Barrett Ruud’s 2010 Grade: “A-minus”

January 26th, 2011

Fielding a call from a Bucs fan Tuesday, Pat Kirwan and Tim Ryan, co-hosts of “Movin’ the Chains” heard exclusively on Sirius NFL Radio, came across as the co-chairmen of the Barrett Ruud fan club.

The caller suggested that the Bucs greatest need this offseason is to acquire, whether by trade, free agency (once the CBA is signed) or by draft, a middle linebacker, and the Bucs should let Ruud walk away.

Kirwan and Ryan reacted as if they were just served room temperature beer.

Ryan quickly interrupted the caller before the poor fellow had a chance to finish a sentence, extorting, “No… no… no… ” before telling the caller the Bucs had far greater needs than replacing Ruud.

“Who is going to be the quarterback of your defense then? Who is going to call the plays on defense?” Ryan asked.

When the caller attempted to explain to Ryan that Ruud too often got run over by lesser running backs, Ryan would have none of it.

Kirwan added, “Barrett Ruud is not going to be Brian Urlacher in the Tampa-2. He’s not going to be Ray Lewis. He never will be. If I had to grade him on his play this year, I’d give him an A-minus.”

Now Joe has stated over and over he’s trying to keep an open mind about Ruud and basically Joe has come to two points about this subject:

Kirwan, as many have stated, claims that Ruud is only playing the way Bucs coach Raheem Morris is asking him to play. If that is the case, and the Bucs’ run defense in the middle is so soft, would it not be fair to suggest that either Morris is misusing Ruud or that Ruud is playing a glorified safety position and not middle linebacker?

If Ruud is nothing more than a glorified safety, than the public perception of his play would greatly change if his position was listed as “safety” and not “middle linebacker.”

Now Joe understands that, in theory, in the Tampa-2 defense a middle linebacker is not supposed to be the stereotypical run-stuffing, bone-rattling, teeth-jarring linebacker, that such an honor is usually given to the weakside linebacker.

This worked perfectly when Derrick Brooks was on the field for the Bucs but this just in: Derrick Brooks is not coming through the Bucs’ locker room door wearing his treasured double-nickel.

Again, Joe will write that when an old man of a cornerback and a rookie seventh round draft pick of a safety makes more splash plays in the box against the run than a guy who carries the mantle of middle linebacker, then there is a problem somewhere and it could be as simple as the defense being played, in truth, has no middle linebacker position.

Kirwan ended the conversation with the caller saying just the fact the Bucs will have Gerald McCoy and Brian Price healthy for next season that the Bucs’ rush defense will significantly improve.

64 Responses to “Barrett Ruud’s 2010 Grade: “A-minus””

  1. aldo Says:

    who call the plays?? thats the excuse??? if ruud is here to call plays, why dont use him as defensive coordinator?? thats BS!!! if u ask me, i think cody grimm as a safety can call the plays, looks smart, has insticts, and is even bettet situated than ruud on field.

  2. TAC Says:

    Back in the Sapp, Brooks, and Lynch era of the Tampa 2, you used to hear the buzzword “funnel”, such as the runner was funneled to Brooks or Lynch, when he was in the box.

    I always assumed Brooks was protected from a blocker being able to get to him. I have not seen the same type of play in Raheems D. I don’t know if the change is because of the weak side is played differently now, or if the Dline is unable to protect the LB’s like they did back then.

    I keep hearing Tampa 2.5.

    One thing is for sure, even back when Dungy was the head Coach, the run Defense was shaky at times. They spent alot of time on fundamentals of tackling to shore up a weak run D, and it was noticeable when they improved.

    I don’t think everything is Ruuds fault, but missed tackles by him, and the ability to shed blocks is noticeable in all the LB’s.

  3. d-money Says:

    I’m going to love it when Barrett Ruud is run out of town and goes to the pro bowl next year with his new team.

