Adrian Clayborn = Red Flag Fiesta

February 15th, 2011

More of Joe’s stunning daily draft coverage is in your face with this Draft Buzz audio from NFL Draft guru Justin Pawlowski, The Commish of WDAE-AM 620.

It’s a near certainty that the Bucs are considering a defensive end with their first round pick. And today Pawlowski serves up plenty of reasons why Adrian Clayborn of Iowa isn’t smelling so good right now.

Enjoy. (Click arrow below. Actual podcast will be available for download later.)

[audio: 215clayborn.mp3]

20 Responses to “Adrian Clayborn = Red Flag Fiesta”

  1. Hire Greg Olson! Says:

    What if he’s there in the top half of the second? Does Dominik trade up for him?

  2. cjackson Says:

    hell yeah he trades down!

  3. Hire Greg Olson! Says:

    Not to be an antagonist, but Justin, how do you defend saying that Bowers tore up USF?? It’s just simply not so.

  4. Patrick Says:

    Why is everyone so pumped up over Adrian Clayborn?!?! He has bust written all over him! If the labor situation is fixed by March 4, and there’s free agency, wouldn’t you all much rather get a proven star like Ray Edwards or Osi?!?! At least they give us a sure chance of having an effective pass rush next year, which we most certainly need if we’re going to get to the playoffs. Take a look at some of the teams we face and you’ll know what I mean.

  5. BigMacAttack Says:

    I really like the podcast because I enjoy listening while I work, and I don’t have to read it, so good job JP.

    Justin, have you identified any late round sleepers yet that may be overlooked. There was a linebacker at Houston I like, Marcus McGraw, but I don’t know if he is staying in school. What about Casey Matthews, Clay’s brother? If he has an ounce of the drive that his brother has, he should be a stud. I am interested in some of the potential late round picks. That seems to be an area where Dominick shines.

  6. Pete Dutcher Says:

    I disagree that it is a certainty that the Bucs will spend their first pick on a defensive end.

    I wouldn’t mind if they did, but I DO NOT believe that is what will actually happen.

  7. gotbbucs Says:

    “Why is everyone so pumped up over…..?”
    Patrick, you could ask that question about every DE in this class. They all have question marks that need to be answered before the draft.

  8. karmapolice14 Says:

    First, let me say that i have the most respect for the commish, but i have to disagree with his opinion that kerrigan is a better prospect than clayborn. When you watch the film, and i have, both players explode on the football field. They are both relentless pass rushers. And if you watch closely, while clayborn does not produce the sexy sack numbers. He is a much better player against the run. He uses good leverage, strong hands and seems to be quicker and faster than kerrigan. Lastly, kerrigan was so great he led his team to 3 wins…i think. Here’s to adrain clayborn turning into justin’s next josh freeman. Just playing commish keep up the debate.

  9. Kyle K. Says:

    Have to say I’ve never listened to you before. This was very enjoyable. Not much of a draft guy but I get the feeling I’ll be into it this year.

  10. Jo_mama Says:


    You have seen my arguements…

    I think we have more potential for improvement on offense than we do on defense.

    The key word is potential for improvement.

    We finished 20th in offensive scoring (we have lots of potential improvement)

    We finished 9th in defensive scoring (we have a limited amount of potential improvement)

    We finished 7th in defensive passing yards (we have limited amount of potential for improvement)

    We finished 28th in defensive rushing yards (we have lots of potential improvement).

    We finished 19th in offensive passing yards (we have lots of potential improvement)

    We finished 8th in rushing yards (we have limited amount of potential for improvement)


    So when you break it down if you look at all the areas we have LOTS OF POTENTIAL FOR IMPROVEMENT.

    We have three areas. Total Scores and Passing and Run Defense (but we don’t let them in the end zone.)

    1. We finished 20th in offensive scoring
    2. We finished 19th in offensive passing yards

    3. We finished 28th in defensive rushing yards

    With all the players we had hurt on defense, coming back healthy, please tell me why everyone feels the need to draft Defense in the first round, when clearly we have a much greater for improvement potential on Offense.

  11. Jerry Says:

    Think of the draft like a casino and you are on a roll. The Bucs have hit money the past couple years. But eventually the law of averages will dictate a bust pretty soon. And a bust here or there could halt the rebuilding plan. Another Gaines Adams could even de-rail the rebuilding of the defense.

    So you cant build only through the draft. You have to hit free agency eventually.

    Its a bit of apples and oranges but look at the Rays. Despite they have a great farm organization and a lot of youth, they were still forced to dip into free agency and get Manny and Damon. That’s just the way it is in pro sports.

  12. feel Says:

    While Bowers is to be admired for toughing it out on a messed up knee, the fact was, USF DID pretty much negate him for the entire game. You can make excuses as to why that was, or give examples as to why he will still be a great player (which may be true) but to act like he was much of a factor in that game is missing the point. USF handily defeated Clemson, and one of the major reasons was because they were able to game plan and execute Bowers out of it.

