Were The Bucs Stealing Signs?

November 22nd, 2010

The Bucs’ back-from-the-dead run defense in San Francisco was Sunday’s big shock for sure.

Joe is convinced the 49ers were literally flabbergasted by Frank Gore getting stuffed at the line of scrimmage. The Niners’ had watched the tape. They were sure they could run the ball.

But Cody Grimm nailed Gore on the Niners’ first play from scrimmage for no gain. Grimm stuck him later in the first half, as did Geno Hayes.

It was like the Bucs knew what was coming, even in the passing game, when the defensive lineman collectively looked extraordinarily quick off the ball.

Per a note from San Francisco Chronicle writer Kevin Lynch, the Bucs were making all the right pre-snap reads.

Bucs linebacker Niko Koutouvides said he knew when the 49ers were going to pass and when Troy Smith was going to roll out by tells given away by the offensive and Frank Gore.

If true to a great extent, Joe thinks it’s awesome that the Bucs’ coaching staff was that sharp and that the defense’s communication on the field has improved.

But Joe can’t help but worry that the defense won’t get such an edge in Baltimore and will look more like the group that hadn’t stopped the run since 2008.

48 Responses to “Were The Bucs Stealing Signs?”

  1. Hire Greg Olson! Says:

    “But who have they beaten?” – the hater’s lament

  2. pbmbuc Says:

    Let’s not forget that this is the same defense that even when every one in the stadium knows that a running play is coming they still get torched over and over. But, not yesterday

  3. Mr. Lucky Says:

    It wouldn’t surprise me if the Bucs KNEW the 49ers plays. If true GREAT! This is football – gotta do what you gotta do.

    I’m FLABERGASTED that the Bucs held Frank Gore to 23 yards. Just shocked.

  4. christopher Says:

    Again, as Ruud himself said—when everyone has their gap, the defense works—it’s *always* been known that in the Tampa 2, one guy out of gap = big play. This team is still young, but they finally seem to be learning on defense…

  5. christopher Says:

    & it’s kindof a dumb headline, no offense…maybe they were *reading* signs or keys…that has nothing to do with interpreting their signals…

  6. Joe Says:

    Mr. Lucky:

    I’m FLABERGASTED that the Bucs held Frank Gore to 23 yards. Just shocked.

    To Joe, this is the story of the season. If the season ended today, that would be what Joe would write about. He’s still stunned thinking about how that soft rush defense held him to 23 yards.

    Guessing there are cops all over the bridges in NoCal this morning.

  7. Pete Dutcher Says:

    But Joe can’t help but worry that the defense won’t get such an edge in Baltimore and will look more like the group that hadn’t stopped the run since 2008.

    Over the last couple days, the national media has started downtalking Baltimore…saying they are not as good as everyone thought they were.

    I have to wonder if this is because they are going to play the Bucs, and if the Bucs win (which they will), then the media can say it was just against another bad team.

    I’ve said before and I’ll say it now…wins against bad teams are just as important as against good teams. Does a good team lose to bad teams? Not often.

    With each game, the young Bucs team is getting more experience and improving. This puts them in a position to beat the good teams.

  8. Hire Greg Olson! Says:

    How does a team like the 49ers go from being “on a roll” and “proving to be the team everyone projected them to be in preseason” to “terrible” and “one of the worst teams in the NFL”?

    Lose to the Bucs, that’s how.

    In a year where there are no stand-out teams, I laugh how quickly people’s opinions/assessments change from week to week. This has happened with virtually every team that we’ve played this year. Hell, even Carolina was picked in preseason as a playoff team, by some idiots.

    For an eastcoast team to travel across the country and not allow the home team to even ATTEMPT a field goal is absolutely amazing.

    Crabtree – 1 catch 15 yards
    Davis – 1 catch 3 yards

    That’s against a 7th round Safety and our starting Sam-backer out of the lineup. But keep beating that drum, haters. Your new favorite team of the week is the Ravens. Start collecting as much misinformation as you can and tell us how the Bucs have no chance in Baltimore.

    To me, the Baltimore game is almost irrelevant. Of course, we need every game to keep our heads above water in this stingy NFC South Playoff Race. However, WE ARE REBUILDING. The best thing we’ve done this year is beating the teams that we SHOULD beat. The Ravens were a playoff team last year. Playing a night game in Baltimore should play right into their hands, but with FREEMAN we always have a chance. As long as we continue to improve from week to week and we beat the teams that we SHOULD beat, I’m fine with missing the playoffs.

