Dixie Chicks At Bucs, 4:15 Live Chat

December 5th, 2010

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  3. Buc You Says:

    What a friggin good try.

    This team gave a hard fought effort tonight.

    Cheer up ladies.

    They are what they should be, a promising young team. They have a lot of potential. Hang in there.

  4. Patrick Says:

    There was no excuse for this damn loss! And it just makes me angry we came SO CLOSE (AGAIN) to beating the most hyped team in the NFL. That close to getting respect from people.

    Don’t even get me started on those lame ass officials!

  5. Patrick Says:

    Looking at their schedule, they can win out. But it’s still gonna be very hard to do! It makes me sad that we won’t be playing the Falcons again this year. I hate them so much.

  6. Meneghini Says:

    Hey Joe, i was wondering: why ”Dixie Chicks”?

  7. aldo Says:


  8. Leroy Buttermilk Says:

    The fix was in…. The N.F.L. dosn’t want to broadcast a playoff game in an empty stadium 2007 Raymond james was full of Giants fans for the wildcard game. This team has to step on throats when they are up not lay down and take it up the backside.


    I didnt see too many empty seats for this game… I could be wrong.

  10. Snook Says:

    The Falcons are so weak.

  11. eric Says:

    Looks like we are 0-5 vs. “grown men teams”.

    It is officially “none and done” concerning playoffs.

    Thats ok, hell we beat the Panthers twice and all…………………….

  12. Snook Says:

    This team is not even ready for the playoffs anyways…

    We still need another off-season.

  13. Snook Says:

    Just think… a FULL off season with Freeman, Mike Williams, Rejus Benn, Blount, etc.

  14. RustyRhino Says:

    Well Eric …. I just spoke about with my friend a Falcons fan that was by far the best game he has seen all year played.
    We may be young but at least we are not geriatric like we where before. But you where a fan then right??? yeah what ever

  15. RustyRhino Says:

    we keep playing like we are and getting better our run game looked very good at times today.. we had another lineman injury incert hardman and move on… like to have depth that can play..

  16. aldo Says:

    why im banned to comment in this site

  17. aldo Says:

    STFU Eric

  18. New Era Buc Says:

    That’s cute Eric. You should win fan of the year. Time to head back to your hole champ.

  19. admin Says:


    Who says you are banned?

  20. aldo Says:

    hey eric, why u dont go and celebrate with ur falcons!!!!! ur not like a bucs fan, im tired of you!!! if i have u face 2 face i swear i will hurt u so badly

  21. eric Says:

    Perhaps the Bucs can put up a banner to the 2010 season.

    The “we stayed in contention till week 12 against crappy teams” banner.

    The only thing Rah will ever have in his trophy case.