  4. Capt.Tim Says:

    Joe, just had to say what a great job you are doing. Lots of topics to talk about, during the slowest part of the season!! Nice. The two of them are correct. Ruud plays the Tampa 2 MLB perfectly. But his responsibility is the Pass first, not the run! This is a pass first league. Stopping the pass will win you more games than stopping the run.lots ofvteams we beat last year ran successfully on us. But they couldn’t pass. If a team passes successfully on your defense, you lose. The league ha changed. It is a Qb, pass driven league. That’s why the Tampa 2 was so effective- it is a great defense against the pass. You could ALWAYS have some success running up the middle on us, but you couldn’t win that why. We have just forgotten that, as we remember that defense as invincible. It was close, but not quite

  5. d-money Says:

    Capt Tim is absolutely correct. The Tampa2 has always been a bend but don’t break defense. Many many many times teams would march down the field only to have the door slammed shut once they got in or near the redzone.

    Derrick Brooks was a great great great player but lets not forget that he had a d-line with 4 first round draft picks in front of him and he had two potenial hall of famers in the secondary with him.

    Barrett Ruud will never be the player that Derrick Brooks but he also will never have the supporting cast that 55 had.

    MLB is probably about 5th on the list of things that this team needs.

  6. Matt Says:

    I completely agree with the last two commenters.

    I can’t believe that some are suggesting that we replace our starting MLB with someone who doesn’t know our system, in a year in which they might not have a chance to actually learn our system.

    Replace our two DEs. Replace our RT. Replace our LG. Get a real fullback. A speedy RB.

    Once you’re done replacing the average-to-bad players, THEN you start replacing the players who are just good and not great.

  7. JDouble Says:

    I bought into the whole “It’s just how the MLB works in the Tampa Two” argument back in 2009, but in 2010 we ran a lot of 3-3-5 and 3-4 and Ruud was asked to do a lot more than just be a glorified safety. He showed time and time again he isn’t capable of doing that job. Chris Ivory put an exclamation mark on his weakness in week 17.

    Also, a glorified safety should be able to catch 32 year old Todd Heap if he has 50 yards to make up 2ft. Ruud’s coverage abilities are greatly exaggerated. They are average. So average coverage abilities plus weak run stopping plus worst pass rusher EVER equals one sorry a$$ excuse of a MLB.

    So he can align the defense pres nap. La Dee freekin Da. If we keep him solely because we are afraid we won’t find someone else that can do that ONE thing….then it’s sad and we are doomed. Fortunately I know that isn’t Rah’s or Dom’s mind frame.

    My prediction is Heyward and Black get resigned while Ruud does not.

  8. Bucworld Says:

    Beautifully said J-Double…

  9. Jonny Says:

    JDouble nailed it. Ruud is a very smart linebacker, but his skill set is so so mediocre and overrated by fans of Bucs. He is not as strong to make clean tackles, he is not really that fast to be able to cover TEs. On top of all this, he does not play with that “us vs world” kind of attitude.

  10. Bucnjim Says:

    Pro Bowl NFL players are superstars not matter who the supporting cast is. Ruud is not nor will ever be a Pro Bowl player! Ronde Barber is a pro bowler and so is Penn (even though occasionally inconsistant) his blocks when on blow defenders up. MLB is not our top priority, but upgrades and competition are desperately needed at the LB position. All you have to do is look who is in the Super Bowl and how their LB’s play.

  11. Matt Says:

    Look, if you believe that Heyward can do a better job than Ruud in 2011, then fine.

    But if you’re actually suggesting we prioritize MLB over DE and draft one in the first two rounds to be the starter (or) you don’t think that Heyward is better but that he can compete with a third-fourth round draft pick for the starting job and we won’t be chancing it, you’re crazy.

    Replace the D rated players first. Then worry about the B and C players.

  12. Matt Says:

    Let me ask it this way…

    Who is better at their position:

    Ruud at MLB or any of our starting DEs?
    Ruud at MLB or our starting RT?
    Ruud at MLB or our starting LG?

    Unless you can tell me that Rudd is worse than the starters at those positions, we’re better off waiting to address the MLB until those larger concerns are addressed.