    With Freeman at the helm, there is sure to be many playoff games to come in the future.

  9. Pete Dutcher Says:

    @Hire Greg Olson!

    First off…I just noticed the name change! Awesome!!! LOL

    Excellent post, dude.

    Tell me the truth though…isn’t some small part of you wishing the Bucs could go all the way just to screw the media?

  10. Bucworld Says:

    Well, considering that we knew that teams were going to pass it on third and long all year and couldn’t get off the field, I could care less. We knew that everyone was going to run the ball all year and we couldn’t stop it. Now that we finally stopped the run, now its time to speculate and take away from the victory. No way, this defense has been getting better every week. Lets just enjoy the shut out.

  11. Pete Dutcher Says:


  12. tj Says:

    Bottom line the 49ers oline sucks. I mean sucks bad two rookies. The bucs missed at least two or three more sacks with Troy smith back there he made a couple people miss

  13. Hunter Says:

    IT REALLY SUCKS THAT 10 WINS MAY NOT GET US IN THE PLAYOFFS NOW! (We basically would lose every tiebreaker if needed)

  14. Al Says:


    So true. The 49ers were the toast of the town before this game. Most people in the MSM picked them to win. Troy Smith was the second coming of Joe Montana. The Bucs would struggle to get anything done in SF. Now, well, we always knew the niners were bad. They need a new coach. They need a new QB. The Bucs haven’t beaten anyone good yet. I must say, it feels so good to prove people erring. Keep going young Bucs. Keep going.

  15. Al Says:

    Oops. I meant “prove people wrong”.

  16. Mr. Lucky Says:

    Somehow I don’t think that the Ravens are too scared – I’m just saying.

  17. Buc You Says:

    Troy Smith looked aweful.

    But I will say this, if the Bucs defense can carry the energy and strong play against the run into Baltimore and stop them like the Niners game, then I will have no choice but to give Raheem credit for coaching this defense up and finally turning the corner.

    Do it against a real team.

  18. McBuc Says:

    HGO…I like the new name! I agree with your post, but I just have to say the Bucs are winning games that they should not win too. The entire games they should win is silly talk for radio and tv hosts. The Bucs were only suppose to win around 4 games. They are rookies, second year guys, late draft picks, and cast offs all playing together and finding ways to win. It is fun to watch.

  19. Hire Greg Olson! Says:

    @Pete Dutcher

    Oh absolutely. I’d love to see a Buc playoff game. It would almost certainly win Rah the COY award (well if he wasn’t coaching a Tampa team, it would).


    Im not trying to be a douche, but that SF O-line has 3 first rounders and 2 second rounders on the squad (minus Joe Staley who was out; so only 2 first rounders yesterday). They are far from being a bad O-line. I watched the Niners last two games (against DEN and STL) and SF’s O-line muscled those two teams’ defensive lines. Frank Gore has more rushing yards in the last 3 seasons than anyone in the NFL (going off what the “analysts” said during the game, so who knows if that’s accurate).

  20. Buc You Says:

    New Orleans

    Where are the next three wins going to come from?

  21. Hire Greg Olson! Says:

    “Hey Buc You, you just won the Publisher’s Clearing House Sweepstakes!!” – Ed McMahon

    “I’m gonna have to pay SOOO much in taxes.” – Buc You

    There’s a Debbie Downer in every crowd…

  22. tj Says:

    @ Hire Olsen I hear you pont maybe our dline has turned the corner but I do know that we had 6 sacks without the sack machine Quincy Black. and @ Buc you the Falcons are more than beatable I think we were a inch fom winning that game, Redskins game is winnable, Lions and seahawks that is 11 wins

  23. Hire Greg Olson! Says:

    @Buc You

    You honestly can’t look at the 6 remaining games and pick out 3 wins??

    You can’t say “do it against a real team” in one breath and then try to say we will lose to Seattle, Washington and Detroit (all teams with worse records than us). We haven’t lost to a team with an inferior record all year. If you’re gonna stick with the “Bucs haven’t beat any real teams” then you have to admit that they will beat the remaining teams with worse records than the Bucs. It’s called Logic.

