Mock Draft I

February 18th, 2011

A new Buccaneer?

Here’s a draft-lovers orgasm courtesy of The Commish, draft guru Justin Pawlowski of WDAE-AM 620.

It’s the first of his mock drafts exclusive to And what a manbeast it is, just in time to cozy up to with a cold one for the weekend.

Feel free to e-mail Pawlowski with your questions and comments,, and he’ll answer the intelligent ones in his Draft Inbox here on Wednesday.

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1st Round

1. Carolina Panthers – Nick Fairley – DT – Auburn

                Needs: DE, DT, WR

Commish’s Take: I think it will come down to a defensive lineman for the Panthers, but which one?  With Greg Hardy being a nice surprise and Charles Johnson coming on strong, I think the bigger need is inside for the Panthers.  Fairley has his strengths and his weaknesses, but his upside is large and he has proven he can take over a game.  Andrew Luck would’ve been the pick for the Panthers if he had come out. 

2. Denver Broncos – Da’Quan Bowers – DE – Clemson

                Needs: DE, DT, CB

Commish’s Take: I’ve been debating on this pick a little bit.  The latest news has the Broncos trying like hell to resign Champ Bailey and John Elway saying that Bailey would retire a Bronco.  If that’s the case, CB isn’t as pressing a need as everyone thinks.  John Fox’s defenses have been notorious for defensive ends whether it was in New York with Michael Strahan or in Carolina with Julius Peppers.  I know the Broncos already have Elvis Dumerville and Robert Ayers, but Bowers talent at DE might be too much for John Fox to pass up.

3)  Buffalo Bills – Cam Newton – QB – Auburn

                Needs: OT, WR, QB, DE

Commish’s Take: The Bills are usually one of the wildcards in the draft, but this year might be different.  To win consistently in the NFL, you have to have a franchise QB and I think the Bills know that.  Unfortunately for them, this draft doesn’t really possess a safe QB destined to be a franchise guy.  Newton is an unbelievable talent who is big, strong, athletic, a winner, and has dealt with adversity.  Newton does have his question marks, but the Bills tend to over look issues like that.

 4. Cincinnati Bengals – AJ Green – WR – Georgia

                Needs: WR, DT, RB

Commish’s Take: Chad Ochocinco and Terrell Owens are out the door.  Jerome Simpson came on nice at the end of last year, but if the Bengals intend to keep Palmer and keep him happy, they’ll need more.  Green is a dynamic receiver who has incredible body control, hands, and big-play ability.  Defensive line is also a possibility.

 5. Arizona Cardinals – Von Miller – OLB – Texas A&M

                Needs: OLB, CB, OT, QB

Commish’s Take: After hiring Ray Horton from the Steelers, the Cardinals finally have a true direction on defense.  What makes the Steelers so dominant has been their linebackers, especially off the edge.  Von Miller has proven to be the top 3-4 OLB in this draft with his ability to get to the QB and also play back in coverage.  The Cardinals will hope that Miller is their James Harrison.

 6.  Cleveland Browns – Julio Jones – WR – Alabama

                Needs: WR, DE, OLB, TE

Commish’s Take: I find it pretty stunning that Colt McCoy had the success he did at the end of last year with the limited weapons he had to work with.  Jones would instantly be the go-to receiver for the Browns and a huge target for the Browns west coast 3-step offense.  New coach, Pat Shurmur, had much success with Sam Bradford by having him getting rid of the ball on 3-step drops last year in St. Louis.  Jones had some injury problems at Alabama, but when healthy, Jones is a big time presence on the field.

 7.  San Francisco 49ers – Patrick Peterson – CB – LSU

                Needs: CB, S, DE, OLB, QB

Commish’s Take: Sometimes, this is just how it plays out.  You could argue that Peterson is the best player in this draft and I don’t think I could give you a big argument.  However, if the dominoes fall this way, it wouldn’t shock me to see Peterson fall to the 49ers.  It would surprise me if the 49ers passed on him though.  Peterson has a great combination of size and speed.  He’ll also add in the return game if need be.   There are questions as to whether Peterson will play corner or safety in the NFL, but with the 49ers having needs at both positions, it kind of works out.

 8.  Tennessee Titans – Blaine Gabbert – QB – Missouri

                Needs: QB, DT, CB, C

Commish’s Take: With the release of Vince Young, the Titans put themselves in desperate need of a QB.  Gabbert might be the most polished QB in this draft.  He has excellent size and arm strength.  Gabbert would be a nice option to run the Titans offense that has so many weapons to work with.

