1
    Jimmy Clausen 7/13 59 0 1

    Steelers Loss
    Passing CP/AT YDS TD INT
    Charlie Batch 12/17 186 3 2

    Rushing ATT YDS TD LG
    Rashard Mendenhall 19 143 1 34

    Passing CP/AT YDS TD INT
    Carson Palmer 21/36 209 2 3
    (the moron threw all those stupid passes ending up in lucky picks)

    Rushing ATT YDS TD LG
    Cedric Benson 23 144 0 22

    Saints Loss
    Passing CP/AT YDS TD INT
    Drew Brees 21/32 263 3 1

    Rushing ATT YDS TD LG
    Chris Ivory 15 158 0 33

    Passing CP/AT YDS TD INT
    Sam Bradford 13/26 126 2 0

    Steven Jackson ran for 110… which was a good day for our D 🙂

    Passing CP/AT YDS TD INT
    Derek Anderson 16/24 234 1 2
    Max Hall 8/16 71 1 2

    Rushing ATT YDS TD LG
    Beanie Wells 16 50 1 14
    LaRod Stephens-Howling 4 41 1 30

    Falcons Loss

    Passing CP/AT YDS TD INT
    Matt Ryan 24/36 235 1 0

    Turner ran for 107, another good day?!? 🙂

    Passing CP/AT YDS TD INT
    Jimmy Clausen 16/29 191 0 0

    Rushing ATT YDS TD LG
    Mike Goodson 23 100 0 18

    Passing CP/AT YDS TD INT
    Troy Smith 16/31 148 0 1

    Looks like our defense played nobody at QB all year, no wonder the pass D was considered decent 🙂

    Ravens Loss
    Passing CP/AT YDS TD INT
    Joe Flacco 25/35 289 2 1

    He torched us and Talib, who cried to the refs like a b!otch

    Falcons Loss
    Passing CP/AT YDS TD INT
    Matt Ryan 18/36 205 2 2

    Another solid day for Turner 88 yds and 2 TDs


    Passing CP/AT YDS TD INT
    Donovan McNabb 22/35 228 2 0

    Rushing ATT YDS TD LG
    Ryan Torain 24 172 0 54
    WOW Torian!!!

    Lions Loss

    Passing CP/AT YDS TD INT
    Drew Stanton 23/37 252 1 0

    Rushing ATT YDS TD LG
    Maurice Morris 15 109 1 26

    Other notables
    Rushing YDS TD LG
    Nate Burleson 25 0 25
    Drew Stanton 24 0 15
    Jahvid Best 12 0 14
    Stefan Logan 11 0 13

    Calvin Johnson had 150+ receiving
    We deserved this loss


    Passing CP/AT YDS TD INT
    Charlie Whitehurst 11/18 66 0 0
    Matt Hasselbeck 3/4 24 0 0


    Passing CP/AT YDS TD INT
    Drew Brees 22/38 196 1 1

  12. eric Says:

    The bucs and Rah were on the verge of what Chucky did so often(win NFC South), but allowed running backs and QB’s no one has ever heard of, dressed like lions, to dissect our defense as if it were Plant High.

    That also needs considerable improvement before the dynasty kicks in.

  13. gruss222 Says:

    Guest #27 is exactly who I thought. He is the only one that is so full of his own self to post those relentlessly long post. Guest #27 = drum roll, drum roll, …………. BucFan47!!!!! He has reincarnated and returned for another off season of ridiculing Raheem!! I would say welcome back BF47 but I would be dishonest. Hard to post your true identity on here after prediciting 2 and 14 season and the of dismissal of Raheem/Dominic during last off season huh?? All those (your self-proclaimed )worthless draft pics? Wow…. Now you have to sign on as a guest!! Too funny!!

  14. Capt.Tim Says:

    Yeah. The D was weak last year. Lotta rookies. It’ll get better. Need a speedy DE, 2 OLB who don’t run from contact, and we’ll be fine. This team will live or die With Freeman and the offense. Which is a nice change. We don’t need the defense to win games for us. Just keep it close til the last 2 minutes!

  15. Jo_mama Says:

    Gruss, Respect the long post…it means he put effort into his thoughts and backed it up with data/facts.

    I think our defense was fine, and the offense needed help.

    Football is compared to War/Fighting….

    I want a coach who is going to go to almost any lenghts to win the game. There is a reason why coaches cover their mouth with their play card when they are calling in plays….

    Because people are looking for an edge.

  16. SigMa Says:

    I’d put money that the big well be ripping out the gate after last season. They are confident now, that’s all they needed. I would agree that the defense is needed. They need to set the pace early in the game. They need to be a scoring defense like the 2002 Lynch, Sapp, Brookes, Barber crew they scored and kept the Offense on the field.