    Just saying “stats aren’t everything” doesn’t mean that there was some hidden aspect to his game that we all missed. He was shut down, and outside of a couple of plays, he was not involved at all. There are many ways you could tout Bowers and espouse him as a top pick, but claiming he did anything other than get shut down by USF is ludicrous and degrades all your other arguments.

    BTW, I watched the game (but thanks for the condescension.)

  13. HIRE GREG OLSON! Says:



    …and people paid for this for the last two years?? LOL

  14. Jo_mama Says:


    I went into a little more detail on the 620 boards, where I also addressed the sack issue. We were ranked 30 in sacks but 7th in Defensive passing.

    Normally the two would not be in conflict like that.

    My thought process is where they have the greatest room to improve based on the performance of other teams. And that clearly is offense.

    I also have a strong belief that they are going to go after either a big run stopper in free agency or sack specialist. They have the money and the room to do so.

    LaMarr Woodley

    Tamba Hali

    Chad Greenway

    Charles Johnson

    Ray Edwards

    If they plan on getting any of these guys, they will be looking for Offense in the first round.

    You say we have young guys on offense who are going to get better. I don’t see it that way. We have no one with a history of catching balls, besides Winslow and the most touchdowns he has ever caught in a season is 5.

    Drafting the top tight end in the league has a proven track record of success and also will have an immediate impact on the team, its one of the easier skilled postions to play and also the TOP Tight End Tallent does not seem to break down or get injured.

    We drafted McCoy last year at number 3, and some of the scouts had him above Su.

    Do you think we honeslty got our money’s worth out of McCoy? If we did not get our Money’s worth out of McCoy or out of Price and we still finished 7th in the league in defensive scoring against us, then why would we waste another 1st round pick on defense.

    Also to your notion that the young guys will get better, the same logic should apply to Defense. Not only do we have young guys on defense, we have guys who we drafted which we expected greatness out of them.

    We don’t have that with the young receiver crew on offense. They were all late round picks.

  15. USFPete Says:

    Never chimed in here before, but some of you guys are too much. Clayborn was playing hurt and he played very well. Live and breathe USF football and I don’t see how you can say otherwise if you watch the game, which I did three times.

  16. feel Says:

    By saying “He was all over the field all season, **ESPECIALLY** against USF in the bowl game” you make specific mention of that game as being one in which he was particularly effective. This simply is not true.

    Now you are, for some reason, saying that he may not be the top DE in the draft, which wasn’t even something we really have a problem with (he may or may not be.) You act like we don’t know what we are looking at when we watch a game, which is presumptuous. I guess we need you to hold our hands and tell us how well a guy is doing while being washed out on a double team. Sure, he did impact a few plays, and made a couple of tackles, but to consider that performance “disruptive” would be an overstatement.

    You are trying to belittle our argument by saying “that’s all you can talk about” but the fact is, it was wrong enough that it effects our perception of your whole piece. You went out of your way to mention that game as a significant performance in his season. It was not. He certainly was not terrible, and he did cause USF to game plan around him, but to act like his play on the field for that game is a good example to back up your “total package” argument is not accurate.

  17. feel Says:

    USFPete Says:
    February 16th, 2011 at 11:16 am

    Never chimed in here before, but some of you guys are too much. Clayborn was playing hurt and he played very well. Live and breathe USF football and I don’t see how you can say otherwise if you watch the game, which I did three times.


    I respect your opinion, and if you say Adrian Clayborn had a good game against USF, I will take your word for it! You obviously watched that game enough to know! 😀

  18. jvato24 Says:

    For everyone arguing with Justin over top rated Daquan Bowers ..

    Why dont you go argue with Mike Mayock who has the same person .. Please .. Get ReAL ..

    Justin .. I have a question relating to the draft but not a draft prospect ..

    In a nutshell what type of player do the Bucs have in Tyrone Mckenzie ..

    Strengths , weaknesses ?? Emotional player on the field ??

    If the Bucs got someone like Dqwell Jackson as to compete with him , would the Bucs be ok to rely on him atleast till the 2012 draft which is poised to be deeper at MLB ??

  19. jvato24 Says:

    Also .. the reason Bowers is the top Rated DE on most boards is like every draft .. Production but mainoy measurables because of his length and he is around 280Lbs .. Drafting for measurables can really ruin a parade ..

    So I a personally am happy he will be gone when we draft ..

    But because of measurables and production he is a top 5 pick …

    If Cody Grimm had better measurables he would have been a 2nd rounder.

    But for someone to use 1 game of film as their reason for him not being a top 5 pick .. Thats just funny to me .. Did Mario Williams have a sack in every game ??

  20. Hire Greg Olson! Says:


    Couldn’t have said it better myself. I’m not arguing that Bowers isn’t the top DE (and now apparently, neither is Justin). I tried to respectfully ask why Justin would say that he dominated (paraphrasing) USF and I got called a stat sheet guy.

    and USF Pete, I’d stick to not commenting after this maiden voyage…

    I understand that the NFL Draft is a curious beast (probably the least predictable event in sports) and no one is going to be spot on, but I was told that this was the forum to ask questions. Apparently it’s not the place to get real answers…

    Being overly defensive and now somewhat backtracking on your previous statements, don’t do much to validate your point-of-view, Justin.