 9. Dallas Cowboys – Marcell Dareus – DE – Alabama

                Needs: DE, S, OT

Commish’s Take: The Cowboys need help on both sides of the line, but it might be a little too early for an OT.  Dareus has gotten some good pub early on in the draft process and is a very solid lineman who played against great competition and had great coaching.  Dareus is extremely strong and should be able to hold his own as a 5-technique in the NFL.

 10. Washington Redskins – Cameron Jordan – DE – Cal.

                Needs: DE, WR, RB, QB

Commish’s Take: I kept trying to give the Redskins an offensive player with this pick, but came to the realization that the best pick for them would be to finally start building their defensive line through the draft.  Jordan lit up the senior bowl, being dubbed unblockable the entire week.  Jordan will be a great fit in the Redskins 3-4 scheme.

 11. Houston Texans – Prince Amukamara – CB – Nebraska

                Needs: CB, S, OLB

Commish’s Take: As much as I think Amukamara might slide a bit, in this first mock draft it’s hard to have the Texans pass on a top CB after having one of the worst pass defenses in NFL history last year.  Amukamara might not have elite speed, but he could play corner or safety for the Texans, and they need both!

 12. Minnesota Vikings – Robert Quinn – DE – North Carolina

                Needs: DE, QB, OLB, C

Commish’s Take: Ray Edwards is a free agent and looking for a huge pay day.  I think the Vikings want to go back to having that dominant defensive line that fell off a bit last year.  I think Quinn has a chance to have his stock go way up through the draft process, but if he lasts this far, the Vikings should snatch him up.  Quinn recorded 11 sacks and 19 TFL in 2009 before being ruled ineligible for 2010 after the scandal at North Carolina last season.

 13. Detroit Lions – Tyron Smith – OT – USC

                Needs: OT, OLB, CB

Commish’s Take: Jeff Backus got another year older, is in the last year of his contract, and the Lions right tackle, Gosder Cherillus tore up his knee near the end of last season, so a need for an OT is definitely there for the Lions.  Smith has the biggest upside for any tackle in this draft.  He played at around 285 lbs at USC, but there have been reports that he’ll weigh in over 300 lbs at the combine.

 14. St. Louis Rams – Jonathon Baldwin – WR – Pitt.

                Needs: WR, TE, DT, OLB

Commish’s Take: Sam Bradford had a lot of success as a rookie and that was without any top-notch receivers.  Baldwin is a huge (6’5’’ 230 lbs) target and could become Bradford’s go-to guy immediately.  There have been rumblings that Baldwin could run in the 4.3 range at the combine.

 15. Miami Dolphins – Mark Ingram – RB – Alabama

                Needs: RB, QB, NT, C

Commish’s Take: With Ronnie Brown and Ricky Williams both free agents, the need for a RB for the Dolphins, a team that loves to run the football, is definitely there.  Ingram has already gotten a ton of comparisons to Emmitt Smith, but Ingram might have much better speed.  Ingram does have great vision, and some scouts have said that he expects to run 4.29 at the combine.

 16. Jacksonville Jaguars – Akeem Ayers – OLB – UCLA

                Needs: WR, OLB, DE, CB, S

Commish’s Take: The Jaguars surprised last year with the selection of Tyson Alualu, but that seemed to work out for them.  This year could be simpler.  The Jaguars have a need at linebacker and Ayers has been very productive during his time at UCLA.  Ayers is a bigger linebacker who would bring some thump to the Jaguars poor run defense.

 17. New England Patriots (via OAK) – Justin Houston – OLB – Georgia

                Needs: OLB, DE, RB, OL

Commish’s Take: The Patriots have loaded themselves up with a lot of picks again this year.  Because of this, the Patriots can go for the best player available with all their picks.  Justin Houston is another one of those hybrid defensive end/linebackers.  He is quick around the edge and getting to the quarterback.  Houston might be a little questionable in coverage, but could be a game-changer as a rusher.

 18. San Diego Chargers – JJ Watt – DE – Wisconsin

                Needs: ILB, DE, WR

Commish’s Take: The Chargers don’t have a lot of needs, but Watt would be a great addition at end in their 3-4 defense.  Watt is a huge body that can take on multiple blockers and still get penetration.

