Cadillac Williams: It’s All About Team

November 16th, 2010

caddy 4Last winter when Joe first began banging the drum that Cadillac Williams could no longer be a go-to running back, Bucs fans recoiled in outrage at Joe calling him everything from a hater to a Panthers fan, and more.

None of which could be further from the truth. Joe loves Cadillac Williams but as Joe wrote at the time, “Father Time rests for no one.”

This season proved Joe correct. Currently, if Joe suggested LeGarrette Blount should be benched for Cadillac, Joe’s confident this very site would be hacked into in revolt.

Joe has always thought the world of Cadillac — still does. A piece typed by Woody Cummings of the Tampa Tribune is another example of what a great guy Cadillac is.

After being benched for Blount and basically used as a designated blocker to save quarterback Josh Freeman’s bacon — which Cadillac did on successive plays in the second quarter Sunday — Cadillac could have easily sulked and pouted and been a general pain in the arse like that Kardashian-chaser Mark Dominik jettisoned for the better of the team.

Instead, Cadillac said he’s all about wins and his teammates.

“But it’s team first with me. So I’m going to continue to support these guys and help get guys ready to play and be a leader. And whenever my number is called I just have to try to do the best I can with it.” It’s quite possible that Williams’ number will continue to be called simply in an effort to reward him for all the things he does when he’s not running the ball. After all, he’s done a lot that few know about, Morris said.

“If you don’t (think) Cadillac has helped LeGarrette Blount get to this point, then you’re sadly mistaken and you’re making a big mistake on judging that young man’s character,” Morris said. “Believe me, what you say as a coach to Cadillac and what you do as a coach with Cadillac is very important to (this) team because, believe me, they’re all looking. They all want to know what’s going on with Cadillac.

“There’s no doubt about that. That’s one of the things that will remain un-wavered by me, because Cadillac is the ultimate character guy on our football team and he means a lot to us.”

There’s only one word that fittingly describes Cadillac in Joe’s eyes:


32 Responses to “Cadillac Williams: It’s All About Team”

  1. BucFan South Tampa Says:

    The Bucs/Ravens game was just flexed from 1 pm to 4:15. Bucs are getting some love, alebit a little. Primetime is next.

    ” The Week 12 NFL schedule was finalized Tuesday with the originally scheduled San Diego Chargers-Indianapolis Colts Sunday night game on NBC remaining in place. However, the Philadelphia Eagles-Chicago Bears and Tampa Bay Buccaneers-Baltimore Ravens games on Sunday, Nov. 28, move from 1 p.m. ET to 4:15 p.m. ET on FOX. “

  2. Fire Greg Olson! Says:

    Despite having a break out game, in a new role, against the Panthers, the Bucs would have to get a considerate “Hometown Discount” from Cadillac to consider re-signing him in the off season. To use the “hater’s credo”, I’ll ask “who did he break out against?” That’s right, the Panthers. I’m a little reluctant to crown Carnell Williams the next Darren Sproles.

    This will be another facet of what Raheem brings to the Bucs, on display this off season (contingent on the signing of a new CBA). When the Glazer’s purse strings loosen (which obviously remains to be seen), Tampa will be looking a lot more attractive to free agents. Last year, we lost FAs like Hayneworth (Thank God) because the coaching staff and the whole organization appeared to be headed for a rebuilding phase, which obviously came to fruition.

    In 2011 (Fingers-crossed) FA’s will WANT to play for the young and promising Bucs (Mainly because of Freeman) and Raheem Morris, the players coach. It wouldn’t be tough for the word to get around the league that you wouldn’t want to play for Gruden. I’m sure opposing teams got to witness his four-letter arsenal on a weekly basis. The guy never hesitated to undress a player on the field.

    To the Grudenites, I’m not just taking a shot at Gruden. I give Gruden his due. I would venture to say that Gruden knows 10x more than Raheem Morris when it comes to clock management, scouting an opposing Defense and many other facets of the game. But, even the haters, for the most part, seem to concede the fact that Morris’ players appreciate and rally around him.

  3. JDouble Says:

    Barring injury, there’s little doubt Caddie will be resigned next year to be our 3rd down back….and I’m fine with that. Caddie is a great person and I’m glad he has found a way to be useful.