  13. mikeck Says:

    “Also, a glorified safety should be able to catch 32 year old Todd Heap if he has 50 yards to make up 2ft. Ruud’s coverage abilities are greatly exaggerated. ”

    That was a blown Sabbi-coverage and Heap had more than 2 feet. Ruud was moving forward and had to turn and chase Heap…one of the best TE’s in theh game. That play was simply not Ruud’s fault. When the Bucs got blown up in the pass game, it was rarely over the middle 0-30 yards deep which is where the MLB covers in the T-2. Ruud can play the pass. My question is doesnt Chicago run the Tampa 2???last I heard, Urlacher is expected to make alot of run stops as well as pass plays…he can actually read the offense and react quickly…can Ruud?

  14. d-money Says:

    The fact that the defense didn’t stop the run has very little to do with Ruud. I’m not sure why it is so hard for people to get that through their heads.

    Replacing Ruud based on run defense would be like replacing Mike Williams because Caddy can’t run the ball.

  15. Joe Says:


    Joe’s pretty convinced if Ruud’s position label was changed it would take away all the heat.

    People have a perception of middle linebacker: a guy who doesn’t let the run get past the second level. That’s not Ruud, hence, people are up in arms.

    To add to the perception, Ruud looks like a monster the way he is built. But he’s not physical which complicates the perception problem.

    The most fair description of Ruud Joe has heard came from Toby David of WQYK-AM 1010: Ruud is an average at-best linebacker against the run and when he doesn’t get any help from the defensive tackles, he’s exposed.

  16. Matt Says:

    d-money, it’s not quite as simple as that, but the point is taken.

    The easiest explanation has to be: If you want our run defense to improve, look to the defensive line, not the linebackers. Drafting DEs, having McCoy and Price improve in their second year, and improved DL coaching are the things that will improve our run defense.

  17. Bucnjim Says:

    Average against the Run & Average in pass coverage sounds like I’d give him a B- or C+. Who is going to call the D? How about the Coach like every other team!

  18. HIRE GREG OLSON! Says:

    Ruud couldn’t be Brian Urlacher for Halloween…

  19. Matt Says:

    @Bucnjim “Who is going to call the D? How about the Coach like every other team!”

    That’s idiotic and you know it. That’s like saying Freeman doesn’t need know how to call plays. There are these things called audibles too, you should look it up.

  20. Bucnjim Says:

    Halloween…….LOL that’s freaking funny! There is a difference between not being strong against the run and consistantly getting pancake blocked by average players. You could argue that it’s tough going against Offensive lineman who get to the second level, but that’s not the case. He is getting blown up by RB’s, TE’s, FB’s, even WR’s are putting him on his A$$. If you can’t stay on your feet and hold your position; then tackles are made from behind 5-7 yards down field.

  21. Guest#27 Says:

    “…the Bucs had far greater needs than replacing Ruud.”

    Exactly. And they also have the cash to sign the guy to boot.

    If they don’t re-sign their homegrown then the rebuilding project becomes a major failure.

  22. Guest#27 Says:

    Raheem Morris is the problem. He has NO business calling a defense.

  23. Bucnjim Says:

    Idiotic is a little strong don’t you think! Do you know how many D’s he actually audibles into or out of a game? He calls the D that the coach sends in and helps get players into the right position. Same thing every other Defensive play caller does. Barber adjusts the secondary on audibles so I don’t get the exaggerated importance of his play calling.

  24. Joe Says:

    This “calling the defense” excuse doesn’t wash with Joe.

    Like no one else can do this? How did the Bucs have such a solid defense for years before Ruud was starting; or did he call defenses from the bench? Like Cody Grimm couldn’t call the defense?

    With less than 10 starts under his belt, Josh Freeman took over offensive line coverage calls.

    If someone wants to argue that Ruud is not expected to make tackles within five yards of the line of scrimmage, OK. People are acting like the defense will crumble without Ruud. Like everyone else on the defense with the possible exception of Aqib Talib, everyone is replaceable.