 19. New York Giants – Gabe Carimi – OT – Wisconsin

                Needs: OT, ILB, OG

Commish’s Take: When picking for the Giants, you always have to get into their mindset.  Since they don’t need another long-armed, long-bodied defensive end, I think you look to getting more physical along the offensive line.  Carimi best fits what I think Tom Coughlin would look for in an offensive lineman.  He’s tough, physical, and plays with a mean streak.

 20. Tampa Bay Buccaneers – Aldon Smith – DE – Missouri

                Needs: DE, LB, TE, S

Commish’s Take: I’ll preface this by saying I’d be shocked if Smith lasted this long throughout the draft process, but at this point, there are still many questions around him.  Smith was a late bloomer and is a very raw talent much like Jason Pierre-Paul was last year, but he has a lot of potential as an edge rusher.  He had good production the past two years at Missouri and would be an ideal fit for Raheem Morris’ version of the Tampa 2.  Smith can play end or also play OLB when Raheem wants to play 3-4.  Smith might be a target for the Bucs to trade up for if it’s possible.

 21. Kansas City Chiefs – Nate Solder – OT – Colorado

                Needs: OLB, NT, OT, OG

Commish’s Take: With all potential 3-4 outside linebackers taken already with this value, I think the Chiefs should look to improving their offensive line.  Solder is huge (6’9’’ 310 lbs) with the ability to gain extra weight.  He’s a former tight end, so he’s still learning how to be an offensive tackle.  With Branden Albert already at left tackle, I think Solder would fit in nice on the right side.  With his height, I am concerned about him losing leverage at times.

 22. Indianapolis Colts – Anthony Castonzo – OT – Boston College

                Needs: OT, DT, OLB, S

Commish’s Take: It’s been reported that the Colts regret taking Jerry Hughes last year over an offensive tackle.  I don’t think they make that mistake this year.  Castonzo might have the most potential at left tackle as anyone in this draft.  He is a balanced offensive tackle with very good technique.  He did not perform well at the senior bowl and showed a lack of strength.  If he gets in the weight room and works the way I know he will, he’ll be a quality starter in the NFL.  I got a chance to meet and hang out with Castonzo at the IMG Performance facility in Bradenton a few weeks back and was impressed with his mentality.  He’s a genuinely good person.

 23. Philadelphia Eagles – Brandon Harris – CB – Miami

                Needs: CB, S, OG, OLB

Commish’s Take: The Eagles were dreadful in pass defense when Asante Samuel was injured last year.  The Eagles play a lot of man coverage which is a good fit for Brandon Harris.  Harris’ name has been fluctuating as a 1st round pick to a 3rd round pick.  For now, Harris goes in the 1st round, but will need to continue to impress to stay here.

 24. New Orleans Saints – Adrian Clayborn – DE – Iowa

                Needs: DE, DT, LB, RB

Commish’s Take: There’s no doubt Clayborn has had some red flags and concerns around him, but he was completely dominant as a junior, and that is tough to ignore.  I think Clayborn would be ideal for the Saints at left defensive end, much in the mold of Charles Grant. Clayborn isn’t an elite pass rusher by any means, but does play the run well.  The Saints have said that their goal this off-season is improving their front 7 on defense.

 25. Seattle Seahawks – Jake Locker – QB – Washington

                Needs: QB, DT, CB, OT

Commish’s Take: There’s no doubt that Locker is loaded with talent, but consistency in accuracy has been a major concern.  The first connection is keeping Locker in the same city he played his college ball in.  The 2nd connection is that his college coach, Steve Sarkisian, was on Pete Carroll’s staff at USC.  Locker might be the most intriguing prospect in this draft and could go in the top 10 picks or in the 2nd round.  Nothing would surprise me with Locker, but he will change the entire draft no matter where he goes.

 26. Baltimore Ravens – Titus Young – WR – Boise St.

                Needs: CB, WR, S, C

Commish’s Take: Donte Stallworth didn’t work out as the speed threat for the Ravens.  They have plenty of possession receivers, but a big play threat is needed.  Young has received comparisons to Desean Jackson both on and off the field.  I think there is a shot Young sneaks into the 1st round.  Young’s speed would open up the underneath for Anquan Boldin, who became very quiet at the end of last year.

