Victims Now Add Up To 17-53

November 22nd, 2010

Joe expects the non-believers to still be out there in full force today, rallying behind the collective won-loss record of the teams the Bucs have beaten. That would be the stunning mark of 17-53.

Now while Joe is thoroughly impressed and amazed by the Bucs’ accomplishments in 2010, that 17-53 won-loss record is so ugly that Joe had to take pause.

The Bucs really haven’t beaten a good team.

Sure, Joe gets that it makes no difference. Joe knows all the arguments. Every team is dangerous in the NFL, good teams beat bad teams, you play the hand your dealt, etc.

But still, that 17 victories (Joe’s counting Carolina’s 1-9 record twice) means the Bucs still need to beat a winner to get a lot of people piling on the bandwagon.

28 Responses to “Victims Now Add Up To 17-53”

  1. Buc You Says:


    But the Bucs defense looked good against a 3-7 team with yet another back up QB.

    If the defense can make that performance a turning point and start showing up and shutting down teams, then the Bucs have a chance to get three more.

    But can the Bucs beat a good team¿

  2. McBuc Says:

    Geeze, I guess they should just stop playing at this point. What is Atlanta and New Orleans respective win loss team ratio? Smith has been named the starter Buc You (worse fan of all time). It should be around the same, since they are palying the same schedule. Does this make them suspect as well? All the arguments Joe puts in his article are correct anywat, they are winning games on the road in the NFL, period. Buc You, what about that running game of SF? That is their strength not the passing game. What about all the rookies and back ups playing on the Bucs? Does that mean that Atl, NO, and Pitt really did not win games of value against the Bucs? We all knew the schedule going into the season, and most picked the Bucs to win between 2 and 6 games. Try not to hurt yourselves admitting improvement in this young Bucs team.

  3. christopher Says:

    The point here is though—this exceedingly young team now has confidence. PLUS, they see that the Falcons are coined the best in the NFC & almost unbeatable @ home—& they were within *inches* of beating them. Youth, confidence, & now maybe *intelligence*…damn good mix the rest of the way(& for the next 5 years).

  4. Dew Says:

    You can’t discount we came within 6 inches of beating the Falcons. I’m just saying.

  5. Buc You Says:

    Beat a real team.

  6. McBuc Says:

    They are all real teams, to believe otherwiae makes you a fool.

  7. JDouble Says:

    The next two weeks will make everything very clear.

  8. Buc You Says:

    The next six weeks we will know.

    But in all seriousness, the Bucs had a good run.

    I just hope they dont go 9-3 and then lose the last 4. The owners dont like finishing weak.

  9. Pete Dutcher Says:

    And when we beat the Ravens, the concensus will be that Baltimore is not a good team as well.

    When will people realize the Bucs can actually make teams look bad too?

  10. Buc You Says:

    When they actually beat a good team with a veteran QB

  11. McBuc Says:

    Right on Pete.

  12. bucfanjeff Says:

    The same thing can be said for ATL. Quite frankly, they are not that impressive.

  13. Buc You Says:

    The Bucs have the opportunity to show a lot of people that they belong over the next 6 weeks. I really hope that Raheem has turned the corner with his defense as with the showing against the 49’ers.

    Baltimore 7 3
    Atlanta 8 2
    Washington 5 5
    Detroit 2 8
    Seattle 5 5
    New Orleans 7 3

  14. sunrisejeff Says:

    I dont really care if we have beaten a “good team” yet. We are 7-3 in the 2nd year of a rebuild project and I personally could not be happier. Playoffs or not I am overly proud of the way this young team has come together this season.

  15. New Era Buc Says:

    Who needs more fake bandwagon fans (Buc You) to cheer for the bucs. Who cares, the more the bucs can shake these idiots the better. What Raheem just did proved why he is the next great young football mind in the game today.he will obviously be coaching the D again next year and if you still can’t see that then you really are clueless

  16. tampa 2.5[mike56wesley] Says:

    buc you ,last year we beat green bay,good playoff team,new orleans superbowl winner,you give no love for beating weak teams so was last year a succes because we beat strong teams,i said tampa would hold gore to under 75 yards last week,i also constantly ask you if you see any improvement from the bucs? well i speak for the quiet majority that says you suck,tampa 2 suck if we are lucky we should see you and tampa 2 on the skyway about to can you say you hope we lose the last 4 games,thats ludicris to hate a individual the way you hate morris,that you would want the team to have the next big thing in this coach and you hate him for no reason,just tell everybody why?we would respect you better if you just change your name to the hooded sheet,why would anyone hate a winning coach of your own team?

