Freeman’s Cool On Display

January 28th, 2011

Former Tampa talking head with different color eyeballs, Jay Crawford of BSPN, sits down with Josh Freeman to introduce him to America in this BSPN video.

Freeman buzzed around the Disney outfit this week. Perhaps he was cutting a goofy commercial for the Sovietesque empire.

  • 18 Responses to “Freeman’s Cool On Display”

    1. Jimmy Says:

      Too bad Freeman didn’t get Brady’s sloppy seconds in London.

    2. lakeland bob Says:

      Never noticed the different eyeballs on Crawford.Pretty astute for a guy who never watches ESPN.

    3. Snook Says:

      Crawford used to on the ABC affiliate in Tampa.

      Something is up with Freeman and ESPN. He’s been ALL over that place this week.

    4. admin Says:

      Joe here,

      Thank you, Snook. Crawford was on for several years on ABC locally and Joe chatted with him a few times. Perhaps he wears a colored contact now on BSPN (Joe wouldn’t know), but the two color eyes was his deal.

    5. lakeland bob Says:

      Hate to see Free in the limelight constanly.Hope it doesn’t go to his head.

    6. Amar Says:

      lakeland boob,

      don’t worry about it. i’m pretty confident in a guy that had a 25TD6INT year isn’t going to let a little interview get to him.

      I love this kid. (no homo)

    7. Capt.Tim Says:

      BSPN is dumb, but not that Dumb. They see this guy has “Champion” wrote all over him. They are just getting in the Bandwagon. Guess we won’t sneak up on anyone again!

    8. Leighroy Says:

      Freeman’s the man, and he says all the right things. But man he puts me to sleep in interviews. He’s cool and relaxed but there’s no spunk to them. Maybe its just a comfort level thing that he’s not there yet being 23 but dang, spice it up boy!

    9. oar Says:

      I think you missed lakelandbob’s point. It’s not just one little interview!? His good performance, last year, is exactly why he should be careful not to let it go tp his head.
      BTW Funny how “stats are for losers” goes out the window in the off-season.

    10. D Says:

      So Freeman’s been cool for two seasons and a leader in the off-season, but you’re worried he’s going to let a little attention get to his head?

      GET REAL PEOPLE. He’s already proved himself. You just need to stop finding excuses to doubt.

    11. Hawaiian Buc Says:

      I got news for you guys: part of being a great QB is dealing with the fame and not letting it get to your head. If he truly is great (which I believe), then this won’t affect him in any way. When you perform at a high level, the media will be all over you. It hasn’t affected Manning, Brady, Brees, Rivers, Ryan, etc.; why would it affect Freeman?

    12. oar Says:

      Look, I’m not looking for excuses for doubting, but I can understand lakelandbob’s concern. Besides Manning, none of those QBs had such good success/stats in thier second year.

    13. eric Says:

      Montana was boring too.

    14. Hawaiian Buc Says:

      Yeah, but guys like Marino and Rapelessburger did.

    15. Capt.Tim Says:

      The guy is incedibly talented. He does all the right things. Never gets even a Lil toe out of line.never says the wrong thing. Hes a Lil boring, but Christ! Wouldn’t you want to build a franchise around the guy.the best role model for all the young guys. Mike Williams, Blount, Benn, Grimm- look at your Qb. Follow his lead, and you’ll all be part of an amazing team, and will retire polishing your awards!

    16. Amar Says:


      I was being sarcastic i know what he meant. Freeman will be fine, he’s well aware he still has more to accomplish.

    17. adam from ny Says:

      he is doing it all and doing it right…add in a lil 1970’s jerry curl juice and freebird will be good to go…adam from ny

      ps he is still a student of the game…once he is a master, then and only then can he step out over the edge…and that’s when his personality will grow…right now he cares too much and is trying to be a perfect nfl quarterback…if he gets there, he will become scary…then and only then is when you will no longer anticipate every word out of his mouth…free still needs to grow…and as he does, so will his personality…he is doing
      great right now….he’s still just a kid.

      we could be sniffing out a superbowl next year

    18. Tuggz Says:

      How intense and vocal Freeman is on the field is all that counts.