    Get off your knees and give it a try…

  24. Pewtergoon Says:

    I just don’t understand how people can still say we haven’t beat anyone, yet no one brings up that we beat Cleveland and Cleveland has won some hard fought games against great teams.

    Whatever, we’re 7-3, I’m super excited about our young team, so much so that I renewed my season tickets for the last three games just this last Friday.

  25. Buc You Says:

    I think record wise the Bucs should beat Seattle and Washington… Detroit puts up points though anMcNabb is a veteran, so those arent gimmies.

    And even if we went 2-1 against them, I wouldnt be surpised if we beat Atlanta too.

    See it toom you 7 wins with this offense to change you name. For me all I need is for the defense to show up again against the Ravens.

  26. Hire Greg Olson! Says:

    Ok, so you were honestly asking where the next 3 wins come from? I thought you were being rhetorical. I read your post inaccurately. My bad.

  27. Buc You Says:

    But all in all this team has exceeded all expectations.

  28. christopher Says:

    Buc You—the 49ers had a QB who was an illness away from beating out the Ravens QB 2 years ago, plus a top 3-5 back in Gore, plus probably the #1 MLB. Williamson over @ ESPN(on the podcast, seems to know what he’s talking about often)had the ‘9ers beating the Bucs in a blowout. The fact is is that Flacco is just pretty good, Rice & Boldin aren’t lighting it up like they used to, neither are R. Lewis & Reed, & only Ngata is a world beater…just like P. Willis was…
    I predicted 9-7 before the year, looking @ their schedule—of the remaining games, I see Baltimore as a possible loss…& the rest wins…

  29. Pete Dutcher Says:

    Buc You Says:

    November 22nd, 2010 at 10:03 am
    New Orleans

    Where are the next three wins going to come from?

    I’ll do better than that…here’s the chances of the wins against those teams (though I may change this from week to week):
    Baltimore – 100% Win
    Atlanta – 78% Win
    Washington – 66% Win
    Detroit – 92% Win
    Seattle – 75% Win
    New Orleans – 30% Win

    We will beat the Ravens. Atlanta might be a comeback win…or a close game. Washington? They will be tough, but we also have to consider the Bucs are improving from game to game, so they may end up being better then the skins by then.

    Detroit is wanting hte first pick again. Seattle is already being downplayed by the media for not being good.

    Realistically, our toughest remaining game is against the Saints…and it’s our last game. By then, this team might be gelling enough rto beat them…and I suspect that the division winner will come down to that last game.

  30. christopher Says:

    Wow…I guess I just predicted 12-4, & I think the Ravens are overrated. Hmmm…we’ll see(haha).

  31. Pete Dutcher Says:

    You cannot discount the game against the Saints.

    On another note…about the Bucs easy schedule…it amazes me that the Falcons have had an easy schedule for years now and the media still gives them credit.

  32. admin Says:

    Joe here,

    @BucYou — You’re going to have to do a lot better than Detroit “scores points.” They’re a 2-win team that hasn’t one a road game in like three years. Detroit is far more of a “gimme” than Seattle. Bucs should win both those home games.

  33. Capt.Tim Says:

    Amazing how improved the run defense was when your Strong side linebacker plays run support. Watson and Heyword were both very good in Run support yesterday, an element that has been missing from our defense. Buc yourself- yeah, right. As if you would have picked the other 7 wins! What a tool! Lmao at BucyourselfsheetyPete!! “Joe can’t help but worry . .” relax Joe. What are you worried about? Not making the playoffs? Lol. At the beginning of the year, you didn’t think we’d win 5 games! Being in the playoffs can’t be troubling you sleep to much! This team has exceeded everyones expectations. Mission accomplished for the year. Anything else is icing on the cake! Relax. They’ll be better than we all expected!

  34. McBuc Says:

    The Bucs and Atlanta have the same schedule every year with the exception of 2 games.

  35. McBuc Says:

    agree, the schedule is what it is. The Bucs are 7 – 3. All NFL wins are good wins.

  36. Bucnjim Says:

    Buc you; that list of games has really started to shrink. It wasn’t that long ago that you posted 16 games and asked us to pick out 4 or 5 games that we would win this year. Glad I picked the over on my trip to Vegas before the season started. If we could only win the division and make the playoffs drinks are on me. I picked the Bucs all the way across the board even to win the Super Bowl. Now that would be a nice pay day!

