Raheem “Coveted” Haynesworth

December 9th, 2010

Who could fault Raheem Morris and Mark Dominik for yearning, aching and hunting for me machine Albert Haynesworth 20 months ago, as Raheem reminded the Washington media yesterday?

It was the first candid acknowledgment by the Bucs about their longing for Haynesworth that Joe’s ever heard.

“Big physical presence that gets off the ball and is able to cause disruption,” Bucs Coach Raheem Morris said Wednesday in a conference call with Washington reporters. “When he plays, he certainly does that. I’m not sure what happened up there, but … it’s none of my business. But he’s an extremely talented player that we had coveted in the free agent market, and [the Redskins] were fortunate enough to get him.”

Back then Raheem and Dominik were on a free agent path to glory, a plan they ran from faster than Greg Olson gets away from the running game.

It was going to be Haynesworth causing disruption and anchoring the line with a new and improved Gaines Adams coming off the edge and Jim Bates squealing in ecstasy. Angelo Crowell and Jermaine Phillips were going to flank Barrett Ruud and form a violent threesome.

Derrick Ward, Michael Clayton and Antonio Bryant were the new contracts the offense needed, along with Byron Leftwich, to steal some wins while Josh Freeman got ready in the bullpen sans training camp reps. Chucky’s playbook was wheelbarrowed out for recycling in favor of Jeff Jagodzinski’s simpler downhill running and downfield attack.

It’s hard to believe that Raheem, the 2010 coach of the year (so far), and rock star Dominik were the architects of such a laugher.

But they made their bed and refused to lie in it. They pulled a 180 and a learn-on-the fly job of truly historical proportions, and here the Bucs sit on Dec. 9 effectively in control of their playoff destiny.

For Joe, the big picture lesson is that Raheem and Dominik are not patient men, despite all the incessant “lasting contender” jabbering. 

These guys demand greatness from themselves and the Bucs and will do anything to right their ship, even if they’re the ones who drove it full speed into a typhoon.

This is why, barring an epic collapse this season, Joe expects to see the Bucs adopt a revised win-now plan next year.

22 Responses to “Raheem “Coveted” Haynesworth”

  1. JDouble Says:

    “This is why, barring an epic collapse this season, Joe expects to see the Bucs adopt a revised win-now plan next year.”

    What do you think the race to 10 was about? We have had a win now attitude all along. Only the fans and media have thought differently.

  2. JDouble Says:

    I guess some folks will just never get that expensive FAs don’t equal success. We will continue to get better thru the draft and sign lesser known young FAs for depth….and win now. That is the plan. Nothing is going to change that.

  3. Travis Says:

    Who says he wouldn’t be a successful and a positive leader leader here in Tampa? Just because hes a turn in Wash, doesn’t mean it would be the same here.

    I still wish we would have gotten him, although i don’t want him now because of all the crap hes said.

  4. Gary Says:

    “[the Redskins] were fortunate enough to get him.” Now that is funny.

    I agree Joe, I love how they go for gold in building this team and they will surely change their strategy this offseason, as they should. Our unexpected success means the plan has to be tailored (a little bit).

    I just wish they would go for gold on the field during games. I’m not advocating going for every 4th down, but punting on other teams 40 each time with 1yd. to go for a first down is getting annoying.

  5. Gary Says:

    So what are the technicalities of ABs situation in DC? They cut him after the season obviously, so he is then a FA right?

    His value went down the drain this season, so he could be had for cheap? If the price is right, we should go for him. But it has to be low enough that we can throw him away if he acts like a fool in Tampa.

    Imagine if he is motivated (because he is no longer in a 3-4) and happy, he would make GMC and entire D-line so much better. I know he has a bad history, but we can take a chance can’t we? Or is the potential risk not worth it?

  6. marcus Says:

    hmmm…haynesworth or either Edwards from minn. or kiwanuka from the giants as a premiere D.E. and a first round D.E. in next years draft. A.B. and McCoy in th middle with Price rotating plus Kiwanuka and a first round D.E. ? I can dream can I? Because Edwards and Kiwanuka are gonna be free agents after this season.