  17. cjackson Says:

    ira never has anything positive to say if we played the pats in the SB this year and won he would say it was because the pats were such a young team

  18. Capt.Tim Says:

    Eric- what? We are on the verge of building a Young, talented, long term contender- you wish Chucky could do that! Lol
    I don’t think the Defense is that huge of an deal. You and I remember Air Coriyel in San Diego. I swear sometimes they only sent out 9 or 10 defenders. That way the could get the ball back quicker!! I want a better D than that, but you rarely can build a monster D and a killer offense. If the D can hold’em around 21, I think Josh can win. It’s a different team than we’ve ever had here before.

  19. Guest#27 Says:

    “I don’t think the Defense is that huge of an deal….. If the D can hold’em around 21….”

    Aweful comments.

    Not one person in Indy likes having a crappy defense.

  20. eric Says:

    @Captain Tim,

    I do remember those teams and specifically when they drove down to beat the bucs in the glory days of Leroy and company. Simply unstoppable. Was frustrating game to watch from the stands because we just could not get them off the field.

    The bucs after 79 did improve offensively, but the D slipped. Doug tried to win anyhow but never really worked.

    Josh is awfully good, but not sure he is like fouts. More like Griese maybe. Very smart guy. Bottom line, we need good defense! Why do you think were expending so many draft choices on D-line?

  21. gotbbucs Says:

    along with capt. tim, i think this defense is alot closer to being good than people are giving credit for. what this defense is going to need to be built for is playing with a lead and we’re one good de away from being that.

  22. Capt.Tim Says:

    Lol, those were terrible Games to watch, Eric. As great as our defense was, nobody could stop Fouts and the Chargers. You had to outscore them. As much as I hate Rapesberger, Josh’s skill set is similar. Except that he’s a more accurate passer. Intellectually, Griese is a nice comparison. Good arts and work ethic. I think this offense really has the potential to be devistating. TE will tell
    The Defense needs Time as much as anything. Think the new D-Line coaches will make a difference. The D is closer than some of you think.

  23. Capt.Tim Says:

    And unlike you , guest27/bucfan47, my predictions are ALWAYS right- you can ask around here. And you have NEVER been right, despite 50 pounds of flow charts and graphs. Soooo probably a good idea that, instead of making
    Lil graphs, ya just listen up to the guys on here with clues. That’s pretty much everybody but Thomas and, uh, you

  24. gitarlvr Says:

    I don’t know who Guest#27 is but I do know that he is starting to mount a real challenge to Thomas for king of the morons.

  25. Hawaiian Buc Says:

    “Raheem had zero part in that record. Raheem’s defense actually prevented the Bucs from making the playoffs.”


    Hands down, stupidest comment since …… whenever the last time Thomass posted. Joe, a while back you said Capt. Tim and I were being too harsh on Guest #27. After this comment, do you still feel the same way?

  26. Guest#27 Says:

    Raheem’s defense actually prevented the Bucs from making the playoffs.

    That is 100% right

  27. Hawaiian Buc Says:

    Our defense is going to get better, and we were right in the middle of the pack last year. I know most of us felt like our defense was awful, but that is a result of having a great defense for over a decade. We are all spoiled. No matter who you want to blame (if your name is thomas or guest #27, that means Raheem), you can’t have a great defense without great players. As of right now, we don’t have very many great players. I don’t care who the DC is, we don’t have the horses right now. I do like the fact that we are building from the inside out, which historically seems to be the correct formula. Until we get pressure on the QB, we are never going to be elite. I’m just crossing my fingers that we get the right guys to do that.

  28. gitarlvr Says:

    Guest#27- your an idiot and nobody agrees with you except for Thomas and you most likely are just an alternate identity for him. Classic troll behavior. Either way you can just go away.

  29. BigMacAttack Says:

    I know, what’s up with the rash of idiots and Buc Haters lately? We need an exterminator because the Palmetto Bugs are taking over the place.

    I’m with the Captain and most of you guys. If this season wasn’t the most exciting in years then you must have Al(Davis)zheimers. Our offense was nothing short of fantastic. It was the MOST improved Buc offense I have ever seen. Josh Freeman is the $h!t and he has weapons out the @$$. Who the F are you trying kid? Pull your head out of the sand or find a new team. I’m sick of all these F**king know-it-all hater @$$holes. F**k you guys, you don’t know a damn thing about entertainment. Moronic Albino Stepchildren hatched from broken Crack pipes.

  30. gotbbucs Says:

    bigmac’s last sentence = priceless

  31. gotbbucs Says:

    for the life of me i really cannot understand how a true fan of this team could not be excited. anybody who cant see that raheem is the right coach for this team has got to be blind.

