Todd Wash Finds A Home

January 20th, 2011

"Wash, I said sacks not sucks."

The Seahawks apparently liked what they saw from Todd Wash’s body of work with the Bucs and have made him their new defensive line coach, the NFC West champs announced this week.

Wash’s nude photos of  ties to Seattle defensive coordinator Gus Bradley, and Pete Carroll’s connections with Monte Kiffin, likely had something to do with Wash landing the new gig.

The Bucs have yet to name a replacement.

This will be such a critical hire for the Bucs. There’s a great chance 25-year-old Tim Crowder will be the elder statesman of the young 2011 D-line, if Stylez White is gone and the Bucs draft defensive end(s).

Joe would almost love to see the Bucs go back to two D-line coaches to make sure maximum attention is given to this young group that Wash was hardly turning into monsters.

Joe noticed that the colorful fellows at found a mystery source to tell them that the Bucs offered Wash a multi-year contract to stay in his position.

Always skeptical of unnamed sources, Joe can’t fathom that the Bucs were courting Wash. Didn’t somebody see the defensive ends combine for just 10 1/2 sacks, hole after hole open up in the running game, and hear Gerald McCoy explain that he didn’t know how to play through the first five games?

8 Responses to “Todd Wash Finds A Home”

  1. Gary Says:

    I just don’t understand this. According to our eyes, he flat out didn’t do a good job but apparently we wanted him back. Then he turns us down and goes to SEA.

    Something’s not right here. I would love to hear Wash explain why he didn’t succeed here. He must have one hell of an excuse to be this much in demand after a failure here.

  2. Formerbuc Says:

    It’s amazing how getting work is all about who you know (or maybe it’s, who you blow). Anyhow, now Raheem can get more of a technician in here for these kids.

    Did any of you see that the Eagles signed Jim Washburn away from the Titans? What a missed opp for the Bucs.

  3. gitarlvr Says:

    To be fair, Wash had the defensive line improving as the season went on. McCoy had started to break out as a force and Wash apparently coached up no names like Woods and Okam pretty damn quick. I’m pretty sure bringing in some actual talent to play DE is going to matter more than whoever ends up being the line coach.

  4. Guest#27 Says:

    Pete Carrol knows what he is talking about. When you get time, read this article about how he learned the 4-3 defense under Monte Kiffin and his philosophy behind it.

    Perhaps, Pete knows more about Wash than you would be lead to believe.

    And considering Raheem’s 3 man front defenses, who would want to coach the d-line here anyway?

  5. bucswin Says:

    If Rah continues with that three man front crap next year, the new D Line coach is also going to want to leave. Not saying that had anything to do with Wash wanting out but it would be nice if somebody got a quote from him or somebody else who was familiar with Wash’s thinking. I’m glad he’s gone but still want to know why he left and supposedly turned down another contract here.

  6. Apple Roof Cleaning Says:

    I have heard it said that Pete Carroll has “sucked a toe or two” in his time. Thank God the Seahawks did not make the Super Bowl against the Jet’s ? Many were “concerned” his focus may have been more on Michelle Ryan’s pretty feet, then winning the game! I have it on “good authority” that Pete Carroll prefers a “more sand coated toe” then Michell Ryan’s Manhattan Munchers. The kind he found on those pretty USC Trojan Beach girls that he and Reggie Bush chowed down on at those wild USC Football Parties!

  7. Capt.Tim Says:

    I don’t believe Wash had an offer here. It was announced some time ago that we wouldn’t be bringing him back. That said, just because he didnt work out here, dosent make him a bad coach. Everyone has their specialties. As I said weeks ago, Wash is supposed to be a strong Scheme guy. With the entire D-Line being really young, we need a strong technique guy. Square peg= square hole. Just need a D-line coach who is great at teaching the in the trench techniques you need to survive in the NFL. We’ll find him. And Raheem ran a 3-3-5 defense to PROTECT the young D-Line, not to hurt it. If you win with it- it’s a great plan- period! The main thing that will improve this D-line is experience! The talent is there. D-line is probably the hardest transition. It just takes time

  8. BigMacAttack Says:

    Sorry, but Seattle just went from bad to worse. You have to be tough to be dumb.