27. Atlanta Falcons – Ryan Kerrigan – DE – Purdue

                Needs: DE, WR, TE, OT

Commish’s Take: Kerrigan is as solid as probably anyone in this draft, but he lacks something spectacular.  He isn’t a big body that plays the run extremely well and he is not an elite pass rusher.  What Kerrigan is best at is leadership, hard work, and production.  As much as Clayborn was a good “fit” for the Saints, Kerrigan is a good “fit” for the Falcons.  The Falcons biggest weakness on defense has been leadership, and Kerrigan could bring that.

 28. New England Patriots – Mikel Leshoure – RB – Illinois

                Needs: see above

Commish’s Take: I thought Benjarvis Green-Ellis played very well last year, but the Patriots are in position to take the best player available with all of their picks.  Leshoure is a big back with a lot of power and great vision.  I think Leshoure could legitimately give the Patriots another dimension and option to their offense that they haven’t had in a while.

 29. Chicago Bears – Mike Pouncey – OG – Florida

                Needs: OT, OG, C, WR, CB

Commish’s Take: There’s probably no team in this draft that needs an offensive lineman as badly as any team in the NFL.  Sure, tackle is a possibility, but the “Pouncey” name might be too much to pass up.  Maurkice Pouncey was incredible for the Steelers, and although Mike Pouncey isn’t Maurkice, I think he’ll be very solid at guard in the NFL.  I think he’s equally good in pass protection and run blocking.  Pouncey is also good at getting to the perimeter on screens and laying a block.  Look out for the Steelers wanting to pair up the Pouncey twins in Pittsburgh.

 30. New York Jets – Phil Taylor – NT – Baylor

                Needs: NT, CB, WR

Commish’s Take: It’s a weak nose tackle draft this year, but Taylor does bring a sense of nastiness that fits what the Jets like on defense.  Kris Jenkins hasn’t been reliable for a while, so Taylor has the potential to fit into the rotation as a rookie.

 31. Pittsburgh Steelers – Marcus Cannon – OT – TCU

                Needs: OT, OG, CB, NT

Commish’s Take: Flozell Adams played well at right tackle for the Steelers, but I still think they continue building their offensive line after starting with Maurkice Pouncey last year.  Cannon is a candidate to blow scouts away at the combine.  He stands at 6’6’’ and weighs in at 360 lbs, but could run around 5.2, which is moving for a man his size.  Cannon could shift to guard, but he seems to fit the mold of a Steeler right tackle.  I know he’s mostly considered a 2nd round pick now, but it wouldn’t shock me to see the Steelers be willing to take a flyer on him.

 32. Green Bay Packers – Danny Watkins – OG – Baylor

                Needs: DE, OT, OG, WR

Commish’s Take: Watkins has a really neat story.  He’s probably the oldest player in the draft at 26 years old.  Watkins was a firefighter a few years back before deciding to play football.  He took over for Jason Smith at left tackle when Smith was drafted 2nd overall a few years back.  Watkins has continued to impress and had a very nice showing at the senior bowl.  With just 4 years of football played in his life, there isn’t much wear and tear on his knees.  He’s also got potential to get much better with more experience.

 Round 2:

1 (33). New England Patriots (via CAR) – Benjamin Ijalana – OT/OG – Villanova

Commish’s Take: The Patriots need to start revamping their offensive line. Ijalana can play tackle or guard and play both well.

 2 (34). Buffalo Bills – Derek Sherrod – OT – Miss. St.

Commish’s Take: The Bills finally get their left tackle. Sherrod should step in right away and protect Newton’s blindside.

 3 (35). Cincinnati Bengals – Corey Liugett – DT – Illinois

Commish’s Take: The Bengals need more push from the tackle position on defense.  Liugett gets good penetration and should contend for a starting position from day 1.

 4 (36). Denver Broncos – Jimmy Smith – CB – Colorado

Commish’s Take: Smith is a candidate to go in the 1st round, but if he falls this far, the Broncos would love to keep the local product home, especially after passing on Peterson with their 1st pick.

 5 (37). Cleveland Browns – Cameron Heyward – DE – Ohio St.

Commish’s Take: The Browns need some talent along their defensive line.  Heyward has great potential at end in the Browns 3-4 if he can stay healthy.

 6 (38). Arizona Cardinals – Aaron Williams – CB – Texas

Commish’s Take: The Cardinals defense was awful last year.  They got their pass rusher with their first pick. Williams with Rogers-Cromartie gives the Cardinals 2 good corners on the outside.

 7 (39). Tennessee Titans – Stefan Wisniewski – OC/OG – Penn St.