    I just pray that we bring in another younger RB to be Blount’s back up and Caddie’s eventual replacement. Last thing I want to see ever again is Caddie as our number one RB getting 20 carries a game. We need a solid #2 that can take over if Blount gets hurt. Caddie needs to stay as a 3rd down guy only.

  4. McBuc Says:

    The Panthers problems this year stem way more from their offense than their defense. John Fox is a hell of a defensive coach, the Bucs offense rtook it to them, even with a bunch of penalties and a turnover or two. Why not trash matt Ryan and the Falcons, since they has played the same teams?

  5. Ash Says:

    I would LOVE to have Caddy resigned as the 3rd down back and paid as such.

  6. Fire Greg Olson! Says:


    You’re reading into what I wrote. I’m strictly talking about Cadillac. The offense as a whole looked phenomenal. And it’s looked better each game. I like Cadillac as a leader and guy in the locker room and he has a knack for making big 3rd down conversions when we need him. I’m just worried about the Bucs re-signing him because of a big game against a down Carolina team. I don’t think he can be considered a starter in the NFL anymore. If Chester Taylor is a third down back then Williams certainly fits that bill.

    I agree with JDouble that we need another RB for when Blount gets hurt (face it, with his running style he’s bound to get hurt. Even if it’s for only a game like Mike Turner. It’s a reality in this league that your RB will get banged up).

    Kregg Lumpkin could be that guy. The Packers were not happy with letting him get snagged away. I’d really like to hear what’s up with that guy. Has he been active at all this year?

  7. BennySaxon Says:

    Awesome! I love having a young selfless team that really cares about “team”. I’m a firm believer that that attitude has really helped them get this far. No pre-modonnas and the criminals are booted. All preseason we heard how hard Freeman worked and Earnest Graham being willing to play whatever position. Now Caddy is healthy and so is his attitude toward his team and help lead the young guys! Go Bucs!!!

    p.s. Oh, and if you think about it, thats how all 3 teams are. Bucs, Rays and Lightning, and they’re all building success!

  8. McBuc Says:

    Sorry JDouble, I just got off some other site that some guy wanted to grade the offense at a B- or C+, the site graded it as an A-. Anyway, sorry about that. I hear what you are saying. Car run defense does suck, it is theior passing defense that is very good. The Bucs made them look much worse than their stats show. I beleive even after Sunday they are in the top 5.

  9. McBuc Says:

    Oops, I meant sorry FGO.

  10. Thomas 2.1 Says:

    I love Caddy. He is clearly one thing that there is to appreciate about this team, besides being the King of the weak sisters of the poor. Blount anjd Williams (and of course Free) are also something to like.

    But that Defense and the stammering HC, I just can’t get excited about them, the two best players are clearly Talib and Barber, next is probably Ruud but all you sheep hate him for some reason. I keep hearing the excuse that McCoy’s embarrassing play (except for maybe last week) is attributable to weak D line, but somehow you wont extend that same excuxse to Ruud. You guys are clueless.

    I am ready for a bold prediction – You heard it here first:

    The Bucs go on a 4 game losing streak starting this week…

    I hope I am wrong because I want to be interested in the playoffs, but I see it coming. The prediction hinges on them losing this week of course b/c I believe if they disappoint this week, Rah will be all flustered which will only increase sending the boys into a decline.

    Lets see. I have been wrong before (I admit to not liking the Freeman pick now I think he is the best player on the team hands down)

  11. MichiganBucsFan Says:

    Thomas, that’s not much of a “bold prediction”

    the Bucs play the Ravens and Falcons in that span, along with the 49ers (Frank Gore against our run defense?!) and Redskins, who are very good teams, beatable for us, but still good

    I would almost say that’s the safest prediction you could make, except for the Redskins game, I think McNabb’s still got it but I think we will beat them for sure

  12. booty traps Says:

    This man has been nothing but class since he has been here. Im glad we have kept him around! He has been an asset to this team ever since he got here.

    I know he is not the same he was. But he has given so much in other ways that he is valuable. To me he is a rare individual/teamate to his football team and organization. It takes alot to not go off the and mouth off to the press.

