Torn ACL For Arrelious Benn

December 27th, 2010

arrelious benn 0503The worst but feared news about Arrelious Benn’s left knee was confirmed Monday evening by Benn himself.

Twittering with an update as he promised his followers he would, Benn confirmed what Raheem Morris nor Bucs officials knew for sure Monday morning.

Torn ACL. It’s all good road to recovery. Never gonna stop me! Bite down time.

Joe loves Benn’s attitude. As Joe’s good friend Justin Pawlowski told Joe Monday evening while watching Monday Night Football, the worst thing about this is that Benn, who made great strides his rookie year, won’t be able to continue to develop in the offseason.

4 Responses to “Torn ACL For Arrelious Benn”

  1. NorCalBucFan Says:

    What sucks most is that it was on a dirt hit….
    The defender went head first with his helmet into Rejus’ knee, no flag or nothing !!!

    Last time I checked its illegal to lead with your helmet, right ?

    If this had happened to a receiver on a major market team, there would fines !!

    Just makes me sick !!

  2. Hunter Says:

    Damn, that takes AT LEAST about 4 months to heal….:(

  3. K1ngAdroc Says:

    Mad respect for you Rejus. We are all sick! Rely on your team and fans for support. Stay here in Tampa on your recovery (if you can) and you will see that the fans and the organization are all behind you. I wish you a speedy recovery and we will hold it down until you get back. You are the Wes Welker of this family and a huge part of what the bucs are going to do next year (superbowl bound)! GO BUCS!

  4. Pruritis Ani Says:

    This injury isn’t the kiss of death it used to be for a career. The downtime now is minimal compared to what it once was. He should be ready to go by Training Camp.