Adam Schefter Ignores His Wrong Report

November 19th, 2010


This morning not long after the news broke that stud rookie wide receiver Mike Williams was cited for a DUI despite his breath test being below the legal limit, video star Anwar Richardson of the Tampa Tribune documented that Williams would still start.

Adam Schefter, star NFL reporter for BSPN, decided to swoop down from his lofty perch in Conneticut and declare, no, Williams will not start.

Well. This afternoon Richardson, dapper Rick Brown of the Lakeland Ledger and good guy Stephen Holder of the St. Petersburg Times buttonholed Bucs coach Raheem Morris and confirmed their initial information was accurate, despite what someone from Red Sox country was reporting.

@TBO_Buccaneers: Anwar: As I told you three hours ago, #Bucs WR Mike Williams will start on Sunday. Raheem Morris just confirmed it.

Then, learning he was wrong, in typical BSPN fashion, Schefter — who Joe respects a great deal — decided, likely at the point of a sword from the Bristol Bolshevics, to pile on as if he broke the story, via Twitter.

@Adam_Schefter: Tampa Bay will bring WR Mike Williams to San Francisco and will start him, despite this morning’s arrest.

Um, Adam, it was you who started all this by posting erroneous information in the first place. Joe understands you are trying to be first in everything but at least fess up and admit you were the lone person reporting Williams would ride the pine despite numerous sources to the contrary.

And people wonder why Joe loathes those Soviet Disney mice!

Memo to BSPN: Just strick to the non-basketball association, chicks basketball, golf and whatever other kind of schlock you are trying to shove down America’s throats.

And that goes for g@ddamned Ed Werder too!

14 Responses to “Adam Schefter Ignores His Wrong Report”

  1. brett Says:

    I actually called him out on this via twitter and he wrote back to me…

    What was erroneous — that one Bucs person told me he was playing, another said he wasn’t, and now he is? Where’s the error?

  2. sunrisejeff Says:

    Yea Joe lighten up….it is not Adam’s fault that the parking lot attendant told him Williams was going to be benched while the guy cutting the grass at One Buc said he would play.

  3. Joe Says:

    Yea Joe lighten up….it is not Adam’s fault that the parking lot attendant told him Williams was going to be benched while the guy cutting the grass at One Buc said he would play.

    Good one! 🙂

  4. BigMacAttack Says:

    Adam Sphincter is engaged to Jenn Spooger.

  5. TAC Says:

    So if he was below the limit, why did he report an arrest? How did the info even get out that he took a breathalyzer? I don’t really want to know, but if he wasn’t arrested, then some people should line up and start apologizing to Williams, slanderous MOFO’s.

  6. Buc You Says:

    Joe, not the time to have a flame war with Adam.

    Afterall, you even laughed when some comments from other people questioned you, assuming that you were excited about the scoop. I laughed too.

    I just saw your story as a story. That’s it. To me it didn’t appear to be a first.

    Adam was just reporting what he heard on twitter, again and again, with updates. 🙂

    Question: Is there a scoop copyright that must be referrenced in other columist’s passages?

  7. Buc You Says:

    “Michael Williams was charged with DUI early Friday after Florida authorities spotted his black Escalade speeding and weaving in and out of traffic.

    Hillsborough County sheriff’s deputies said the 23-year-old football star’s eyes were glassy and he smelled like alcohol when they pulled him over around 2:30 a.m.”

  8. Buc You Says:

    0.065 BAC means he had at least 3 drinks in his body by then.

    0.06 to 0.07 is the 3 drink range for a 200 lb man.

    And here are some signs of 0.06–0.10:

    Blunted feelings
    Depth perception
    Peripheral vision
    Glare recovery

  9. Buc You Says:

    So why was he driving after having 3 or more drinks anyway? Poor, poor judgement.

  10. jvato24 Says:

    Schefter addressed this
    Eric (Chicago)

    Adam, will Mike South play or won’t he? That’s rhetorical, however how many times a week/month do you get conflicting information like this? Is it safe to assume it happens all the time?

    Adam Schefter (2:51 PM)

    I assume you mean Mike Williams South, as opposed to Mike Williams West, Eric, and no, stories don’t happen like that. What happened here was that the reports of his arrest came out and I got a call from a high-ranking Bucs official that said the reports are not what people think, that it was a speeding ticket and no DUI, and that Williams will be playing. Now if people knew this person, they wouldn’t question it. So I reported it. Then another high-ranking Bucs person saw the report and said, Hold on, He’s not playing. Clearly the second high-ranking Bucs person wanted a bit more info and the team wanted to have some meetings with its captains. It’s part of the real-time world in which we live, in which we report on things as they happen. But there’s a great point there and it’s a danger of reporting jobs. Just because something is true one minute doesn’t mean it will be true the next. I can have a coach tell me that Joe Smith will play Sunday, and then Joe Smith can go out Sunday and be more sore than he thought. Things happen. Plans change. And we do the best we can to get the most accurate info as fast as we can, but life changes. And that’s what happened today with Mike South Williams.

  11. Will the Beast Says:

    Time to become a man be responsible for your actions everything this kid does in his career will be scrutinized people want him to fail and they are waiting in the lurch to be the first to tell about it. Those that know won’t tell. those that will tell don’t know. I stand with the ones who wish him well but He has to recognize that it could end in a second. You can’t blame the police officer for doing his job he didn’t serve the drinks or start the engine of the escalade he took away the keys and followed the process.I hope he learns from this situation and keeps doing what he has to do on the field because the real critics are going to try to dismantle the locker now why this why that what if this what if that if it was him not him how come raheem said this and why is so and so not doing that.

  12. Pete Dutcher Says:

    I think it’s patty bickering to even worry over what Adam said or didn’t say frankly.

    The truth is, Mike Williams deservers to at least sit the first half on Sunday. Why? Because he WAS drinking then driving. He WAS arrested. The breath test was administered in custody and so was the pee test.

    While listening to 1010 (Sean King) they had an attorney on that use to prosecute such cases. The breath test is a small part of it that just adds a bit of evidence if they test positive. This attorney even stated that he successfully prosecuted cases that had 0.03 or 0.04.

    Either way though, Williams did indeed have (3) drinks and then got behind the wheel. I don’t understand what is so hard about reaching into your wallet as an NFL player and pulling out that little card that the NFL gives every single player…to get free transportation if they drink in public.

    Williams could have done that. I don’t give a flip if he was busted for only speeding or not. He acted irresponsibly just by getting behind the wheel, and anyone that disagrees is probably guilty of doing the same thing.

    Whether he was driving poorly is not the issue here. Adam is not the issue here. The true issue is Williams putting innocent lives at risk by drinking and driving. By not punishing him at all, it says “Since we need you, you can get away with crap like this…but don’t do it again!”

    Very poorly handled by the front office. Just suspending him for the first half would have made a point and he still would have contributed to the game. And the other players would not be thinking “If that were us, we’d be sitting at home this week.”

  13. Will the Beast Says:

    Oh Yeah the only things open at 3am are police stations hospitals and the leggs of a bimbo I need a ride home tonight but the only thing I caught is the flu no sex in the champagne room

  14. Marc Says:

    BSPN’s finest.