Packers Fans Still Peeved At Warren Sapp

February 2nd, 2011

Joe used to be a season ticket holder. One particular game Joe will never forget, even through the fog of multiple beers through a tailgate party and a Bucs game.

It was a late Sunday afternoon. Darkness enveloped the CITS like ice in Dallas. The Bucs took a late lead against the Packers. It appeared Brett Favre was on the verge of another comeback for the men in cheddar and green.

But no! The Bucs got a turnover. Chad Clifton, like a lazy right wing in the NHL, waddled down the field despite the fact he was now a defender, not an offensive lineman.

Bucs great defensive tackle Warren Sapp knew this. Now instead of a defensive tackle, he was an offensive tackle, Sapp totally wiped out Clifton with a crushing block, breaking Clifton’s pelvis.

Though Joe never, ever wants to see a player get hurt, Joe was absolutely geeked about Sapp’s block. It was smart football. It was physical football. It was football the way it was meant to be played. It was glorious.

After the game, then-Packers coach Mike Sherman confronted Sapp believing the hit was dirty and the two nearly came to blows.

At Super Bowl Media Day Tuesday, Sapp, now an analyst for the greatest channel on television, the NFL Network, which is wired in every real man’s home, was confronted by Packers reporters about the Clifton incident and Sapp lashed out, so writes Rob Demovsky of the Green Bay Gazette.

“That’s a very long time ago, man,” Sapp said. ”Jerry Rice, I was the only person who tackled Jerry Rice and got him off the field for the first time in his life. It doesn’t come with the same vile as Chad Clifton. I’m trying to figure out why. In the trenches we play a different game. We play a game that none of you are familiar with. We do things to each other that only linemen do to each other. He needed his head on a swivel, he understands that now.

“I made him a household name and $42 million, what’s the problem here? I still don’t understand. You wouldn’t know who Chad Clifton was if it weren’t for me, but now I’m so vile that I put on a block on the guy. Really? C’mon. Stop it.”


Joe thought at the time that Sherman was horribly out of line in confronting Sapp and Joe thinks it’s out of line to pester Sapp about this play.

The play was perfectly legal. Even if James Harrison made the hit NFL warden commissioner Roger Goodell couldn’t have fined him because there was nothing remotely close to helmet-to-helmet contact.

Yes, it was a shame Clifton got hurt. But damnit, this is football! If Clay Matthews made the same kind of play, Joe would stand and offer a golf clap.

27 Responses to “Packers Fans Still Peeved At Warren Sapp”

  1. Gary Says:

    I remember that play exactly, and yes the hit was legal but in my book it was dirty.

    I am the biggest homer there is, but Sapp totally trucked the guy when he knew he wasnt looking. Its legal, but Sapp didnt have to totally lay him out. He was far away from the play and Clifton wasn’t going to do anything.

    If someone did that to our linemen, I would be pissed.

  2. oar Says:

    It’s nasty out there.
    That’s why girls don’t play the game, coach.

  3. Atrain WD40 Says:

    Gary i could’nt disagree with you more….. I teach my son to play whistle to whistle and a half second after. It was Chad’s responsibility to have his head in the game and not loafing or drifting assuming he’s out of it.

  4. Dave Says:

    There absolutely NOTHING dirty about that play. Anyone who thinks so must enver have played football and heard every coach your life tell to (say it with me) “PLAY THROUGH THE WHISTLE”

    It was a smart play. You never know where a guy is going on a return like that. In the end, that play ended up much closer to where Sapp took Clifton out than many thought it would. Regardless, between the white lines PLAY THROUGH THE WHISTLE.

    It is that simple.

  5. jvato24 Says:

    Im sure Clifton never did anything dirty prior to that in the trenches in the old rivalry days.

    Remember when we played the eagles and someone poked Sapp in the eye.

  6. thegregwitul Says:

    Amen, Joe. The play was fantastic, the injury was unfortunate, and if I recall correctly, Sapp even called Clifton when he was in the hospital to check on his progress. Helluva game by Sapp and the Bucs!

  7. bucfanjeff Says:

    Clean play, good block. I remember it like it was yesterday. Players are taught what to do on turnovers, defense becomes offense, offense becomes defense – don’t hate the player, hate the game!

    In hockey, players are taught to skate with their head up for a reason. Football is no different, know the play, know the situation.

  8. espo Says:

    I agree with Dave. You’re supposed to play until you hear the whistle. You’re taught from when you’re little that if you’re standing around not looking for someone to hit, then you’re going to get hit. If I remember correctly, the hit itself didn’t beak Clifton’s hip, it was his fat ass landing on it. Yes, Sapp either called Clifton or possibly even visited him. I don’t know how the man was truly feeling, but Clifton himself never had any complaints. It was all Cheeseheads and fake Bucs fans.

