Raheem Morris Has Aqib Talib’s Back

November 18th, 2010

aqib talib 091610Earlier this week Joe brought word of the high irony of the Carolina Panthers, a team which has committed assault and battery both on the football field and among themselves, whined that Aqib Talib had what they perceived as an illegal hit on rookie quarterback Jimmy Clausen.

Clausen was trying to score a touchdown late it the game when he was stopped by Talib. Clausen received a concussion in the hit and likely won’t be available this Sunday.

The Panthers, John Fox in particular, cried and thus far the NFL has turned a deaf ear though Fox is doing his best to see that Talib is fined, or worse.

Well, hearing the wails of Fox, Bucs coach Raheem Morris took to the microphone and had Talib’s back, reports cool cat Joe Smith of the St. Petersburg Times.

“When we play our game, our job is to not let people score,” Morris said. “My guys play within the confines of the rules; we go out there, we play. I know the league right now is emphasizing concussions, but you’ve got to understand, the league is trying to protect defenseless players, not guys trying to score a touchdown. When you run sneaks and those things, people get hit. It’s a violent football game.”

Joe just thinks it’s beyond rich that of all teams to whine and bellyache about perceived illegal hits, it’s the Panthers. Again Joe asks, where was their outrage when one of their own all but ended the career of Clifton “Peanut” Smith with a filthy hit?

16 Responses to “Raheem Morris Has Aqib Talib’s Back”

  1. oar Says:

    Awe, better call Fox a wah-mbulance! Oh yeah, it isn’t comin for the ole cry wolf routine!

  2. BamBamBuc Says:

    There has been a lot made of this hit this week. I’ve watched the play multiple times and Talib’s hit is fine. It’s on the shoulder pad of Clausen. Immediately before Talib gets there, Sean Jones actually does collide helmet to helmet with Clausen, but there’s really no other way to hit him there. They’re bunched up in a pile, the only thing exposed is his helmet and a bit of his right shoulder pad. The whistle definitely hadn’t blown before either hit. They were both clean and necessary.

  3. derf Says:

    What’s the big deal?

    Clausen got pickled right?

    Move on….

  4. bucfanjeff Says:

    Hand it off to the the RB next time rather than run 2 straight QB sneaks. Idiots. Clean hit.

  5. Jiminy Chritmas Says:

    lets all go to the panthers forums, talk smack and kick these cry babies while they are down.

  6. Jiminy Chritmas Says:


  7. Joe Says:

    Jiminy Chritmas:

    Just as long as you post Joe’s URL there and they return the favor. 🙂

  8. Gary Says:

    Even if the NFL doesn’t see it our way, at worst all they can do is fine him. No way he could get suspended for that, so its all good. We need him to shut down Crabtree on sunday.

  9. sunrisejeff Says:

    QB sneaks he becomes a RB during the play…..therefore all is fine. If you dont want to get hit like a RB don’t try to be one. Besides Kitties should be thanking us for sparing Clausen from getting killed against Baltimore’s D anyways 🙂

  10. derf Says:

    Wow just hear Joe on the radio and he doesn’t sound too optimistic about the Bucs vs. 49ers!

  11. derf Says:

    Also gotta disagree about the statment Joe made,

    “lose this week and forget about the playoffs and plan for the draft”

  12. Joe Says:


    If the Bucs lose this week they are 6-4 and would have to go 4-2 the rest of the way. Not sure that’s possible.

    Unless Atlanta and/or New Orleans collapse, nine wins won’t get a wild card much less a division title.

    Gotta win the games the Bucs are supposed to win. This San Francisco game is one of them.

  13. derf Says:

    Joe – Agree with you that the Bucs gotta win the games they’re SUPPOSED to win. However I think a wildcard team can make it with a 9-6 record (#6 seed)

    I truely believe that most of the playoff picture will be decided when Atlanta comes to Tampa and in the last game of the season in New Orleans.

    As for the 49ers – THIS game is their season just like last week saw the Viking season end in Chicago we can go to Frisco and end their season!

  14. Erick Says:

    Just an update on Clifton Smith. The Cleveland Browns signed him this week because of the injury to Joshua Cribbs.

  15. Joe Says:

    Just an update on Clifton Smith. The Cleveland Browns signed him this week because of the injury to Joshua Cribbs.

    Thanks Erick!

    As Joe wrote previously, Peanut was never the same after he got lit up by that Dante Wesley.

  16. Apple Roof Cleaning Says:

    I used to think John Fox was a class act, not so sure now. His job is most likely history with a losing record, and TWO losses to hated Tampa. Goodbye John, piss and moan all you want, you will not be coaching Carolina next year anyway, so who really cares ?