Raheem Morris Calls Off “Race To 10”

December 9th, 2010

It was a rallying cry for the excitable Bucs coach since training camp. “Race to 10.”

It galvanized a locker room full of young players. It brought scorn from fourth estate types, both near and far. It even brought Raheem some national celebrity.

But enough, says Raheem. There is no more race to 10. Just steps from the finish line, the Bucs coach has thrown in the towel, sort of, writes dapper Rick Brown of the Lakeland Ledger.

“It’s never been about 10 wins,” Morris said. “The Atlanta Falcons won my race. The New England Patriots won my race. When you say race to 10, you talk about putting yourself in position to being the first one to 10. Those guys are the first one to 10, and guess what, they hold their fate in their own hands. They decide right now what they want to be, whether they host playoff games or host that championship game and all those things.

“For us right now, it’s about getting into that dangerous “P” word, putting ourselves in position to go out and play for that thing that no one thought we could,” he said. “So we’ll go and get as many wins as we need to get into that dangerous “P” word and give ourselves a chance to compete.”

Com’on coach, the “Race to 10” was and is fun. And it’s a legitimate goal. Don’t give up on it now.

And, oh by the way, lest anyone suggest this besides Joe, if you don’t finish the race to 10, you can forget about using that “P-word,” you know?

40 Responses to “Raheem Morris Calls Off “Race To 10””

  1. Jared Says:

    I completely understand where he’s coming from regarding the quote. As for being the first to 10 wins, you control your destiny. If your first to 10, like he said race to 10, then there’s a better chance of making the final games count.

    And since he did talk about race to 10, it should be first. Who goes into a race thinking its ok to come second or third? About his new motto and becoming “So we’ll go and get as many wins as we need to get into that dangerous “P” word and give ourselves a chance to compete.” We are still in position to reach the playoffs, lots can still happen. So we failed the race, but we still have a chance for the dangerous “P”. And with how close our recent losses have been, and the youth of the team, I can see us being very dangerous if we make it. We have that nothing to lose mentality. Very scary for playoff teams facing us.

  2. Andrew Says:

    I think this is a mistake by Raheem. He is justifying something that has gone really well. It’s unecessary AND since players and fans all bought into the Race to 10 concept throwing he is essentially popping the balloon. Do this kind of thing too often and people stop believing in your msg. He did this with the whole WE ARE THE BEST IN THE NFC deal. If you say something like that let it be. Don’t start backpeddling like a politician.

  3. jesse j Says:

    Andrew, Mistake? What? The “race” to 10 is over. It was a race toooo, wait for it….10! Players bought in…but the fans? No, the fans mocked him. There is nothing that says politician about this coach. Whats unecessary is the constant cling to any thing said only to spin it to make it out to be something its not.

  4. Andrew Says:

    @Jared: I never got the impression it was a race for the first team tor each ten. I always thought it was a race to ten wins.

  5. Andrew Says:

    @Jesse Bullspit. The race to ten was about ten wins = playoffs! The only spin on it was his own and now he is backing away from it.

  6. Jared Says:


    You can blame it on the media. To me, Morris wanted to be in position by holding the cards, thus the race to 10 wins. If his team is first, they are in the driver seat. That was the whole mantra. The media takes thing out of proportion. Take his best in the NFC quote. He was stating a fact on based on record. It wasn’t a lie, they were the best, or tied with the best, at the time of the quote. The media keeps bringing it up time and time again even though Rah himself told them what it meant. Also, it was used as motivation that the coach believed his players were capable of being the best “TEAM”.

  7. jesse j Says:

    soooo you think hes quit trying to win games?

  8. Aldo Says:

    with all due respect, but even the players on the team has said is all about 10 wins, u can look over social accounts like facebook or twitter and they say its all about 10 wins, but thats ok, after all, this season is better than i expected and future looks better than all we thought

  9. gotbbucs Says:

    yep, i’m sure that’s exactly what he meant jesse. i’m sure they’ll lay down for the remainder of the season now.

  10. jesse j Says:

    gotbucs, i guess my feeble attempt at sarcasm was a failure….

  11. Andrew Says:

    @jessie No I don’t think he’s quitting and laying down for losses. I think he outthinks himself and can do some damage. There is no reason to touch this. The race to ten mantra did good, leave it at that. Come up with a new manta. There is no reason to toss this aside and say it’s over.

  12. Gary Says:

    You guys are hilarious. Do you think the players give a $h!t whether or not the race to 10 is over? They are professional football players, and will try to win every single game.

    The only ones who care about this garbage is the people who matter the least in terms of wins and losses – us, the fans!

