Rooting Guide To Playoff Games

January 15th, 2011

There’s a full weekend slate of glorious NFL playoff games and, with a Bucs twist, Joe’s here to tell you who to cheer for, if you haven’t already made up your mind.

Ravens at Steelers – Raheem Morris was clear in interviews that he’s pulling for his buddy Mike Tomlin. But it’s a tougher call for Joe, since both teams beat the Bucs this year and Joe wouldn’t mind seeing either one lose. Horny sleaze Ben Roethlisberger is the difference. Go Ravens!

Green Bay at Atlanta – This one’s much easier. Joe hates all things Dixie Chicks. Nothing would be better than Matt Ryan with a stupid ass look of defeat on his face and the NFL subsequently ending the Falcons-on-the-school-bus commercial. C’mon, Goodell, you’ve got stables of naughty cheerleaders and you’re putting Arthur Blank’s mug on the screen? Go Packers!

Jets at Patriots – Another tough game for Joe. The Jets turning out to be clear-cut morons for drafting Mark Sanchez ahead of Josh Freeman is a very attractive motivator to pull for a New England blowout. But seeing some people’s coach of the year, Bill Belicheat, losing and pouting about it would be too rich to pass up. Go J-E-T-S.

Seattle at Chicago – If Seattle (8-9) wins the Super Bowl, then the Bucs will have beaten two winning teams this past season. That would be special. But Joe wouldn’t mind seeing the Bears, who invested in the evil, sinister ranks of free agency, make some noise in the playoffs. Maybe that would help open the Bucs’ minds a little more to buying a couple of studs in the offseason. Go Seahawks!

35 Responses to “Rooting Guide To Playoff Games”

  1. Bucbeliever Says:


    Exactly my thinking. My prediction for SB is Ravens vs. Seahawks.

    If that Seattle D ends pressure enough like they did last week, who knows? Oh yeah, Beast Lynch has to show up again.

    In any case, being a fan of the sport, I’d like to see some nailbiters this week. Maybe some double or triple overtime. Hey, w/ the new rules it may be even more possible.

    GO BUCS!

  2. d-money Says:


    Im going with the Steelers. Raplesburger is a dirtbag who got away with rape twice but Ray Lewis got away with murder so thats pretty much a wash. I’m going with Tomlin on this one.

    Green Bay/ Atlanta I agree with Joe on this one completely. Maybe if Ryan melts down in this game we can do away with the stupid Matty Ice nickname.

    Jets/ Pats I hate Rex Ryan more than I hate Bilicheat. GO PATS.

    Seahawks / Bears. Jay Cutler is the biggest douche of all the douchey QB’s. And I would love to see the Seahawks win it all to rub it in the face of all the people who said they don’t belong n the playoffs. Go Seahawks.

  3. BigMacAttack Says:

    Funny, I’m the exact opposite. I like the Steelers too for Mike Tomlin, even though Ben sux. I’m with the Dixie chix because they represent our division and I just don’t hate them like I do the Saints. Aaron Rogers is so over rated, Matty Ice will slice and dice. Patriots were my Superbowl pick for obvious reasons, I like the Gators and they have their share, but Brady is a D bag with a hot wife. I like Lovie Smith & Rod Marinelli so I’m pulling for Da Bears. Pete Carroll sux and his team shouldn’t be in the playoffs at 7-9.

  4. oar Says:

    I have to go with:
    Steelers – Tomlin yes, Lewis no.
    Falcons – Divison yes, cheezeheads no.
    Patriots – Ex-Gators yes, Sancheez no.
    Seahawks – Steve Largent yes, Jay INT Cutler no.
    I know Largent has retired for some time now, but he’s my favorite WR to play.

  5. Buc You Says:

    Boy this is a tough one…

    Ravens, Green Bay, Chicago and Patriots.

    Too bad the Cowboys aren’t in it this year, I’d love to see them make the Super Bowl at home.

    I see Green Bay and the boys from the East, the patriots in the big dance, with the Cowboys sitting at home watching the Pats bring home another Super Bowl to the boys out East.

    I would say its high time for the Packers to grow from Boyz to Men and finally step it up this year… much like they did last week when Aarron Rodgers proved to be a much better QB than Mike ConVick.

  6. Reggie Robys Watch Says:

    Steelers Ravens ehhh should be a good game couldn’t care less who wins.

    Have to root for the Sehawks.

    Matty Ice probably the gayest nickname I’ve ever heard. it makes me want to punch him in his junk. Go GB.

    Be from The NY metro area nothing would make me happier than to see the Jets get the crap kicked out of them. Another blowout would be great.

  7. KFc Says:

    I think Steelers win along with NE. Falcons and Bears win. NE and Falcons go to the Super Bowl, Josh freeman plays in the PRO BOWL!! sounds good to me.

  8. Bucbeliever Says:

    I guess this is how it’ll shake up for the pro bowl:

    If ATL goes to SB:
    -M. Ryan won’t play, J. Freeman in
    -T. Gonzalez won’t play, K. Winslow in

    If GB goes to SB:
    -C. Clifton won’t play, D. Penn in

    -No Bucs make it to Pro Bowl

  9. Hawaiian Buc Says:

    I need Atlanta to win and make the Super Bowl so Freeman plays in the Pro Bowl. I already have tickets, but I don’t want to go unless there is a Buccaneer in the game. So even though it pains me to say this, go Falcons!

  10. BigMacAttack Says:

    Buc You the little racist bitch likes the Cowboys. Go Figure.

