Derrick Brooks Counsels Josh Freeman

January 28th, 2011

Friday morning a Bucs fan called to gush over his hero, Mr. Derrick Brooks, while the former Bucs great linebacker co-hosted “The Opening Drive” with Bob Papa, heard exclusively on Sirius NFL Radio.

The fan, after singing to Brooks, admitted that like many Bucs fans he loathed Bucs coach Raheem Morris but after seeing the Bucs’ turnaround and nearly make the playoffs this season, losing on a tiebreaker to the Super Bowl-bound Green Bay Packers, he is now warming to Raheem.

Brooks began talking about the Bucs, Raheem and Bucs quarterback Josh Freeman. Like others in the Bucs organization, Brooks thought Raheem was up to the task of being head coach, but having so many things thrown at him at once may have set the Bucs’ progress back temporarily, Brooks said.

“He was a defensive backs coach and in a matter of weeks went from defensive backs coach to defensive coordinator to interviewing for the head coaching job at Denver to being name head coach in Tampa Bay. That’s a lot of things to happen to a guy in a short time.

“He had to grow into the position. It showed what kind of coach he is that even when they were losing, the players played for him each play. They never quit.”

Brooks also touched upon the element that disturbs many Bucs followers. Despite the Bucs having one of the most exciting teams this past season, scores of empty seats were found at The CITS.

Brooks told Freeman how this can be solved:

“Whenever I see Josh I tell him that he has to get involved in the community, that he has to be seen in around town. You have to get out there and be with the people and then the community will embrace you. Until you do that, you will always be chasing the shadows of Mike Alstott and Lee Roy Selmon and Johnny Lynch and the rest of those guys.”

Brooks went on to say the Bucs are building an offense just like the Bucs built a defense under Sam Wyche, adding that in this spring’s draft, the Bucs “need an edge rusher.”

Look, if an intelligent man, a football man, a future Hall of Famer who knows what it takes to build a winner, Derrick Brooks, gives Raheem his stamp of approval, only the most hardcore, head-in-the-sand, bitterest of bitter haters would still want to jettison Raheem for no good cause.

48 Responses to “Derrick Brooks Counsels Josh Freeman”

  1. Tommy Boy Says:

    Joe, per your last paragraph, I take it you heard Silly-Os dumbass reasoning this morning as to why the Bucs should get rid of Raheem for Jeff Fisher.

  2. Joe Says:

    Tommy Boy:

    Joe, per your last paragraph, I take it you heard Silly-Os dumbass reasoning this morning as to why the Bucs should get rid of Raheem for Jeff Fisher.

    My first paragraph should have tipped you off that, no, Joe did not hear that. 🙂

    He actually said that? (Face meets palms, smdh).

  3. BigMacAttack Says:

    “…. only the most hardcore, head-in-the-sand, bitterest of bitter haters would still want to jettison Raheem for no good cause.”

    Herrrrrrrrrrree’s Thomassssssss.

  4. aldo Says:

    wheres thomas, eric and all that idiots who blame rah

  5. SkookumSmitty Says:

    I like what Brooks had to say about community involvement. While it may be true that players even before the great years were involved at that level, they never felt like OUR team until we started hearing about that involvement. This is a perception that really changed under Tony Dungy.

  6. lakeland bob Says:

    Where’s Buc You when you need her? Her love for raheem is eternal.

  7. bucfanjeff Says:

    Bucs haters will comment in, wait for it…..3….2….1….

  8. Thomas 2.2 Says:

    I have tremendous respect for Brooks. One of my favorite all-time players. I don’t expect him to bash a former coach and friend, and I am sure that he is supportive of his buddy. I would expect nothing less.

    Some of what Brooks said supports my opinion – Rah was not ready nor deserving of the job when he got it – 2009 is when I formed my opinion about his hiring.

    I have said dozens of times: I was very much in support of Rah until the embarrassment of 2009. He was a disaster that year which I think Brooks admits.

    The record improved in 2010, I think that has to do with Freeman, not Rah, in support of my argument, Rah’s defefense was “horrible” again. I believe that with their schedule, Free’s improvement and the luck they had in some games, 10-6 would have happened with leeman bennett as head coach or richard williamson.