    Other players will look at his sacrifices and our team and WANT to come hear again like they did in the past. This team will grow because other players will want to be a part of what is being built here.

    Thanks Caddy!

  13. BamBamBuc Says:

    Between Winslow’s performance and Caddy’s performance, I suppose you could say we beat the Panthers on man-made knees. Nobody expects Caddy to return to rookie form. That would be like expecting Randy Moss to return to rookie form, and he doesn’t have two rebuilt knees. Age takes it’s toll, Caddy missed out (unfortunately) on some of the most productive years of a RB’s life. He still has ability, and can be very effective if used correctly. It looks as though the Bucs are figuring out how to use him correctly, and that’s a good thing.

    Thomas – I expect you to predict things like multiple game losing streaks, that’s nothing new. Is it possible you’re correct? Sure, but I really don’t care what you think or predict. I’ll be cheering for the wins all 4 of the next 4 weeks.

  14. Buc You Says:

    If the Bucs go 1-3 over the 4 games, the happy go lucky Rah Rah’s sure won’t be all that happy as they are about the predictable Panthers win.

    All the Bucs have done is prove that they are mediocre. They beat all teams in the bottom of the league. They lost to teams better than them.

    The Bucs are a middle of the road team winning the games they should. And based on their schedule, that’s a fact.

    Now they have the opportunity to prove that they are an above average team over the next several games.

    But can they???

  15. Dew Says:

    Per PFT.

    The Browns have announced the running back Clifton Smith has been signed to the active roster. Smith returned 70 kickoffs and 48 punts in two seasons with the Bucs.



  17. BamBamBuc Says:

    Yes, the Bucs have beaten teams at the bottom of the NFL this year. Those teams have lost a LOT of games. But if you think that even those bottom dwellers can’t beat good teams….

    The Bengals beat the Ravens in week 2. Scored 24 against the Patriots and 32 against the Falcons, and 21 against the Steelers. The Bengals beat a good team, and played three others close (4 if you count the Bucs game).

    The Browns played TB, KC and Baltimore close, beat NO on the road and NE at home, then took the Jets to OT and almost a tie. Again, bad record, but even the Browns can beat good teams.

    The Cardinals played us close, beat the division leading Raiders and the Saints. Seems like “any given Sunday” in the NFL. No team is an “easy” win, regardless of record. Yet, we’ve beaten all these teams so far.

    Even the pitiful Panthers were up on the Saints 14-10 in the second half, though losing 16-14, having given up 2 FGs.

    Even the Rams have pushed good teams (including the Bucs).

    The Bucs are winning games, maybe not beating teams, but winning games. What’s it say for the Saints losing to the Cards and Browns? They’re not beating teams they’re “supposed to”. The Giants just lost to the Cowboys and barely beat them 41-35 earlier in the year. They’re not beating all the teams they’re supposed to.

    Can the Bucs prove they are an above average team? Absolutely. Will they? That remains to be seen. They’re a young team and it’s difficult to say what will happen each week with them. Good news is there’s lots of room for improvement on a team that’s winning twice as many games as they’re losing.

  18. Gary Says:

    I’ll keep the bad language out about Thomas’s little prediction out. It’s not an absurd prediction. But the fact that he looks at schedule and looks at how we can lose each game vs how we can pull one or two out means he is a straight up bitch. I hope we can cram those words down your throat you little hoe. I’ll calm down and wait until the time is right.

  19. Gary Says:

    If anything ever deserved the capt’s signature line it was thomas’s last comment. I hope you save up for something really funny

  20. good brian Says:

    Does anyone have the link to watch the replay of the bucs panthers game on

  21. Patrick Says:

    Anybody think Cadillac will be back next year?

  22. BamBamBuc Says:

    Yes, I think he will be back. I think he signs a new contract in the off season. I think the Bucs will want to continue using him as a third down specialist and think he’d rather return to the team that stuck with him through two knee rehabs. It’s a mutual fit.

  23. Capt.Tim Says:

    Caddy is a class act, and a true role model. When his career is over, I hope he joins the Bucs as an assist Rb coach. Hard to find someone to teach the things he brings to a team. God Bless Caddy!