  25. Capt.Tim Says:

    D-Money, you exactly put your thumb on it. Ruud is responsible for stopping RB and TE receptions 10′ behind the line. Not stopping the run.NOT STOPPING THE RUN. How can anyone have watched this team AT ANY POINT IN THE LAST 15 YEARS and not know that. OUR MLB turns his backbto the line of scrimmage at the snap, and drops 5 yards- why? Because that is the concept of the Tampa 2!!!! It has always been that way since Kiffin started playing the Tampa 2, also know as the cover 2. It is a zone defense, and the MLB is a ZONE DEFENDER. He has to play a Section of the field. It really is Stronger strong safety, as he typically covers the TE,RB, And FB. Ruud was drafted by us for his speed, agility, and coverage skills. If we play a typical MLB in the Tampa Defense, you will see him chasing after TEs all day, and the TEs and RBs will have 300 yards in Catches!! Jack Lambertor Mike Singletary- who are my Heroes!!!- would be a terrible fit on our Defense. The guys who sucked against the run this year- who for some reason no one wants to blame- is Quincy Black and Gino Hayes! I said that all season!! Wvery expert is also saying that! That’s why they have us drafting Linebackers to take their spots. They both sucked this year! Only two pars of this team really under performed- our O-line Vets( for the third straight year!!) and our outside Lb’s( who played decent last year?). Every other part of this team played as well, if not much better, than expected. Sadly, that included the DEs, who performed about like you would have figured, and desperately need upgrades! Ruud was exactly what we asked him to be. He will probably leave- because he is a much better player than we require at MLB, and is worth more money than a MLB is worth to our defense. MLB in the Tampa defense is, and always has been- a large safety playing a Zone on the field in Pass coverage- first and foremost! He is never, Ever supposed to be the intimidating run stopper that some MLB are hired to be. And don’t complain. It’s the exact same defensive scheme we won the SuperBowl with, except our OLB’s weren’t t afraid of RBs, like Black and Hayes were this year!!

  26. Matt Says:

    @Bucnjim Yeah, maybe a little strong 😉

    But Joe and Bucnjim, my point is in reference to this year specifically. Heyward knows our defense, so if your answer is him, okay.

    Otherwise, you’ll have a starting MLB who will likely join the team for the first time in July and August and be responsible for our calls. I just see bad things happening.

    There is a reason why you shouldn’t change your MLB often (we’ve only had 4 since 1993!) and I don’t think it makes to do so in an off-season where (1) there is uncertainty about if/when players will actually be able to play and (2) there are far more important needs on both sides of the ball.

    Look, I’m no Ruud homer. He’s not a Pro Bowler. But he’s not THE PROBLEM either. We can be a Top 10 defense with Ruud as our MLB (in fact, we were in 2007 and 2008).

    Again, after we’ve replaced our bigger needs, then, and only then, should we worry about Ruud.

  27. Bucnjim Says:

    Now that I can agree with

  28. Joe Says:


    You are making the point for the anti-Ruud crowd, i.e. play of other linebackers.

  29. chris Says:

    Would everyone please read Capt. Tim’s comments above? He is so unbelievably right on with those comments. Nice work Tim. MLB upgrade just isn’t a priority upgrade this year.

    I’m really tired of hearing how Chris Ivory trucked Ruud in the last game. Yes he did. We all saw it. Guess what- Chris Ivory is pretty good. He might’ve trucked Ray Lewis there too. Answer this, I’ve seen LaGarrette Blount blow up a few guys this year- were all those guys “soft” and “weak” or is just that big RB’s are hard to tackle sometimes?

  30. Dave Says:


    DE is priority 1.

    LB is priority 2, not any of the other positions you name.

    I do not care that Ruud “calls” the plays. He obviously did a piss-poor job. I don’t care how “smart” he is. I want a smart QB and a hard hitting LB.

    Ruud is a MAJOR issue at MLB and will be gone, whether over money or whatever else. Any other LB can step up and call the defense.

    I understand they will not have a massive run stuffer there, but they need someone who is better than Ruud.

    He is a MASSIVE liability on defense. They want shore up the defensive front 7 and they are a contender next year. All they need is DEs and LBs and most noteably a MLB.

    Don’t be surprised to see Black at MLB next year and one of the
    “splash play” LBs drafted.

  31. Matt Says:

    Well said Captain 🙂

  32. eric Says:

    Wow, some really good posts on this.

  33. Dave Says:

    MATT & Guest #27

    Both seem to think there are FAR greater needs than MLB.

    Other than DE, I don’t see one.
    The biggest thing this team needs to do is shore up the defensive front 7. Every else is good enough. The DT spot was taken care of last year and pieces were added. They will get better with maturity and another year.

