Bucs’ Special Teams Had Major Drop In 2010

February 14th, 2011

Joe’s not much of a stats guy in any sport. Joe doesn’t play fantasy football or subscribe to the stats madness overtaking and threatening to ruin baseball.

That said, one can learn a lot from certain numbers and often they will tell a story.

Every year Dallas Morning News scribe Rick Gosselin serves up an intense analysis of every NFL special teams unit and ranks them accordingly. In 2010, the Bucs checked in at 21st in the league, per Gosselin’s 22 measurments. In 2009, the Bucs were No. 2.

Seven playoff teams finished in the top 10, including five division champions. But the Green Bay Packers finished 29th in special teams — tying the 2009 New Orleans Saints for the lowest finish by a Super Bowl champion.

Interesting that great special teams don’t equal Lombardi trophies.

For 2010, Bill Belicheat’s Patriots unit checked at No. 1.

Joe finds the Bucs’ statistical dropoff interesting. Lots of rookies couldn’t have helped, but the field goal kicking was much better in 2010 than the atrocious mess 2009. Of course, the Bucs blocked six punts and kicks in 2009, and nowhere near that amount last year. (Already Joe’s head hurts).

Whatever shakes out with the Bucs’ special teams in 2011, Joe hopes the Bucs re-sign Michael Spurlock, who will be a free agent. He’s an above average returner and is too versatile and realiable in the passing game. Joe suspects Spurlock will have his share of suitors.

12 Responses to “Bucs’ Special Teams Had Major Drop In 2010”

  1. Horice Says:

    With all of the injuries the Bucs had, Special Teams would take a hit on any Team. Not a concern for me last year.. however there is some concern for this year, being that we will field a first-timer. Although he has been here, hopefully he was paying attention to one of the greats in R.B.

  2. feel Says:

    Interesting that the Pats finished #1, in large part to their rookie punter, who they DRAFTED. Seems every expert around here could tell you that it a terrible idea to draft a punter at all.

    The truth is, the Bucs made an error in the specific punter they picked, but the idea of drafting a punter is perfectly acceptable.

  3. The White House Says:

    Perhaps we’re learning why Richy B is in San Diego!

    Betcha Raheem only had to use a little leverage to push a loyal Gruden hire further out the door…

    It’s unfortunate – because a few of our wins this year were directly attributable to Special Teams keeping the TEAM in the game with some critical game-changing returns.

    Of course, the other side of the coin is – they contributed at least one horrendous return as well.

    I like Richy B – but not all that much. Raheem continues to put his stamp on this team, and that has been a good thing. Raheem Morris is a good coach – and while I think he may have learned a bit too much from Ron Prince, so far he’s built a winner. Those he hires love working here, and players want to play for him. I cannot complain.

    Every owner has a right to hire or fire whomever they want – every coach should have the right to built the staff they feel comfortable with. So long as we keep winning, I have no complaints.

  4. Capt.Tim Says:

    And we never mention the fact that we actually ended up with a good young rookie punter, after all the drama.

  5. Guest#27 Says:

    “And we never mention the fact that we actually ended up with a good young rookie punter, after all the drama.”

    The one Dom drafted that is on the practice squad?

  6. Thomas 2.2 Says:

    There is no direct correlation to having a great special teams and winning a championship. The same can be said for offense and defense – all adds up to one cocktail.

    I love how the sheep are now looking to criticize Biasaccia for finishing 21st in special teams but wont accept any responsiblity for Rahy’s run defense finishing 29th or whatever. Rah gets a break for injuries but not Rich.

    You guys are hypocrites. THE reason that this team improved (other than luck) was the offense, mostly Freeman but also Blount and Mike Will. This team would have been 3-13 again if it weren’t for those three. Olsen deserves a lot of credit as well for grooming those guys.

    Your head coach and defensive coordinator should be accepting responsibility for the defensive unit costing the team the playoffs.

    Ask yourself this? Of all of the draft picks how many on defense have panned out so far? None. It seems to me that Olsen and the boys are developing young players but Rah Rah and hisside of the ball aren’t pulling weight.

  7. eric Says:

    Do special teams stats get skewed if you are constantly receiving kick offs like the bucs did in 09?

    Then again nobody punted much to us much that year.

    Seems like in old days we used to be leaders in some special teams categories which werent considered good. (except for td’s which we didnt get till Spurlock).

    Wonder if stats are a bit deceiving on special teams.

  8. McBuc Says:

    I am sorry Thomas, but I do not think anyone was blaiming RB. What the hell are you even talking about. Plus, Morris overall efense ranked 17th. No one is dispouting Rich as a coach. Youth and injuires hurt ST as much as the defense. Oh, and Morris always takes his lumps. If you are refering to White House, go back and read his entire post you turd.

    Eric, I think you are onto something.

  9. gitarlvr Says:

    Maybe they need to try Stroughter and or Preston Parker a little more as returners.

  10. Tuggz Says:

    looks like Dwayne Stukes has his work cut out for him.

    Also, an unpopular opinion here: Sabby Piscitelli was an awful safety, but i thought he was a decent gunner on special teams.

  11. McBuc Says:

    “Also, an unpopular opinion here: Sabby Piscitelli was an awful safety, but i thought he was a decent gunner on special teams.”

    Unpopular but True.

  12. Oahubuc Says:

    “Ask yourself this? Of all of the draft picks how many on defense have panned out so far?”
    I asked myself this, and first I answered the question with a question: Why is this guy reaching to ask which ROOKIE draft picks on defense have panned out so far?
    Then the answer: Cody Grimm. They also drafted EJ Biggers, who I dare say is panning out.