  11. gitarlvr Says:

    I have to root for the packers to win it all. Obviously the worst possible thing would be for division rival Falcons to be Super Bowl Champs. I couldn’t stand either Steelers or Patriots fans having yet ANOTHER Super Bowl victory to brag about and claim their franchise is the greatest in NFL history. Mark Sancheezey winning a SB because of his defense, despite being clearly inferior to Josh Freeman, would be a travesty. The Seahawks- lets not even go there. And the Ravens I couldn’t stand to see winning for the same reason as the Jets, which is I don’t want to hear any more hype about Joe Flacco or see people having him ranked ahead of Freeman in QB rankings when Freeman is the better QB. If the Bucs D improves to where the RAvens or Jets defenses are, people will see who the best young QB in the NFL is. So all that leaves is the Packers. The one team that it wouldn’t turn my stomach to see them win the Super Bowl. Simply because I can’t think of a good enough reason to hate them….lol…. GO PACK!!!!!!

  12. Bucc Fan In Hawkeye Country Says:

    ha no way the Packers or Bears can win the Super Bowl. i couldnt go a whole year listenin to those fans up here. no way, i have a headache just imagining that. wouldnt mind the Seahawks, but i gotta go with the Falcons.. it comes in threes, Saints last year, Falcons this year, Buccs next year. I say this now, but once they start playin the games i dont know if i could actually root for the Falcons. Thats the plan tho. haha

  13. gitarlvr Says:

    Oh I forgot about the Bears. They aren’t even worth mentioning though since Jay Cutler is the new Jeff George and will never win a Super Bowl because of his total lack of good atittude or leadership skills.

  14. Tom Says:

    Joe- If atlanta get an L then no Josh Freeman in the probowl………..!

  15. BamBamBuc Says:

    Unless Ryan gets knocked out with a concussion in the game, then they could lose and Freeman still in the Pro Bowl.

  16. Apple Roof Cleaning Says:

    Here are my picks, FWIW

    Steelers – Too Much At Home For Ravens
    Packers –Aaron Rodgers Light Up Atlanta
    Patriots – Brady pissed off, and spanks the Jets
    Bears – Seattle’s Hasselbeck gets Hassled by Pass Rush

  17. Truebuc Says:

    Mark Dominik: Go get LAMARR WOODLEY!!!!!!

  18. Dew Says:

    Just watching the intensity of this game and all the media attention these games get make me hungry for next year. I can’t even imagine how much our young guns are wanting this for themselves next year. Can’t wait.

  19. Bucbeliever Says:

    I agree Drew…I’m already psyched for next year. Can’t wait to see the Bucs become one of the league’s elite.

  20. alan thomas Says:

    amen dew. amen. i miss watching the bucs much more than i thought i would. good for tomlin. always liked him but man i hate watching pitt win. i truly hate them. i see atlanta busted out flags for their fans. can they ever do anything they didn’t steal from us? man i wish we were playing them. go bucs.

  21. Bucbeliever Says:

    I think I’m going through withdrawal….

  22. Capt.Tim Says:

    Have Loce for Tomlin and the Steelers- but lost respect when They excused Ben Rapistberger. 3 games left, Falcons( Repping the NFC South), Jets, Bears.

  23. JD Says:

    Both NFC South teams suck in playoffs.

    can we live chat the games tomorrow?

  24. Joe Says:

    Apple Roof Cleaning:

    Steelers – Too Much At Home For Ravens
    Packers –Aaron Rodgers Light Up Atlanta
    Patriots – Brady pissed off, and spanks the Jets
    Bears – Seattle’s Hasselbeck gets Hassled by Pass Rush

    You are two-for-two my friend.

  25. Joe Says:


    Good idea but after a full season of serving fans, Joe takes pleasure during the playoffs (when the Bucs aren’t involved) in laying back and enjoying the games like everyone else.

  26. JD Says:

    Totally understand.

  27. Max Says:

    Bears all the way. I love any team that has a successful Tampa 2 defense. Rooting for Rod Marinelli and co.

    I hate all the teams in the AFC but i’d love for Pittsburgh or New England to make it to the super bowl and lose. Cannot stand either of those team’s fan bases.

  28. Capt.Tim Says:

    Wow- Falcons looked THAT BAD at home?

  29. Capt.Tim Says:

    0-2 in the playoffs? Matty Melt!

  30. JD Says:

    Going to be VERY hard for the Falcons to overcome that. How do you motivate a team to play that ahrd all season, then buckle on your first playoff game. Especially after you have been annointed kings in teh media for how strong you play. Jeez, they may have broken the ‘consecutive year’ playoff issue, but the old Dirty Bird aren’t dead yet.

  31. wtf Says:

    Why would you root for a division?! That shows how stupid some bucs fans are!!

  32. wtf Says:

    *division foe*

  33. BUCSorDIE!!! Says:

    LMAO Matty Meltdown!!!

  34. JD Says:

    Joe, May I suggest you make a post like this one each week of the playoffs and keep it a “sticky” at the top so we can make comments about the playoffs games for that week.

    Watching this Chicago game is tough. The Seahawks are completey out of their league. They could have to invalids after this game. The league should once again consider a change to playoff seeding, in spite of the Seahawks beating the Saints.

  35. Capt.Tim Says:

    Matty Melt or Matty meltdown- sounds like a sandwich they should sell at RJ stadium the week the Dixie chicks are in town- sort if a Patty melt, except with well done chicken! Lol