“Welcome Back, Cadillac”

November 16th, 2010

caddy 2Though the touchdown only was relevant for gamblers, Cadillac Williams’ 45-yard run to seal the win over the Panthers was the feel good story of the week.

Even if Joe tried to find one, it’s highly unlikely that there are any Cadillac haters. Sure, fans were frustrated that he has seen his better days but Joe can’t fathom anyone wishing Cadillac ill will.

His touchdown run Sunday was sort of a flashback to his rookie season where there was so much hope for the Auburn star. It even warmed the heart of good guy Maoist Michael Silver who waxed poetic about Cadillac in a recent Yahoo! Sports column.

I’ve been an unabashed Cadillac Williams fan since our pre-draft breakfast at the Gadsden, Ala., Waffle House in 2005, and after about five minutes of watching the ferocity with which the former Auburn back ran as a Bucs rookie, I was convinced he was headed for stardom. Alas, Cadillac has been in the shop far too much during his six-year career, and it has taken inordinate amounts of drive, perseverance and courage for him to fight back from a pair of devastating patellar tendon tears in consecutive seasons. That’s what made Williams’ game-clinching, 45-yard touchdown run in Tampa Bay’s 31-16 victory over the Panthers so momentous – it was his longest carry since he took a 71-yarder to the house in his first NFL game. Welcome back, Cadillac.

Perhaps this is a sign of things to come later this season? LeGarrette Blount is the key rushing weapon, there’s no denying that. But perhaps Cadillac can come in late in the game and deliver some more punishment when linebackers have had their fill of wrestling with Blount all afternoon?

8 Responses to ““Welcome Back, Cadillac””

  1. Eric S Says:

    Glad Caddy is getting accolades. Good for him. The TD actually didn’t matter in Vegas. The Bucs were favored by 7 and the point total was already over.

  2. k_bassuka Says:

    Thats what I said all along, get the DB and LB tired with the Bowling Blount and then put Cadillac. That will help him a great deal and I’m happy for him. If Blount can hold on to the ball (he seems to have the peanut disease) we are going to have a good running game for years to come.

  3. bucfanjeff Says:

    Caddy is a 3rd down specialist – unfortunately, that’s about it.

  4. lakeland bob Says:

    I see we’re 3 point underdogs this week.We need to find a way to win this one.The 49ers would have beaten the Falcon’s if Roddy White doesn’t take the ball away from Nate Clements.Damn he saved thier asses.Frank Gore is going to run wild,but if we win the turnover battle we can come away with a win.Go Bucs.

  5. DieHard Bob Says:

    If you watch the replay of that td run you can see the great blocking that opened a nice whole for Cadillac to run through. That kind of blocking has not been there most of the season so far and Cadillac showed what he can STILL do if given half a chance. If you are a true football fan and a true Bucs fan you gotta love this guy. God bless you Cadillac!!

  6. Eric S Says:

    That’s odd that the Bucs are underdogs. Much better team than the 49ers. But I guess Vegas is factoring in that SF is playing at home and TB hasn’t done well over the years on the West Coast.

  7. JDeezy Says:

    It’s been a while since I’ve seen Caddy outrun a DB. If you watched Mic’d Upmon the NFL network they highlighted Mike Williams. After Caddy’s TD Mike is on the sidelines laughing and telling guys that Josh had told’em to get good blocks and get a first down and Caddy said forget a first down I’m about to score. Mike said the guys on the line got how’d and said follow me. Sure enough it happened. It seems the o line is getting their swagger back. The OLine’s en blocking has been a huge factor in Fadd’s lack of production. We may end up with a Carolina-esque(of two years ago) running attack if things keep up.

  8. JDeezy Says:

    Sorry about the typos above. Freaking pretentious iPhone thinks it knows what I want to write more than I do myself! Auto-correct sucks……GO BUCS!! lol