    Despite the disagreement, it will not impact my feelings of Brooksie

  9. Capt.Tim Says:

    I recall a recent post, where Raheem said Brooks is one of the people in his inner circle of confidants. If I remember correctly, said they talk at least once a week. Derrick Brooks is the very best example of what Pro athletes can be to their communities.Coach Morris couldn’t have a better source of advice! I am a big believer in Jeff Fisher. But he kind of lost his team a Lil the last couple years. That’s fatal in today’s NFL. No coach in the league has a better relationship with their team than our Coach. Would love to see Jeff Fisher as a DC( never happen),but even if he wanted to, the Glazers couldn’t do it. Sadly, to many racist here would be whining for him as Coach. Even if Coach Morris was winning the SuperBowl yearly! Sad

  10. Capt.Tim Says:

    Lol- Thomas has really fallen for Raheem! And it’s not even spring yet!

  11. Leighroy Says:

    I think Brooks’ point about exposure in the community can’t be emphasized enough. To us die-hard or at least semi-loyal fans, we all know who the major players are on this team. But do the casual fans in Tampa Bay really know them? I’m sure they’ve heard Freeman’s name plenty, but that’s just not enough.

    Every female in town swooned over John Lynch, Derrick Brooks was a picture of community/charity involvement and Warren Sapp brought the spice to the party. Krazy welcomed us to Tampa home of the Raymond James. Even Dungy and Gruden were recognized by non-football fans allike, and I highly doubt that’d be the case for Raheem at this point.

    Point being, there was a buzz over the team in this community that stretched beyond the category of football. I don’t think that’s there yet with this group but it could be very soon. Until then, don’t expect many sellouts.

  12. RustyRhino Says:

    Really Thomas 2.2 “10-6 would have happened with leeman bennett as head coach or richard williamson.”
    Did you see them coach? Did you actually watch the games they played at the Old Sombrero, I did and our offense was offensive as was the lack of a coherent defensive game plan… You are really a piece of wisdom and knowledge….Did either of those coaches even win 6 games in a season?
    Leeman Bennett was 4 wins and 28 losses in 2 seasons.
    Richard Williamson was 4 wins and 15 losses in a season and a half

    Come on Thomas if you hate this coaching staff that bad maybe you need to look into the mirror.. and think about the hate your spreading, sure you have your “opinion” but so does every other fan. And if you think that Coach Morris is less of a coach then either Bennett or Williamson that speaks volumes to your attitude toward the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Because even when both of those coaches where our Head coach I was still a fan. I went to games rooted for our team, Coach and all… but then I know I am just a Kool-aid drinking Glazer loving fool…. what ever.

  13. Jonny Says:

    Frankly if Freeman becomes a very good QB, he does not have to do squat in the community and yet his reputation will be way over our other legends. QBs > the rest.

  14. HIRE GREG OLSON! Says:

    Great point Jonny.

  15. eric Says:

    55 always proves he is a total class act.

    As for hatred for Rah, none here, just believe he should be held to the same standards as previous Buccaneer coaches.

    In my mind, that means Division Title in 2011.

  16. tha truth is... Says:

    @ Thomas 0.0

    Last time I checked our offense didn’t have 11 Josh Freemans. Yes he played a big part, was he tha reason 4 all of our success? No. I think alot people overlook Blount’s importance 2 our team. Crazy as it may be he was tha biggest reason Freeman was able 2 succeed. Without him, we had NO run game and predicatable enuff 4 Miss Cleo 2 kno what we were up 2. He made our O-Line look better than it was, opened up our passing game(Freeman, all of our receivers) and made Caddy somewhat relevent. Without him Freeman would be spending tha offseason in St. Joes ER and were as bad or worse than last season. Far as our schedule, give it up. U make nuthin but excuses with little 2 no logic and off subject. Based on past comments I think ur a Gruden lover thats still bitter he’s gone on top of being an undercover racist. He’s our coach so deal with it. Support tha team and our coach and quit acting like a b!tch.

  17. SkookumSmitty Says:



    Man, if you compare almost ANY NFL coach, ever, unfavorably to Leeman Bennett, you fail on an epic level. Are you even old enough to remember that era?

    Wow, I dare…I DEFY to you to explain to me how Lemon Bennett was in any measurable way as good a coach as Raheem Morris. Seriously…Enough trolling. I am calling you out:

    Tell us all how they stack up.

  18. Dave Says:

    The issue with the Raheem haters is they never gave the guy a chance and were ready to condem him after 1 year. A year, by the way, in which the focal point was to purge the organization of older players and completely rebuild from the ground up.