  24. bob qualls Says:

    Well said Capt.-Caddy is a inspiration to his teammates and to all his fans.Hope they resign him in a reduced role to mentor our running backs and utilize his blocking and recieving skills.

  25. Hawaiian Buc Says:


    Don’t you ever get tired of saying the same thing over and over again? You don’t like the head coach, I get it, we all get it. He is the one holding us back, our defense sucks, blah blah blah. He’s the reason the games don’t sell out. Do you just copy and paste the same comments every time? Give it a rest. You have a right to your opinion, but to just continue to repeat yourself over and over again is just plain stupid.

  26. Eric S Says:

    As an Auburn alum I have always liked and respected Cadillac. He never bitched and moaned when he had to share carries with Ronnie Brown. He always has been a hard worker who is all about team. I was overjoyed seeing his TD run. And seeing how his teammates reacted to the TD was priceless. It was nice to watch.

    What is the deal with predicting losing streaks for the Bucs? It almost seems like people want the Bucs to fulfill their wishes on the season. I think that is silly. Sure I am not a fan of Raheem Morris, but I am not going to secretly root for the Bucs so he gets fired. That is counter productive. I do think Raheem should consider firing himself as DC. Other than the takeaways, it doesn’t seem like the Bucs D is any better than last year. It is especially worse than the tail end of last season. How many times are unknown RBs going to run all over this D?? It really is pitiful to watch.

    I do love the progression of the offense. This offense is turning into a formidable force. One poster may want to change their name because pretty soon this could be the best Bucs offense in team history. I do wish they would stop with the stupid penalties though.

    I would be in favor of bringing Caddy back as a 3rd down back. He is very good in that role. This shows once again the hard work Caddy has put in. Caddy was a horrible receiver coming out of college. Most of passes that went to the RBs went to Ronnie Brown. But Caddy has turned into a quite cable receiver now and even has more receptions than Ronnie this year. I salute you Cadillac Williams.

  27. OB Says:

    The reason that teams wait until the season is over to sign or not sign players is that they want to see them play againt all kinds of opponents. All of you are forgetting the Atlanta game, just a yard from a win and we had the chance. Do you thing next time LG will cut the wrong way?

    Maybe Caddie is better Not carrrying 20 or 30 times a game. Maybe we have a better OL each week as the new guys learn? The defense gave up how many points that were not caused by turnovers in our side of the 50 yard line this year? The Bucs have improved every game this year. I want to see Williams, Benn, Spurlock (or Parker) and Winslow in a formation and see how they defense them. Play action off of Garrette and see what happens! You think the other teams are not looking at this.

  28. tommy Says:

    man some of you dudes need a job, or a life…..GO BUCS

  29. McBuc Says:

    I would just like to point out…We have a rookie unknown RB running over defenses…We have a bunch of rookie and unknown WR slicing and dicing defenses…We have a second year QB without a full season passing all over defenses. Heck, the last couple weeks we have had a bunch of back up OL doing a pretty decent job. My question is, if we can do it why can’t other teams. The process takes time. If our offense was not looking so good we would not be so worried about the defense. Look for the Bucs to hit the draft and FA with defense. You can only build so much at a time.

  30. McBuc Says:

    The stats show the defense has improved, just not by a huge jump. They are 22nd overall vs 27th at the end of 2009. The important thing is the record, regardless of the teams we are playing like was already pointed out.

  31. Capt.Tim Says:

    Eric S- some of these guys don’t watch football, they only post here because they have agendas. Thamao posted last last week that if we won every remaining game, he still wanted Raheem fired. So obviously, his (and Buc yourself) issues aren’t football related! They hate Coach Morris and want a different Coach( ussually mention Cowher), even if he isn’t as good. Wonder what their issue is( yeah,right!)?

  32. SkookumSmitty Says:

    “But it’s team first with me. So I’m going to continue to support these guys and help get guys ready to play and be a leader. And whenever my number is called I just have to try to do the best I can with it.”

    Just wanted to re-quote that. Wow. That is how a MAN talks, right there. He makes me proud to be a Buc fan.