Commish’s Take: You know Mike Munchak would love to get an offensive lineman. Wisniewski is an old school interior lineman with a mean streak.

 8 (40). Dallas Cowboys – Rahim Moore – S – UCLA

Commish’s Take: The Cowboys need a centerfielder on defense.  The safety class is weak this year, but Moore has good instincts and could be a nice playmaker in the Cowboys’ secondary.

 9 (41). Washington Redskins – Colin Kaepernick – QB – Nevada

Commish’s Take: Mike Shanahan gets his QB.  Kaepernick is 6’6’’ and 225 lbs, and he might run a 4.5 at the combine.  He played very well at the combine, delivering good throws all over the field.  I like Kaepernick for Shanahan’s playaction boot attack.

 10 (42). Houston Texans – Martez Wilson – LB – Illinois

Commish’s Take: Wilson played inside linebacker at Illinois, but could shift outside in the Texans new 3-4 defense.  One of Wilson’s best strengths is gettingto the quarterback.

 11 (43). Minnesota Vikings – Ryan Mallett – QB – Arkansas

Commish’s Take: Character issues could force Mallett to slide a bit on draft day.  With Bill Musgrove takingover the offense in Minnesota, I think the Vikings would like a quarterback that can push the ball down the field.

 12 (44). Detroit Lions – Mason Foster – LB – Washington

Commish’s Take: The Lions need more playmakers at the linebacker position. JulianPeterson is gone.  Foster is a solid linebacker and a very good tackler.  I think he starts from day 1.

 13 (45). San Francisco 49ers – Christian Ponder – QB – FSU

Commish’s Take: One of the first things Jim Harbaugh said when named 49ers head coach was that he was going to run the west coast offense.  Ponder is a great fit for the west coast offense and should do very well in his interviews at the combine.  I really like Ponder’s accuracy.

 14 (46). Denver Broncos (via MIA) – Kyle Rudolph – TE – Notre Dame

Commish’s Take: Injuries might slide Rudolph a bit.  John Fox does like to incorporate his tight end in his offense.  Rudolph has nice soft hands and is a polished route runner.

 15 (47). St. Louis Rams – Muhammad Wilkerson – DT – Temple

Commish’s Take: Steve Spagnuolo likes defensive linemen who are long in the torso and have log arms.  Wilkerson gets good penetration and holds his own in the run game.

 16 (48). Oakland Raiders – Rodney Hudson – OC/OG – FSU

Commish’s Take: The Raiders are always tough.  Right now, I like Hudson to improve their interior offensive line, but also keep an eye on corners who run really fast 40’s at the combine for this pick. Nnamdi Asamugha is gone.

 17 (49). Jacksonville Jaguars – Torrey Smith – WR – Maryland

Commish’s Take: I like Mike Thomas at WR, but he’s like 5’8’’.  He’s much better in the slot.  Torrey Smith posseses a lot of speed and is a better polished receiver than Darrius Heyward-Bey was when he came out.  There are some inconsistencies that might drop him.

 18 (50). San Diego Chargers – Leonard Hankerson – WR – Miami

Commish’s Take: Hankerson opened eyes at the senior bowl with solid hands and polished route running.  The Chargers franchised Vincent Jackson, but he is upset.  If they draft Hankerson and he works out, the Chargers could feel comfortable enough to trade Jackson away.

 19 (51). Tampa Bay Buccaneers – Dontay Moch – LB – Nevada

Commish’s Take: Moch played end at Nevada, but will move to outside linebacker in the NFL.  He’s 6’1’’ and could weigh anywhere from 228 lbs to 241 lbs.  There have been rumors that he ran a 4.25 while at Nevada, but even if he runs a 4.4, that’s blazing fast.  Great speed is good for the Bucs defense.  Moch is also great at blitzing and getting to the quarterback.

 20 (52). New York Giants – Bruce Carter – LB – North Carolina

Commish’s Take: Carter has been dealing with injuries, but still has a lot of talent.  Carter could play inside or outside linebacker for the Giants.

 21 (53). Indianapolis Colts – Drake Nevis – DT – LSU

Commish’s Take: Nevis needs to put on some weight, but will still be an upgrade at under tackle for the Colts in their Tampa 2 defense.

 22 (54). Philadelphia Eagles – Jason Pinkston – OT/OG – Pitt.