    Alot of it was money driven by the Glazers, but it seems to be working. The young players are stepping up, leaders are emerging, and the coaching staff is maturing along with them.

    Part of it is the ADHD society that we have become. No one wants to hear about something taking a few years, they want results NOW. The reality is Dungy had years and could not get it down. Gruden got it done and then had years to develop new kids and a QB and never did, instead opting to plug and play with washed up vets which kept the Bucs afloat as a .500 team with no future.

    I know, those are generalizations of Dungy & Gruden and there were other factors involved with both… whatever. All I am saying is Raheem was thrown into a bad situation and grew tremendously over the course of 2 years. The ebst thing for the young players and Freeman is stability in the coach, OC and management.

    SILLY-O saying he would fire Raheem and bring in Fisher tomorrow is ridiculous. Fisher might be a good coach but the fact is he is only 20 games over .500 in 16 years has only 1 AFC title and a SB loss, and only has SIX (6) winning seasons in 16 years.

    That stated, I do like Fisher, but you don’t upset what is brewing here for him. besides, he’ll be coaching the Bears in 2012

  19. OB Says:

    A great head coach sets standards, gives advice, direction, and “how come” when needed. He then gets out of the way of his other coaches and players and lets them do their thing. He has turned his OC loose and it will only build, he is the DC and he is going to have to standup or get one. The players need a team attitude, which they have, and coaching, which they are getting.

    Thomas2.2 states that Josh is great for th offense and Rah is bad for the defense. This was Josh’s 2ne year, the new troops on defense were in their 1st year. You talk about a division, we talk about a Super Bowl, small minds are a problem that can only be cured by a brain transplant.

  20. Dave Says:

    Thomas 2.2:

    Yes the run defense and pass rush were horrible.

    They addressed DT and those guys need a couple years to develop.
    They also addressed WR.

    This year they will address DE and LB. I think the bad play of the LBs took them by surprise.

    It is called a REBUILDING PROCESS. The fact that they came this far in two years is impressive. I also shows what a franchise QB does for an organization; they make EVERY coach look better. I mean, how good was Belicheck before Brady? What about Dungy before Manning? They go hand in hand, but I think the franchise QB is the most important piece and Raheem and Mark D went and got one.

    As far as the schedule… get over that. Go look at the strength of schedule for every playoff team. Over half are about the same as the Bucaneers. hell the NYJets only beat two teams all year with winning records. That state is completely overblown in the NFL and means very little.

  21. Hawaiian Buc Says:

    “Look, if an intelligent man, a football man, a future Hall of Famer who knows what it takes to build a winner, Derrick Brooks, gives Raheem his stamp of approval, only the most hardcore, head-in-the-sand, bitterest of bitter haters would still want to jettison Raheem for no good cause.”


    And the winner is…….Thomas!!! Brooks said absolutely nothing to support your worthless opinion. Having too much thrown at you does not mean you are not ready or deserving. It means too much was thrown at him, pretty simple. Only you could take those comments and spin it that way. And exactly how is finishing right in the middle of the league in defense horrible (not to mention finishing much higher in the most important stat, points allowed)?

    Eric, why don’t you understand that the standards are different for Raheem versus Gruden? I’ve asked you several times, but you never answer. This is not a team full of aging veterans. We don’t even have one (real) pro bowl player. I agree we should all expect a great season next year, but if you are thinking division title or Raheem should be fired, that’s just plain stupid. And for the 100th time, that’s not why Gruden was fired.

  22. Dave Says:

    I emant that “STAT” not that “state”

    Also, the Bucs had a strength in pass coverage so they focused on it. They knew rushing the QB and run defense were weaknesses so they tried many, many lineups and schemes. Some worked (against Frank Gore), many didn’t. With the youg talent they have though, it is a learning process.

    The way I look at the NFL coaches is this:

    If you suck, it is obvious.
    If you are good, it won’t matter unless you have talent

    The most important thing is a good coach with stability above him and focused system and vision for the team. EVERYTHING else depends on whether or not you have the talent on the field.

    2 examples:
    -The Colts offense is very basic, but the players and execution is tremendous.
    -The Cowboys of the 1990’s Novachek over the middle on 3rd down, Irvin on the out or slant, and pound Smith in the second half behind Larry Allen.

    Everyone knows what they are going to do but could not stop it because they had better talent and executed. Some of that comes from coaching, but not that much.