    I totally understand what he means, the race is over we lost. He is basically acknowledging we need more than 10 to get in the playoffs and raising the bar. Read between the lines, he wants us to win out and get to 11 now, not 10. Can’t blame him for this change because who would have predicted how this crazy NFL season would have turned out?

  13. JDouble Says:

    How are you guys missing this? He’s not giving up or throwing in a towell. The race is over. Two teams have already reached ten wins, one in our own division…and they got there by beating us. You can’t continue to have a race to ten when someone has already got there. It’s no longer a race. Duh?

    We don’t control our own fate anymore. Now it’s about finishing strong, with pride, and seeing what happens.

  14. JDouble Says:

    Andrew….it never meant 10 wins = playoffs. It meant if you are the first team to get 10 wins, you are in a great spot and control your own destiny. Don’t tear into other posters because you were too stupid to understand that.

    Every year is a race to ten because it is always true that first to ten controls thier own destiny. It doesn’t mean you can quit winning games once you get ten. That’s just stupid.

  15. oar Says:

    Maybe he’s realizing, 10 wins doesn’t necessarily get you in the playoffs in this league anymore? Just ask the 2008 11-5 Patriots or the 2003 10-6 Dolphins.

  16. Jared Says:

    JDouble – Amen brother.

  17. oar Says:

    or the 2006 10-6 Browns.

  18. BigMacAttack Says:

    I have no desire to bash or criticize Raheem right now, for anything he says. He has put his heart and soul into this season and has come within inches of being where he wanted this team to be. I think he is being realistic and maybe they have an outside chance, but he knows where his team is, where they are down because of injuries and what is left to finish the season. He just needs to keep his eye on the ultimate prize which is building for the future, and he and Dominick have done a damn good job, regardless where they end up in the final standings this year.

  19. Thomas 2.1 Says:

    How about a race to three in the division? I dont think that they will complete that race either.

    Only one intra-division team that they have beaten, and a one-win team at that.

    Rah lowers his demands every time he fails. Last year to start the season he kept saying we are not rebuilding we are good enough to make the playoffs = Wrong! Then when they were embarrassing the spin started.

    This year it was “we are the best team in the NFC” = WRONG! Then it was, well um, I meant best record at the time.

    Then, “a race to 10” = well when that proves meaningless the intention has changed, again! Notice how he injected “we are still trying to do what noone thought we would” regarding the “p” word. Again, lowering expectations after goals are not reached, another failure of a year, you start the spin to say: even though we didnt beat a top team, finished third in the division, didnt make the playoffs, lost more than we won at home etc etc = well we did better than most anticipated so = HURRAY! WE MIGHT AS WELL BE SUPER BOWL WINNERS! Only the Rah-mance faction of losers would by that b.s. and hypocrisy!

  20. jvato24 Says:

    The common trait between all of those 10 and 11 win teams not making the playoffs is SImple. They were swept by a division opponent and lost critical division games. The Race to Six .. In your division can almost guarantee the “p” word.

  21. d-money Says:

    Thomas2.1 = clueless.

  22. oar Says:

    Hey, if we were in the NFC west we’d definitely be in the playoffs, LOL!
    The way those teams have been playing, it’s sad to think a team at or under .500 is going to make the playoffs from that division.

  23. d-money Says:

    Am I the only one that gets that a “race” is a contest to see who gets somewhere first?

    If two teams have already reached 10 wins then the race has already been won. Its not giving up or lowering expectations. Its facing facts. He wanted to be the FIRST to 10 wins and he fell a little short.

  24. Thomas 2.1 Says:

    No d-money I considered the “race” meaning get there first point and think that it makes some sense but it is clear that the players didnt understand it that way. So, at a minimum, again, he fails to communicate properly what he intended.

    Also,if he meant get to 10 first he did not “fall a LITTLE short.” Unless you think thirteenth or so place is a LITTLE short. There are approx 12 teams that should get to 10 first, and two in the division.

    And, if it were not a whole lot less likely that the playoffs are in jeopardy even with 10 wins do you think he would have provided this explanation on what the race to 10 meant. Of course not.

    I think that it is ridiculuous to set your goal at 10 wins knowing that sometimes that is not enough. That shows how dim witted this coach is, to set your expectations short of the playoffs is a terminable offense in my mind.

  25. Buc You Says:

    Raheem needs to work on clarifying his goals.

    Actually Raheem needs to work on clarifying everything he says.

    One better, he shouln’t be allowed to stand in front of the media.

  26. Beescreamer Says:

    Wow, I can’t believe how many people don’t understand that the point of a race is to be first. His goal wasn’t 10 wins, I’m sure his goal was to win the superbowl as that is every teams goals.

