Go Redskins, Go Bears

December 28th, 2010

Last night’s painful choke job by the Falcons against the Saints left Joe miserable.

What a blow to the Bucs’ playoff chances. Now the good guys have to win in New Orleans and have Green Bay lose at home to Chicago (very possible) and have the Giants lose in Washington (somewhere between maybe and doubtful) in order to get into the playoffs.

The Bucs have a prayer. Hopefully the same prayer the Raiders and JaMarcus Russell had coming into Tampa two years ago.

Joe’s glad the Giants and Packers play at 4:15 on Sunday, while the Bucs game is at 1 p.m. At least the Bucs will have no distractions. Barrett Ruud told Joe after the Seahawks game that he is always scoreboard watching during games. (Joe assumed he meant he does that while he’s on the sidelines.)

Joe really can’t fathom having the Bucs going 10-6 and watching the postseason on their couches. As Joe has written before, Joe sincerely hopes the Bucs take a win-now mindset in the offseason.

Young, winning teams shouldn’t sit around waiting for the right time to give it their best run.

7 Responses to “Go Redskins, Go Bears”

  1. gitarlvr Says:

    I can fathom the bucs sitting at home with a 10-6 record. Don’t lose to a 3-13 team in week 15 if you don’t want to watch the playoffs from your couch.

  2. Gary Says:

    If we beat the saints and not make it, that Lions loss will haunt the memories of everyone this offseason.. players and fans alike. Man that sucks.

  3. lakeland bob Says:

    Who’s the 3 and 13 team we lost to in week 15?You mean the Lions who have won 3 straight and are a up and coming team?The Falcon meltdown is one that wll haunt me.

  4. justin f Says:

    injuries , refs and conservative playcalling cost us the playoffs oh ya and not beating a team with a winning record

  5. Derf Says:


    This Bucs team is getting better but they aren’t ready for Prime Time – YET.

  6. eric Says:

    Everyone wil be a Bruce fan for one week.

    Skins have played better with Rex. He almost pulled off a miracle comeback against the Cowboys and they beat the Jags.

    Of course there is good Rex and bad Rex.

  7. Patrick Says:

    It’s not just the Lions game that killed us. It’s both the Falcons games that killed us as well. In both those contests, we came so damn close to beating them. I think we were in their redzone at the end of both games.

    I’m not making excuses, but the refs really killed us this year. They made complete BS calls that changed the outcome of many of our games. Like that INT at the end of the Falcons throwback game that hit the damn ground!

    There’s a bunch of things you can look at. But if we don’t make the playoffs this year, it’ll be awfully disappointing. We had just about the easiest schedule you could ask for this year and it still probably won’t happen. If only some simple things happened. If Olsen hadn’t made such stupid play calls. If Blount had gotten the ball in those crucial situations (like the end of the Lions game). If we hadn’t gotten screwed by the refs. If our defense hadn’t dropped so many damn interceptions. If we had a little luck come our way and not have gotten so many devastating injuries.

    I’m not being negative, but just imagine what it could be like next year with the MUCH harder schedule that we’re going to have. We’ll be lucky to get to 10 wins with the Colts, Eagles, Giants and numerous other tough teams on our schedule. Oh, and don’t forget our division opponents.

    I really hope for the best. go bucs!