  7. Pete 422 Says:

    Well, who are the premiere pass rushers in the draft? I say we grab one the FA who best fits our team. I also see the Bucs going O-line in the draft.

  8. eric Says:

    IMO a revised “win now” plan would be wonderful.

    I just am unsure the Glazer Boys will go for it, based on their proclamation that FA’s are “fools gold”.

    Looking back, the Division was there for the taking and playoffs with some key FA pickups.

    Things change quickly and you only get so many shots. Go for it Bucs.

  9. Hire Greg Olson! Says:

    eric, the Bucs offered Haynesworth more money than the Skins. He chose DC because it was in a bigger market. Haynesworth said so, himself. But keep beating that dead horse.

  10. jesse j Says:

    eric: again with this huh…You beat the b marshall drum all august, thank god one buc place didnt hear you then. I live in south (east) florida and you should here the local media speculation of how hes packed it in, not injured, all kinds of negative rumors swarming this guy.

  11. Nick2 Says:

    I have to agree with Eric on this one. For some reason the Glazers agenda and Dominicks are two different things. It would have made sense this year from a business perspective to sell out some of the bigger home games like Atlanta but they chose to sit on their wallets. Remember people we have the LOWEST PAYROLL IN THE LEAGUE. I would love to have the bucs go out and get a very few talented free agents this offseason but don’t hold your breath.

  12. sensiblebuc Says:

    @ Pete 422

    Yeah the DE class is deep and talented headed up by Da’Quan Bowers. I think evrrybody at One Buc is hoping Kerrigan drops to us


  13. Hawaiian Buc Says:

    JDouble, you don’t have to look very far to see that you can’t build a team primarily through free agency. Look at the team we are playing Sunday. They’ve been trying it forever, and they are going nowhere. You can’t find me a successful team built that way. But if you look at all the consistently successful teams, they all draft and scout well (Indy, NE, Pittsburgh,etc.), and only dabble in free agency. Free agency should be used to plug in a couple holes, and that’s it.

  14. MTM Says:

    Raheem stay away from Fat Albert. The Titans knew he would lay down after he got paid. Thank god the Bucs didn’t pick his fat ass up and overpay for it. JaMarcus thinks the Skins got burned on that one.

  15. weneedhardy! Says:

    How’s rushing for over a hundred yards against a good run stuffing opponent getting away from the running game? Retard.

    Joe here, Sorry ma’m. Joe has no time to teach you football in the comments section.

  16. Pete 422 Says:

    @sensiblebuc: thanks for the information. Hopefully one of these guys drops to us. A great rookie talent with a veteran FA pick up would be nice. I don’t think the Glazers dislike FA, it’s just finding the right couple FAs to fill in some gaps. The Bucs are solid, but need help in certain areas to get over the hump and the young talent develops.

    If the Bucs keep drafting the way they have been, this team could be scary good.

  17. derf Says:

    Joe mistakenly wrote: “and here the Bucs sit on Dec. 9 effectively in control of their playoff destiny.”

    Sorry but even with a run of the table a 10-6 Bucs team won’t be able to capture a playoff spot without some help – hence they don’t control their playoff destiny.

    Nice Christmas wish….

  18. oar Says:

    A run of the table would put them at 11-5, not 10-6. They would still need help though!

  19. HIRE GREG OLSON! Says:


    derf failed 3rd grade math…

  20. Mark Says:

    Actually, Pewter Report and the playoff simulator on ESPN both say that the Bucs control their own destiny…11-5 and we’re in. You have to realize that the Giants play the Packers, The Packers play the Bears and the Giants play the Eagles…with the Eagles having 2 games vs. Dallas. Plus, the BUcs, to get to 11-5, would need to beat NO…Bucs still got a shot…

    GO BUCS, keep provin’ them wrong!

  21. Hawaiian Buc Says:

    1 game at a time fellas! Let’s worry about playoffs in a few weeks. Go Bucs!

  22. eric Says:

    Yep, one game at a time. We arent the 2005 Patriots. Gotta play well this Sunday to win, IMO. Skins are desperate.