  23. eric Says:

    Well this has been billed as a building of a yearly Super Bowl contender. In order to contend you have to make the playoffs. Usually, to have a good shot at the Super Bowl you need to win the Division.

    The level of difficulty gets higher the further you go. Thats what seperates the average from the good coaches in this league and Rah has to prove himself capable of doing that. He has not yet. Last year was a step in the right direction.

    Ought to start this year. Lets see some hardware.

  24. gitarlvr Says:

    Nice troll bait Joe:(

  25. Capt.Tim Says:

    Gitarlvr- trollbait- lmao. Be glad when we get some “Troll Decon”

  26. eric Says:

    actually, i think sheep shears are more in order should Rah fall on his face in 2011.

  27. Capt.Tim Says:

    Of course, you predicted 2 wins this year. And refused to pay your bet when you lost! Sooo- who are are to predict anything? You missed by half the season. You can guess any worse than that. Just absolute barrel bottom! You probably shouldn’t even insult the intelligent posters here with your predictions. Better you just listen to me( who was right, Every step of the way), learn about football, change your screen name, and re-appear as an informed, educated poster! Then, we could include you in our conversations! Now, the only one who takes you serious is Thomas! And that’s even worse than being alone!

  28. eric Says:

    Ah the sheep shearing always leads to a lot of crying………………….

  29. Hawaiian Buc Says:


    And you wonder why people don’t like you?

  30. Joe Says:

    actually, i think sheep shears are more in order should Rah fall on his face in 2011.

    LOL Good one Eric. Joe have to remember that. 🙂

  31. BigMacAttack Says:

    gitarlvr Says:
    January 28th, 2011 at 2:53 pm

    Nice troll bait Joe:(
    LOL, good job. Zing…….

  32. Pete 422 Says:

    @ Joe, yes Dan S. actually said that this morning. One caller made the same point I was thinking (as I was driving in this morning) that Rah needs the same amount of time (or close) before you can compare/contrast him with Jeff Fisher. If we had a vacancy, he would be on my short list but I’m not sure he is an elite HC.

  33. BuccoBill Says:

    I had no idea that Rah interviewed for the Denver HC job in ’09.

  34. Thomas 2.2 Says:


    Bennett won the nfc west with 12 wins in 1979, his second year i believe.

    Rah – well he has yet to finsh better than 3rd in a 4 team division. No playoffs. Serial blackouts, community apathy. I doubt that was the case in 79 in atl.

    My point wasnt that rah was horrible like 09, it was that he was along for the ride

  35. Hawaiian Buc Says:

    Yeah, Thomas, a head coach in the National fuc&*g Football League is just along for the ride. The legend of your stupidity is growing with each post you make.

  36. Thomas 2.2 Says:

    Rah was a rooney rule denver interview. Although there was a 2009 movement to younger cheap coaches until post-cba era, unless of course it worked out.

    We’ll see if a rah led team can make and compete in the playoffs. I am not a believer. Beating carolina is one thing, winning playoff games is another

  37. BigMacAttack Says:

    Bucco, I believe Rah’s interview in Denver helped push the Glazers his way. I think Joe wrote about it too, that after losing Mike Tomlin they didn’t want to make that mistake again. I bet Pat Bowlin is kicking himself now for not offering Rah the job after the McDaniels debacle. He may have just been satisfying the Rooney rule. Rah wasn’t great as a rookie but he learned a lot in a short period of time. I expect Raheem to be better yet as time goes on.

  38. BigMacAttack Says:

    That Thomas is one smart cookie. He probably works at NASA. I’m in awe.

  39. Thomas 2.2 Says:

    Yeah pat “bowlin” is really kicking himself. His teams participated in the last two post seasons to the same extent at rah rahs, and i believe won more reg season games over those two years.

    Also mcdaniels didnt produce avrecord streak of blackouts

  40. Hawaiian Buc Says:

    Actually, rocket scientist, Raheem won more than McDaniels. Not to mention the fact that we won 10 this year, they won 4 (McDaniels wasn’t even around for one of those wins). Are you going to harp on 2009 forever? I don’t hear you harping on Gruden’s bad seasons (nor should you). Also, just checking, between McDaniels and Raheem, which one still has a HC job? Which one is a coach of the year candidate? So yes, he is kicking himself.