    Just amazed that half the board gets it, the other half doesn’t….

  27. jdouble Says:

    I can’t even imagine how sad and pitiful some of your lifes are that you have nothing better do than troll a Buccaneers fansite all day everyday with the soul purpose of spreading negativity. Get a real hobby.

  28. d-money Says:


    Everything Raheem does is a terminable offense to you. We get it you don’t like him.

    But the problem with that is that you don’t know what the F&*K you’ re talking about. Everyone in the NFL who is anyone raves about how good of a coach he is.

    But you, a guy who really has shown time and again that he doesn’t have a clue about football, thinks he should be fired after every loss.

    I don’t know if you don’t like him because you were so in love with Gruden, or you want bed down Bill Cowher or you’re racist or just stupid but it’s laughable how you and Eric and Buc You all think you know more than people with year’s of NFL experience.

    Get used to it buddy Raheem is here to stay.

  29. Hawaiian Buc Says:

    This is quite possibly the stupidest thing I have ever heard. He doesn’t have to clarify anything to us, especially Buc You and Thomas, about what he meant by race to 10. Who really cares. They are going to try to win every game, regardless of how anyone interprets the “race to 10”. However, where I’m from, a race is a contest to see who can get to a certain point first, but again that’s irrelevant. This doesn’t affect the players or their goals in any way, shape, or form. It is just a slogan, nothing more nothing less. It’s comical that the haters use this against him, but then again they use everything against him. I would hate to think they might have preconceived feelings about Raheem that will never change regardless of what he does. But I’m sure that’s not true, because they are such great fans.

  30. Thomas 2.1 Says:

    One: Rah will not be fired now because of the CBA uncertainty – I agree. THE reason he was given this job is b/c of the Glazer’s continuing obligation to pay Gruden and the CBA. They are not going to make a decision regarding the future until there is CBA resolution.

    If Rah wins 2 more games he probably deserves a third season. The problem lies here: if we get more of the same next year or 2010, like Beckels said, you idiots just wrongly assume that every year will be better than the year before if the team is young – that is a faulty premise. The NFC South is known for teams going from last to first (like the young Saints). Mostly because of relative strength and weakness of schedule from a last to first place schedule which this team is the beneficiary of this year.

    And always remember – d-money -that those who disagree with you and see things differently are not always “haters” or “clueless,” they simply disagree. The value of Rah is subjective, I believe that there are coaches out there that would have this team in a better position today. Success is a relative concept, and in the NFL, I don’t think that anyone under any circumstances should accept success as third place in the division after starting 7-3 and missing the playoffs.

    The next season of football for this team is a must-make the playoffs or Rah must be fired. The fanbase is already depleted and that has a lot, not all, but a lot to do with the faction like me who does not believe the Glazers are prioritizing winning, and we think the hiring and retention of Rah after 3-13 is evidence of that.

    I believe that this team would immediately be better, more legit, the fanbase would be electrified if a Cowher or someone similar were hired. That is my opinion: Rah’s race has nothing to do with this, I would have been nearly as pissed if McDaniels were hired (I say nearly b/c I thought that he may have had some Bellichick in him).

  31. New Era Buc Says:

    Thomas says… Blah Blah Blah… I hate Morris. Its getting old along with your hate filled, mindless posts. Go Rah and Go Bucs! I mean go Coach of the Year!!

  32. Hawaiian Buc Says:

    That’s all fine and dandy Thomas. However, there is one critical mistake in your logic. The schedules only vary by 2 games between the 4 NFC South teams. I really don’t believe (nor would anyone with a brain) that is the reason teams go from worst to first. With the parody in the NFL, often times the 2 teams we get (for example) are better than the 2 teams the former division winner get. That is a FACT. I think it has more to do with all 4 teams being pretty well run (for the most part) and able to correct mistakes.

    Do you understand that Cowher cannot come here? He runs a 3-4 dummy. We don’t have the players for that. Is that simple enough for you? It would be a trainwreck for several years. That’s what you want? Just so we can have a coach that everyone knows? And while we’re at it, we should get him and pay him $10 Million per year. Trust me, with your logic, you should never run your own business. Don’t get your panties wet just because someone from Pittsburgh does well, they all do. Their organization is the most patient in all of pro sports (what a concept), and they reap the rewards for it. Believe it or not, Cowher had several losing seasons, so he’s not the coaching god you make him out to be. And for you, I highly doubt race has nothing to do with your hatred of Raheem, especially since just the other day you complained about his pants being too low for your liking. Even more so when it’s not true. Typically, when you make up a lie that falls into a racial stereotype, then you my friend are a racist. But I know, you saw it but just didn’t want to take pictures. And you’re not a racist, one of your best friends is black. Whoops, I stand corrected.