  17. booty traps Says:

    Im so f’n giddy right now!

    I do hope we have turned a corner with that D. We can certainly make a run if we did.

    We are just that far away from being NFC champs!

  18. MrGone Says:

    Buc You, It’s not really wins/losses for you is it?
    Here’s a fact for you…(and Eric, Mushface, Thomas etc.)
    Raheem Morris will be signing a contract extension and will be leading this Buccaneers team for the next several seasons. Your life’s gonna be miserable. It’s a great time to be a REAL Bucs fan!

  19. tampa 2.5[mike56wesley] Says:

    buc you,eric,thomas im speaking for the silent majority,rahiem-coach of year ,contract extension future super bowl winner,and tampa 2,your 40000 will be with us come dec against the falcons

  20. nick Says:

    Why was no one offering excuses about how the Bucs were so bad last year when they faced the toughest schedule in the league. Its easy for people to jump off the bandwagon but tough for them to jump on

  21. Neecee Says:

    If we haven’t beat good teams why are we the underdog in EVERY game? The 49ers were favored 3pts for that game and we shut them down. The only game we were favored on was the home game against Carolina. People need to realize we are doing BIG things here in Tampa and the best has yet to come. I hope the haters continue though b/c it keeps the chip on our shoulder and we prove them wrong every time! I can’t wait to continue this winning streak against Baltimore & Atl. I see us winning 12 games this season and if we continue to play like we did against San Fran we could potentially win the rest of our schedule (which let me guess that means the other teams slacked off and made mistakes). I can’t wait to be sitting in my seat at the Falcon game!

    GO BUCS!

  22. Cecil Pilgrm vs Says:

    Forget the bandwagon!! What matters is that the team is in position to win the ultimate prize. Football isn’t like baseball or basketball, where you need to win a series to advance. It’s one game. The team comes to play that one game & win, it’s on to the next. Stop listening to all these clowns & enjoy the fruits that this young team is going out Sunday after Sunday for us fans. Football is one game to advance. This was supposed to be a growing year. Enjoy it people & stop worrying about what the media is saying. Last year was very painful. I pay $300+ every year for Sunday ticket & last year, I watched up to week 7 or 8. My $300 is going very far this year & I couldn’t be more happy.

  23. Eric S Says:

    This was a huge win. Road wins are always tough. They are especially tough out West. Let me give some people a history lesson. The ’79 team (great 1st playoff team) got throttled by the 2-14 49ers in SF. The ’99 team (team that should have been SB champs if only for the lousy refs) got lambasted by the 8-8 Oakland Raiders. So what I am saying is we should celebrate this victory. I don’t care if it was against a bad SF team. That hasn’t stopped good TB teams from losing out West. A victory over Baltimore should shut everyone up. Many pundits had them in the SB and many still do. So a victory on the road against them should silence everyone. It would definitely get the Bucs in the Peter King top 10. Haha.

  24. gavster Says:

    the only thing that matters is we have consistently beaten bad teams, something even “good” teams cant do. Browns beat the aints and the pats. Cardinals beat the aints. rams beat the skins. We have beaten bad teams consistently and thats good enough for me. we may be average. but i think we can beat baltiomore. but this weekends game may be season defining.

  25. Andrew Says:

    For what its worth, the combined record of who the Saints have beaten is 27-43 (also not great), and that includes a win over the 7-3 Bucs but, for any naysayerwho goes by the logic of us not being any good due to the record of our opponents, that win is nothing special so, other than Pittsburgh who have they beaten? Isn’t it cool how one can flip the script like that ?

  26. Joseph Says:

    Stats are for Losers

  27. gitarlvr Says:

    Like I said Buc You is just a parody of himself now. What kind of fan hopes for his team to lose just so they can be right on an internet message board?

  28. Brad Says:

    How many of those teams that we beat with losing records have our game circled as a win. I’m sure all of them.. I think its ridiculous to look at another teams record after the fact. We play the schedule thats given to us. The fact is we were supposed to be a bad team and everyone had us with a losing record before the season starts. Now that we have a winning record we have to come up with excuses for those wins. That is just stupid.