Another Weapon Returning

November 18th, 2010

Joe was ecstatic to see Earnest Graham returned to practice at “full participation” yesterday.

That’s the team’s official term for running around and doing everything without checking in with the training staff every few minutes.

Indications are Graham will be back starting Sunday in San Francisco after missing two games because of a hamstring injury. He also was dealing with the recent death of his mother.

In Joe’s mind this is a huge upgrade for the Bucs not to be ignored.

While reserve rookie fullback Erik Lorig’s story is another feather in Mark Dominik’s cap, and surely the Bucs’ running game was just fine with him in the game, Graham is a weapon. Lorig is not.

Before the season, Joe wrote numerous times about how one of Greg Olson’s great challenges this season was to find ways to get production out of Graham, who was rarely used on offense in 2009.

Graham had busted out some big plays this season out of the backfield — running and catching — and seemed to be on the cusp of more before the hamstring injury.

Joe has no clue how the hammy might plague Graham through the season, but the Bucs just got better and deeper for the biggest game of the year.

43 Responses to “Another Weapon Returning”

  1. sunrisejeff Says:

    Very good news! Although Lorig has been good Graham can offer other options to Free which will definetly help to keep Willis from zoning in on run or pass.

  2. jdouble Says:

    I love e g as much as the next guy but lorig has been absolutely leveling guys. EG does give us another pass option that lorig doesn’t…but i don’t think EG is an upgrade as far as run blocking goes.

  3. derf Says:

    Ernest who?

    #34 could be the invisible man – come on now….

  4. bucfanjeff Says:

    The problem becomes, do we deactivate Lorig? Say we do, and Graham re-injures himself, we’re really screwed.

  5. gitarlvr Says:

    i doubt lorig will be inactive. Probably Mo Stovall goes back to riding the pine.

  6. Jiminy Chritmas Says:

    I agree that lorig is a fine run blocker. you are forgetting how dynamic EG is though. in a I formation with BLount and EG we can audible out of run to pass and have a veteran in the backfield to watch the back of the franchise. Defenses will still have to guess run or pass when Blount is in, instead of putting 8-9 guys in the box.

  7. Capt.Tim Says:

    Lorig was a highly recruited Tight end at one point. I think they should try using Lorig as a Big, Fast, YOUNG weapon also in time. But for Now, Grahams da man! Hope he can keep Willis da beast at bay . . .why is San Francisco suddenly an important Game?? Somebody got a line in Vegas on Singletary getting fired, or what?

  8. Dew Says:

    I like having someone bigger than Blount blocking for him. Can you imagine those two guys coming at you.

    I guess Aqib didn’t get fined but Grimm did. Unreal.

  9. TruckerBuc Says:

    EG is a weapon? He is a decent back-up. I don’t even know why I come here. What nonsense.

  10. JDouble Says:

    This game is important cause we need to go 2-1 in our next three games to have a real chance at the play offs. That most likely means we need to beat the 49ers and then Falcons at home, cause we ain’t beating the Ravens in Baltimore.

  11. JDouble Says:

    If we can be 8-4 with the Redskins, Lions, Seahawks, and Saints remaining….we’d have a pretty decent chance of getting a wildcard spot.

    If we are 6-6 or 7-5…there’s really not much of a chance.

  12. RastaMon Says:

    I hope he can play….”Blunt Force” has a lot to learn
    the guy is raw and reckless…

  13. Buc You Says:

    Joe, San Fran is favored by 3. Can you do a story on why a 6-3 team is the underdog to a 3-6 team?

  14. admin Says:

    Joe here,

    @BucYou – There’s no story. The oddsmakers give the home team three points automatically. That means they see this as a tossup. Outside of in Carolina, the Bucs needed minor miracles to win on the road in Cincy, Arizona. San Fran has weapons. Should be a tight game.

  15. Fire Greg Olson! Says:

    RIP EG’s Mother. That’s sad to hear. EG is a great guy.

  16. BamBamBuc Says:

    Being a 3 point underdog isn’t as bad as NFL Network guys all picking the 49ers to flat out win this game (Home field makes it a virtual toss up, yet they’re all picking the home team). Just goes to show that nobody respects the Bucs yet, and I’m fine with that. Let them underestimate these guys.

  17. Buc You Says:

    I agree with the Bucs being underdogs. I mean that 6-3 is a house of cards after all, and it seems the odds makers are picking the 3-6 team with the better defense to win.