    DE and LB play. That is it. That is what can take them to the next level, along with maturing another year.


    YEs we all know the MLB drops in coverage…. BUT NOT ON RUN PLAYS. he does have other responsibilities. Quarles could stop the run. HE wasn’t taken out of 80% of every run play by an average O-Lineman that he was supposedly faster than.

    The bottom line is some of you are making MASSIVE excuses for the man. He has been here for YEARS now and has not developed. He is good at the short passing game. That is it.

    When a defense gets run all over for a few years the MLB and DTs are the focal point of attack. The DTs were addressed and need more time.

    MLB has been given time. Time’s up.

    Let him walk

  34. pbmbuc Says:

    FWIW, Back in 1999, when Hardy Nickerson was being called out by fans for not producing enough (believe it or not it happened), Monte Kiffin said that even if Hardy never makes one tackle I still want him on the field to make sure everyone is in the right position.

  35. Dave Says:


    that is a coach protecting a player…. Gruden did it all the time and then waxed the guy within the season

    Raheem and Mark D have said all the right things about Ruud… but I have not seen them extend his contract or out-n-out praise him like he is the pro-bowler some people think.

    They have doen nothing but be “PC” with their answers.

    I GUARENTEE he is not the MLB with 2 years. The only reason I don’t say one is because of the CBA they may keep him with a 1 year deal.

    Something else people are failing to mention (CAPT, MATT, GUEST#27):
    The Bucs only play a Tampa 2 about 20% of the time now. They NEED a bigger stronger MLB.

  36. Guest#27 Says:

    I agree that it would be Optimal to have a top 10 MLB. But we don’t have one. The Bucs haven’t groomed ANYONE for this job. Period. Matt McCoy?

    Re-sign Ruud, draft a replacement and take it from there. When Ruud loses his job to the back up, then cut him… or keep him as a backup until you can replace him as a back up.

    WHY JUST LET AN EXPERIENCED PLAYER WALK? It’s not about the money… the Glazers haven’t even SPENT any freaking money. And you guys are trying to save them more??? What???

    Re-sign him for depth, if that makes you feel better about it.

  37. Guest#27 Says:

    We are so thin at LB, that we need to re-sign Black and Hayes as well. AND Still draft LBs.


  38. Matt Says:

    @Dave: I suppose we just see Ruud differently. I can’t imagine someone thinking Ruud is worse than, say, Trueblood/Lee, Zuttah/Larsen, or even Black or Sean Jones. Maybe that’s just me.

    And yes, they played the Tampa 2 less often now (but certainly more than 20% of the time), but even in our newer defenses, his primary responsibilities are to the pass, not the run.

    Regardless, I agree with Guest#27: If you want a better MLB, fine. Draft one. But I don’t believe anyone on this roster is anywhere near as good as Ruud at MLB and until then, he should stay.

    (BTW, for those saying to replace him in the first round of the draft…is there any a 1st round caliber MLB in this draft? Most of the ones I see are OLBs [Miller, Ayers, etc.])

  39. Guest#27 Says:

    I want to grap Ayers as an OLB in round 1.

  40. Matt Says:

    Just posted, Dominik talked about Ruud a little at the Senior Bowl:

    “Tampa Bay Buccaneers general manager Mark Dominik sounded Wednesday as though he wants middle linebacker Barrett Ruud back on his football team in 2011.”
    “Barrett had another good season for us,” Dominik said. “He led our team in tackles again and he had more splash plays for us this year than he did the year before, which was good.”

    However, the article suggests that it’s going to come down to money (which isn’t surprising).

    The problem with that is that if we’re not willing to overpay and he wants to test his market value…that means we’re not re-signing him until later summer. Which means we won’t really know our true MLB need going into the draft.

  41. Bucnjim Says:

    At # 20; you have to wonder who will actually still be on the board by then. I’ll guarantee you that there will be a run on DE’s early so do we reach or will someone actually fall to us in that spot. I get the feeling it may be a surprise position because they’ll be looking for the best available players. DE’s and LB’s may be a tough find for the Bucs in the first round.