    Just wondering, were you calling for Gruden’s head after 4-12? I wasn’t. Let me guess, you weren’t because he was established. Think about that for a second and realize how stupid that sounds. Apparently you really don’t understand that you can’t build an elite NFL team in a year or two. IT HAS NEVER BEEN DONE, BY ANYONE. We are maxing out on our talent right now, and then some. Find me any expert that disagrees (and no, you and Buc You are not experts). Again, if we regress over the next couple year, I won’t complain about a coaching change. However, unlike you, I don’t hope for that. That’s why you receive so much dislike from all of us “sheep”.

  33. oar Says:

    Aloha! While I’m not one to call for Cowher and definitely not defending Thomas, Cowher did have only 3 losing seasons out of his 14 with Pittsburgh. That’s not deity material, but that’s satanic either.

  34. Hawaiian Buc Says:

    He’s a very good coach, I can’t argue that. However, my point is that he’s not going to come here and win the Super Bowl right away like Thomas thinks.

  35. oar Says:

    Thats for sure! And agree we don’t have the personel/players for 3-4, see Bates fiasco!

  36. Thomas 2.1 Says:

    U r so clueless. Never, ever should you not hire a great coach b/c you think that your personnel doesnt fit what base he ran in the future.

    Who says that we dont have 3-4 personnel. Not rah bc he runs a 3 man front very frequently, see sgw. How do you know that cowher would not keep a tampa 2 system, or asst coaches. Tomlin was a tampa 2 guy, many in pitt didnt want him for the same fear you have. Tomlin kept the 3-4 base, good coaches adjust, cowher is a great coach.

    In 14 seasons, he was sub .500 3 times, 2 7-9 and a 6-10. He finished 59 games over .500 with two superbowl appearances, one win. To start his head coaching career, 6 straight playoff appearances.

    Its not a matter of race, anyone who wears their pants that way should be criticized, regardless of color. Name calling doesnt strengthen your argument, it weakens it – if that were possible.

    None of us haters are hoping for losses, we root every sunday, things just dont appear all rosy to us, and 30,000 or so more who had no interest in going to a big game this past sunday.

  37. eric Says:

    The bucs have set the table now lets see if they can eat.

  38. Hawaiian Buc Says:

    That’s actually a pretty decent argument Thomas. I actually agree with a lot of what you said. However, we do not have the personnel for a 3-4. The 3 man line we run is not a 3-4, though, plus most believe we don’t have the personnel to run that either.

    I’m not disagreeing that Cowher is a very good coach. However, keep in mind that in 14 years in one of the best run organizations in sports, he got only 1 Super Bowl. I’m not downplaying how difficult it is to get one, but at the same time I’m not crowning him Lombardi. Basically every coach Pittsburgh has ever had has won a Super Bowl, so I think his success does have a lot to do with their organization too. They are very patient, and they have continuity throughout their organization. Nobody will ever get fired in Pittsburgh after 1 or 2 years, as long as the Rooneys own the team. You haven’t even given Raheem 2 years and you want him out. But the sad thing is, you probably wanted him out before he ever coached a game. Give the man a chance to develop this team, he might just surprise you. I guarantee you he is not half as incompetent as you make him out to be. He’s not going anywhere, so ultimately you have no choice. I don’t know why you would want to spend years of your life complaining about something that we all know is not going to change. Kind of pointless, don’t you think?

    As for the 30,000 who don’t want to go to the game, well that’s too bad. Every year I fly across the world twice just to watch them play. It cost me an arm and a leg, but I’ll do it every year, no matter who’s coaching. It really pisses me off when people who can go take that for granted. You and those 30,000 go ahead and keep trying to prove a point, and you watch them move the team. You really think the Glazers won’t do that? Think again. Hope you like Chad Henne, because that will be your new franchise QB. But at least you’ll have a respectable coach, right?

  39. BigMacAttack Says:

    If the Bucs hired Bill Cowher tomorrow, T2, BYou, & Eric would all still be haters. Nag, nag, nag, always looking for something to bitch about. Get over it you idiots, Santa isn’t bringing you a new coach for Christmas. Get you cookies and milk ready, and bend over in front of the chimney. Santa will give you what you deserve. Vaseline optional.

  40. d-money Says:


    I didn’t say you were cluesless because you disagree with me. I said you were clueless because you don’t make any sense. You hate Raheem so much on a personal level that you can’t see the fact that he is doing a very good job.