    Just think it’s quite ironic, but I guess Rah is right, stats are for losers and that’s what the odds makers think about the Bucs record in way of stats.

  18. Hawaiian Buc Says:

    @ Joe,

    What Buc You wants you to say is that SF is favored because we have Raheem Morris as our coach. He wants you to say how we haven’t beat anybody and we won’t win another game this year. He’ll get really excited if you tell him that there is talk of firing Coach Morris if we lose another game this season, definitely if we don’t win the Super Bowl.

  19. admin Says:

    Joe here,

    @HawaiianBuc – Thanks for the Buc You translation. 😉

  20. FIRE GREG OLSON! Says:

    If you don’t know that home field advantage is 3 points, you obviously know very little about sports.

  21. hawaiian buc Says:


    Not to mention going to the west coast in crappy weather where we are 1-11 lifetime. I’m actually surprised it’s only 3 points because of all these factors. But of course if Gruden was coaching, we would be favorites because he always won on the west coast. Oh wait, no he didn’t.

  22. Buc You Says:

    Hey, the smart money is on the 3-6 team. 🙂 !!!!!!

  23. Hawaiian Buc Says:

    @Buc You,

    Then I have a great idea. Why don’t you bet your computer on the 49ers. Then if we win, it would be a truly great win.

  24. gotbbucs Says:

    what a pathetic excuse for a fan. seriously buc you, whats the point of even following this team if you hate it so much? raheems going to be here for a few more years at least so you better get used to it or go cheer for a team that has a celebrity coach

  25. Buc You Says:

    Awe, don’t want anyone to say anything if you don’t agree with them?

    All I said was that the odds makers picked a 3-6 team to beat a 6-3 team.

    Why you gotta take it out on me?


  26. Buc You Says:

    Besides, Joe is right, it’s a non story… The Niners are gonna win. 🙂

  27. Hawaiian Buc Says:

    @Buc You,

    “Besides, Joe is right, it’s a non story… The Niners are gonna win.”

    You sure as hell better hope so, or you are going to look like a bigger idiot than you already do (if that’s even possible).

  28. Buc You Says:

    So then why did Rah Rah, aka the Ocho Cinco of the coaching ranks, proclaim that the Bucs were the best team in the NFC, just before they lost to the Falcons only to realize that his team was THIRD in the division post loss?

    The Bucs lost by 6 inches man. How could Rah turn his back on his team after throwing them out there like that as the best? In fact, the week after the loss, he sat there and said, Nah man, it ain’t me, I ain’t got the personel on the defense to do da tings I wont to.

    Six inches, on 4th down, and that’s all it took to get him to back off his ‘We da best!’ proclaimation???

    That’s oho cinco stuff right there, your local Messy Mya from the 4th Ward I tell ya.

    Now the Bucs have the opportunity to win as underdogs and head into Baltimore as favorites. Or will it take a win against Baltimore to be the favorites for the next team?

  29. Squadoosh1 Says:

    Hey Buc You..shouldnt you be watching dancing with the stars or housewives of orange county ….you know something you are actually good at? I think we would all agree you are much better off commenting on dancing, d list celebs, and dresses….

  30. hawaiian buc Says:

    Buc You, you are spitting pure ignorance. You have no idea what the hell you are talking about and I’m starting to actually feel sorry for your dumb arse. First of all, let me explain to the mentally slow (that would be you) what the whole “best in the NFC” was all about. I’ll try to keep it real simple so as to not confuse you. The whole concept is that in order to become the best, you first have to perceive yourself as the best. Do you think there’s ever been a Super Bowl champion that didn’t think they were the best (regardless of their record)? Let me help you, the answer is no. If the Bucs go around thinking they are not as good as the Falcons, Saints, etc., then they have lost before they’ve even played. I’m sure you’ve never been an athlete, so that may go way over your head, but as a college athlete, trust me it is the truth. They don’t give a damn what you, or any other non-believer thinks about it, they are only concerned about themselves.