  9. simeon Says:

    Didnt sapp say something to Sherman on the lines of “PUT A JERSEY ON!”…

  10. jvato24 Says:

    Actually Sapp made it evident in an intvw he never called or apologized. As he put it “What should I apologize for” .. I didnt do anything dirty and that was one of the main reasons people were angry with

    So in his eyes apologizing is like admitting he did something dirty

  11. Dave Says:


    You are correct, he never apologized, as he should not have, but he did call and check on him in the hospital


    Yes!!!! He did tell Sherman to put a jersey on!! That’s great.

    As much as I despise Sapp based on the rumors and hearsay from people having run-ins with him around town…. I sure do miss having him on the team

  12. lightningbuc Says:

    Chad Clifton is the epitome of typical Packer fan, be it male or female – ugly, fat, and pasty white!

  13. Bucnjim Says:

    Yes I remember that play vividly! That was a great D and those guys were proud of the way they hit people. We could use some of that toughness right now! Offensive lineman get in shots all game long (some legal so not so much) so when a D lineman gets a free shot at a pancake block then Damn right he’s going to take it. Kind of like the QB; you can’t hardly touch them any longer, but if he throws an Interception and tries to make a play he is open game. I was never a big Sapp fan because of the way he treated people, but the man was an incredible player.

  14. MichiganBucsFan Says:

    I live in Packer country and I can tell you there’s not a buddy of mine who is a Packer fan that doesn’t hate Sapp for that. It’s actually to the point of ridiculousness. It was a clean play, I think some of the Packer fans/players forget this isn’t a finesse game. haha

  15. oar Says:

    Thier fans would have a better understanding of the game, if the Packers weren’t so new to the league!

  16. Joke Says:

    That was a fantastic game — I think it was of only two games I made it back to Tampa for that year.

    Anyway, the hit was legal then, but illegal now.

    There’s good background in a USA Today article (
    After six months of grueling rehab, Clifton said Sapp shook his hand that next year when the Packers faced the Bucs in Tampa.

    “He said, ‘Great that you made it back. Glad to see you out here,’ ” Clifton said. “It’s part of football. Hits like that happen almost every game.

    “What happened with him and coach (Mike) Sherman, escalated everything.”

    Sherman, then the Packers coach, confronted Sapp over the hit, and the men had to be separated. Though the competition committee implemented a rule change in 2005 that deemed such hits unnecessary roughness, Sapp doesn’t understand why he’s been vilified.

  17. HIRE GREG OLSON! Says:

    PUT A JERSEY ON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. RastaMon Says:

    shove it uo Cliftons ASS….it was a clean block..
    sorry his wife had to wipe his ass for 6 weeks….

  19. K1ngAdroc Says:

    If we get that ball the opposing Offense better duck…. 1st cap off on the intended Receiver and then find that QB…

    I was taught when the tables turn it’s still position vs. position…. and you BETTER get after em’

  20. BigMacAttack Says:

    I believe James Harrison may pay a few visits to Mr Rogers on Sunday. I expect many good bone crushing hits in this Super Bowl. It really makes for a better game. A good De-cleater. When you watch MMA or Boxing, nothing is more entertaining than watching someone get knocked clean out. Bam! Out Cold! Seeyaaaaaaaaa!

    We need a Troy Polamalu, Lamar Woodley or James Harrison type guy on our team. We Have Barret Ruud. LOL

  21. BigMacAttack Says:

    Awaiting Moderation Again???????????

    I didn’t say:
    1. Sh*t,
    2. P*ss,
    3. F*ck,
    4. C*nt,
    5. C*cks*ck*r,
    6. M*th*rf*ck*r,
    7. T*ts.

  22. BigMacAttack Says:

    Maybe I got banned for Badmouthing that little pipsqueak, whatshisname.

  23. Joe Says:

    Rasta, that was hilarious!

  24. No Koolaid Says:

    Sapp is a complete asshole. He made me embarrassed to be a Bucs fan that week. I bet after he got done slapping his girlfriend around he probably said something similar like “I made her a household name and $42 million, so what’s the problem here? I still don’t understand. You wouldn’t know who she was if it weren’t for me”.

  25. bucswin Says:

    I agree it was legal but definitely not needed. Sapp is an ass. Great player though.

  26. Capt.Tim Says:

    It is an offensive strategy to blind side Defensive tackles, by moving Lineman around. That way a guard, center, or occasionally tackle can hit the DT who’s not expecting it. DTs are frequently double teamed, and a “pancake Block” is a recorded stat. Football is a mans world. I don’t believe Sapp wanted to Hurt Him. I do believe he wanted a Pancake block. Payback- like my ex-wife- is a bitch! I am glad Clifton Recovered. And I bet he looks for Disgruntled DTs after every interception. He knows the kind of people he plays against- pay attention!

  27. McBuc Says:

    I am amazed at how many of you know Sapp. I have lived here since birth, and I never got the chance to meet him. I always like his play, and he was always a great interview. I have never even met anyone that has met him, outside my friend that played for the Rams, and he seemed to think he was a pretty nice guy. How can you judge a guy’s character by rumors? The hit was within the rules at the time. I was hit in the back of the head by my d line coach once then dragged around by my face mask for doing the same basic thing. Welcome to football, just in case you did not know…The NFL version is a contact sport, no flags on belts out there ladies.