  42. Capt.Tim Says:

    Wow- great, intelligent, and informed post again. It’s really an honor discussing football with you guys. So many passionate’s too bad that Eric and some others choose to “Troll” so often. Because when they aren’t being annoying just for attention, they actually can talk smart football.

  43. BigMacAttack Says:

    There is absolutely no reason in the world why a MLB can not do all the good(yeah sure) things Ruud does, run a 4.5 – 40, and deliver bone crushing hits in the process. This whole soft, weak, slow, but serviceable MLB argument doesn’t make sense, especially when you say you want more “violence”. Really, Jay Cutler is more violent than Ruud, tampax and all. Maybe a 25% Tampon 2 MLB is not asked to bust people up, but that doesn’t mean he shouldn’t have the ability to, or the speed, or the burning desire to “reach out and knock the living $h!t out of someone”. I want more violence. I want more speed. Barrett Ruud is slower than Mo-Lassis. I’m old enough to be his dad and I guarantee I can run him down. Sorry, but Ruud is not my favorite, he is overpaid as it is, and we need an upgrade.

  44. Dave Says:


    “Trueblood/Lee, Zuttah/Larsen, or even Black or Sean Jones. ”

    I think the ONLY person on that list that performed worse than Ruud was Trueblood.

    Black is average and performed just as bad, but that goes to my point.
    After DE the enitre LB group needs serious competition and overhaul.

    I do agree with GUEST #27 about just drafting a replcement, probably doesn’t happen in one season. Especially since the best MLBs are 2nd-4th round guys like LSU’s Kelvin Sheppard.

    Do to that and I could see him being here for one more year. BUT, I have a feeling some other team offers him more than they are willing to pay (shocker) and I think he goes.

    I would not be opposed to him coming back for one more year but they have to hold him accountable at some point. I do not care what kind of defense you play. Eventually 7 yard runs between the tackles have to be stopped and the MAIN person to do that is the MLB.

  45. lakeland bob Says:

    How about we let Rudd walk and move Heyward to MLB.Then we take the money we save on Rudd and try to sign manbeast Lamar Woodley.

  46. MTM Says:

    Ruud gets pancaked, burn’t and juked way too much. I don’t want to hear that the D- line should have tackled the RB. When RUUD is face to face with a RB. He can’t make the tackle period. There’s a reason everybody is hammering this guy. Its not personal.

  47. Matt Says:

    @Dave: If you think he’s that bad, then I suppose I’d want to get rid of him in your position too. I just think people put Pro Bowl expectations on him because he was a high draft pick. But who knows.

    @lakeland bob: Very, very highly doubt we would go after Woodley, and that the Steelers would ever let him go.

  48. lakeland bob Says:

    @Matt-the Steelers just spent big money locking up Harrison and might not have money left to lock up Woodley.I know Mark wil not go after free agents,but Woodley might be the exception.

  49. gitarlvr Says:

    Capt. Tim- The only problem with your argument about Ruud is that, as you well know, the Bucs aren’t playing 4-3 cover2 defense all that much compared to the past. Barrett Ruud IS being asked to do more than that these days. Barrett Ruud is still a great linebacker for a strict 4-3 team but is no longer the ideal MLB type for the Buccaneers hybrid scheme. I still think people who want to see him replaced with Tyrone Mckenzie and Quincy Black are insane though. Even considering the fact he is not playing in his ideal scheme anymore, he is still playing at least average football. Quincy Black sucks as a SAM and would be an even worse MLB. Mckenzie? Really? How about we just make Niko Koutovides the starting MLB? LOL! Barrett Ruud could be upgraded and the Bucs probably shouldn’t pay out the nose to keep him here but he certainly doesn’t deserve the hate he gets from Tampa fans.

    @matt- I doubt the Bucs would spend the money to bring in Woodley either but there is a decent chance the Steelers wont be able to keep him in Pittsburgh depending on how the CBA, plays out of course. If they aren’t able to franchise him,or don’t want to, under the new CBA then he’s probably up for grabs to the highest bidder. The Bucs are definitely in the market for a big mean hybrid 3-4 OLB\4-3 DE, but all signs point to them acquiring that player in the draft.

