Jenny Dell And The Bucs

November 18th, 2010

If it’s Thursday that means it’s time to gawk at watch gorgeous Jenny Dell with her weekly statistical gibberish on the Bucs-49ers game in this BSPN video.

13 Responses to “Jenny Dell And The Bucs”

  1. Amar Says:

    Love your chpice of words Joe, “statistical gibberish”. LOL

  2. architek79 Says:

    Don’t the slight advantage always got to the opposition?

  3. derf Says:

    SLIGHT ADVANTAGE???? If Gore ONLY rushes for 75 yards and 1 TD?

    Come on here who’s kidding who? If the Bucs held Gore to 75 yards I’d be estatic!!! Heck I’d even give Capt Timmy a slap on the back and kiss! Cuz if the Bucs hold Gore to less than 100 yards then the Bucs win.

    My biggest concern is how this team will do on the left coast? Hopefully Morris will figure something out that Gruden never could.

  4. derf Says:

    QUESTION: Why is it STATISTICAL GIBBERISH when they don’t pick the Bucs?


    when the stats favor the Bucs it’s really cool?

  5. Joe Says:


    It’s always statistical gibberish but… it’s Jenny!

    If BSPN had some slug doing these videos, Joe would never post them.

    Jenny could recite multiplication tables and Joe would post the video.

  6. MrGone Says:

    derf, you are missing the point….this isn’t about football.

  7. bucfanjeff Says:

    This game is easily winnable – for both teams.


    I will be at the the game, and its 70% chance of rain. I am praying that we can pull this out. With that said, let BLOUNT run the ball!!

  9. derf Says:

    Joe – 100% agreement about Jenny – regardless of whom she picks 🙂

    Mr. Gone – beg to differ but it’s a 10,000 simulation using player stats. It’s pretty darn close and the BEST thing about stats is they aren’t ‘biased’ unlike most of us fans.

  10. derf Says:

    Hey Navy – Have a great time at the game, wear your Pewter and hope to see you on TV!

    Now I HOPE that the Bucs DO NOT use a lot of Blount force in this game! San Francisco is ranked #10 against the run and only #20 against the pass.

    Hopefully Blount will only be in for ‘distraction’ as Freeman launches 3 TD passes this week – 1 to Williams, 1 to Winslow and 1-Caddy

    It’ll be a WCW TD festival!

  11. Jiminy Chritmas Says:

    thanks jenny but stats and statistical jibberish are for losers. statistically we shouldnt have won any games. if we beat anyone its a bad team. mind over matter the team doesnt know any better because of the coach. with his infamous quotes. if we hold gore to 75 yards and a td rushing we will beat the pads off the 49ers 100% of the time.

  12. Will the Beast Says:

    Rusty trombone 4 everyone

  13. Fire Greg Olson! Says:

    Joe says:

    If BSPN had some slug doing these videos, Joe would never post them.


    Then how does Adam Schein’s videos get posted?? lol

    I agree with derf. If Gore only had 75 and a TD, we win the game hands down. Hell we could still win the game if he has 115 yards and only 1 TD.