Commish’s Take: How can we have a mock draft and not have the Eagles taking an offensive lineman.  Pinkston has great versatility to play tackle or guard and play well.

 23 (55). Kansas City Chiefs – Kendric Ellis – NT – Hampton

Commish’s Take:  Scott Pioli needs his Vince Wilfork in Kansas City.  The nose tackle is pretty weak this year, but Ellis could be a sleeper at the position.

 24 (56). New Orleans Saints – Stephen Paea – DT – Oregon St.

Commish’s Take: The Saints continue to improve their front 7 on defense.  Paea would be nice next to Sedrick Ellis.

 25 (57). Seattle Seahawks – Jurrell Casey – DT – USC

Commish’s Take: Carroll stays with his connections this year.  Casey played for Carroll at USC and would be a nice addition to the middle of the Seahawks defensive line.

 26 (58). Baltimore Ravens – Brandon Burton – CB – Utah

Commish’s Take: The Ravens had a need at corner last year and decided to pass on Chris Cook.  This year I think they get their corner in Burton. 

 27 (59). Atlanta Falcons – Randall Cobb – WR – Kentucky

Commish’s Take: The Falcons need someone to take the pressure off Roddy White.  Cobb is a playmaker who will move from running back to receiver in the pros.  He’ll be good in the slot with White and Michael Jenkins on the outside.

 28 (60). New England Patriots – Allen Bailey – DE – Miami

Commish’s Take: Bailey’s stock has been falling.  He hasn’t shown much of a pass rush, but is strong and can hold his own against the run.  The Patriots will like that at end in their 3-4 defense.

 29 (61). San Diego Chargers (via NYJ) – Mark Herzlich – LB – Boston College

Commish’s Take: The Chargers have big needs at middle linebacker for their 3-4 defense.  Herzlich’s story is awesome, but with what he has beat, he has lost speed because of it.  Herzlich has great leadership and work ethic, and is probably best fit for middle linebacker in a 3-4 defense.

 30 (62). Chicago Bears – Niles Paul – WR – Nebraska

Commish’s Take: A little surprise here with Paul sneaking into the 2nd round.  I think Mike Martz wants to find a reliable receiver for Jay Cutler.  Paul has very good size and comes from an offense that just didn’t pass the ball all that much.  I think he could be a nice fit in the Bears offense.

 31 (63). Pittsburgh Steelers – Davon House – CB – New Mexico St.

Commish’s Take: The Steelers pass defense was a weakness last year.  House was a stand out for New Mexico St. and Mike Tomlin knows his defensive backs.

 32 (64). Green Bay Packers – Christian Ballard – DE – Iowa

Commish’s Take: The Packers can sit back and just take the best player available with each pick, since they don’t have many needs.  Ballard was great during Senior Bowl week and will be a nice fit at end for the Packers’ 3-4 defense.

31 Responses to “Mock Draft I”


    Is it me or do the Bucs always lose in the draft when we tie?? I know we’ve discussed this at length at the end of the season, but it seems to happen over and over again..

  2. Capt.Tim Says:

    Nice work Justin, again- you put alot of thought and common sense in the picks
    Don’t know much about Dontay Moch, except that he is supposed to be blazing fast. – can he tackle? Is he tough? We have two cream puff OLBs now. Hope we find a fast guy that doesn’t run from tackles. Would help shore up Run defense.

  3. MOBucs Says:

    Aldon Smith is a freak of nature guys! If he falls to 20 the Bucs have lucked out. I went to school at MU and follow the Tigers closely. Smith was sidelined with a leg injury for some of the season so his stats took a hit, but make no mistake, this guy is going to be a beast in the NFL! His non-stop motor and aggressive style of play allowed for him to rack up sacks without having any real dominant pass rushing moves. He simply outworked the competition. He uses his hands well, so with a good coach developing his technique, Smith will be a force. I just don’t see him falling to 20.

  4. Guest#27 Says:

    Pretty good logic Justin.

    Although I don’t really like drafting guys from Missouri and Nevada… doesn’t seem like good pedigree to me.

  5. Jonny Says:

    Great work Commish. Had to google for our 2nd rounder.

    How would you feel if Bucs traded up a few spots to get Robert Quinn?

  6. MOBucs Says:


    MU has actually developed some good talent over the last ten years. Justin Smith (pro bowl DE for 49ers), Ziggy Hood (DT for Steelers), Jeremy Maclin (WR for Eagles), and Brad Smith (WR/QB for Jets) have all been major contributors on the big stage. MU was a struggling program for many years but has turned the corner as of late.