    As for the “turning his back on his team”, you are taking that so far out of context its ridiculous. He said they need to get better up front. Do you disagree with that? Would you rather him say, “we’re doing great and we don’t need to improve on our pass rush.”? He backed off the “we’re the best” proclamation because they no longer had the least amount of losses, but I guarantee you he is still telling his players they are the best every single day. And again, they could give a crap less what you or any other hater thinks. So go ahead and spin every thing in your way, but the fact remains that the team is in a great situation right now, he’s leading this team better than anyone could have anticipated, they play their arsses off for him, and they believe in each other and him. No matter what you and other morons like yourself say or think, it doesn’t change those facts. There’s nothing you can do about it but whine a bi#%^ like a 4 year old because you are not getting your way, and it’s pretty hilarious. Keep grasping for any little negative thing you can find, but none of it is going to matter. You are worthless, and I can’t wait for the day when you either have to admit how much of a moron you are, or you have to find another team to bi&%$ about.

  31. Buc You Says:

    But this is where the Raheem love fest is located. My entertainment is to venture on JBF and ruin the Rah Rahs expectations. Besides, everyone needs the other side of the story anyway, right? Or would you rather just circle jerk all your Rah Rahs in peace?

  32. Hawaiian Buc Says:

    @Buc You,

    Yeah, I guess so, if that’s the kind of person you strive to be, more power to you. As much as I can’t stand virtually everything that you post, I guess it is pretty entertaining. Half the time I find myself cheering harder for the Bucs just so I can prove you wrong. I guess that’s a good thing, lol.

  33. Squadoosh1 Says:

    The only circle jerk is between the guys on this site who are unhappy this team is doing well…buc you, eric, thomas, etc….Rahs doing a very good job with all of these young players…sorry schmucks..he is here to stay.

  34. McBuc Says:

    Does anyone really care what Buc You has to say?

  35. Buc You Says:

    You can’t stand what I post because I am purposely doing it to rattle your cage. If you haven’t figured that out by now then you need to roll one up with TJax and just go relax.

    At the end of the day it’s just a sports comment section. If someone poking fun at your beloved coach, especially after most of his supporters chased Gruden out of town, bothers people that much, then maybe those people are perhaps wound a little too tight, don’t you think?

    Why do I have to be the one who apologizes for all of the sensitive little nannies of Raheem Morris got offended because someone had the audacity to say anything about him or his poor performance?

    It’s not that serious, 🙂 , so what that they are 3 point under dogs, that’s why they play the game.

    If I were you I wouldn’t be mother henning rah rah right before he goes on a losing skid. Not worth it.

  36. McBuc Says:

    Again…Who cares what Buc You has to say…yanking chains or not…

  37. McBuc Says:

    Buc You, the only responce to you that I will make is…Hawaiian is a real true fan, I believe he will cheer for the team win or lose, unlike you. This is why no one cares what you spew.

  38. Buc You Says:

    I cheer for L Blount since he is on my fantasy team. Picked him up as soon as I saw him run over Troy.

    I’m turning into a big Buccaneer offense believer… Potential wise that is. Greg Olson really has this offense playing well. After he and Freeman win enough games to get Raheem coach of the year, Raheem needs to immediately turn and hand the trophy over to Greg Olson, and admit that Olie saved his ass this year. Then raise Olie’s hand high in the air and say, “the Glazers exercised my option! They gave me the opportunity to show Tampa that they ain’t seen nothin yet!”

  39. tommy Says:

    buc you, will be of this site the next time they do a child predator search in his neighborhood… sit tight..he cant post in jail

  40. Buc You Says:

    Jeez… The anger, the hatred. LMAO.

    Ok,fine, I’ll stop posting. Too bad, it was fun while it lasted.

    Go back to boring yourselves.

  41. McBuc Says:

    Buc You…Just a question…because like BamBam I was a fan of Gruden…Did you thing that Gruden should have turned and hended the trophy to Kiffin when we won the SB? The offense showed up in the play offs, but the D got them there. In fact, every winning Gruden had was due to the D, so should Gruden get no credit for that? You think like a simpleton.

  42. christopher Says:

    Buc You—the “best team in the NFC” was simply, *as Raheem has said*, because the Bucs @ the time were tied for the least losses in the NFC. After Atlanta, he said that fact was no longer true, so they were not the best team. The man was using pure, linear logic as a springboard to get his team to believe in the “impossible”. But you & the entire NFL media ran with it, giggling, SO happy they though they caught a dumb quote(the same media that, IN LOCKSTEP, were proclaiming benching Kolb for Vick & trading McNabb was dumb dumb dumb!).

  43. Capt.Tim Says:

    Buc yourself- as if you thought being a gay racist would induce love- lmao