Josh Freeman Loves The NFC West

December 28th, 2010

josh freeman 0505fIt will be a brutal feeling to know that a garbage NFC West team will be in the playoffs — have a home game no less! — if the Bucs somehow miss the postseason.

Watching St. Louis, or worse, Seattle hosting a playoff game will be enough for Joe to swear off a beer for a few hours.

Joe hopes somehow the Bucs can play the NFC West next year, though Joe’s pretty sure that won’t happen. Why play the NFC West again? Because Josh Freeman owns that division.

Consider the numbers Freeman has put up against NFC West foes:

In his five career games against NFC West teams, Josh Freeman has 11 touchdowns and one interception. That one interception came last year on the road against Seattle where Freeman threw for two touchdowns.

So yes, if there’s any way the Bucs can somehow squeeze an NFC West team onto the schedule next year, Joe’s reaction is the more the merrier.

12 Responses to “Josh Freeman Loves The NFC West”

  1. Truebuc Says:

    regardlessly if the bucs make the playoffs this year it was one hell of a season. i think when we get all of our players back next season we can make a run for the super bowl. a message to the rest of the NFL……. Watch out!!!

  2. jodikool716 Says:

    They always play someone from the NFC west regardless. Next year it will be just one team

  3. Brad Says:

    How about Brees giving Bucs zero respect. After the game last night he said we now need Carolina to help us out so we can get the 1 seed. He never mentioned the Bucs and the fact they need to beat us for that 1 seed. I’m guessing Brees thinks that game is in the bag.

  4. Hopefilledbucfan Says:

    Our Tampa Bay Buccaneers will finish 3rd in the NFC South standings this year. What that means for next year, (assuming there is a regular season), is that will play all four teams from the NFC Norse division and the AFC West division. They will also play the 3rd place team from the NFC East and West divisions.

  5. Matt Says:

    Joe, you should know better than this. The 2011 schedule is all but set.

    The Bucs 2011 schedule…

    (Cowboys or Redskins)

    (Cardinals or 49ers or Seahawks)

    The only thing left to be determined is who finishes in 3rd in the NFC East and West.

    Schedule will be a bit harder next year, but hopefully we’re better as well.

  6. admin Says:

    Joe here,

    @Matt – Joe knows how the schedule works very well, and has referenced next year’s home games once before. That said, there’s always a shot the new CBA could mess with the schedule in some way.

  7. Gary Says:

    After the saints win last night, the shot at the playoffs is practically over now. If we beat the saints, which is a huge if, we would be really lucky to have the packers and giants lose their games.

    Would be a miracle, thats for sure.

  8. Matt Says:

    @Joe VERY doubtful the schedule would be fundamentally altered by the CBA. Even if they did add two games, it probably wouldn’t change the games on the existing schedule.

    But I was just giving you a hard time 😉

  9. Joe Says:


    But I was just giving you a hard time

    Oh, Joe knows 🙂 But what we don’t know is if the full season will be played in 2011. Sure looks like a work stoppage of some sort. Hence the schedule could change radically for next year.

  10. Derf Says:

    Next year will be TOTALLY different from what it is now.

    (1) Owners lock-out
    (2) no preseason
    (3) new CBA adding 2 more games to the schedule
    (4) Likely only playing 3/4 of a season in 2011 – IF any….

    2011 is looking ugly for the NFL.

  11. Big Marlon B Says:

    “In his five career games against NFC West teams, Josh Freeman has 11 touchdowns and ZERO interceptions. That ONE interception came last year on the road…”

    Joe, a little bit of proofreading never hurt anyone lol

  12. Joe Says:

    Big Marlon B:

    Cool. Joe will hire you to copy edit at 2 a.m. when Joe schedules posts, deal?