    As for the blackouts, comparing Denver to Tampa Bay is stupid, even for you. Obviously, you’ve never been there, so once again you are speaking from ignorance (a familiar thing for you). I for one wish you would move to Denver and become a “fan” of their team. They would treat you real warm with all the hate you bring to “your” team. Here’s a tip, don’t eat the lemon and chocolate snow cones.

  41. Hawaiian Buc Says:

    “We’ll see if a rah led team can make and compete in the playoffs. I am not a believer.”


    Really, you not a believer? I had no idea. Tell me more.

  42. thomas 2.2 Says:

    Hawaiian: Thanks for the correction – 1 win seperates their two teams over the two years – the failure to make the playoffs doesn’t seperate them.

    One legit comparison between the fan bases in Tampa in Denver is that when both of these young men took over – they had more than a decade straight of sellouts.

    That has ended in record fashion for just one of those franchises. Denver has been effected by this economy as well, I am not sure how it compares to Tamap and either are you if you live where you suggest you do.

    There are no 2 ways to slice this: the community gave up on this team afteer 2009 undder Rah’s embarrassing direction, I fit into that group.

    I am sure he got better in 2010, how could you not? That was a debacle. I am not talking about ridding the team of vets; the hired and fired coordinators, started two obviously worthless qb’s with the kid missing out on experience; running through kickers; signing lb’s with blown out knees; making safeties linebackers – and on and on and on.

    I was surprised by Freeman’s development this year; inserting a top 10 qb for a bottom 55 qb changes a team dramatically. Blount and Williams complemented.

    I don’t think Rah is much different than the bumbling hack that he was in 2009, we will know more with a tougher schedule in 2011. PROVE ME WRONG SHEEP! I will happily admit it.

    But if I am right: to borrow from Eric: prepare for a sheep shearing!!! It will be pleasurable!!

    Then we can get an NFL quality regime in here to supplement free and whoever is left!!

  43. Hawaiian Buc Says:

    Actually, Tomass, 2 wins separated them (McDaniels wasn’t there for their last win), and McDaniels had a big head start (6-0 vs. 0-6).

    As for Denver, 2 guys that work for me are born and raised in Denver and are as big of a Broncos fan as you can imagine (unfortunately for me). We have this conversation all the time, the Broncos fans are unbelievably loyal. They sell out every game, every year, regardless of the team (and who is coaching them). I have actually showed them posts from you, and they are blown away by your stupidity. They are the ones who made the snow cone comment. And no, Denver’s economy has not been hit anywhere near as hard as Tampa’s.

    What is your basis for saying Raheem is the same as last year? Our record sure doesn’t indicate that. The media sure hasn’t indicated that. 99% of the fans on this site haven’t indicated that. Is it just your gut feeling? Not to be a jerk, but I could give a sh!t less about your gut feeling, because it isn’t worth jack sh!t. Or is it because you don’t like the way he wears his pants? Or maybe because you can’t understand him in press conferences (which makes no sense to anyone else, because we all understand him just fine).

    And as far as you admitting it, that’s the funniest thing I’ve heard all day. You wouldn’t admit it if we went 19-0 and had the #1 defense in all of football. You have never admitted you were wrong, even though you are wrong daily. It’s always going to be excuse after excuse with you, so give that BS a rest. None of us are buying it.

  44. Capt.Tim Says:

    You guys won’t educate of convince the haters. If Raheem won the SuperBowl 3years in a row, they would still be crying for his head. At Least RahDomDaBest admitted why. The rest try to throw out half truths, lies, and any BS they can. The truth is much easier. Raheem is Black. And his QB is Half Black. They won’t ever accept them. Performance isn’t a factor.

  45. m.wesley56 Says:

    well eric, gruden slowly depleted a winner,morris quickly putting it back together.dungy left gruden with a new race car,he traded it for richard pettys old car and you wonder what happen, if u own a store you hire someone to take care of that store u leave them with the best inventory,they make the most money the first month ever,but when you come back 7 months later its a thrift store,would you keep the manager,and would you fire the guy trying to make it right the first month

  46. gitarlvr Says:

    Right on Capt. Tim. Its funny to watch Thomas do just like that idiot who got banned recently and try to grasp at any straw imaginable to badmouth Raheem without openly saying the kind of stuff that will get him banned. Anyone with a brain knows exactly where his Raheem hate stems from at this point. So why does he keep trying to rationalize it any other way?

  47. BigMacAttack Says:

    He sure brings out the best in people. What a miserable life he must have.

  48. McBuc Says:

    No team has ever sold tickets based on the coach.