  50. Jeff Carlson Says:

    Barrett Ruud and Derrick Brooks should never be compared in any way. Brooks never played Middle Linebacker and Ruud has never played Weak Outside Linebacker like Brooks. Joe is right about one thing, MLB in Tampa’s defense is more hybrid, just as Strong Safety in their system is a hybrid linebacker. We would never have known John Lynch’s name if all he did was play cover 2 safety. He was regularly “in the box” as an extra LB to make tackles when the other players were taking on blockers.

  51. Tom Says:

    “Kirwan added, “Barrett Ruud is not going to be Brian Urlacher in the Tampa-2. He’s not going to be Ray Lewis. He never will be. If I had to grade him on his play this year, I’d give him an A-minus.”

    The question of the day is: How many entire Bucs games did Kirwan watch this year where I should give a rats a… what his grade is?

    The guy ‘covers’ the NFL. That’s 32 teams. Now either he stays up late at night watching every minute of every game broadcast on the season or he’s seen a total of 3 halves of Buccaneer football this season. I’m willing to bet on the latter.

  52. Capt.Tim Says:

    Nice to see you back, Lakeland Bob, long time no hear!

  53. gitarlvr Says:

    Actually Tom, Pat Kirwan is one guy who is informed. I watch every one of his pregame analysis and I can tell by what he says that he doesn’t comment on this team without knowing anything about it. Kirwan is probably the smartest and most informed national media commentator out there. Kirwan is one of the few guys who’s opinion I actually appreciate.

  54. lakeland bob Says:

    Can’t stay away from this site very look Capt.

  55. lakeland bob Says:

    Can’t stay away from this site very long Capt.

  56. Architek Says:

    This is some real bull, this player is an obvious liability and the organization is trying to convince us that he is a solid NFL MLB. NOT. Ruud is decent. Beason is WAY better and more violent and can cover on a worse defense than ours. Dominik this is some real BS.

  57. Capt.Tim Says:

    The GM, Head Coach, Pro analyst, former Bucs, and Former Buc MLB are all saying that MLB is much more a coverage position than a run stopper in our defense. Tampa 2, 2.1, 2.5, whatever! The MLB is more “large Strong Saftey than Run stopping bruiser. But it’s obvious that some get it, and some never will! They tormented Hardy Nickerson and Shelton Quarles both, about the exact same thing. Once they retired, apparently everyone remembers them as run crushers. They weren’t- and weren’t supposed to be. Our MLB is a zone coverage guy, and our Strong safety(example John Lynch) plays the run stopper more than the MLB. Like it or not, that’s our defense. And has been for 15+ years.

  58. BigMacAttack Says:

    The Steelers, Jets and Pats should all be following Tampa’s lead on this one. It’s a better mouse trap. Who’d-a-thunk-it.

  59. Joe Says:


    Not difficult to watch every NFL game. NFL Sunday Ticket not only rebroadcasts all games carved down to one hour each (which includes every play of the game) and all games are available both in condensed form and in totality on

    Those who are dedicated can easily pull this off and Joe knows those who do.

    If you watch three NFL games each Sunday and the Monday Night Football game, you have all week to watch 12 games in 12 hours.

    Pretty easy. Again, for those that respect their craft. Joe knows of a certain NFL blogger who doesn’t and who perfectly fits the definition you lay out.

  60. Capt.Tim Says:

    I think Kirwin watches every game. He seems to make informed opinions. That other poster isn’t an expert on the NFC south, is he? Lol

  61. eric Says:

    Whatever the scheme, when it comes to making a tackle all to often Ruud is juked or simply run over.

  62. Al Says:

    I see Ruud as a very smart player. I think we need to keep him. Bend, don’t break is the name of the game.

  63. BigMacAttack Says:

    If bending is the name of the game then Ruud should change his name to Gumby. Yeah that’s the ticket, but then again he moves like Pokey. Tough call.

  64. tha truth is... Says:

    Rudd is 2 slow, small, or physical and can’t play in Cover 2, Tampa 2, or 2.1. Not enuff speed 2 cover. Not enuff size 2 shed blockers. Not enuff heart 2 tackle.

    @ Architek
    Im with u on trying 2 get Beason, if possible. If that happens, I say draft 2 DE’s, LB, and G(Pouncey) and go from there