  32. Guest#27 Says:

    Eric, Thomas, you guys enjoy facts. Tell me which QBs we will play next season.

    Lets count the wins.

    W-Jake Delhomme 20/37 227 1 2

    W-Matt Moore 6/16 125 1 1
    Jimmy Clausen 7/13 59 0 1

    L-Charlie Batch 12/17 186 3 2

    W-Carson Palmer 21/36 209 2 3

    L-Drew Brees 21/32 263 3 1

    W-Sam Bradford 13/26 126 2 0

    W-Derek Anderson 16/24 234 1 2
    Max Hall 8/16 71 1 2

    L-Matt Ryan 24/36 235 1 0

    W-Jimmy Clausen 16/29 191 0 0

    W-Troy Smith 16/31 148 0 1

    L-Joe Flacco 25/35 289 2 1

    L-Matt Ryan 18/36 205 2 2

    W-Donovan McNabb 22/35 228 2 0

    L-Drew Stanton 23/37 252 1 0

    W-Charlie Whitehurst 11/18 66 0 0
    Matt Hasselbeck 3/4 24 0 0

    W-Drew Brees 22/38 196 1 1

    Not a very impressive list.

    Our defense will be giving up 31 points per game against next seasons QBs Timmy.

  33. BigMacAttack Says:

    I just got laid twice while you did all of that meaningless research.

  34. Hawaiian Buc Says:

    Guest #27,

    I really don’t even understand why you are wasting your time putting up stats from last season’s QB’s. What is that supposed to prove? Even if we do play better QB’s, why are you assuming our defense isn’t going to be any better? You got any stats for that? Hell, the majority of our defense last year were either rookies or backups (often times both). We had no pass rush to speak of, and we were still in the middle of the pack in the league. Besides, we did play against Matt Ryan twice (pro-bowler) and Drew Brees twice (SB winner and pro-bowler). I wouldn’t call Flacco or Palmer a slouch either. How many 300 yard passing games did we give up to those guys? Our defense is going to be considerably better next year due to more experience and (hopefully) less injuries, not to mention more talent from the draft and (possibly) free agency. But no, you are right, Raheem couldn’t possibly know anything about defense.

  35. Capt.Tim Says:

    BigMac, HawiianBuc,and Gitarlvr. You guys rock, and your cracking me up! It’s amazing how the previously humiliated Bucfan47- disgraced by his horribly inaccurate predictions, has returned. And learned nothing. Still making the same charts and graphs that he buried himself with last time. And in spite of his being degraded, is still acting arrogant- lmao. ” I am the most well documented idiot on this post – fear my charts!” lol.
    How can these town fools stand the ridicule and humiliation- especially when it’s self induced??
    Don’t you guys have any self respect?

  36. Capt.Tim Says:

    Sorry, GotBucs, I thought I had ya on the list!

  37. gotbbucs Says:

    Ok Guest#27, lets take a look at the other QB’s in the league that everybody else got to play against:

    David Garrard

    Vince Young/Kerry Collins

    Mark Sanchez

    Ryan Fitzpatrick

    Chad Henne

    Brett Favre

    Kyle Orton/Tim Tebow

    Jason Cambell/Bruce Gradkowski

    Matt Cassel

    How the hell is that list of scrubs any more impressive than the one that you listed? All you and I proved collectively is that there just aren’t that many good QB’s in the NFL right now. Every team gets an equal shot at playing against equally sh!tty QB’s across the league.

  38. Pete Dutcher Says:

    I’m not going to hate on Guest#27. He’s entitled to his opinions.

    Besides, isn’t the point of the off season to make improvements to the team? If we do not explore the weaknesses, how can we address them?

    The truth is that the Bucs defense was absolutely horrid last year, with few exceptions. Point that out doesn’t make Guest#27 a bad fan or anything.

    However, I also don’t think we are seeing the offense take over as the lynchpin of the team…at least not in the long term.

    I believe Dominick and Morris have to goal of becoming more like the Pats…a team that has had good defense and good defense. I see a more balanced team developing.

    Because as bad as the Bucs defense has been of late, they are only a few positions away from exceling again. Plug in a couple DEs, a better MLB and one more quality CB, and we could well see a finished defense.

    Especially if the yooung guys we have now develo at the other positions (such as Grimm “Reaper”).

    On a side note…
    I am going through Bucs withdrawal already…this is going to be a rough off season!

  39. K1ngAdroc Says:

    I’m getting laid while i count up all those W’s in Guest#27 ‘s last post…

    ahhhh, and it’s taking awhile….