  7. MOBucs Says:

    Shame on me for forgetting Sean Weatherspoon (LB for Dixie Chicks)!

  8. gotbbucs Says:

    Good first mock. I’m not as big a fan of Akeem Ayers as most but I guess if there’s one team that likes to overdraft players it would be the Jaguars. I also think Jimmy Smith will find his way into the 1st.

  9. Guest#27 Says:

    Thanks MObucs.

  10. HIRE GREG OLSON! Says:

    Guest#27 Says:
    February 18th, 2011 at 8:52 pm

    Pretty good logic Justin.

    Although I don’t really like drafting guys from Missouri and Nevada… doesn’t seem like good pedigree to me.

    So you wouldn’t draft Brian Urlacher from University of New Mexico or Demarcus Ware from Troy??

  11. gotbbucs Says:

    I also have kind of a hard time seeing the Patriots use a high pick on a RB. Just doesn’t seem like their style.

  12. gitarlvr Says:

    The news that the Browns are changing schemes might not change your mock draft all that much. They could still go offense with that first pick but as it stands they are now in dire need at defensive line especially considering that they recently cut Shaun Rogers. They need 4-3 defensive linemen and they need them fast.

  13. RastaMon Says:

    that was fun…

  14. Leighroy Says:

    Aldon Smith has the potential to be a monster. Its not the safest pick in the world but if he falls that far, its too good of odds to pass up. Also why I don’t think he ever makes it that far. So if he’s gone, gotta look at Kerrigan.

    I disagree with the Commish though, he does have something “spectacular” to his credit; he’s tied for the all-time FBS record with 14 fumbles forced. Dude has a sick nose for the ball. Don’t tell me the bucs can’t use more turnovers forced.

    And while we’re at it, the more leadership for this defense, the better! I don’t hear anyone on D stepping up to say he’s organizing workouts at area high schools for the defense. Plus, if Ruud and/or Ronde aren’t with the team next season, then we are severely handicapped in the leadership department on that side of the ball. Who’s the leader then, Sir Tweets-a-lot, “I’ll (hit) you in your b—- a– mouth” or Tazed and Confused?

  15. HIRE GREG OLSON! Says:

    “Newton is an unbelievable talent who is big, strong, athletic, a winner, and has dealt with adversity.”

    I wouldn’t be giving Cam Newton a high score for “dealing with adversity”. I understand what Justin’s saying, but it makes me sick that this guy is going to benefit even more from cheating.

    Joe Jurvicious’ baby son on life support is someone dealing with adversity.

    Cam Newton dealt with minimal consequences for his actions and the actions of his father, Rev. Charlatan….

  16. RastaMon Says:

    @Leighroy Says:
    “Aldon Smith has the potential to be a monster. Its not the safest pick in the world”
    perhaps Rachel Watson can whisper in Joes ear…
    call him another ”
    bust in waiting”….

  17. gitarlvr Says:

    HGO- have to agree with you big time on Cam Newton. The fact that the guy had to “deal with the adversity” of being charged as a felony computer burglar in the first place is about as big a red flag as you can have in my book.

  18. gitarlvr Says:

    Dontay Moch is an intriguing pick. Obviously truly special athlete but from what I read the guy will be a project as far as learning how to play as a 4-3 linebacker and he is too small to continue on as a defensive end in the NFL. So there would be little chance of him becoming an every down linebacker for the Bucs his rookie season but he could definitely contribute as a pass rushing linebacker on third downs right away. The question is should the Bucs use a 2nd round pick on a guy who will only be a situational player for them at first and could possibly never develop into an every down 4-3 player? Might Moch not be better suited for a 3-4 base defense?

  19. Colby Says:

    I’m afraid of drafting an athletic linebacker from a small school. How is that different from Quincy Black? Sure, Quincy is slightly bigger (and probably a little slower) than this kid, but I just don’t like the pick…

    And I love Aldon Smith… MoBucs, What’s with Bucs fans from Missouri? Born and raised in Columbia, and I can tell you Smith is a solid pick. He wasn’t a late bloomer though. He came in and dominated as a redshirt freshman, so I don’t know where you got that from.

    I’d be most happy with Smith, but I would also take Kerrigan. What a great year to desperately need a defensive end, eh?