  37. Dave Says:

    VERY POSSIBLE WIN, just need to contain RICE and then they get lost.

    Played them real close before, but probably a loss, but it is at home.

    VERY POSSIBLE WIN – can run and pass on them



    @New Orleans
    Probably a loss, but could be a very big game and they beat them last year….

    At this point, amazing as it sounds, I see them getting to 10 wins. Raheem knows what he is doing. Imagine what happens the next few years as they get better DEs, another Safety, more O-Line depth, and the team matures?!?!!!

    All the potential in the world is there for this team.

  38. Buc You Says:

    “All the potential in the world is there for this team.”

    Yeah because we will again have the perfect storm of an easy schedule?

    So if they win 9 or 10 this year, then next year they automatically win 11-14?

    It’s very difficult to do well year in and year out. Let’s see how this team handles some REAL adversity over the next 6 weeks.

    But yeah, if everything plays out for them how it’s all started then they are eventual super bowl champions.

  39. christopher Says:

    Pete—I know…but they BEAT the Saints last year, IMO, with a much inferior team, in terms of talent & experience.

  40. Wienaman Says:

    You know, I stated this in the chat yesterday. The defensive guys stated that being able to read Frank Gore’s actions was a major part of why they did so well; when you gameplan against 3rd string RB after 3rd string RB that you have no film on, you can’t do things like figure out how they signal things. The more I thought about it after I said it, the more it held water! Why else would we hold Deangelo Williams and Jonathan Stewart to a COMBINED 97 yards in the second week of the season, and then they let the backup Goodson run for 100 on them in the 10th week of the season BY HIMSELF.

  41. McBuc Says:

    Why does everyone think ATL will come to Tampa and win? Same with NO, I see two wins there. It is hard to sweap teams, but it looks like everyone may sweap CAR. I am more worried about Balt and DET. Regardless of what Buc You says, the record does not win games the team does.

  42. McBuc Says:

    Oh, my reason…Balt has a mean defense and plays well at home. Of course we play good on the road. Teams like Det can be dangerous spoilers. They are like a cornered cat.

  43. Apple Roof Cleaning Says:

    Tampa was just well prepared, and determined to win. The 49ers simply got beat by a better team from a stronger division. I see Tampa improving every game. We played Atlanta within one play of winning, in their hometown. The Ravens can be had, and ANY team can be had IF we can run the ball on them. The addition of the player we got from Kansas City on the D Line seems to be making a big difference ? Good Lord, we sacked the athletic Troy Smith 6 times! If Tampa can run the ball against the Ravens, and pressure Flacco, we will win.

  44. Rican Says:

    Y’all can say whatever you want bout the niners sucking and what not but all the nationall media was talking about was how on fire they were with Troy at the helm and Gore running it effectively. They were picking them to win and continue their re emergence as a contender after putting up 400+ yards since Troy took over. FACT IS we shut down and team that was playing great and were the favorites! We held the most complete back in the NFL in check to almost nothing and sacked their newfound Troy 6 times. It’s funny the selective memory some people have.

  45. Rican Says:

    OHH and for the record you know that fourth string back that everyone criticized our Run D for allowing Him a 100 yrd day? Goodsen has over 100 yards on the Ravens vaunted Run D, just sayin….

  46. christopher Says:

    The Ravens are fighting(“Derrick Mason and Joe Flacco had to be separated after “heated exchange”’, per PFT), & the Bucs are flying. Love it…

  47. gitarlvr Says:

    @Capt. Tim- Yeah I have to agree that having some strongside backers out there with actual playmaking ability helped the run defense. I’ve been complaining for a while now about how the over-hyped Quincy Black makes zero impact plays. I’d also like to think having Magee\Woods out there instead of Moore\Sims helped also. Im hoping that Hayward\Watson\Woods\Magee had more to do with the success than allegedly stealing signs. Hopefully they can carry over at least some of that success to the future.

  48. gitarlvr Says:

    I find it hard to believe its just a coincidence that the Bucs D had by far its best performance in two years while guys like Kyle Moore, Ryan Sims and Quincy Black were in their street clothes.