  20. MOBucs Says:


    Where did you get “late-bloomer” from what I posted? My only knock on him is his lack of pass rushing moves. Most draft analysts (even the Commish) can see this. He’s a bit raw, but has unbelievable potential. I just don’t see him falling to 20. If he has a good combine, the Bucs will have to trade up to get him. I’d do it in a heartbeat!

  21. JDouble Says:

    Dontay Moch in the 2nd round to Tampa is possibly the worst I’ve seen in any mock draft. The dude has no football instincts. He runs in a straight line really fast. He might be a good rush LB for a 3-4 team in the 3rd round or later….but he makes no sense for us and no sense in the 2nd for anyone.

  22. gitarlvr Says:

    jdouble- Dontay Moch may not seem like he has football instincts but he wouldn’t be the first player to go from “no instincts” to pro-bowler after a couple of years at the hands of an NFL caliber position coach. Justin has him so high because his athletic ability is fairly unprecedented for a linebacker. So it boils down to a gamble. I agree with you that 2nd round may be too early for that kind of gamble but the more I think about it- The Bucs were so succesful with their drafts the last two years that maybe they can afford to gamble on a guy in the second round. Rumors are that Moch has run 4.18 and 4.08 in a 40 yard dash. THATS INHUMAN. Now I don’t know who timed those runs and of course they are questionable at this point but the combine will tell where this guys stock lies. Hell, after the combine the Bucs may be wishing this guy would fall to them in the second round. My last post was right there with you as far as my opinion of this guy but the more I think about it, his potential combined with the fact Rah\Dom has already laden this team with enough talent in the last two years to be a contender for a while, makes me think it might be worth taking a gamble on a guy who has some serious question marks but maybe as much upside as anyone in the draft. Like I said its a serious gamble but maybe the Bucs have drafted well enough the last two years that its a gamble they can afford to take.

  23. Hunter Says:

    Terrible draft for the Bucs. Smith doesn’t fit that well here but very talented, and Moch has no idea how to play the game of football. Would be a much better idea to draft Bruce Carter in the second round if he is still there…Oh and our CBs are good, but I think if Jimmy Smith (think he becomes top CB from this draft) is there in first or second, we take him and draft a LB or DE later or look at FA. This year is unlike others, and with all of the free agents, teams should draft for the best player available that fits their scheme.

  24. Hunter Says:

    Also expect Brandon Harris to drop to 2nd-3rd round.

  25. gitarlvr Says:

    “Expect Bradon Harris to drop to 2nd-3rd round.”

    Based on… Hunter saying so?

  26. Pete Dutcher Says:

    I can’t really voice why, but I somehow suspect it won’t work out this way. It would be nice…really nice…I just don’t think it will be like ya predict in this one.

    Still, it’s so early, it’s unlikely anyone outside the Bucs can accurately predict their picks.

    What I do think is that a couple QBs will move up in the rankings, and that we will see at least 4 QBs taken in the first round. That could work toward our benefit.

    Here’s a thought…where does Josh Johnson compare with the top five QBs in this draft as far as skill and potential?

    Would it benefit one of the teams that need a QB to trade their pick for him? Because, frankly, I don’t think even the top QB has better potential than Josh.

    I josh worth a first round pick? Probably not to most teams, but if the team needs a QB bad enough, they might be willing to part with a first if it means getting a more sure franchise QB.

  27. BigMacAttack Says:

    Pete, our best shot would be Harbaugh in San Fran. It sounds great to trade JJ for high pick or something, but as some have pointed out, what happens if Freeman gets hurt. Rudy Carpenter just isn’t the guy. But if the Bucs did get that top pick, Wow! No one would be upset, especially JJ.

  28. Hunter Says:

    @gitarlvr: Just wait and see…

  29. Capt.Tim Says:

    I read 4 different scouting reports on Dontay Moch. I realize it’s early. But his issues concern me. They say he has Bad insticts, and is very ‘soft’. We already have that guy- x2. Need a fast guy that likes to hit- that would be an improvement!

  30. Jo_mama Says:

    I also find it hard to believe that the Pats will draft a running back. I don’t think they had any sacks in their playoff game.

    Putting pressure on the flamming taco is a must.

    I also find it hard to swallow that the bucs will draft heavy on defense again this year.

  31. Mike J Says:

    I’ve heard (multiple hearsay, to be sure) on radio from a couple of NFL-types that Smith simply does not like contact & does not play the run at all. Leave him be, says me.